The setting and characters that are property to Stephanie Meyer and her Twilight saga are copyrighted to their respected parties. Additional characters are creations of my own.

I cannot say where this story will lead me. I have a vague idea but generally I let the characters decide.

An amber glow radiated from the south, alighting the black sky with orange and yellow smoke as it billowed upwards towards the heavens. The scent on the wind was that of death, an overpowering aroma that swept the senses entirely of at least two of the four forms darting through the thick, wooded forest. A crack erupted at the heel of their steps and a slight yelp of surprise sounded when one lithe form was picked up by another, the weight hardly mentioned in the pulling of muscles as they were carried, the speed of the chase increasing.

Francisco dared a glance over his shoulder, the endless night pierced by his vampiric gaze allowed him clear sight in untamed chaos. Trees began to tumble and fall in the ripple of their flight and he slowed just enough so that a female figure could match his step, her own speed hindered by the boy she carried on her back.

"We will get the children to safety. Sanvina you must take them to Rome, find our contacts and make route to America. I-"

"Shall do what?" Sanvina asked, her eyes burning in a blend of fury and pain. "Return to the sanctuary? Look for survivors? They are dead, all dead, and that is all you shall be returning to. Death." Her words were biting, acid to freshly made wounds; but Francisco knew them as true. "It would be wiser that we stay together, then we-"

Her words were silenced, cut short by her own scream as her swift run was halted by, what he could only imagine, a hand that had seized her from behind. There was a sickening crack or bones and flesh breaking and tearing, followed by the shout of a young man. The girl within Francisco's arms flinched before she tried, in failure, to free herself from his grip, managing only to crawl over his shoulder, outreaching her hands to whatever horror laid behind him. "Nicoli!"

"Look away, child." Francisco hugged her to his chest, daring not to stop and assist what was sure to be an already lost battle. "There's nothing we can do for them now."

She wept within his hold and Francisco could empathize; tonight, they had both lost everything.