An AU of the EU or just a missing bit. You decide.

Leia is asked an embarrassing question.

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Leia Organa Solo, Chief of State of the New Republic, greeted the embassy from Altra 6.

She hoped that the meeting would go well and that it would help convince the Altrans to join the New Republic.

The Altrans were the most influential race in their sector and could help bring others into the New Republic.

She watched as the reptilian like Altrans descended from their ship.

"Welcome to Coruscant, I am the Chief of State Leia Organa Solo."

Leia introduced everyone else in her group and listened as the Altrans introduced themselves. The leader was named Kissten.

She led them on a brief tour of the Senate and a few other places.

The tour ended in her office.

"The tour wass mosst pleassant." Kissten said.

"I hear that you have young." Kissten continued.

"Yes," Leia replied. "Two males and one female. Their names are Jaine, Jacen and Anakin."

She watched as the Altrans shifted and looked at each other.

"You do not know who father your sson Anakin?" Kissten asked.

"What?" Leia asked, confused.

"You do not who ssired Anakin?" Kissten asked again.

"My husband is his biological father." Leia answered, her cheeks red with embarrassment.

"Oh, my apologizess, among our people 'kin is only put at the end of a child'ss name if the father iss unknown."

"My father's name was Anakin; I named my youngest son after him." Leia explained.

The End

On Wookiepedia it stated the possibility that Anakin's name means peerless/Familyless warrior.


Kin=peerless, no family.

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