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"My cat is about to explode, should I make a sandwich?" = talking

'I accidentally ate my ps3 now I'm washing my hair with paperclips' = thinking

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"Colonel, a notice just arrived from the Disciplinary Department."

"What? Oh- thank you Fuery."

Col. Roy Mustang sighed as he took the brown manila envelope from his sergeant's hands. Once Fuery left him, Mustang opened the envelope and sighed sadly once his eyes scanned the document quickly.

"Sighing won't help you finish your paperwork sir." First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye pointed out to him.

"Hawkeye, do you think my hair is too long?" The colonel asked her while he absentmindedly pulled on his bangs.


Everyone in the office held a snicker; they have realized what was written on the document.

Roy glanced at the document once more; this was the second reprimand he had gotten this week for not complying with the proper military attire. The disciplinary department noticed Roy Mustang's hair. Oh-no, Roy didn't want to comply with the stupid 2x3 haircut anymore, he couldn't stand it as it was his haircut in Ishbal.

"Sir, I suggest you let go of your pride and get a haircut before you get another reprimand." Hawkeye gave him a quick by-suggest-I-mean-do-it glare. 'That colonel can be so stubborn sometimes', she thought to herself.

Roy groaned in protest, he would have to get that haircut as soon as possible, he would rather not upset his lieutenant, everyone knows what happens once you get on Riza Hawkeye's nerves.

"Heh, looks like I might get a date soon." Havoc said smugly

"And what makes you think that Havoc?" Mustang eyed his subordinate with such superiority knowing Havoc's girlfriends always leave Havoc for him. Not that he would have any interest in them though. Sure, Mustang was a ladies man but he didn't really like his dates, there was really only one woman he particularly liked and she was sitting in that very same room.

The second lieutenant twirled his pen as he shot a grin to his superior.

"Well since a certain someone will get a certain haircut, them ladies might not find this certain someone as appealing anymore."

Roy smirked, "Well hair's one thing Havoc, you're forgetting- I've got the eyes, the body the skill-" he bragged counting off with his fingers.

"Alright you two," Hawkeye interrupted "Ladies don't fancy slackers."

Havoc and Mustang quickly got their pens and resumed work.

'Once I'm Fuhrer,' Roy thought 'I'm going to abolish that stupid haircut law; it's almost as ridiculous as the anti-fraternization law, another law we can't have', He smiled to himself as he combed a hand through his hair and glanced at his first lieutenant.

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