Title: Hello

Author: A.j.
Notes: Written as a meme response on LJ.

Summary: Familiar faces can be a very good thing.


She's not the last person he expects to see standing in the foyer of his headquarters, WPA uniform in perfect order, but she's one of. Although, he cannot say he is very surprised. None the less, his smile is wide and welcoming as he reaches for her hand.

"Sam! What a lovely surprise! Are you here on business?"

It's been several years since Paul had last shared her company, and he can admit they have been more than kind. Her hair is still tucked back in a professional style, but her cheeks are softer and she wears the years and maturity well. Her smile is also more easy than the last time they'd seen each other; at the small reception for her wedding. Peace time, it seems, has been good for her.

"In a way, sir." She grips his hand, giving it a light squeeze of familiarity before straightening her uniform and squaring her heels. "I'm actually here reporting for duty."

"Ah, I remember the memo about that." He brightens further, strangely proud of what this means about her accomplishments. "You are our new WPA liaison? No wonder the recommendations were so glowing. I can't say I am unhappy with that news. You'll be a great asset to the force, Sam."

"Thank you, sir. I hope so. Only..." She tilts her head in a way that gives him a heavy, nostalgic pang. A movement so familiar that he can not help but chastise himself for not keeping in closer touch.

"Only?" He prompts, smile still wide and oblivious to the curious stares of the officers shifting around them. He's not usually a very jovial person in the work place, but still. It's Sam and that more than outweighs some formality.

"Only, I'm not sure which office I'm to report to. The notice..." She waves a rather official-looking, typed document at him, and continues on. "It says that I'm to present myself in office fifteen, but according to the signs, that should be somewhere in the next county."

"Well, than it's good we ran into each other, then isn't it?" He bows slightly, tucking out an elbow in invitation. "Built in escort, at your service."

Her smile is bright as he remembers, maybe more so. "Just what I was thinking, sir. A nice omen for my first day, you think?"

Almost if they planned it, they step off comfortably in time; Sam's pace easily matching his shuffle, and something that's been tight for a long time, several years in fact, eases. "I hope so, Sam. I hope so."