Puck is juggling a game controller, a Hot Pocket and a beer, so when the phone rings he ends up bellowing "WHAT?" instead of saying hello like a, you know, normal person would do. It may have something to do with the hot pastry on his inner thigh. Fucking stupid phone.

He keeps talking as he gets settled, but no one answers. "Hey. It's Puck. What did you want?" He glances down, and sees that it's supposedly Finn who has called him. "Finn, dude. HELLO? You called me!" There's more silence, and then a breathy cry. He's not really paying much attention, Super Mario World being way more interesting than Finn's usual butt-calls, but the sounds continue and he realizes that he's getting hard. Apparently his dick figured out what was going on long before his brain kicked into gear – Finn is getting some! "Good on you, man," Puck mutters, still only half listening and half killing koopalings. "Who's the lucky girl?" It doesn't sound much like Rachel. The moans get louder, like the phone has been moved, and words become distinguishable, and just like that Puck has forgotten all about the fucking koopalings.

fuck Finn fuckfuckfuck yes like that there please there oh Finn please

That's Hummel.

Puck's cock jumps, and he's got a hand around it before he even thinks about what he's doing. There's no time to freak out, though; that voice is going again, oh god Finn just - yes – yes – harder Finn please yes harder, and Puck's head has dropped back on his pillows and he's stroking himself. It's easier than it should be to picture the scene he hears playing out on the other end of the phone; Hummel in his Cheerios outfit, bent over the bleachers in the gym, or maybe completely naked, with only one of his scarves wrapped around his wrists, head pulled back. The running commentary that Kurt is keeping up certainly doesn't hurt at all, fuck me oh please fuck so good god Finn fuck harder Finn please.

Puck wonders briefly if the dude ever shuts up, but that just brings up images of that soft full mouth stretched wide around his straining cock and soon Puck's moans are matching the sounds filling his head. Kurt's voice is deeper now, a constant near-growl of morefuckmoremorepleasemore and Puck spills with a yell he's pretty sure the other two would hear, wherever they are, if they weren't involved in coming themselves.

Puck can't stop listening as Kurt catches his breath, gasps turning into laughter at something indistinguishable Finn has said, but he snaps the phone shut when he hears "Do you have the system on? I swear I hear the music for Super Mario World."