A/N: I sort of promised myself that I wouldn't start another story until I finished the ones I've already started but... This is a summer-based fic and it's nearly Summer here, so. Oh well. This story is based on my experience at Benmore (a camp near Glasgow). I know that they live in America but please humour me and pretend, for the sake of the story, that Benmore is in America, okay? Thanking you. :)

Stereotypical Error


The loud noises and general chaos surrounding the girl went unnoticed as she gently pushed her way through the crowd of first years.

"Come on, Rachel!"

Rachel McKenzie giggled at the excitement that radiated off from her best friend of two years, Kuki Sanban, as she hastily followed the girl up the aisle towards the back of the bus. It was the last week of term and the two girls' were excited about the trip they had planned to go on earlier in the year.

Rachel and Kuki were fresh out of their fourth year of high school and at 15 the two were nearly inseparable. They'd met three years ago on the first day of their first year and had been best friends since. They'd both discovered that they had loads in common and neither of them remembered anything before their thirteenth birthday, which both agreed was strange but they'd just passed it off as a coincidence.

"Give me a minute. I'm coming!"

Rachel glanced round as she reached the back of the bus and was mildly surprised that they were the first ones there out of their year. Seating herself next to Kuki, Rachel couldn't help but smirk at the girl's enthusiasm.

"Oh! I can't wait, Rachel! It's going to be loads of fun! I really can't wait to go sailing. Mr Kidd said that that was the best and-"

The American couldn't help but smile at her friend. "Kuki! Calm down, girl! We've not even left yet."

"I know but- but I can't help it! I'm so excited!" The Japanese girl squealed. "I can't wait!"

"So you've said."

The two girls' laughed and began to discuss the upcoming week like two best friends should.

"Hoagie! Move it! We're going to be late!" said a boy, roughly giving his suitcase to the bus driver.

"Dude!" Another boy ran up to him, giving the bus driver his suitcase in the process. "Ever since you've been my best mate, I've never been late. So, chill!"


"Shut it, Nigel. Just get on the bus and stop worrying."

Nigel grinned and pulled himself up onto the bus. Hoagie laughed and, after readjusting the brown cap on his head, clambered on after the British boy. The bus was dark and noisy compared to the sun outside and Hoagie pushed past Nigel, who was blinking in the sudden dimness - refusing to take of his sunglasses - and grinned, "You snooze, you lose vampire. Come on!"

Frowning Nigel followed Hoagie through the mob of first years reluctantly, "Oh cheer up, sour puss!" said Hoagie, glancing over his shoulder. "Come on, we'll sit at the back!"

Allowing a small smile to tweak at his lips Nigel followed his American friend down the aisle a little less clumsily.

"Campbell, Iona?"


"Spence, Megan?"


"Johnston, Callum?"

"Has arrived!"

Miss Carson stood at the front of the bus taking the register. She was a young teacher, with a heart shaped face and cropped dyed red hair. Her blue eyes twinkled behind black rimmed glasses and she was popular among the students.

Mr Kidd was a plump young man with a round face and short brown hair. His smile always reached his green eyes. He was good with the students making them laugh whilst teaching them at the same time. Whilst Miss Carson was taking the register he was walking up and down the aisle counting heads.

"-And we'll be kayaking! And sailing! And rock climbing! And- And-" rambled Kuki, the girl bouncing in her seat.

"Don't forget gorge walking."

"Yeah! And gorge walking! And-"

"Kuki, calm down!" shushed Rachel. "We've not even left yet!"

"I know but-"

"Excuse me, can we sit here?" interrupted a red headed girl.

Rachel and Kuki looked up to see four people in there year and smiled, "Sure."

"Thanks." grinned a boy with sunglasses.

The back seats consisted of 5 seats in a row. Rachel was sitting on the far left at the window; Kuki was sitting next to her, happily babbling on to herself; a boy with a brown cap took the window seat to the far right and a girl with a red cap sat next to him; the boy with the sunglasses sat next to Kuki in between her and the girl with the red cap; and the red-headed female took a seat in front of the five, in a row of three.

Rachel grinned and reached round Kuki, offering her hand to the boy with the sunglasses, "I'm Rachel."

The boy smiled and took her hand, "Nigel."

Turning round in her seat the red headed girl smiled at Rachel, "Call me Fanny."

The red cap girl leaned round Nigel and grinned, "Abby."

The boy with the brown cap kneeled on his seat, placed his folded arms on Abby's head and grinned when she protested, "I'm Hoagie."

Rachel smiled at all of them and motioned towards Kuki, "This is Kuki, but don't worry about her. 'Cause we'll all be halfway there before she calms down enough to remember any of your names!"

"Hey! That's so not true!"

Laughter arose from the small group.

Most of the students were seated and awaiting departure, just a few still roaming the aisle getting last minute things. Mr Kidd walked to the front of the bus where Miss Carson was frowning at the closed door.

"Two people aren't her-" he began.

"Beetles and Drilovsky."

"Ah." He nodded in understanding. "Okay."

"Wally! We're already late enough!" cried a guy with an orange baseball cap, who was storming towards a blonde boy, who was giving the bus driver his suitcase. "Move your ass!"

"Nope!" the other boy was grinning a childish grin as he turned round.

The boy with the baseball cap ground his teeth, "Beetles."

Wally's smile grew wider, "Drilovsky."

The boy paused glaring at the blonde, then erupted into laughter, "Your hopeless you are!"

"Ah know."

"Well… here we go." Wally groaned and the orange capped boy patted his should sympathetically, "Seven days and counting, mate. Seven days and counting…"

"Seven days too cruddy long!"

"Ready to face Miss Carson? She has it out for you, she does."

Wally shook his head, "Patton, ah don't give a crud."

Patton grinned twisting his orange cap backwards on his head before getting on the bus, "Your head, not mine!"

Fanny, Rachel, Kuki and Nigel were chatting happily, as Abby snuggled up to her boyfriend Hoagie. Abigail Lincoln and Hoagie Pennywhistle Gillian Jr. had been dating since the start of their second year and the two were inseparable. Nigel often joked he was waiting for the wedding invitation.


The bus fell silent except for a muffled laughter coming from a raven-haired boy who shakily made his way towards the back of the bus. The six fourth years glanced down towards the front of the bus as the boy with raven hair collapsed into a seat beside Fanny, still silently laughing. The six looked at him quizzically before turning their attention back to the front as a voice spoke.

"Yes?" a blonde boy replied idly, who was further down the bus.

Miss Carson stormed over and towered over the boy, "What, may I ask, gives you the right to push younger students around?"

Wally shrugged and placed his hands in his pockets, "Ah wasn't pushing them around."

"Oh no?" she replied stonily.

"No, miss. Ah was politely knocking them to the side."

The raven-haired boy finally sat upright, ramming his orange baseball cap eagerly on his head before turning his head towards the commotion.

"Haha Beetles. Real mature. You better watch it on this trip or I'll give you a month of detention when we get back. Clear?"

Wally smirked, "Crystal."

Miss Carson glared at the boy before sighing and rubbing the bridge of her nose, "Sit down, Wally."

The blonde boy, not needing to be told twice, swiftly turned round and walked towards the back of the bus smirking.

Miss Carson sighed before raising her voice, "Right everyone, buckle up! Let's go!"A cheer erupted from more than half the bus.


Rachel, Kuki, Nigel, Hoagie, Abby and Fanny stared as the blonde boy stormed his way up the rest of the aisle, muttering profanities under his breath. The boy with the orange cap stood up and blocked the boy's path, mutely. The blonde looked up and they both stared at each other before erupting into laughter.

"Did you see her face!"

"She was screaming at me. Kind of hard to miss, mate!"

Fanny stared at the two boys next to her, before reaching up and tapping the boy with the orange cap on the shoulder. The boy turned, "Yeah?"

"Who are you?"

"Patton." The boy sat himself next to Fanny and grinned. "Patton Drilovsky."

He jerked his thumb towards the blonde standing next to him. "I think you know who this is. Kind of hard to miss after dear Dianna yelled his name across the state."

"Dianna?" asked Abby.

"Miss Carson." answered Hoagie.

The blonde grinned and turned to face the teens sitting in the back row, "Hey. I'm…" Wally's tone turned quiet and hesitant as he noticed the Japanese girl. "…Wally."

Kuki looked up at Wally for the first time when his voice faltered and her eyes widened in the same fashion as the blonde before her. The orange and green pair stared at each other, questioning an unspoken familiarity that the two seemed to recognize, while the others looked on in puzzled silence.

"Umm… mate?" started Patton.

"Huh?" Wally snapped out of it, his face slightly more colourful than it had been.

Fanny, Patton, Nigel and Hoagie sat staring at the boy while Rachel and Abby noticed Kuki suddenly found her feet interesting, a red taint on her face. Slowly, out of the corner of her eye, Fanny saw a diabolical grin grow on Patton's face and couldn't help but smirk herself. She had a feeling her and the boy with the orange cap would get on great.


Just as Patton opened his mouth, Wally fell forward as a small boy roughly pushed him. The blonde had stopped himself from face-planting the floor by grabbing onto the back of the seat in front of Abby. Steadying himself he turned, temper flaring, and stared down at a small black-haired first year.

"Hey! Watch it!"

The first year looked up warily, "Sorry, dude. It was her."

Confusion replaced Wally's anger, "What the cru-?"


Wally groaned, knowing the screeching voice that was specifically for him.

Patton grinned at his best friends' misfortune as Miss Carson practically dragged Wally down to the front of the bus and turned to the red-head next to him, "So… you're Fanny, right?"

This was going to be an interesting week.

Half an hour later the bus was ready to leave. Fanny and Patton were happily discussing the latest football game their school won; Rachel was happily prodding Kuki's arm attempting to wield information out of her about what went on between the orange hooded boy and her best friend; Kuki was ignoring her; Nigel was content, reading a book called 'The Wind Singer'; Abby and Hoagie were laughing and talking about the week to come and Wally was sulking, arms crossed, hood up and headphones in his ears, sitting next to Miss Carson at the front of the bus.

The engine roared to life and a cheer sounded as the students burst into laughter and chatter among themselves and the school bus began its journey to the small camp north of Cleveland.


A/N: Okay, I know Benmore is in Scotland but I didn't want to make up a camp in America. So, please, humour me and pretend it's in America, okay? Thanks. So just saying I don't actually own Benmore. It is an actual place. This story is just based on my experience at that camp. Reviews, please? Don't you want to know what happens next? :)