Mr Kidd loved bananas, it was a known fact of life. He turned to Hoagie and grinned. "Personally, I think we should have been called 'Team Bananas'!"

Somewhere in the back of the group, Wally palmed his forehead.

Team Daffodil were slowly trudging up the muddy hill towards the so called "trickle" lake.

Hoagie smiled a bemused smile whilst looking at his mentor. He always admired Mr Kidd, for his love of Chemistry, his knowledge of fighter pilots, aircrafts and his wacky obsession with the fruit known as the banana.

"Dude!" Wally complained, rather loudly, behind the auburn haired boy and the banana obsessed teacher. "Why do I have to get wet? Seriously! I could just go in a shower to achieve that! Or a bath! At least it would be warm and not cruddy freezing!"

Wally hated water with a passion. Despised it. Loathed it. Abhored it. This much was obvious. The small Japanese smirked at the blonde, uttering the traitorous word. "Baby."

Wally turned pink. Mr Kidd grinned. "It's hardly any water, Wally! Honestly, it's just a little bit."

"Hence, trickle - Duh!" Wally promptly attempted to shove Callum. When Wally missed, Megan happily obliged to ensure Callum got his commuppance.

"HEY! Your meant to be on my side!" Callum growled, nursing his sore arm.

Megan grinned. "Karma."

Just as Callum was about to retort, the group's attention was diverted as they had arrived at the top of the mucky hill.

"Welcome" began Mr Kidd with a sweep of his arm. "to trickle lake!"

Wally stared eyes wide, body stiff. Trickle lake was far from being anything remotely related to a trickle of water.

Wally hated life.

Life has got him into this situation, surrounded by water in the middle of a very big and very deep lake. Life knew how much he hated water, his fear not controlled by the safety of the lifejacket he'd tied securely around himself. No, life was laughing at him. Knowing life, he'd probably fall into the water and his lifejacket would spontaneously combust, resulting in him drowning.

Wally hated life.

Yet again, life had brought him many wonderful things. Joey was one, though at first he didn't appear to be. The blonde smiled softly, remembering why he had bothered to learn to swim in the first place. Joey had been wanting to learn to swim but let the fear of failing prevent him. Though Wally hated the water, he showed his brother, and himself, that fear could be overcome. Life had brought him many things, including the oriental girl that had gently coaxed him onto the boat in the first place.

But, that wasn't the reason Wally hated life.

Wally had, unfortunately, out of the group been paired with two girls from another team that was also sailing on the lake. The same two girls that they had met earlier. The blonde flicked her exaggerated curls in a flirtatious manner, whilst the girl with poker straight hair just grinned mischievously. Wally resisted the temptation to empty his stomach's contents over the boat's edge.

Taylor and Annette giggled and fluttered their eyes at the boy.

Wally hated life.

Kuki laughed, her arms spread out to her sides, her hair flowing in the direction of the wind. "This is great!"

Hoagie smiled and Fanny shook her head to conceal her laughter. Was this girl always this giddy?

Hoagie adjusted the sails of the boat and stood up triumphantly. "There."

"Good job, Captain Gilligan."

"Thank you, First mate Fulbright." Hoagie gave a quick nod of his head and grinned. "How's the sea looking, Second mate Sanban?"

Kuki's grin couldn't get wider as she pointed. "Boat off the port side, Captain!"

The trio looked at the boat that lazed a couple of meters away to the port side of their boat. On it sat two girls, bored and complaining, and Wally, who rushed around attempting to enjoy the sailing and successfully ignore the two females behind him.

"Poor bloke." The red head shook her head in sympathy. "I'd hate to be stuck with them."

Hoagie smiled, his eyes briefly turning towards Fanny before looking back towards Wally. "You're telling me. I'd rather- WALLY, WATCH OUT!"

The trio's eyes widened as the beam of the boat swung towards the unsuspecting Australian, knocking him clean off the boat and into the water.

"Is he ok? Can you see him? He was saying he can't swim well and-" Kuki fretted.

Hoagie watched a blonde mop surface. "I CRUDDY HATE WATER!"

Hoagie smiled, bemused. "He's ok, Kuki."

A giggle caused the pair to look towards the red head, who merely pointed. "Look. The terrible twosome are being shepherded by our favourite banana lover."

Sure enough, Mr Kidd waved cheerfully as he speed past on an orange life boat to rescue the girls still stranded on the boat who were shrieking hysterically, having lost their own 'captain'.

"Here! Little help?"

Hoagie, Kuki and Fanny shared a look of confusion before peering over the edge of the boat. Wally grinned up at them, having swam over to their boat, pushing his wet bangs to the side.

Kuki grinned, eyes glinting. "Or what?"

Hoagie recognised the spark of mischief in the boy's eyes and slowly stood straight, out of the boy's reach, pulling Fanny up with him. Fanny grinned, predicting the outcome of Kuki's bait, as she seen Kuki lean slightly more over the edge. Wally shrugged casually before looking up at her.

"Or this."

Kuki shrieked as Wally leapt up and grabbed her, pulling her downwards into the water.

She surfaced, all signs of happiness gone, absolutely livid. "WALLY! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

The blonde raised an eyebrow in sarcasm. "Really?"

Hoagie watched as Kuki lunged herself at the boy, who always seemed to slip out of her reach at last second. He dunked her head under the water with a small push of his hand, grinning as the girl shrieked some more, before laughing and allowing the process to repeat over again. The more the pair continued to chase each other within the water, the more apparent Hoagie's smirk became. Fanny leaned over and and whispered in Hoagie's ear, stating the obvious.

"Major flirting by the way."

Hoagie guffawed.

Abby stood in the middle of the dorm room, soaked hair plastered to the skin on her back, eyes flashing dangerously, hands holding an unplugged hairdryer. "Where the heck is the god damn plug!"

Rachel smiled, bemused, her damp hair starting to curl and frame her face. Fanny grinned, her hair in its natural, big and curly state, emphasising the red of her hair, making it look like her head had caught fire. "Why not let your hair curl, Abs? You can join me and Rachel!"

Abby groaned. "My hair goes frizzy, not curly!"

Rachel laughed. "Why don't you pull it back into that plait you used to wear?"

Abby pursued her lips together, lowering the hairdryer from her hands. "I- Uh... Good call."

Suddenly Kuki burst through the door giggling. "Rachel! Look what I found!"

Fanny, Abby and Rachel's heads turned towards Kuki: Fanny's expression surprised; Abby's expression curious and Rachel's expression, again, bemused.

Kuki's eyes lit up with the giddy excitement that came naturally to the girl. "Look! Look!"

In the oriental girl's hands lay a small, old toy, just bigger than the size of Kuki's palm. It was a monkey, it's fur a faded and worn orange. It had an even smaller yet colourful rainbow attached to its head.

"It's a rainbow monkey!"

Rachel gasped. "Oh G- You used to have millions of them!"

"I know!" Kuki laughed, her grin stretching across her face.

Abby raised an eyebrow, still curious. "That doll seems familiar."

A sense of unease flooded Abby. Something was not right here, she felt like she knew these people but her mind refused to tell her how. It was almost like a blank barrier blocking her thoughts and memories of the past when she attempted to scan her life history. Abby couldn't put her finger on it. The first time she seen Hoagie, she felt a rush of affection and attraction that frightened her. She was not one to believe in love-at-first-sight and yet she had fallen for the quirky nerd the moment she laid eyes on him. The corner of her lips turned upwards for a split second - as much as the moment confused her, she never regreted it, storming up to him and telling him he was going to be her lab partner all those years ago. As much as Abby was glad it had happened - where did those feelings come from?

Fanny's voice knocked Abby out of her thoughts. "What? Is it yours or something?"

Abby's smirk at Fanny's comment was fleeting. "No. I never had a rainbow monkey when I was younger. It just feels like I've seen it before."

Kuki twirled happily. "I'm keeping it! I loved these wee things!"

"But it's dirty?"

Kuki smiled at Rachel innocently. "So?"

Fanny chuckled to herself and headed towards the door of the dorm. "I'll leave you ladies be. See you in the games room later, yeah?"

The chorus of "Count on it!"; "Yeah, baby." and "Of course, silly!" made Fanny think that she'd see them soon enough.

Some time later, the newly found group were dotted about the small building's game room. Fanny, Patton, Wally and Nigel were currently arguing whether or not Nigel had putted the black ball into the net of the snooker table or if Wally's hand had accidently 'knocked' it into the hole whilst Nigel was taking his turn. Kuki, Hoagie and Rachel were sitting on a small sofa, the latter of the three laughing at the scene that they were witnessing. Megan and Callum were sitting on the floor playing Jenga to the side of the snooker table, pausing their game briefly to watch the show.

Abby sat in the corner, magazine clutched in front of her face warning others not to disturb her. She couldn't shake the feeling, that peculiar feeling, that she knew these people.

She watched Kuki, curled up in the other corner, smile at the worn old toy she had found earlier.

A small girl in a far too big green jumper sat giggling happily to herself, on wooden floorboards. Her hands, hidden under her sleeves, clutched a tiny orange monkey with a rainbow sticking out the top of its head.

The girl was singing, her face hidden behind a long curtain of black hair.

"Rainbow monkeys, rainbow monkeys, oh so very round and super chunky.."

Abby turned and found that everything she looked at looked smaller than it should be.

"Numbuh Five!" Abby found herself turning to look into the eyes of a ten year old Kuki Sanban, who was gesturing at her orange toy. "Wanna' play with me?"


"Wha-?" The girl blinked, eyes struggling to refocus on reality, unaware of a certain Australian looking at her with wide, knowing eyes.

"Come on!" Hoagie tugged at her arm impatiently. "Dinner's ready and I'm starved!"

The over-eager boy pulled her away from the corner, as she stared shrewdly at Kuki skipping to the hall.

What the hell?

Later that night Wally left dinner early, complaining about a stomach ache and how the carrots Kuki forced him to eat were poisoning him.

Hastily, the blonde boy made his way upstairs, dodging loitering teenagers and various staff until he was in the safety of his own dorm. Wally turned, eyes darting around the room confirming it was empty before he opened a small white device, which crackled to life.

"Four?" A younger, more feminine voice spoke through the speaker. "Is that you?"

"Yeah. Listen, Eighty-Three, its working. I think Five's beginning to remember…"

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