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Author's note (from Meagra Solace): Everybody who plays in the SGA Fan Fiction, should write at least one 'Trinity' tale. Most 'Trinity' tales are full of angst. But as you know, the three of us don't do angst that well – at least not when we are together. So here is our version of how things could have been after 'Trinity,' without all the heart-stopping angst and suicide attempts. Beware, it's another crack-fic! Oh, and look out for the CPBs (Crazy Plot Bunnies)!

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The Atlantis playlist:

Anything but Lonely: Andrew Lloyd Webber

The Last Words You Said: Sarah Brightman

Sounds of Silence: Simon and Garfunkel

Those were the Days: Mary Hopkin

Who wants to Live Forever: Queen/Sarah Brightman

Here with Me: Dido Armstrong

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Bonny Tyler

My Heart will go on: Celine Dion

Chapter 1

Dear Mer

It is with great regret and sadness that I have to inform you that my father and your uncle, Charles Graiman, has recently passed away. He was killed in an explosion, but the details are too long to go into it right now.

The one positive thing that has come from this is that I am now in control of Knight Industries. FLAG is now a privately-owned company, of which I am the sole heir. Unfortunately we are now only four people at FLAG, and we feel the emptiness left by my father as a creator.

Kitt sends his love. He misses you terribly. That time you spent with him was one of his most 'profitable' times. He claims you were the best.



Rodney McKay put down the print-out; thinking. This past week had been of the longest and worst in his life. It had been seven days ago that he had had the little accident that had caused about five-sixths (hey, it's not an exact science) of a solar system to be destroyed. Ever since then, John and the rest of Atlantis had been treating him as if he was some kind of moron.

Yet the worst part was that John had told him that he did not trust him – Rodney – anymore. It felt as if he was outcast (more than usual) and it seemed as if he no longer had a place on Atlantis. Perhaps it was time for a change.


Zelenka frowned at his tablet, trying to solve the equation. He turned a corner to finally come to the main lab. Not even looking up from the tablet, he waved his hand over the crystals that opened the door. He waited the required two seconds for the doors to whoosh open and stepped in.

Bang! The pain in his nose made him see red for a moment or two. By the time he regained his vision, the door was nearly open, but still moving very slowly. He swore in Czech and readjusted his glasses. Carefully he entered the lab, frowning at the door. Then he frowned at the light: usually the lab was brightly lit, but today everything was muted. Great, what was wrong this time? He hoped it was not another glitch with the ZPM.

He put down his tablet and turned on the main console. But instead of the instant reaction he was used to, the console slowly blinked to life. Then it went out again. He mumbled a bit at it and it came on again – but slowly.

Just as he was about to access the program to the ZPM, something else happened...


Miko was late for her shift and Doctor McKay was probably going to scream at her.

She touched her hair to make sure it was secure in the pony tail and wiped her other over the door crystals. Yet instead of the soft whoosh she had come to expect, the door slowly crawled open.

"Doctor McKay?" she called, but there was no answer. Slowly she stepped into the lab the moment the door was wide enough. She looked around and found Zelenka and two other scientists huddled in a corner of the room.

"Doctor Zelenka, what's wrong?" she cried. With wild eyes Zelenka looked at her and pointed at the ceiling.

"It never stops," the Czech scientist whispered. It was then that Miko realised there was music playing in the lab:

Anything but lonely

Anything but empty rooms

There's so much in life to share

What's the sense when no-one else is there?

Anything but lonely

Anything but only me

Quiet is in too much space

That's the thing that's hard to face...

Only those two verses played before starting all over again.

"The music, Doctor?" she asked, still not sure why the scientists looked the way they did.

Zelenka nodded. "Just those two verses, over and over and over."

Miko frowned, the mystery still unsolved. "Why don't you just leave?" she wanted to know.

"The door won't open," another scientist said, his eyes as wild as Zelenka's.


I can barely get through the day

Ever since you went away

I can hear you whispering

In the silence of my room

My heart still surrenders

Like the sun to the moon

I can barely stand this aching

Burning endlessly

'Love me now, forever'

Were the last words you said to me.

As the song played out Weir considered the lyrics. Those were not really the last words Rodney had said before leaving, but it was close enough. Actually he had said: "I'll never forget Atlantis." She still wondered why McKay had not told anyone that he was leaving yesterday.

The song reset and Elisabeth sighed. She made a mark on the pad beside her, marking the seventeenth time the song has now played. Weir wondered how many times were yet to come.

Just then her door opened and Kate Heightmeyer entered. She grinned at Elisabeth.

"Well, this is much better than what the rest of us have," she said. Weir didn't even have to ask what the psychologist was talking about. Smiling faintly she got up and stepped outside of her office.

"Oh, just mark the pad there," she told Kate as "The Last Words You Said" restarted. Then she heard the song that haunted the rest of Atlantis:

Hello darkness my old friend

I've come to talk to you again

Because a vision softly creeping

Left its seed as I was sleeping

And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sounds of silence.

In restless dreams we walked alone

Narrow streets of cobblestone

Beneath the halo of a streetlamp

I turned my collar tot he cold and damp

When my eyes were stabbed

By the flash of a neon light

That split the night

And touched the sound of silence.

And in the naked light I saw

Ten thousand people, maybe more

People talking without speaking

People hearing without listening

People writing songs

That voices never share

And no-one dared disturb

The sound of silence...

Elisabeth winced as she retreated into her office. Kate was right: her song was much better.

"We have to do something about this," Heightmeyer said as Weir sat down once more. "I had to prescribe a number of sedatives already today. People just can't stand it anymore."

Weir sighed. "Zelenka has tried, but he can't turn the music off. Besides, "Anything but Lonely" is on repeat in the lab. And only the first two verses at that."

It was Kate's turn to wince.


Carson Beckett softly hummed along with the song he knew by heart by now.

Those were the days my friend

We thought they'd never end

We'd sing and dance

Forever and a day

We lived the life we choose

We'd fight and never loose

For we were young and sure to have out way

It was a depressing song, but Carson liked it. Heightmeyer had reported on the state the main lab was in, and he was well aware that his song was a great improvement.

He heard a faint noise behind him, and already smiling, he turned around. It was only as he saw Major Lorne's face that he realised he was still humming.

"Can I help you," he asked the young man.

Lorne looked around, his face tortured. "I just came for some aspirin," he said. But without a second glance at Carson he turned on his heel and marched right out.

"I'm sorry, old boy," Carson called after him. He turned back to his work. From the corner of his eye he saw Doctor Biro frowning at him. "It's a bonny song," he told her as he resumed his work, humming.


No matter how far he ran or to what corner of Atlantis he retreated, somehow the song found him.

There's no time for us

There's no place for us

What is this thing

That build our dreams

Yet slips away from us

Who wants to live forever

Who wants to live forever


There's no chance for us

It's all a serenade for us

This world

Has only one sweet moment

Set aside for us.

John was starting to think he was going to scream and all that would remain of him would be those tortured screams, echoing forever through the hallways of the city.

He knew the rest of the city was as bad off as him, but that did not help him. Three days now he has been hearing that song on endless repeat. He couldn't sleep and by now he had no appetite left. Kate Heightmeyer had given him something, but that turned out to be as useful as trying to run away from the song.

Who wants to live forever

Who wants to live forever


Well, he had to admit he was the only one with some variation: at least he got to listen to two different versions of the same song. Now, he could take the Queen version, but that woman..!


I didn't hear you leave

I wonder how I'm still here

I don't want to move a thing

It might change my memory

Oh I am what I am

I'll do what I want

But I can't hide

I won't go

I won't sleep

I can't breathe

Until you're resting here with me

I won't leave

I can't hide

I cannot be

Until you're resting here with me...

Teyla gently rocked back and forth, her hands over her ears.

"Make it stop, make it stop," she repeated. The song was driving her beyond madness, into a world of soft clouds and furry bunnies. And endless seas of blood. She only hoped the new pills Carson gave her to make her sleep worked...


All over the city marines are softly sneaking about and trying to find new hiding spaces. At least they had some warning whenever Ronon approached: he had his own theme song – a Sateydan version of hell:

Turn around

Every now and then

I get a little bit lonely

And you never come around

Turn around

Every now and then

I get a little bit tired

Of listening to the sound of my tears.

Bonny Tyler had become the sound of approaching doom. Almost a week now it had been following Ronon, and the big man had snapped five days ago. Now he would shoot, hit, trample or flatten any marine he came across. Perhaps it was the old movie he had seen a while back, in which the one character had said: "Don't get mad, get even," that had given him the idea of getting even with all of them.

They had tried to find John Sheppard to make him make Ronon stop, but their commander was nowhere to be found. It was Cadman who had suggested that Jonh might be missing while outrunning his own demon song. So instead they might try a tranquiliser gun on Ronon for the time being.

That was why every marine was now roaming the corridors, either equipped with a tranquiliser gun or a Wraith stunner. Though in all honesty, every one hoped it was someone else that ran into the big Sateydan first.

Lorne – on the other hand – had already used the Wraith stunner on himself and was taken to the infirmary. He was the best off of all the people on Atlantis.


Although they were still haunted by various songs, only "Sounds of Silence" played in the meeting room. Gathered around the big table were Weir, Sheppard, a half-sedated Ronon, Carson, a wild-eyed Zelenka and a worried Heightmeyer. Teyla was in the infirmary under 24hour observation. Weir wasn't sure how she was going to tell the Athosians about their incapacitated leader.

"So, does anyone have any idea what's causing this?" Carson asked. He seemed the least affected of them all, something that worried Weir as much as Teyla. That just wasn't normal!

"I don't know, but we're going to start losing people if it doesn't stop soon," Kate said. It seemed as if Ronon agreed, but not for the reasons she had implied. She had heard the Sateydan had turned into a brutal savage these past days.

Weir sighed and looked at the scientist sitting next to her.

"Don't look at me!" he said, al little mad.

Weir sighed again. "Okay, I have an idea. I think it's Atlantis."

"Atlantis?" John asked, glancing over his shoulder as if something was chasing him.

"Yes. All of this started just after Rodney left. I think Atlantis is sulking."

John looked at her, incredulous. "Are you trying to tell me this is the sulking of a city?"

"I do believe so," Weir nodded.

John grimaced. "So you're telling us the city is like nothing as much as a 16 year old teenager? Teenage girl?"

Elisabeth nodded once more. "I think so."

Just then the music stopped. Everyone looked up, perhaps some thanking the heavens. But their relief was short lived, as the next song suddenly blasted over the speakers:

Every night in my dreams

I see you, I feel you

That is how I know you go in

Far across the distance

And spaces between us

You have come to show you go on...

John groaned. Ronon growled. Kate moaned and Zelenka actually started crying. By now Ronon had progressed to banging his head against the table. Only Carson looked fine.

Weir has had enough. Celine Dion was the last straw.

Slowly she pushed her laptop aside, stood up and went out. Without a word to Chuck she dialled the Stargate...


Walter called O'Neill over the intercom as he recognised the source of the unscheduled transmission: Atlantis.

When O'Neill entered the gateroom, Walter put the call through on the speaker-system. But instead of a person greeting them, the haunting tones of Celine Dion's "My Heart will go on" drifted through the room.

"Are you all right, Atlantis," O'Neill asked. The frazzled voice of Weir answered him.

"Make it stop! Please, make it stop!"

"Make what stop?" O'Neill asked, perplexed. And what was with the music?

"The music. Bring us Rodney McKay. Now!"


"We don't care what it takes; just get him back!"