Alphabet Challenge

Fandom: Alice in Wonderland (Disney/Tim Burton

Pairings: Mad HatterxAlice

Author's note: This challenge is gonna be in 4 parts. One for Repo! The Genetic Opera, one for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, one for Syfy Alice, and one for Doctor Who, as I'm a multi-fandom-fangirl like that ;p Enjoyyy

Evening Tea

If it had been anyone else but Hatter, Alice would have been completely baffled by the number of times a day he could find to have tea. She could understand some of them – she herself had always needed a cup of tea to start the day, even in Upperland. It was a good way of waking up to the day, and fighting off the grogginess and grumpiness that came with having to get up. And it went well with breakfast, of course, but to Hatter, these were completely separate. Where Alice was content to have a cup of tea at breakfast alone, Tarrant had to have one upon waking up, and then one at breakfast. Or two, if it was a particularly hearty meal. And one at eleven. And at lunch. And of course at tea time… and on the hour, every hour between. And of course it wouldn't do to have the same type of tea twice in one day.

"After all," he had said when she asked, "How is One to try every type of tea in the world if the silly old number only sticks to a particular strainer? Especially when it has a pretty Two bringing it yet more variety from another world!"

She loved the way he could turn phrases she knew so well into something completely daft like that, and she guessed she saw some sense in what he said, even in his nonsensical way of construing it.

And it showed her just how much he had had to be different from what she hesitated to call the "norm" – he was hardly someone who could be called "normal" in any sense of the word, even in Underland – when she had been reunited with him. He had, in the few brief days that she'd seen him before the slaying of the Jabberwock, only had tea once or twice, and even then barely had the Time –cruel fellow that Time is, stopping poor Hatter from having his tea – to finish the cups that he started.

But while she would oblige him in testing those he found to be most delightful, and laugh as he discovered a particular dislike for others, she found it difficult to follow his strange routine, and instead stuck mostly to the routine she had at home.

With one exception, that is.

When Time took it upon himself to flow correctly, evening would draw in as it would in her own world, and it was so necessary to come away from the tea table.

"No point in having tea in the dark," he confided in her "it does make it rather difficult to pour your tea into your cup when you can't see either."

While she had never once seen him spill a drop of the precious liquid, even if the cup was the other side of the incredibly long table to the spout he was pouring from – Underland logic at work, she assumed – she wasn't about to ruin her favourite time of the day.

Because when they moved into the comfortable little run down windmill, and set up a fire in the hearth, she found herself a little bit of domesticity in a world of insanity. Don't mistake her, no, she loved the world she had stumbled – quiet literally – upon, and it was her own choice each time she returned. But it was nice to have a tiny little moment of relaxation, and of quiet. Even Hatter seemed to catch onto the fact that this was a moment that didn't need to be filled with madness, and he allowed himself to just sit with her, in a happy silence, drinking a hot cup of tea.

He even let her choose.