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The Game of a Player


Chapter 1:

I looked up at the iron gates of hell and wondered;

How could he do this to me?

Of course I knew why he did it.

It was obvious

He was lonely.

Of course he is Bella! Renee left him when you were two!

But why this? Why her? Why him?

I looked back up at the iron gates of hell that lead up to the mansion of hell, where inside there was the devil, his mother and my father.

I pressed the button on the side of the gate and waited for someone to pick up

"Hello?" Said the voice of my soon-to-be mother, Esme. Now don't get me wrong, she's a really nice woman and I'm glad my dads happy, it's her son I hate.

Edward Cullen

He's a player and a total hottie.

The only problem is he knows it.

He's a cocky, egotistical jerk that lies to girls so they'll let him in their pants.

And it works.

Now don't get me wrong, I would total ride Edward if he wasn't such a jerk.

And if he didn't already have sex with more than half the population of Forks

And is he wasn't such a pervert that keeps trying to cop-a-feel every time I turn around.

And if my dad wasn't marrying his mom

Yup that one was the cherry on top of the 'Why I won't fuck Edward Cullen' Cake.

I was brought out of my daydream by a loud sound coming out of the intercom.


"Sorry Esme I dosed off what where you saying"

She giggled into the intercom.

"It's ok Bella I'll open the gates now and have Peter get your bags" Oh yeah Peter. Their butler.

I would fuck him too if he wasn't gay that is.

"I actually have Emmett's bags too" Emmett is my older brother by 3 years who just lost his job and decided it would be cool to be a 20 year old man living with his dad and step-mom.

"That's ok love I'll send Edward out too."

Oh joy.

The man whore is on the way to get my boxes.

The gates opened and I picked up one of my boxes ready to bring them into the house when I saw Edward run down the long drive with nothing but a pair of running shorts and a bare chest.


He smirked when he caught me checking him out and I blushed a deep red.

"See something you like Bella?" He asked with an arrogant grin.

"Yeah actually" His expression changed from arrogant to confused so I kept going. "The house is wonderful" I smirked and walked past him, swaying my hips just for him, just as Peter walked out of the house.

" 'Sup Pete?" I called as I walked by.

"Great Bella 'sup with you?"

"Everything's just great" I turned to Edward who was bending down to get one of the boxes and admired his ass for half a second.

I turned and walked into the house with Edward in tow. I could feel his eyes a little farther south of my hips and added a little sway into my step for his benefit.

"...ugh" His audible groan added a little moisture to my panties but I kept my dirty thoughts to myself. I walked up the stairs and down the right corridor.

We walked into my new room and I set my box on the floor new the bed. As I setting it down I bent down a little more than necessary and another moan slipped his lips.

Suddenly his hands gabbed my waist and I froze.

'what is he doing?'

'what do you think he's doing you dipshit? He's getting you back for all the teasing, I personally think this is gonna be fun! '

I mentally cursed the little devil in my mind, she was always against me! Ugh I hate her.

His lust filled voice was suddenly next to ear. His breath blowing across my back causing goose bumps to spread over my skin.

"Are you trying to kill me Bella?"


'Is it getting hot in here?'

Oh yeah. It is!

"Huh..?" Came my skilful response. But really you would be speechless as well if you had Edward Cullen breathing down your back and pushing his incredibly big cock into your ass.

"You know what I'm talking about baby! Wiggling that perfect ass to tease me. Now that's just cruel."

I could here the arrogant smirk in his voice and I immediately slipped out of my lust filled trance.

This is Edward Cullen, Playboy extraordinaire and my 'soon to be' step brother.

I pushed back against him and broke free of his grip.

"Keep your hands to yourself!"

I turned to look at him and the confused look I expected to see wasn't there. Instead a smirk in its place.

"Playing hard to get Isabella? Why don't you give in? They all do."

I stepped towards him.

"That's why" I pointed to his smirk. "You think your so...hot Cullen!" I seethed " You fuck anything with a vagina and you don't care about anyone's feelings !" I was getting mad now but his STUPID smirk had still not left his face, so I kept going. "You walk around like your God's give to women but really your just Satins way of showing women what heartbreak is to be expected in HELL!"

I was starting to shout at this point and I was glad my dad and Emmett weren't in the house.

"So yeah...I don't wanna fuck an arrogant, two faced, heart breaking PRICK! Ok?" That dam smirk still didn't leave his face!

He took a small step towards me so our chests were pressed together. The air was sexually charged and starting to make me dizzy. What Edward said next made me soak my panties.

"You...Look...So...Sexy...When you're angry" His voice was heavy and full of lust.

"Keep your hands off me" I turned and walked out of my room. I walked down the big marble stairs and passed Esme arranging flowers on a table at the end. As I walked past she mumbled something.

".......he won't give up you know" My eyes bulged out of my head but I just kept walking out to the front to get another box.

I picked up a box labelled

'Emmett's Box'

And brought it up the stairs and down the left corridor to his room.

I repeated this action six more times until all the boxes out the front were up in either Emmett's or my own room.

I trudged into my room exhausted and was caught off guard when I saw Edward standing over one of my boxes while looking through it.

He didn't even know I was there and I was just about to make my presence known until he stared mumbling.

"...Fucking tease...Leaving her box of bras and panties out for me to see...Jesus I can just imagine...Fuck My Life is that a thong?...I'm so fucking dead unless I fuck her soon...Fuck I think I need to call Tanya..."He trailed off and I was both angered and mortified. He found my underwear box? That is embarrassing.

I just stared at him for a few seconds that felt like hours.

He thought I was a tease?

You are a tease! I think you should get on your knees and fix his little *cough* big *cough* problem! It's only fair!

Shut up! He deserves this! He does this to girls all the time! Its payback for all the times he's broken a girl heart!

Besides he has 'Tanya' to fix his little*cough* big *cough* problem. Leave the whore and the rest of the slut brigade to fix his problems.

Yeah I guess, isn't Jessica's motto, 'If you can't get it somewhere else, come to me...I give free blowjobs'.

Ok so I don't 'hate' my little devil. She sure speaks the truth.

I decided to finally make my unknown presence a little less unknown.

"Having fun Cullen?" He jumped back surprised. I decided to take full advantage of the situation.

If he thinks I'm a tease now, he's about to be in for a surprise.