Twisted Entertainment: Sailor Moon Edition!

Hello Readers, this is the 2nd twisted Entertainment series Fic, the first being the Bleach edition. Now Enjoy reading the Sailor moon edition!{A male is seen sitting behind a huge door filled with negaverse monsters and energy…}

Master Crisis: Welcome to gates of Destruction, I'm its guardian, Master Crisis.

{The Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask rush into the room and stare at all the monster behind the door.}

Master Crisis: welcome to Hell-I mean the Gate of destruction.

Sailor Venus: Gate of Destruction?

Master Crisis: Yes, the gate that contains the dark powers of the negaverse…

Sailor Pluto: The gate seems to be weakening; I can feel the negaverse power seeping through…

Master Crisis: correct…now inorder to strengthen the barrier…you all must do something extereme…

Sailor Saturn: What is it?

Master Crisis: Simple. Answer questions, and take dares from reviewers and if you want to, take gifts!

Everyone: What?

Master Crisis: Yep.

-Sailor Fighter, Sailor Healer and Sailor Maker along with Princess Kakuyuu and Mini-Moon fall on Salior Moon-

Sailor Moon: OW!

Tuxedo Mask: Are you okay? *Tends to her*

Master Crisis: welcome to Twisted entertainment: Salior Moon edition!

Okay just send in dares and questions for any of the scouts or Tuxedo mask, you can also give them gifts too if you want…