Fairies: Invasion Script.

Characters: Dalek, Fairy. Set: Sidney and Arthur's room.

Writer-Director: Sidney Woolf Hoyle. Producer: Zaid Islam. CGI: Zaid Islam. Dalek actor: Sidney Woolf Hoyle.

Voices: Sidney Woolf Hoyle. Dalek casing: Sidney Woolf Hoyle and Nigel Hoyle. Cameraman: Arthur Woolf Hoyle. Clapper Loader: Zaid Islam. Editors: Zachary Quentin Lewis and Woody Russell. Lighting: Oliver Stanton. Props: Zachary Quentin Lewis. Sound recording: Woody Russell. Script supervisor: Arthur Woolf Hoyle. Title music: Nigel Hoyle. 1st Assistant director: Oliver Stanton. 2nd Assistant director: Woody Russell. 3rd Assistant director: Zachary Quentin Lewis.


Quiet day in fairyland. Suddenly, black Dalek appears. Fairy comes to investigate.

Fairy: What an ugly black thing!

Dalek: Ugliness is irrelevant! Exterminate!

The Dalek blasts the fairy.

Fairy: Agggarrrrrr!

Dalek: Fairy is exterminated! Returning to craft!

The Dalek disappears.