I got sudden inspiration to write acrostic poems with characters' names. Though I don't think I'll get much reviews on these since poetry isn't a popular form of fanfiction to read. -_-'
Nonetheless, I hope they get somewhat recognized.
I'll keep adding to this whenever I come up with new poems.

C&C, please.


Yet he is oblivious to everything around,
A kind heart he has for his friends
Moreso than many in the Family.
Amazing with his baseball skills,
Many admire him for this, and not to forget, his
Otherwordly skill with the blade to kill.
Though in the end, he's nothing but a baseball freak,
Otherwise he wouldn't be Yamamoto Takeshi

(Yeah I understand that "kill" is inaccurate, since he doesn't fight to kill. But, when you see someone carrying a blade, wouldn't you think that their intention IS to kill?)