Minna-san, konnichiwa, Yuki desu. Ogenki desuka? [Hello, everyone, here's Yuki. How are you?]

Now that Tsukushi is happily and safely married to Doumyouji-san I want to get my chance too.

I know… I know… Sigh… You might say that Nishikado-san spent last five years with constantly running away from me… but not anymore. Tomorrow, I'm going to catch him and we'll have a serious talk. I want to know if my feelings for him are really love… or it's just an affection caused by his friendly behavior…

Wish me luck for tomorrow… crossing fingers…

Chapter 1

Standing in front of modern building, Yuki was trying to calm down her beating heart. Today is the day. After several deep breath in and out she finally entered.

Today is the day of Nishikado-san's autograph session in the most famous Tokyo's bookshop.

She joined the endless queue of girls waiting for his sign. It moved ridiculously slowly because every one of the girls wanted to spend as much time with him as they could. Yuki, on the other hand, was nervously holding his book in her hands. Her palms were all sweaty so she wiped them into her coat.

He's not going to run away from me today. He can't. He just can't leave this place. She repeated in her head all round.

When she finally got to the table where he was sitting, she hold the book in front of her face.

„Suprise!" she smiled at him as she moved the book towards him. He looked as gorgeous as ever.

Soujirou just smiled stuffilly, stood up and started to run away.

Again. He did it again. She thought as she screamed at him. „Nishikado-san! Nishikado-san! This is third time!"

She pushed aside all those girls standing in her way and started to chase after him. She was panting hard as she was trying to catch up with his pace, running down the stairs and then outside the building. People on the street were watching the running couple with amazement. It looked like they were filming some kind of comedy with girl desperately trying to catch the boy, shouting and cursing at him as she ran. And the boy? He just laughed like crazy and increased his speed.

After running for about ten minutes, Yuki stopped to breath in some air. She was completely exhausted and Soujirou just disappeared around the corner.

Damn. Why must he run so fast?... Why does he run anyway? She thought. Is it really that unthinkable for him to just talk to me? I only want a chance, can't he give me at least five minutes? Something inside her broke, tears started to form in corners of her eyes. Slowly she moved towards a nearby bench and sat. Still breathing hard she started to wipe away tears from her face but they just didn't want to stop comming down. She finally gave up doing so when the reality sank in. It was, is and always will be hopeless. He will never ever see her as a woman or give her even a tinniest chance to show him what she's really like. She will always be just a nuisance he's keeping up with because his friend is married to her bestfriend.

She stared blankly into space but didn't see a thing. Finally, after a long time, she stood up and walked away. Her movements were those of ninety year old grandma.

Soujirou turned to see he finally lost Yuki and stopped running.

God, that girl is going to be his death. Why can't she just leave him alone? He hoped she will turn her sight to another victim but she's unbelievably persistent. She doesn't give up even after five years. He smiled to himself. He couldn't help but to secretly admire her. Be it another man she fell in love with, he would do anything to help her to get him but he himself was simply bad choice. His face hardened. She just doesn't understand. He's not running because he hates her, right the opposite. He respects her too much to let her be another of „his girls". Not to mention that Tsukushi would kill him the minute he lays his hand on Yuki.

No, no, staying away is the only option. He shook his head. Slowly he went back to the bookshop. He still needs to finish his work. As he walked he thought. It might be a bit of nuisance to run away everytime I see her... but on the other hand it's good excercise and, of course, great fun. He was still smiling when he returned to his seat.

When Yuki arrived home, her tears were gone. During the long and painful ride back home, her heart came to a decision. She greeted her parents and went immediately into her room saying she's tired and won't eat dinner. Her mum watched her with worries but remained silent.

Yuki laid down on bed and closed eyes. In her mind she replayed every moment she spent with Nishikado-san. One after another she locked those memories in her heart, in a place hidden from everyone and everything. Today is the last day of her love for Nishikado Soujirou.

Next morning she woke up with slight headache from crying all night but also strangely relieved. Like she threw off a big stone from her heart.

From now on I'm freed from him. Yuki smiled as she looked into the mirror. She washed up and went to kitchen for breakfast. She was herself again, lively, chatting and smiling.

Two months passed

Soujirou parked his car in front of luxurious western-style mansion. He was invited by Tsukasa to celebrate some good news. GREAT NEWS, as Tsukasa said. He was mysterious about what kind of news it is but Soujirou somehow guessed it's going to be something connected to Tsukasa's wife, Tsukushi.

As he went to the main door he wondered if Yuki will be present as well. He didn't see her for past two months. Not that he was complaining about it. It was kind of nice not seeing her around... at first. Lately he started to wonder if she's ok. It wasn't like her to stay away from him so long... No, he wasn't worried... NOT AT ALL.

The butler opened the door, well almost a gate, and Soujirou entered a giant spetacularly decorated entrance hall.

„Sir, Mr. Tsukasa is waiting for you in the clubroom on first floor."

„Thank you." Soujirou went to the big staircase in front of him when he noticed Tsukushi and Yuki sitting in a living room next to the hall. For a minute, he didn't know how to react but quickly regained his coolness.

„Ohayo, Tsukushi-chan, Yuki-chan." Both girls turned their heads towards him.

„Ohayo, Soujirou-kun, how are you? Tsukasa is in the clubroom with Rui and Akira." Tsukushi smiled as she answered.

„So I'm the last one." He smiled as well and looked at Yuki. He expected her usual beaming smile... but something was wrong. Yuki did smile but her smile was... well... not as shiny as usual. She bowed her head and turned back to Tsukushi.

Soujirou was stunned. She didn't even say ‚Ohayo' to him. Before he could decide what to do he heard someone calling his name.

„Soujirou!" It was Akira standing at the top of stairs.

„What's going on with you, friend? I called you several times." Soujirou looked up and climbed up the stairs.

„Gomen, Akira, I didn't hear you. I was... I was thinking about... about work."

Akira raised his eyebrows. He let Soujirou walk to clubroom alone and descended few steps to see what distracted his friend so much. A knowing smile lightened his face when he saw Yuki. So, this is Soujirou's ‚work'... Looks interesting. He folowed his friend with this thought.