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Author's Note: This story is going to only be a few chapters but I wanted to put it up. It's sad, but I think that will be okay though. This first chapter is short. Enjoy!

Olivia smiled as she pulled on the dress she was wearing for her date that night. It was one of her favorite dresses she owned as it always made her feel beautiful. Her date was a nice guy and she hoped that it would finally allow her to start a relationship. She knew how hard it was to have a relationship while being an SVU detective and was determined to make one work.

Just before she walked out of the door, her phone began to ring. Olivia closed her eyes and hoped her date wasn't going to be late. "Hello?" she asked, not bothering to see who was on the other line.

"Liv, it's Munch. I'm waiting in front of your apartment building. Hurry up; we need to get to the hospital."

She laughed. "I have a date, Munch. I'm not working right now."

"This has nothing to do with work," he said quietly. "It's Elliot."

Everything inside of her froze. She closed her eyes. "What do you mean?"

"There was an accident."

Olivia took a deep breath. "What kind of accident?"

"I don't know," he answered. "One of his kids called the precinct and told all of us to be there."

She hung up the phone before Munch could say anymore and knew she wouldn't be going on a date that night. It didn't matter anymore though. She had to see her partner.


Munch drove quickly and she could feel her heart jumping inside of her chest. He hadn't said much to her, but from the look on his face she knew it was bad. It annoyed her that no one had told her anything since Elliot was her partner; she wanted to know what happened to him.

When they pulled up in front of the hospital, Munch stopped. "I'm going to park. Go inside."

She nodded and gave him a weak smile. "Thanks, Munch."


Cragen was sitting down in a chair with Fin and his children were next to them. She looked around for Kathy, but didn't see her. Why didn't someone call her? "Captain," she said, running over. "What happened?"

He took a deep breath. "Elliot and Kathy got into a car accident coming back from lunch. It was bad."

"Where is he? Can I see him?"

"Sit down, Olivia." It was strange to hear Cragen to call her with her name. She was used to hearing Detective when he talked to her. She sat down and looked at him with worried eyes. "It was a bad accident." He glanced at Elliot's children, his oldest holding his youngest. "Kathy didn't make it."

"God," she whispered. "Elliot?"

Fin looked at her sadly as Cragen sighed. "They don't think he will either."

Everything inside of her stopped. She didn't ever want to hear those words and she looked at Munch when he came in. She knew that he had known what happened and realized he didn't want to be the one to tell her that her partner wasn't going to make it.

"Please," she whispered, tears falling from her eyes. "Please, tell me you're lying to me."

She stood up before Cragen could say anything else and looked around her. Olivia stared at his children, the ones he loved the most and wondered what they were going to do. The girls were older and they could survive, but his younger children still needed their parents. If Elliot didn't make it, what was going to happen to them?

"I need to see him," she whispered.

"He's in surgery right now," Fin told her. "You have to wait."

Olivia sat back down, tears still on her face.