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A place to stay part 1 "Confessions of the heart."

Still looking at the gorgeous sunset somehow feeling drawn to it and happy to see the village in which she was raised was getting back on its feet a beautiful young teen with long dark blue hair and lavender coloured eyes looked on into the distance thinking about a certain shinobi she held close to her heart she was slightly disappointed she did not get there sooner to see the full sunset but did not mind as long as she was there for the fireworks.

Suddenly her strain of thought was broken by a male voice calling out to her.

"Hinata Chan it that you what a coincidence I didn't expect to see you here are you here for the fireworks as well" the blond boy spoke with a cheery upbeat attitude and casually sat on the cool grass next to Hinata was quickly overwhelmed by the need to run for dear live especially since she confessed her love to the young blond teen a little over a week ago during his battle with Pain while trying to save his life but instead calmed herself and acted natural thinking it was about time they talked.

"Uh h-hello N-Naruto Kun y-yes I am" Hinata suddenly went all shy her face crimson from embarrassment and could not look straight into his cerulean blue eyes and instead watched her two index fingers hit off each other.

"That's good I was hoping to meet someone up here it would have been depressing if I was here by myself im really glad its you as well… we need to talk so we do. Naruto's voice was now low and serious "do you remember what you said to me before Pain defeated you."

Hinata knew what Naruto was talking about and replayed the words in her head "I used to cry and give up…I nearly went the wrong way…but you…you showed me the right way…I was always chasing you…wanting to overtake you…I just wanted to walk with you…I wanted to be with you…you Changed me! Your smile saved me! So I'm not afraid to die protecting you! Because I…I love you Naruto Kun." Hinata then snapped out of the memory and went more crimson than ever as she tried to explain things.

"Listen Naruto Kun that was just a joke to throw off the ene…" she was then cut off by Naruto anger now visible in his voice.

"Don't give me that crap Hinata Chan I could tell you were serious…I know you were serious I've been such a fool all these years chasing after Sakura Chan who obviously still loves Sasuke I should just stop that its pointless Sakura Chan will never like me but you know what I don't really care because after much thinking I can say with absolute confidence I don't love her I may never have loved her…" his voice was now kind and gentle "I should of gone to the girl that always talked to me …made me feel better about myself and now loves me. Hinata Chan its taking me much time, too much time but i want to see you every day of my life and be with you I love you Hinata Chan." While still next to Naruto, Hinata began to cry heavily at Naruto's confession "Na-Naruto Kun thank you but I know you don't mean it im just a silver medal compared to Sak…" before she could finish she was interrupted by Naruto moving in closer to her his bright cerulean eyes looking deep into her lavender eyes his lips outstretched finally reaching Hinata's lips after a second she pressed forward and returned the kiss they did not stop even when the fireworks started and kept going for a full two minutes suddenly Hinata lowered her head and started crying heavily.

"Y-You w-were serious oh Naruto Kun I'm so happy" she then moved into give him a affectionate hug they then looked on at the fireworks nether of them wanting to ruin the moment stayed quite.

Eventually it became 8 pm in the afternoon and started to get dark and cold so they both got ready to leave and walked off together.

"So Hinata Chan do you have a place to stay I saw that the Hyuuga mansion is still a mess after the attack." Naruto spoke in a curious manner while they moved through the cold air of the empty streets of konoha.

"I do there is a hotel I've been staying at for the past week since the attack it's pretty comfortable and i have anove money to last till the Hyuuga mansion is finally back up" somehow Hinata felt calm around Naruto now and took pride in the fact she did not stumble on her sentences once.

"I-Is it okay if I walk you there y-you know so I know you'll be safe" Naruto went unusually red now feeling how Hinata must have felt every time she talked to him Hinata noticed this and gave a cute quite giggle.

"Sure let's go." Before they took off Naruto started to notice Hinata had more confidence now and did not go red when ever he talked to her.

20 minutes later they found the hotel after much talking and joking around Hinata however was shocked to see the outside of the hotel was full of people that had there houses destroyed by Pain's attack on the village even the outside was crowded. Hinata tried to make it to the front desk but when she finally made it she was devastated that she had to relinquish her room key so some injured survivors could stay in a sheltered area since the hospital's and other places were packed with builders from other villages that were remodelling and restoring konoha Hinata after taking her stuff from her room into her bag then began to fall into despair since she had no place to stay and this being the only hotel that's been fully repaired.

"Hinata Chan why don't you come back to my place I have a spare mattress at home you can stay till you can sort something out" Hinata was hesitant of the offer but after about ten seconds she agreed and followed Naruto to his apartment.

Hinata was very surprised at how messy the place was ramen bowls and containers on the ground along with flavour packets and multiple milk cartons dust was everywhere and many other things on the table that should have been in the fridge and she could smell something fowl like a dead dog but she tried with all her might to not let it get to her so Naruto wouldn't notice how horrible she thought it was while she was taking in her new surroundings she left her black sandals at the door along with Naruto's and then watched her footing as she went next to the press by Naruto's bed and looked at the photo of team 7 all together and thought that Naruto must use it as a remainder of Sasuke Uchiha who left Konoha about three years ago. While Hinata was thinking about this Naruto called out to her "hey Hinata Chan I'm sorry about the mess I forgot how bad it was I hope you don't mind."

Hinata thinking she would get sick if she opened her mouth instead just shock her head while Naruto was looking through the fridge he found he had no milk.

"Hinata Chan could you excuse me for awhile I need to go to the shop and get milk." The next minute Naruto put his sandals back on and slammed the door shut. Taking advantage of the situation Hinata ran to the window to open it she then began talking to herself.

"Right I should try and clean this up before Naruto gets back he'll be so impressed."

The next minute Hinata took out spray and different cleaning materials from her bag and also ingredients to make zenzai and a packet of cinnamon rolls she then took off her white lavender jacket to reveal a casual black shirt underneath and finally after searching the apartment she found a broom a brush and cloths.

"Alright time to get started BYAKUGAN."

(With Naruto in the town)

Meanwhile Naruto was running to the nearest shop at full speed hoping from one building to the next so he wouldn't keep Hinata waiting for to long, but when he arrived the shop was packed full of people he then wasted no time in getting the milk but he looked around for a packet of cinnamon rolls knowing Hinata liked them a lot and after 15 minutes in the line he successfully bought them but then while he was leaving the shop he was surprised when he heard a load voice call out his name "Naruto how are you did you get too see the fireworks."

Naruto turned around and saw it was Hinata's team-mate's Kiba Inuzuka, his dog Akamaru, Shino Aburame and their visibly pregnant sansei Kurenai Yuhi.

"Hey have you seen Hinata we were hoping to see her before the fireworks went off but she's know where to be seen" Kiba was his usual loud and direct self while Shino and Kurenai remained quiet while Naruto answered thinking the situation between them would be very embarrassing he made up a excuse so he could hurry back home "N-No I haven't seen her s-sorry ah I'll see you guys later I uh I have something on the cooker at home."

In a flash Naruto was heading straight home as fast as he could thinking he wasted too much time. Akamaru then began to bark while Kiba translated.

"What's that Akamaru you could get Hinata's scent off Naruto maybe they did bump into each other?" While Kiba was pondering this Kurenai and Shino thought the same thing simultaneously "Naruto's a terrible liar."

A gentle smile then appeared on Kurenai's face while Shino's expression appeared unchanging because his cloths was covering his face but even he smiled while Kiba was dumbfounded at what they were so happy about.

Naruto looked at his watch he had been gone for half an hour and thought Hinata must have been worried finally he arrived at the door of his apartment took out his keys and opened the door but was surprised at the sight before him to apartment was completely clean no rubbish no dirt everything was where it should and the spare mattress was even on the floor clean and set up with bed sheets and blankets while completely speechless and slightly guilty that Hinata did all of this on her own he could smell something absolutely heavenly coming from the kitchen there he saw Hinata preparing to getting there dinner ready it left Naruto a warm feeling in his heart Naruto then noticed Hinata did not know he came back so he decided to give her a quick scare and so he sneaked up behind her and put his hands over her eyes "guess who."

Hinata was frightened by the sodden scare and hit Naruto on the chin with the back of her head before falling down Naruto still had a hold of Hinata and both of them fell to the ground.

Hinata was the first to recover remembering what happened she turned around to see she was lying on Naruto he was now knocked out Hinata then began to get worried and called out to him.

"N-Naruto Kun Naruto Kun wake up please." Slowly Naruto began to open his eyes and was speechless at the sight in front of him he saw Hinata directly above him her unembarrassed face the most beautiful sight he had ever seen he then saw two or three lines of her hair covering her eyes and moved his right hand in an attempt to move them behind her ears and then put his hand and her right cheek and watched her rub against it she then began to speak in her natural caring voice.

"Oh t-thank goodness I thought I hurt you Naruto Kun."

"Hinata Chan you look so beautiful right now I-I don't know how I didn't realize all these years we've known each other." they then looked deeply into each others eyes as they did no more than two hours ago and moved in towards the other finally there lips reached out and they kissed each other passionately Naruto then began to move his hands along her waist while Hinata was moving her right hand across his face.

After awhile they smelt something burning the both shoot up immediately.

"THE DINNER." they hurried as fast as they could in a attempt to save it but it was all burnt and unrecognizable in the end they both sat at the table and eat the cinnamon rolls Naruto bought at the shop plus the ones Hinata had while drinking a fresh glass of milk it was quite at the table both Hinata and Naruto were sitting next to each other both of them remaining quiet until they spoke at the same time "I'm so sorry" they looked and blushed at each other.

"I'm sorry Hinata Chan the dinner got ruined because of me and you ended up cleaning this place all by yourselves if I didn't get so into the moment we could be enjoying you're cooking it smelt so great as well."

"N-No it's my fault Naruto Kun I just wanted to clean your apartment to impress you and ruined the dinner by not paying attention to it…I-I guess I also got carried away" still blushing Naruto moved the conversation onto a different subject.

"Okay let's talk about were your going to be sleeping." Hinata immediately got up from the chair and sat on the mattress beside Naruto's bed.

"Right ill be sleeping here tonight." a smile was visible on Hinata's face after she spoke but disappeared when Naruto corrected her.

"I don't think so that's were I'm sleeping your sleeping in the bed I wouldn't force you to sleep on the ground Hinata Chan." immediately Hinata tried to reject the offer "no Naruto Kun that's your bed you should sleep there and I'm the guest so I should have the mattress." Hinata had an unusual aggressive tone in her voice while Naruto responded in his usual calm voice.

"Yeah but im trying to be the gentleman and a proper host here I wouldn't let anyone else sleep on the ground and certainly not you" Hinata then gave up on the argument and prepared to get ready for bed while Naruto began to leave to give her privacy but was stooped by Hinata who had a hold of his sleeve.

"Y-You don't have to go Naruto Kun I don't mind if you watch I'll be quick" Naruto accepted the offer and watched Hinata remove her clothes first to go was her navy blue pants underneath where purple tight looking shorts that went as far as her waist but revealed the majority of her legs next was her jacket and shirt under it was a matching sleeveless vest that looked as tight as the shorts and revealed Hinata's breasts it was also open at the top half held on only by many strings similar to numerous other outfits found in the shops of Konoha.

This was the first time Naruto had seen so much of Hinata's body and saw that like most of his female friends Hinata matured. Her chest had developed perfectly and her breasts seemed bigger than other girls like Sakura or Ino but not so large as to not seem disproportional and with round hips to complement her slim waist and shapely legs Naruto thought she had quite the voluptuous and graceful form all this started to give Naruto a bloody nose and even more blood was rushing south but he quickly turned around and cleaned himself while thinking about something other than hinata's body before Hinata noticed but he still had to ask Hinata one question.

"Hinata Chan you look amazing why you would hide a body like that under so much clothes is a mystery to me." Hinata blushed at the complement and that Naruto would not take his eyes off her as he examined her body but a smile grew on her face when she answered.

"T-To be honest Naruto Kun I was just embarrassed about my breasts they started growing before everyone else and I-I was afraid if you hated large breasts so…I hid them under my thick jacket." Naruto then with a caring smile on his face responded with equally kind words that gave Hinata a larger confidence boost.

"You don't have to worry about that Hinata I tend to go for a girls personality over there looks…but the large breasts aren't bad either hehe." then suddenly Hinata said something he did not expect her to say.

"S-So does that mean you only go for girls with violent and abusive personalities." there was silence in the room for a second until Naruto understood the joke and held on to his stomach as he collapsed onto his knees laughing out loud not caring who might hear him.

"That's a good one Hinata Chan…hehe that's Sakura Chan all over." Hinata then joined in with Naruto with a small laugh surprised her joke was so effective after half a minute of laughing Naruto got back on his feet and addressed Hinata again.

"I…I think that's the first time I ever heard you make a joke like that Hinata Chan that kiss must of done wonders for you. You seem so much more confident with yourself now." Hinata then nodded her head in agreement and answered back.

"Yes I think your right I feel a huge weight has been taking off my shoulders." after hearing this Naruto whispered something under his breath that Hinata could not clearly hear.

"I guess you've been waiting for too long" when Naruto noticed the worried look on her face he cheered up immediately and moved the subject to something else.

"W-Well would you look at the time it's a quarter to 11 we should be going to bed." Hinata quickly agreed and turned around to turn off the lights left on in the apartment while Naruto was getting adjusted to the mattress he removing his clothes short of his boxers and put his konoha headband on his press behind him while putting her headband next to Naruto's, Hinata then climbed into Naruto's empty bed and getting under the covers Hinata made a last attempt at the little argument they had earlier. "Naruto Kun are you sure you want to sleep on the mattress I wouldn't mind sleeping there honestly." after hearing this Naruto laid on his back and faced the ceiling his two hands at the back of his head and responded in a jokingly manner.

"I would like to sleep in my own bed Hinata Chan but one way or the other I'm not going to force you to sleep on this mattress." Hinata then considered the idea of them sharing the bed after a minute of silence Naruto heard Hinata saying something but it sounded slightly muffled he then lifted his head to see her and saw her mouth covered by the sheets her face heavily red while her eyes gave an inviting stare that confused Naruto Hinata then moved the sheets from her mouth and spoke rather jittery.

"Y-You can come i-into the b-bed if you want N-Naruto Kun I-i wont mind at all you'll be in your bed a-and I wont have to sleep on the floor" Naruto was surprised at what Hinata just said but sensing she was serious. He had no reason to not take up the offer and got into his bed next to Hinata as he got in he could not help but laugh to himself at the sudden disappearance of her confidence, after a minute of awkward silence Naruto then spoke up just as nervous as Hinata was.

"Y-You know well be much warmer if were closer t-together Hinata Chan" Hinata agreed with Naruto and then they both held each other Naruto's left arm going under Hinata's neck and his hand stroked her waist while Hinata rested on Naruto's chest and listened to his heartbeat and rubbed his right chest with her hand.

"I want to stay like this forever Naruto Kun."

"Yeah I know what you mean I've never thought I could feel this way about anyone…I-I should have realized your feelings sooner I'm sorry Hinata Chan." Naruto then began to cry silently while Hinata tried to comfort him.

"Its okay Naruto Kun there was know way you could have known I was to shy and scared I couldn't bring myself to tell you how I felt."

"I just want you to forgive me Hinata Chan I have never had a family before I had no one around to teach me these things I know you must hate me but please don't." Naruto then lightened up and eagerly awaited her answer.

"Naruto Kun I could never hate you you've been the man I've loved since we first met at the academy do you remember that Naruto Kun." Naruto then lowered his head thinking back to the day he first met Hinata back to when he was 8.

(Flashback start)

Okay every one calm down we have a new student today this is technically her first day at school so every one be kind to her…go ahead and introduce your self miss."

"H-H-Hello it's nice to m-meet all of y-you my name is H-Hinata Hyuuga. I've been home schooled for the past year on my f-fathers request so this is my first d-day at a public school I hope to make friends with everyone here." Naruto remembered that every one was cruel to her because of her shyness and inability to keep a straight sentence because of it but he remembered exactly what he said to her when she was assigned the desk beside his.

"Don't listen to those jerks I know what it like to be treated differently but don't worry I'll be your friend while you're here Hinata…Chan is that right."

"T-Thank you uh…."

"The names Naruto Uzumaki the future Hokage of Konoha" Hinata then let out a weak giggle with a wide happy smile on her face that she was not to familiar with.

"T-Thank you Naruto…Kun I hope we become good friends."

(Flashback end)

Naruto was then thinking with regret in his mind at how far apart they had grown over the years from that point only rekindling there friendship during the chunin exams when Naruto stopped going down memory lane he noticed Hinata had fallen asleep on his chest his heart relaxing her with every beat.

"I promise I'll make it all up to you and make you happy and if it means my dying breath i'll protect you from this day forward I love you more than anything in this world Hinata Chan" Naruto then spent the next few minutes gently stroking her long hair and looking at her angelic face until he eventually fell asleep.


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