A place to stay authors note

Hello everyone. I know its been awhile since I updated a new chapter of "A place to stay" its mostly because I just couldn't focus on it plus it turned out horrible from the way I at first invisioned it exepcially the last chapter, what possessed me to do a scean with Hinata being tortured like that i still dont know to this day. So anyway, I was thinking on putting this story on hold for awhile, work on a few more storys before anything. so in the future it will be good however if i cant I'll consider a remake of the story, same plot just slightly different. Anyway, I hope you all will support me in this decision and maybe even give two other storys I posted a month ago a shot. "Rotting Leaf" A Naruto zombie epidemic fic and "VGcats: the cats and the fox" which is a vg cats story that will be updated regurily due to the chapters being 2-4 thousand words a piece.

Now as for my good friend kitty I have considered making a female naruto/Sasuke fic and I may do something like that but I will have to work on it before I actually post anything so look forward to that love