Hey everyone. This is sort of my first attempt at posting a crossover, but I'd like to know what you all think. It's about an unlikely couple falling in love. It's a Vegeta (DBZ) and Serena (Sailor Moon) Romance story, with Drama, Action/Adventure, and Romance. You'll see a LOT of Romance from me! :) Well, I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: None of the various characters, settings or other recognizable parts of various Anime's belong to the author - they belong to their respective copyright holders: Sailor Moon is copyright (c) 1992 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha, TOEI Animation. All rights reserved. English Language Adaptation (c) 1995 by Optimum Productions, licensed by DiC Entertainment, L. P. Released in North America by ADV Films. DragonBall Z is Copy right by Akira Toriomyi, English Version by funimation products inc, and FUNI dubbed. Original Japanese Version Dragonball Z Original Author: Akira Toryami Produced by: TOEI ANIMATION Co. Ltd. Japan All original characters and all stories are, however, copyright of the author. No money is being made from the dissemination of this text, it was written purely for the non-commercial enjoyment of this area of fandom. Suing is pointless, as the author has no money.

Title: A Light in Darkness

Rated: R

Genre: Romance

Theme: Kissed By a Rose – Seal

Summery: Sometimes, people just can't live by destiny. In a wish out of desperation, Serena is sent away from her world only to endure one man's cruelties and evils. Now, she's finally at peace, but can't remember a thing about herself or her past, but maybe that isn't a bad thing, especially for Serena's new "enemy" Vegeta. Here their adventure begins! (A real series for you)

Saga One: Girl From Another World

Chapter One: A Roses' Goodbye

Rain poured hard on the cold dead Earth, flooding the streets of the Juuban district. Serena sighed, listening to the rain on her window. She was going to be late-yet again. She didn't care though; it was nothing new.

She paced herself as she slowly made her way downstairs, and out the door. Her mother watched her walk out, knowing she was late, but thought nothing of it. Her mother had concluded that if Serena didn't care, neither would she. She had told Serena that the day after her 17th birthday, so in 2 months, Serena would finish school at 18, and have to find a way to survive, for her parents had given up on her.

She had once depended on Darien, but abandoned that having found out the 'secret'. She knew what was going on-she wasn't stupid. Darien and Setsuna had, and still have, a relationship. Serena was the only one of her Senshi that knew-and thank Selene for that. After all the promises Serena and Darien had made, and after all they had endured-that would be the worst. She knew it was going on, but she didn't want to accept it, much less go through the embarrassment of everyone else knowing.

These thoughts seemed to plague her day in and day out. It was days like this, when the rain poured it's hardest and the clouds turned day into night, that her mind reeled with agony.

She didn't want to forget her friends and family. She didn't want to leave any of that behind. She could live with being the Moon Princess and Sailor Moon, but she couldn't live with spending everyday with that man.

It didn't make sense. She loved him, but didn't want to. And for everyone else, she pretended that she DID love him. But she did, didn't she? She was mad at him, for what he was doing; for lying.

Deep in Serena's thoughts, she considered that maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he'd just let her know.

That maybe it would be better if he didn't lie to her face time after time, and then grope her around her friends. He never would around her family. Weather it was her father's temper or just because Serena never spent time with her family anymore in the first place, she wasn't sure.

Serena felt awful for the way she was acting. She was neglecting the people she loved-Her Senshi, her Family, even Molly. She loved Darien with all that was left of her broken heart, but more than anything, she hated him with all the pieces he'd left inside that vessel she called a body. And all in all-the hate outweighed the love.

Thunder struck, sending a chill of anger through the Lunarian Princess. She couldn't bare it, living a lie just so Crystal Tokyo would exist! Darien didn't love her, and she could no longer pretend nothing was going on. She didn't need to love him- and she wasn't about to waste away on hope that he'd be the decent boy she met so long ago.

Lightening hit a tree nearby, shaking the ground. Serena fell to her knees, but not because of the shaking. Her body racked with sobs, and she began to curl into a ball on the ground. By now, her uniform was soaking wet, and covered in sidewalk mud. Any thoughts of going to school were now in the wind.

Yet, her cries stopped abruptly. She could sense the presence of a Youma. Wiping away her tears, she stood up, and drew her arm back to call her henshin, and then thrust her arm into the air.

"Moon, Eternal, Make-up!" moon power washed over her, creating her Sailor fuku, and sprouting her wings. She flew down the street, to where the feeling was strongest. Too no surprise, she found a youma on 4th and Center Street. It had a human form, but blue-skin and 6 or 7 arms.
Serena cringed, but announced her presence with her usual speech. The youma didn't seem to care though, for its arms extended, and pinned her against a brick wall. Its nails dug into her skin, and blood began to form.

"Let me go!" she demanded, struggling, but the rough wall would only scar her back. It came closer; its arms shortening along the way. It came right up to her face, just as tears welled up in her eyes. 'This is not good!' she told herself. Her mind pleaded and screamed for help, tapping into her subconscious; which was also taken place of the Silver Crystal.

The Silver Crystal was activated, and the youma began to turn to dust. 'I can't believe this!' she thought. The youma's cried and pleas rang in her ears. Serena winced, her heart bleeding for the youma. 'I never even wanted to fight in the first place! I wish I could just go somewhere where none of my friends, family or stupid enemies could ever find me!'

Granted It Shall Be

Serena gasped as light enveloped her. She didn't have time for anything more, as she fell into darkness.

Serena had finally figured it out. It was because she had used the Silver Crystal that she was granted a wish. She gripped her head, and then fluttered her eyes open. Making that wish had drained much of her energy. Serena examined her surroundings. It was dark; in fact it was pitch black.
She stumbled to her feet, brushing away the dirt off her fuku. She stretched her arms a bit, just as her eyes began to adjust. Serena cringed. It was a dark and dirty kind of place. She walked along the dark street, searching for a main road, but to no avail. 'Fly Dumby.' Her mind scowled. Serena mentally hit herself for being such a ditz.

She began to flap her wings, getting them warmed up to fly. But just as she lifted from the ground, she was pinned back down again.

"Ah, we got ourselves a good one boys." Serena panicked, kicking and screaming under the men surprising her. She looked up weakly, taking a peek at her assaulters. They seemed rugged, the "rough and tough" type. They were dirty, and many of them had gruesome scars.

A truck appeared behind them, and she was thrown inside, facing the many other women also in chains. They were taken to a palace, where they were placed before a throne. The Lord Maya, with blonde hair and fiery eyes, chose a place for each of the girls. Serena had been given a peculiar one though.

The maids had been ordered to re-dress her in more appropriate clothing, and place her in his chambers. Serena had once again found herself crying her eyes out. She had finally figured out what this man planned to do with her.

Her given outfit was a big hint, for it only covered the front and back from the waist down, and also revealed her thighs and everything above. Once tossed into the chambers, she wrapped the bed sheets around her, and hid in the blankets.

She gasped upon hearing the door creak open, and footsteps came toward her. The Lord Maya attempted to remove the sheets from her, and succeeded, only to have her cover herself with her fluffy wings. The Lord Maya furrowed his brow,

"Those wings are real." he noted, though more to himself than Serena. Serena said nothing, just itched the crescent moon on her forehead. Lord Maya didn't fail to notice it. He quickly snatched her wrists, and inspected the Lunarian symbol. He growled, "Who are you?" he demanded, but she didn't speak. It then dawned on him "You're the remaining Princess of the Moon!" Serena looked up at him, her face in a fierce scowl,

"Back away you pervert!" Serena yelled, attempting to punch the man, but she failed miserably.

"Guards!" he called, and 10 or 20 men stomped into the chamber, "Send her to the dungeon." he ordered. As they dragged her away, Lord Maya caught sight of Serena's Sailor Fuku. He glared at it, then picked it up and threw it at her. "Get her out of that concubine clothing and put her in that!" he ordered.

It had been a month since she had arrived at the palace. Serena could hear him coming. He visited her 2 times a day, everyday, just to torture her. She had spent a month in this cell, occasionally fed scraps. The Lord always had a different way to torture her, with old, "Toys", or his new creations. He wanted her to die, slowly and painfully, but she hung on.

She had somehow activated a strange power one day, that not only enabled her to heal her wounds temporarily, but it would also save her life energy in a single spot, and when it was strong enough, she would use it to free herself. He was now approaching her with his new creation.

"Good evening my princess." he greeted, laughing bitterly. Serena knew that bloodthirsty look in his eyes. "This, my dear, is my new creation. It will cut through that delicate skin of yours faster than any ordinary blade." he informed, "And the best part, is that it's five blades in one."
He smirked, and then entered the cell.

She didn't have the strength to fight him, so like everyday; he tired her in an X shape in the center cell. A humming noise came from his creation. This would prove to be a very painful challenge to survive. More blood and limbs were lost that day than nearly any day.

She was ready. Today was the day. She was captured 5 years ago-she was 22 now, and in about one month would be 23-and she had finally saved enough pure energy to use her powers. She heard his footsteps. This was it, her moment of victory.

Maya neared, with one of his new creations. He faced Serena smirking down at her, but this time, she smirked in return. He drew back, shocked. Her face then turned in concentrated frown. Her body radiated white energy, and her muscles pulsed. She yelled out in aggravation, and then broke the chains binding her down.

Energy formed in her hands from the Silver Crystal, and then she blasted it at Maya. He yelled out in pain, and then was smashed into the far wall. His eyes rolled back, and she slid down the wall, leaving a blood trail.

Serena was still surrounded in that light, her dirty hair blew with no wind. 'Silver Crystal, I would like to make a wish.' Serena's mind told the crystal.

Aye Princess? it asked, Methinks thou wilt be going home now?

'No' Serena informed, 'Send me,' She paused, 'somewhere happy'. As ironic as it was, Serena wanted to die in peace.

Granted it shall be the crystal proclaimed. Now, fare thee well Princess, Serena. She sucked in a breath as she felt herself de-transform. It was then that the real pain hit.

In her human form, her body couldn't handle the severe injuries. She screamed out in pain, as wounds pulsed, and many reopened. Tears welled in her eyes. It was too much. Darkness washed over her, and she fell into a tortured sleep.

"I will defeat Kakarot, I will not defeat Kakarot, I will defeat Kakarot, I will not defeat Kakarot," This had gone one for about an hour. Vegeta would destroy one of the large boulders in the clearing, then another, repeating his little 'rhyme'. "I will not defeat Kakarot." That was the last boulder. "UGH!" he groaned, falling to the ground.

He clenched his fists, and took deep breaths to calm himself before he exploded. He shook his head, and looked up to the sky, then frowned deeper. "I should be training, not sitting here." he cursed at himself for his momentary laziness. He got up, and took to the air, headed for 'home'. Capsule Corps wasn't far, but he didn't see the point in wasting time.

But he suddenly stopped, spotting what seemed to be a bright comet falling to Earth. It had an unknown ki as well, but he sensed it was weak. It plummeted to Earth with a bang, shaking the ground. Before he had the chance to go after it, he sensed yet another ki, though this one was familiar. It was Goku; and he was heading toward the crash site.

If Goku found it important enough to check out, he might as well. Vegeta followed, landing in the forest, a few feet away from Goku. It wasn't until he landed that Goku took notice to Vegeta.

"Hey, did you get a look at where that thing landed?" He asked, assuming that's why he was here.

"No." Vegeta grumbled, and then began to search. It was only a few moments later when a small moan reached their Saiyan ears. Both perked up, following the sound. Pushing away some branches, Goku and Vegeta found what had fallen.

It was a young girl with a sickly brown-blond hair color, spun in a set of ondagos and pigtails. She was hanging a little in a bush, slowly slipping, for the tiny branches couldn't hold her weight. Or what weight she had-the flimsy thing she was-all bones. She slipped the last few inches, leaving pieces of her already tattered outfit in the bushes. She was in horrible condition. It wasn't just cuts; she had deep wounds, which might have possibly hit some important arteries. Many were infected as well. She wouldn't survive like this.

"Ah, just leave her here." Vegeta growled.

"We can't 'just leave her here', she's hurt!" Goku countered, momentarily glaring at Vegeta. The girl moaned softly again. Goku's eyes softened as he reached forward, picking the girl up ever so gently.

It was then a low growl was heard. A heavy breath blew the boys' hair. They slowly turned, coming face to face with a purple-dinosaur-like-monster.

"I'd drop the girl if I were you." It stammered. Its wide eyes held no sort of sanity. It was obviously driven on instinct as it stared at them, drooling.

They stepped back, and then took battle stances. It chuckled lightly.

"I found her." He growled to the girl. "It's your time to die."

"I don't think so big guy." Goku interjected in the dinosaur's little fantasy it was brewing. The monster blinked for a moment, then backed up, howling to the sky. Goku then took it upon himself to attack the creature. He jumped forward, and hopped his way to the monster's head, lunging on tiptoe.

Surprised, it swatted at him, but he jumped away in time. So instead, the monster hit himself.
Dumbfounded, he stumbled, and then fell into the trees, entwined in their branches. He was stuck. Goku laughed softly with amusement as he watched it struggle, the girl still resting not so peacefully in his arms.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Vegeta snapped, walking up the Super Saiyan Legend. Goku just smiled, brushing off Vegeta's disapproval.

The monster finally lifted from the trees, raising up his tail to swat at them. While Goku leapt away, for the small girl's sake, as Vegeta lifted both arms, halting the assault where he stood. The Saiyan Prince huffed,

"Figures you wouldn't be a challenge." he mused, visually displeased. He growled slightly, pulling back at the monster's tail, and swinging him around before releasing him and allowing him to skid across the ground.

"Wow, nice job." Goku said, approaching Vegeta once more. Vegeta didn't reply, for his eyes were still fixated on the monster.

"Do you see that?" he asked. Goku blinked, and then turned, following Vegeta's gaze. The monster was disappearing in puffs of smoke!" "What's happening to it?" The Saiyan spat, brows furrowed. Goku shrugged as the two boys watched the monster whittle down into the shape of a man, before disappearing.

A moment of silence passed while the boys contemplated what happened. The silence was broken though, when a spark caught their eyes. Tiny bolts of energy were radiating from the broach resting on the small girl's breasts, as if it were malfunctioning. The tiny bolts grew, and for a mere second, surrounded the girl, thought they didn't touch Goku at all. A tiny twinkle appeared in place of the broach.

I am sorry Princess Serenity?? It spoke Thou wilt not be able to restore all of your memories. Goodbye Princess Serena it said. Deep in Serena's subconscious, she forgave the crystal, but a moment before her mind fell back into its sleep, she forgot who and what she had forgiven.

"Well," Goku began, clearing his throat, "That was different." He stated. Vegeta frowned deeply at him, and opened his mouth to speak, but Goku quickly turned away, hoping to get what he wanted done before Vegeta made it too difficult, "Let's get her back to Capsule Corps." He said,

"Bulma can run a test on her, see what's up with that light." Though Goku's back was facing Vegeta, he could practically feel the Saiyan prince's glaring eyes in his back and the deep frown. He mumbled a few colorful words, before taking off after Goku. Goku landed in front of Capsule Corps, hurrying inside to take her up to one of the guest rooms.

"Hey, who said you could just walk in?" Vegeta yelled.

"Sorry." Goku smiled, laughing a bit. "I'm going to go get Chi-Chi and Bulma!" he announced, flying off. Vegeta glared at him as he left. 'I WILL defeat him.' He thought, 'Someday.' He sighed, shaking his head, and then headed to the gravity room to train.

It was an hour later when he heard a pounding on the door.

"What?" he yelled out. Goku entered, and turned off the gravity machine.

"Hey!" Goku greeted, waving cheerfully. Vegeta ignored it.

"The girl? He inquired, "Did you find out what the pest is?" Goku gulped.

"Actually," he hesitated. "We have come to a few conclusions." He said. "She's human, we know that. So whatever that light was must have had something to do with that monster." Goku said cheerily. That easy-going attitude fell soon after though, as he bit down on his bottom lip. Vegeta raised a brow, sensing the tension.

"What is it?" He asked. He ceased his training to turn and face Goku, arms crossed.

"Ah, Bulma said we can't risk moving her anymore, so she'll have to stay here." He informed. "And," Goku bit his lip before he continued. Vegeta twitched a little, waiting for Goku to continue. Chi-Chi had threatened him, that if he didn't get the gut to tell Vegeta what Bulma had said, he would be going without dinner tonight. So, he sort of didn't have a choice, for his stomach was at stake here.

And Bulma had insisted that she couldn't do this, because apparently, she had made a move on Vegeta, and got shot down. Goku had found that to be quite amusing. Bulma said she had been a little tipsy at the time, and quite irritated with Yamcha as well. Lucky for her though, Vegeta had not only kept to incident to himself until she brought it up, but he'd also been quite humble about it.

Humble meaning he didn't take any regard to it. Still, the blue haired genius had taken it upon herself to stay on his good side until it was entirely blown over. Which left Goku to give Vegeta the news.

"Because Bulma and her family might be going on vacation soon, and we don't know when this girl will wake up or when they'll be back, we might have to leave her with you-"

"No! No way in hell!" Vegeta snapped, cutting into Goku's last words, "I'm not babysitting some little brat just because you-"

"Ah come on Vegeta! Lighten up!" Goku exclaimed, cutting him short as well, "You don't have to do anything, just call Chi-Chi and I when she wakes up!" he assured.

"No!" Vegeta grunted.

"Then what do you think we should do?"

"Let the cad die." He said, and then began his training again. Goku was about to argue, but was cut short, once again.

"GOKU!" Chi-Chi and Bulma came running down the stairs, screaming. "She hgeoaletd-tbhetetenr-llsiomht-"

"Slow down!" Goku snapped, putting a hand over their mouths. They sighed, and then Chi-Chi repeated herself,

"Okay, we were wrapping up the last bleeding wound when all of a sudden-"

"Poof! Some funny energy surrounded her, and the wounds completely healed!" Bulma finished. Goku scratched his head,

"Weird..." he murmured. "Are you absolutely sure she's human Bulma?" Bulma proceeded to glare at the tall Saiyan, arms crossed angrily,

"Of coarse I'm sure! There's nothing abnormal about the girl except for the wound and unhealthy diet." Her mind trailed for a moment before she got back on track. "She's human!"

"So you're getting her out of here now, right?" Vegeta asked, breaking into the conversation.

"No, we don't know her real condition yet, so she'll stay here until she wakes up." Bulma informed in her sturdy demanding voice.

"I already told Kakarot I wouldn't allow the brat to stay here." He informed in such a manor that was hard to compete with.

"Well that's just too bad!" It is MY house!" Bulma screech, "Now all you have to do is call someone when she wakes up! That's it!" She yelped.

"Well you can't control what I do or don't do if you're not here now can you?" He snapped, smirking, quite pleased with his remark. Bulma eyes him wearily.

"Excuse me, you're highness, but need I remind you that if you don't watch yourself, the next time you destroy the gravity room, I don't have to fix it." She snapped. Vegeta growled. For awhile, Bulma's courageousness when talking to him was intimidating, but after awhile, that attitude was just nerve-racking. She wasn't an understanding or accepting person in the slightest of the sense.

"Whatever." he blurted.

Chapter Two: A Forgetful Princess

She had been asleep for 2 days after she'd appeared. He had yet to see if she was even still alive. Bulma had run off to marry Yamcha at the beginning of the week, and Bulma's parents had followed them, her mother insisted she had to see the wedding; which left Vegeta alone with the girl. At first, he figured Kakarot would check on her, find her dead, and the girl wouldn't disturb his life any longer, but he then decided he didn't want the scent of a deteriorating girl going through Capsule Corps.

He carefully approached the room, and opened the door, just a bit. He really didn't know why this young girl's presence disturbed him, but he knew one thing: He wanted her out, ASAP.

He pushed the door open, revealing the young girl. He approached the bed, just as she shifted, the fine sheet falling a little. 'Still Alive.' He noted grimly. He shook his head; he had honestly hoped she would be dead. She turned, holding the blanket close to her chest. Chi-Chi and Bulma obviously had removed her clothing.

He finally did get a good look at her scars though. By the looks of it, she had been tortured for a long time, and endured severe wounds. Most would find then to be repulsive, but being a warrior, he couldn't help but see them as attractive. He shook his head of the thought, cursing himself for considering such a thing. He turned around, and left the girl alone once more...

Serena groaned, bringing a hand to her head. Her eyes fluttered open, yet she squinted, adjusting to the light.

"Where am I now?" She asked allowed. Serena felt a shiver go down her spine as she sat up, and covered herself with the sheet. 'Think Serena.' She told herself, 'How'd you get here?' She rubbed her temples, struggling to find any memories; though her closest only seemed to be of Kind Maya, and even those memories were faint. Abuse, a lot of abuse. Serena sighed, 'Sere, you're headed for trouble.' She told herself. It was then she realized something.

"I'm Serena....Serena...." She gasped, bewildered, "I can't remember my last name." She whispered, bringing her hand to her mouth. She tried to prevent the tears, but the confusion was tearing at her. After many moments, she did finally regain control of herself. It was once she felt stable again that she whipped her tears away, and stood.

Her eyes went wide as a cold breeze swept over her nude body. She screeched, and quickly wrapped the sheet over her shoulders. She sighed in relief, and pushed open the door. She peeked out, and then, seeing that the coast was clear, scurried down the hall, searching for some sort of life. "Hello?" she asked the walls, and of course, they didn't answer. 'Walls can't talk.' She reminded herself.

She finally found some stairs, and hurried down them. She soon found herself in the most luxurious home. "Is anyone here?" Serena asked aloud, just as she turned a corner, and bumped right into someone. She then realized her wounds were still tender. She cringed in pain, but looked for whom she had run into.

To no surprise, she was forced to look up at the man. He seemed a little shocked as he stared down at her, cerulean and ebony clashing. She blinked, and then took a step back, so she no longer had to arch her neck. He furrowed his brow at her,

"So you're awake." He pointed out. She nodded dumbly, studying the floor somewhat shyly. He huffed at her, frowning deeper, and then picked up the phone. She remained quiet as he dialed in some numbers, and waited. She was even quiet as he spoke to a 'Chi-Chi' about 'the cad' and how he wanted her out of his way, ASAP.

This guy didn't seem very pleasant. Gorgeous yes, polite, no. She unconsciously began to study him. Every aspect. He looked a good foot taller that her. His facial features seemed as though they were carved into perfection. He has a deep rich color to his skin, which made the depths of his dark eyes stand out, though if you looked into those eyes, the only thing you'd see was you're own reflection.

He seemed a little short for a man built so amazing well, but this sparked Serena's interest. His body was carved and curved into a god-like mold. Deep inside of her, she almost felt a jealousy swell up.

He was perfection, in every sense on the word.

"Like what you see?" he had hung up the phone, and noticed she was studying him. She gasped, blinked for a moment, and then turned at least 10 shades of red.

"W-what do you mean?" She stammered, looking away. The man smirked knowingly, but after a moment, it faded away, along with that brief release of tension.

"Listen, I've called someone to pick you up. They'll do something with you." he informed.

"And what do they plan to do with me?" she asked. He stared at her out of the corner of his eye. He didn't seem pleased with her question, but she stood her ground.

"Do you remember the room you awoke it?" he asked, ignoring her question completely. And before she could even answer, he continued, "There's a shower in there. You might want to get cleaned up," he said, wrinkling his nose softly with disgust, "You need it." And with that, he headed outside. She watched his retreating form as it grew more distant in the glorious field. Such a strange man.

She sighed, and then made her way upstairs, and into the room. A shower. It sounded so wonderful. She felt dirty, and her appearance proved she desperately needed a bath. Removing the sheet, she turned on the water, and hopped in. It was refreshing. As the suds traveled down her, she began to exam her own body, covered in scars.

They adorned her arms, legs, stomach, and back. Designs were on her body as well. A battlefield was arranged on her stomach, and it's grueling ledged written in Japanese over her chest and breasts. It was disturbing. 'Maya. I must have received these from Maya' she thought. But at this point, she couldn't recall the details; merely a few grueling flashbacks.

Suddenly she gasped, dropping the shampoo. The memories had reached her, and terrified her: Abuse, torture, and darkness. She had been captured, and beaten to near death for 5 years. And before that, she had also fought monsters. 'So much pain.' Her knees became weak. All she could remember was pain and torture. It hurt, very much. Killing one after another. Watching people get hurt, and loved ones killed.

Visions displayed before her. 5 women, in a cold barren world, had killed a raven-haired girl, a blue haired girl, a brunette, and a blonde. A small pink-haired child, and an adult pink-haired woman. A small raven-haired girl, and an Aqua and Sandy haired couple. A tall, lonely woman accompanied them as well. A group of men, one she though of fondly, with jet-black hair, in a ponytail. He loved her, she remembered. But they all left. Something had gone wrong. The group of men, the small raven, the couple, and the lonely women left. The others, they missed something. 'The woman.' She thought.

A man invaded her memory. The lonely woman and the man hurt her. They did something. It felt as if a dagger had been stabbed to her heart. The pink child faded away as well. It hurt, more than the torture. Serena fell to the ground, sobbing. She gripped her head, struggling to suppress the thoughts. Finally, they meant nothing. It was over. She ignored what was there; and were subconsciously blocked out.

She picked up the shampoo, and began to wash her hair. Dirt and grime fell from the flying mob of 'hair'. She began to wonder why she kept it so long. She sighed, and stepped out to dry.

With a towel wrapped around her, she began to brush and blow-dry her hair. The brush only snarled it more. She groaned to herself, but then noticed a pair of scissors. "No better time than the present." She told herself, and began to snip away. It took awhile before she decided it was even. 20 minutes later, 3/4 of it was in the trashcan. Her hair reached only to her elbows now. She was thankful when she noticed the ends naturally curled perfectly. It was funny. Her head felt lighter now, though, she felt almost guilty for cutting it. Like she was cutting away a very important piece of herself.

She then sighed sadly, and wrapped a white robe around herself. There was nothing else for her to wear. She quietly headed downstairs, and simply wandered around. No one seemed to be home! "Hello? Is anyone here?" she asked. She took a look outside, and low and behold, that man was there, kicking the air? Serena slid the glass door open, and stepped onto the wooden deck. She was, in a word: afraid. This man was cold.

Yet, she wondered why he was cold. There had to be a reason, and she intended to find out. Confident, she took one step, but the floor creaked. The man's head snapped her direction, and he took notice of her. 'Okay, forget my plan.' She told herself. Her confidence had, needless to say, been thrown out the window. He narrowed his eyes, and then calmed.

"What is that girl staring at?" he asked himself. His Saiyan hearing had allowed him to hear her steps, but he had sensed her weak ki anyway. It was strange. While she was in the shower, he had sensed her ki rise, but then felt it suppressing. 'Is she suppressing her ki level now?' he wondered. He could see her gulp from where he stood, at least 40 feet away.

She was scared of him. He smirked; pleased he still had that affect on people. He shook his head, and was about to continue training, but stopped. He didn't know why, but he began to examine the girl now. It was obvious her hair was washed, and he noted she had cut it as well. The bright sun glistened off of her, the shine from her sun-golden hair was nearly blinding. She was hugging her body, holding the white robe closed.

She stared nervously at him through watery cerulean eyes. She wasn't that tall, with delicate hands, and a pale completion. The wind picked up, blowing through both of their hair. He noticed her jitters were gone, and easiness set upon her.

Serena couldn't help but examine him again. Such a strange man had to be given more than one look. He had gravity defying spiky hair, a dark ebony, almost as dark as those empty eyes. He was so perfectly built. Muscles compact. He was sturdy with squared shoulders and perfect posture. It reminded her of Rei's grandpa's dancing and martial arts classes. He was most obviously a warrior. He had scars just like hers. In a way, that comforted her a bit. She smiled faintly, and stepped off the deck, heading toward him. He didn't advance, but didn't back away either.

"Hey." She greeted. He ignored her. "So, ah, what were you doing?" she asked innocently.

"I'm Training." He mumbled. She tipped her head.

"By kicking the air?" she asked. His face fell,

"Excuse me?" He blurted, face reddened angrily.

"Well, that's what you were doing!" she pointing out, bringing up a finger to make her point.

"I wasn't kicking the air!" he yelled, "Little cad." The girl frowned.

"Don't call me that!" she demanded. He raised a brow.

"And what are you going to do about it?" he yelled. "What right do you think you have to raise your voice to me weakling?" His ego shown threw his eyes now as he glared down at her. He huffed, turning away for am moments. It only fired her up more.

"Listen buddy, I don't care who you are! You don't' have to snap at me the way you did! I just asked a question!" she exclaimed. He approached her, going face to face.

"Listen girl, I don't have time to waste on a little brat like you, so go inside and wait for Kakarot to come get you out of here." She didn't back down. He was truly surprised.

"Apologize." She said simply. He frowned, obviously anger,


"Listen Pretty boy." She began, advancing herself closer, "I don't know why the hell I'm here, why I ended up in your care, hell, I don't even know my own last name, but I swear I will NOT put up with a jerk like you!" Vegeta was astonished. She was standing up to him! He wasn't sure weather to accept the slight intimidation, or to be angered, for chances were she'd be just like Bulma with that kind of attitude. Vegeta, in the end, chose to get some results form this.

"Alright," he said. "You want an apology that bad? Then hit me!" He said. Serena blinked for a moment,

"What?" She blurted.

"You heard me." He said, "Hit me and I'll apologize." For a moment, the girl seemed afraid. She stared blankly at him, unsure of herself and uncertain he'd keep his word. After a long moment, she grinned confidently.

"Deal." She tightened to band around her waist to hold her robe, and took a sloppy stance. He shook his head.

"Alright, I'll give you the first charge." He offered. She nodded, and then swung. Of course, he dodged easily. She continued to try to hit him, but was failing miserably.

"What? You're not going to fight back?" she asked. He furrowed his brow,

"You sure that's what you want?" he asked. She grinned,

"Come on, give me your best." She cooed. He shook his head,

"Fine, but You'll regret it." He easily punched her, but only lightly, to even his surprise. "Give up?" he asked. The girl sat up, smiling,

"Nope!" she lunged at him. He went wide-eyed. Her ki had suddenly increased.

She was getting better by the second. He allowed himself to go on the offense, with steady swings, knowing this human couldn't take his full strength. Soon enough, he was forced to the defense instead. He wasn't intending on hurting her, but was concerned.

He knew she wasn't normal, he just knew it. So what might happen if her ki increased too much? Lost in thought, he didn't pay attention to her next move, which earned him a light punch to the face-light to him anyways.

He was left in shock. "Gotchya!" she exclaimed gleefully. She sighed, leaning on her knees to gather her breath. He unconsciously brought a hand to his cheek. 'She got me.' He thought, totally bewildered. "Well?" she brought him out of his thoughts.

"What?" he asked, voice cold. She sighed,

"You mister," she said, pressing a finger to his chest, indicating him, "Owe me an apology." She didn't move after her sentence. She mentally kicked herself for poking him so hard. He WAS built. Her finger was beginning to hurt. He frowned, but complied, mumbling.

"Right, sorry." It was barely hearable, but it WAS an apology. She nodded. He rolled his eyes, wondering if Goku and Chi-Chi would be too mad if he just killed the girl. He glanced at her once more, and was taken by surprise. She was watching him with a slight smile. His hand caught in his hair with the wind whirling past them softly.

"What do you want?" he asked, running the hand all the way though his hair. She smiled.

"I want you to train me." She said. He took a step away from her, obviously taken aback.

"Train you?" he mocked, almost brought to a laugh, "Why would I waste my time on you?" he snapped. Serena ignored this,

"I want to learn." She insisted.

"No." He said coldly. She ran in front of him, and moved in his way where ever he tried to go

"I will bother you until you agree." She said. He was about to yell, but changed his mind, and flew to the roof instead. When he landed, he looked down at the girl, whom was staring in envy. That envy soon turned angry, "Hey! Not fair!" she exclaimed.

"Life isn't fair!" he yelled back. He expected her to begin whining, but was surprised, when she attempted to climb the wall. She wasn't doing so bad either, perching herself on doors, windowsills, balcony's and gutters. She eventually made it to the top. But in the end, was panting at his feet. The house was 5 stories after all, not including attic. She forced herself up, and walked toward him.

"Why do you want to learn to fight?" he asked, seemingly annoying.

"Do you really want to know?" she asked, he nodded, and she pulled up her sleeve, "I don't want to let this happen again." She informed, pointing out one of the many scars that she would probably have for the rest of her life.

He couldn't believe that he was really considering this. Looking down at the girl, he felt an admiration of sorts. She was no longer afraid to talk back to him or stand up to him, and was determined to get what she wanted.

In the crevasses of his mind, there was the idea she would be as irritating as Bulma, but this girl just had something Bulma didn't. That something was calling to him. Somewhere in his mind, he was curious. He wanted to know what it was.

"Hey Vegeta!" Their attention was drawn to the lady, accompanied by a little boy, standing on the ground.

"What are you doing up there?" The little boy asked, before taking flight.

"Oh My God, this is high!" the girl backed away from the edge, but, clumsily, she fell, and began to slide off the edge. She squealed in fright. Air rushed over her, but just as it came, it stopped.

"Stupid." The girl looked up at Vegeta, an innocent look on her face. He'd caught her by the underarms.

"Oops." She said simply. With a roll of the eyes, he tossed her in his arms, princess style, then floated to the ground, and set her down.

"So where's your good-for-nothing husband?" Vegeta asked the woman coldly. Chi-Chi's face turned red with anger, but she calmed when her son spoke,

"Dad's out training!" he exclaimed. Chi-Chi made her way past the Saiyan prince, and to the smaller blonde.

"Your looking much better now aren't you?" She said happily. Serena nodded.

"Yes, the sleep did me good." She confirmed.

"Well, my name's Chi-Chi." She said, holding out a hand. Serena took it gratefully.

"I'm Serena. It's nice to meet you." She said with a smile.

"I'm hoping Vegetable here told you what happened?" Chi-Chi asked, pointing to the now angry man. Serena shook her head.

"She's staying here anyway." Vegeta coldly, arms crossed. Chi-Chi blinked in confusion.

"Excuse me?" she began, "Staying here? With YOU?" she repeated.

"The girl wants to learn to fight." He informed. Chi-Chi looked to the girl curiously.

"Really, is that what you want?" she asked. Serena smiled nodding. Chi-chi prepared to object, but stopped. 'This might do him some good.' She thought. "Ok then!" she exclaimed, "I still have work to do, so I better get home!" she said, hopping into her car, "Vegeta, please don't kill the girl." She said.

"Mom, I'm going to go see Piccolo." The little boy added to the conversation. Chi-Chi nodded, and began to leave.

"Good Luck Serena!" she called as she left. Vegeta huffed, but then noticed the child still standing there.

"Why are you still here?" he asked coldly. The boy smiled, and turned to the blonde.

"I'm Gohan!" he exclaimed happily. Serena smiled.

"It's nice to meet you Gohan." She said, kneeling to his level.

"You're really pretty!" he exclaimed. "But I have to go! See you later Serena!" he yelled, flying off. Serena waved good-bye to him, and then turned excitedly to Vegeta.

"I want to learn to fly too!" she exclaimed. Vegeta snorted, and then turned away.

"I can only grant you so many miracles." He mocked. Serena raised a brow.

"Listen 'Vegetable'." She began, running up next to him, "I did get a punch on your face. Like it or not!" she demanded. Vegeta stopped walking, frowning down at the chipper girl.

"Your really annoying." he said, and then walked into the house. Serena still stood there, registering his 'comment'. It kicked in when the door closed.

"Hey! Jerk!" she yelled, running into the house to yell at him. "Come back here Vegetable!"

Chapter Three: A Drop Of Blood

Here she was, already up and ready for training and he was still snoring in bed! Serena rolled her eyes, and closed the door to the Saiyan Prince's room.

Serena wasn't happy. She really felt like she would need this training, and he seemed to be the best teacher she could get. But, there was no one in this house to protect her if she pissed him off too bad. Serena leaned against the wall, then shook her head,

"It's time to rise and shine!" she announced to herself, and then re-opened the door, and ran inside. "Wake up Vegetable! It's time to train!" she yelled, jumping on the bed and staring down at him. He woke with a start, surprised to be staring into two angry cerulean eyes. He blinked, totally shocked. "Remember!" she said, crossing her arms over her chest. He furrowed his brow, and then frowned.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" he asked roughly, and attempted to sit up, but she had him straddled down at the waist.

"Do you know what time it is? How is gods name did you get that strong if you always slept in so late!" she exclaimed.

"What time is it?" he asked, and this time, succeeded in sitting up. Forcing the blonde to fall over. Vegeta ignored her complaint, and glanced at the clock, it read: 12:56. "Oh well!" He exclaimed, and sprung out of bed, now very awake. The sheet fell over the blonde, leaving her tangled under the covers.

"Hey!" she yelled, gaining his attention, "Help!" He turned around, raising a brow to the girl, hidden in his bed sheets. He rolled his eyes, cursing at her at first, then attempt to pull the sheet away.

"How is God's name..." He trailed, as he moved around the sheets, searching for the flailing girl. "Where are you?" he asked, seeming aggravated.

"Help!" He heard her whine.

"Just stay still." He ordered. She complied, and her flailing stopped. He once again continued his search, looking for sheets to move. Yet he stopped when he heard a giggle. "What?" he asked.

"You tickled me!" she exclaimed. Vegeta rolled his eyes, but then raised a brow in interest.

"Really? Well then." He began, "Now's my pay-back for punching me yesterday." He declared.

"What's that me-EAN!!!" Serena was sent into and uproar of giggles as Vegeta tickled her mercilessly through the sheets. He stopped upon finding her, her hair now a mess, and tears of laugher adorned her eyes. She stared up angrily, but then grinned. "Gotcha!" she exclaimed, and pounced on him. Surprised, he fell, sprawled out on the floor, with the blonde atop him. She smiled triumphantly, "Pinned you!" she exclaimed. He smirked, and then rolled over, atop her.

"Pinned you." He mocked in a high tone. She frowned.

"So, you're going to train me now right?" she asked. He sighed, and his head hung.

"Right, okay." He agreed, and then got up; pulling some pants on over night boxers, and threw on a T-shirt. He then took a look at her, still in yesterday's robe.

"I don't have any clothes for girls, and Bulma locks her room whenever she's gone," he began, somewhat in thought, and then picked out his smallest pair of pants and shirt. "Here," he said, dropping the clothes on her head. "Just roll up the ends, and maybe you can pin the pants or something." He said, and then left her in his room.

Serena looked around for a moment. His room was so, boring. But Serena was drawn to it anyways. Just the way it smelled; like Vegeta. She drew the sheet to her nose, taking in the scent.

"What are you doing?" Vegeta's voice snapped her away from her thoughts, and she blushed brightly. Vegeta smirked, realizing what she was doing. He cocked an eyebrow at her, and then closed the door again. Serena let out an unsteady breath, face still red. She dressed very quickly.

Yes, she defiantly needed to pin the pants. She walked down stairs, and into the kitchen, holding up the pants along the way.

"Do you have a pin?" She asked Vegeta, upon spotting him. She was surprised to find him pigging out.

"What?" he yelled as she just stared. She shrugged,

"Nothing." Then took a grape from his grasp and popped it in her mouth. "Now, about that pin." She repeated. He nodded, snatching one off the counter. He approached her, and tightened the material to fit, then clipped in.

"There." He said. "Now, if you're going to eat anything, do it now." He ordered coldly. She nodded, and grabbed a plate. It was funny. She didn't seem to care that he was ordering her around anymore. Mainly because she could just sense that underneath all that, he was just concerned. She knew he wouldn't admit it, and that he certainly wouldn't act like it, but there was always something in his eyes whenever he spoke to her. That emptiness vanished, and to Serena, it was comforting.

To his utter surprise, she also ate quite a bit. He might have been on his 24th plate, but she was catching up on her 18th. About 20 minuets later, it was 76 to 74. They both, amazingly, were full.

"Okay!" Serena brightened, standing. "Let's get this show on the road!" she yelled, and ran outside. Vegeta followed, though didn't run, and was far from a smile.

It had been Three weeks since Serena had begun her training with Vegeta, and surprisingly, Vegeta didn't feel as angry about wasting time to train her anymore. In fact, he had grown attached to the blonde, though he wouldn't admit it. Her skills were now being tested by Piccolo. She had already beaten Krillin, and, though it took a little longer, beat Gohan also.

Vegeta observed that her strength grew every day, and the stronger the opponent, the stronger she got. It was kind of strange. He had been working, hell, living with this girl for 3 weeks, and had yet to ask her name. She was 'girl', or 'the cad' or simple 'hey you'. Of course, he did know her name was Serena. The only things they ever discussed, though, were fighting and training. He was surprised by the interest she had in it, and how determined she was to be a good fighter.

"Special Beam Canon!" Vegeta abruptly awakened from his thoughts. His eyes widened. Piccolo's attack neared the girl, surely to hit, but she managed to dodge, and landed roughly to the side. She took one big breath, and then lunged toward the Namek, landing a hard punch to the gut.

She knocked the wind out of him. She then succeeded in kicking his body into the air, and, needless to say, he got stuck in the tree above. She giggled, staring up at him as he struggled.

"You're supposed to be real good right?" she asked the green man.

"Yeah," he replied,

"And I've beaten you right?" She asked hopeful. He mumbled a 'yeah', and the girl smiled triumphantly. "Yeah! I am victorious!" she declared, excited beyond belief. She then turned to Vegeta, and smiled.

"I won!" she exclaimed, and gleefully wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug. He stiffened. He REALLY-emphsize the REALLY here-hated it when she did this. The feeling made him uneasy in the first place, but in front of people, and people he knew? It was, embarrassing! Piccolo stumbled up to the girl, whom had released her embrace, much to Vegeta's relief.

"You're okay," Piccolo began, and then turned to look at Vegeta, "But she still needs a lot of work. I went easy on her." Piccolo mumbled. Vegeta nodded, but Serena glared at him upon hearing thing,

"You what?" She asked, as if she didn't hear. Piccolo didn't have time to say anything, as if he would, for she continued on. "Is it because I'm a girl? Or because you think I can't handle it?" She demanded, "Because I can handle it!" A few tears for in her eyes. Piccolo stared at her for a moment stunned,

"Well, you see," he stuttered and fumbled with his words. He gulped loudly from the sounds of oncoming tears Serena was making.

"Good one." Vegeta said, leaving the yard to sit quietly on the deck as Serena began to wail. Piccolo looked at him pathetically for a moment, and when Vegeta offered no help, the Namek grew frustrated. The girl's wails were loud and obnoxious, though they didn't seem to bother Vegeta at all. Maybe he was use to it already, or maybe it was just Piccolo's Namekian hearing.

"Would you stop that!" he bellowed, bringing a hand down to strike the girl. In a split second her wails ceased, and she firmly took hold of Piccolo's arm, swinging him over her shoulder with all her might, and tossing him against the trunk of the tree.

"That's for lying to me!" she snapped, face puffed as angry red. From where he sat, Vegeta laughed to himself a little. Vegeta had fallen for that the first time to, and was now very cautious as to weather she was really crying, or pulling his leg.

The girl smiled brightly. Piccolo shook his head, flustered and irritated as he began to leave. Serena waved good-bye, and then turned back to Vegeta.

"Is our training over for today?" She asked. He nodded solemnly. "Good! Then I'll be back in awhile!" She exclaimed, and began running off.

"Wait a minute!" Vegeta called out, startled. "Where the hell do you think your going?" he demanded.

"I have to give Chi-Chi her Book back." She informed. Vegeta raised a brow.

"Book?" he asked.

"Yeah, Chi-Chi is giving my different courses to study." She said, unzipping her book-bag, and handing him a medical textbook. He examined in, and then shook his head,

"Why do you need to learn this nonsense?" he asked. Serena shrugged.

"Chi-Chi said it would help be in the future!" she said, "Well, bye!" And with that, she ran off.

"Wait! Hold on! It's getting dark! You'll get lost!" he yelled, running after her. He heard her giggling ahead of him. The sun was beginning to set, and if darkness fell upon them it would be nearly impossible to find her. She held such a low ki, that it was extremely difficult to detect. "Serena Stop!" She stopped abruptly, as did he.

The sun was setting behind her, reflecting hue-like colors off of her hair, and skin. She was still adorned in his pants and shirt. It looked kind of funny, but amazingly adorable. The wind picked up on her, wrapping her hair around her.

A sad look played in her cerulean eyes, and for some reason, a few tears fell, but then she smiled. Needless to say, Vegeta was gawking. He abruptly shut his mouth, and stood straight. What was it about this girl that always left him startled? She always found some way to surprise and amaze him. He approached her, an angry look on his face, but she continued to smile.

"Are you crazy?" he asked coldly. Serena blinked. "It's getting dark and there are dinosaurs in this area." He informed. She blinked, but then smiled brightly.

"Okay then, you can come with and protect me!" she exclaimed, and began to run off. Vegeta rolled his eyes, but as he watched her run off, and watched the sun begin to go down, he hurried after. Serena peeked over her shoulder, staring back at the Saiyan prince. "Come on Vegetable! I know you can run faster then that!" she yelled. Vegeta grumbled a few colorful words, but for some reason, he made sure to stay a foot or two behind her.

They went at an amazingly fast speed, though to Vegeta it was relatively slow. Serena suddenly slowed down, and came to a stop, right in the middle of the field, and turned around.

He stopped as well, only a foot away from her. "Why do you hate Kakarot?" she asked, all of a sudden. He blinked; surprised that she asked that out of nowhere, but then frowned.

"He's a low third-class nothing." He growled, looking away from Serena. Her face remained emotionless, expecting more. All of a sudden, she tackled him to the ground, and sat on his stomach, arms crossed.

This tackling thing was something he'd grown very use to. Serena was like a child, always playing around-goofing off. He was never worried she would attack him without warning. She just didn't seem to have the sense to.

"Okay, here's the deal," she began, "I'll let you up when you tell me more about you." She said. He was surprised, but then, chuckled evilly.

"Get off girl, unless you want me to tear off your limbs." He warned. She shook her head.

"I know The Saiyan race was destroyed not long ago by Freeza, leaving only you and Kakarot." She stated. Vegeta was surprised,

"How'd you know that?" he asked. Serena smiled.

"Gohan told me." She said. "Now, what happened before you met Kakarot?" she asked. He raised a brow, and then looked away.

"Get off of me," he ordered. Serena hesitated, obviously afraid of the tone he used, yet desperately wanting her answer.

"No." She said. He sighed, but nearly gasped as she rolled off him, only to lie beside him. "Tell me, what happened." She said, much softer now. Vegeta stared at her. She didn't look at him, but up to the sky. The fading clouds reflected in her eyes, which seemed to be lost up there with them.

"My Father gave me to Freeza." He said. She looked at him, her eyes full of wonder. For some reason, he felt completely free in her eyes.

"Why?" she asked innocently. He looked away, and narrowed his eyes in thought,

"He couldn't raise me properly I guess." He said.

"What about Freeza? How did he treat you?" she said. He was remembering back, she could tell by the far away look that had adorned his eyes.

"He trained me." He responded, seemingly unsure. The sun had left the sky, and the stars were coming out to play. They shimmered in his eyes, and momentarily, she saw a deep pain. The stars; they always reflected in Vegeta's eyes, seemingly captivated by the depths of darkness.

"He did more than that, didn't he?" she asked. He said nothing, but his silence was enough for Serena to confirm it. She sighed, "And what did he do?" she asked. He hesitated, then raised an arm, and pulled down the sleeve,

"See this?" he said, revealing what was once a deep wound, which was now a scar, on his wrist. "What he did made me do this." He was surprised when she, out of nowhere, rolled back over him, and hugged him.

"You tried to kill yourself?" she asked, though knew what he was going to say.

"Yes. Suicide seemed to be the best escape then." He said, "But I wasn't about to let anyone think I was weak. After I did it, I vowed to become the strongest man alive." He said.

"And that's why you hate Kakarot...because he killed Freeza when you couldn't." she growled at her words.

"Little Brat how dare you-" but he stopped, and brought a hand to his cheek, where he found a teardrop. Looking up at Serena, he found she was crying, her forehead pressed to his. "Why...are...you..." He couldn't complete his sentence. But then, she pulled away, and stood. He sat up, staring at her back.

"I'm sorry." She said. Her words trailed away in the wind, and that's when Vegeta felt a great shiver run through his body. Her warmth, it was much more comforting. "Come on!" she said, spinning around. A smile once again adorned her face, though I single tear still remained. "I'll race you to Chi-Chi's place!" She announced, and ran off.

He was up in a minute, knowing a dinosaur's nest wasn't far from here. He once again heard her giggle, and came close behind her.

As the house came into view, Serena stopped abruptly. Vegeta nearly slammed into her, failing to stop before they came in impact. Of course, he had left indents in the ground where he had slid.

"What'd the hell did you do that for?" he hollered, but she ignored him, and gently rapped on the door. Vegeta shook his head, but came up behind her.

"Coming!" A male voice called from inside. The door swung open, revealing a young man, with messy ebony hair, and a goofy grin on his face. "Hey Vegeta!" he said happily, and then looked at the blonde before him, "Hey! You look a lot better since last time I saw you!" he said. Serena tipped her head, confused, but then in hit her.

"You must be Chi-Chi's husband!" she exclaimed, noting the orange training uniform, goofy look and oddly build physic.

"Yup! Your name's Serena right?" he asked. She nodded.

"Goku! What are you doing? Dinner's almost-oh Serena!" Chi-Chi exclaimed upon seeing her.

"Goku?" Serena repeated; everyone stared at her. "But I thought Chi-Chi's husband's name was Kakarot." She said, turning around to stare at Vegeta confused. He only smirked. Chi-Chi glared at him angrily.

"No Sere. That's his Saiyan name." She informed, "Call him Goku." She ordered, though it had no real harshness to it. Serena nodded.

"Oh, I have your book!" Serena exclaimed, pulling out the large textbook. Chi-Chi beamed.

"Oh! I have another one for you!" She exclaimed, "Come on, let's get it! This one is one of the best!" Chi-Chi began to blab about it as she pulled the somewhat reluctant Serena inside.

"Hey, you can come in too Vegeta." Goku offered. Vegeta snarled, crossing his arms,

"I don't need hospitality form a low-class idiot like you Kakarot." He spat. Goku shrugged, but they were brought out of the brief conversation by the shriek of two girls.

They ran inside, only to find Chi-Chi and Serena being dragged out the window by a demon. They followed it into the black forest; where it had stopped to shut the flailing girls up.

"Let me go you Son of a Bitch!" Chi-Chi hollered, only to be thrown and Vegeta and Goku's approaching feet.

"Are you okay Chi-Chi?" Goku asked gently, leaning down to check on her.

"You bastard!!" she screamed.

"Guess so." Goku said, shaking his head. The Demon ignored her, and turned to face Serena, but gasped when she wasn't there."

"Oh sorry, did you want to keep her?" A mocking voice called. The Demon whirled around, only to find Serena, cowering on the ground behind Vegeta. "Well, if you want her, you'll have to fight me first." He challenged. The Demon grinned, a bloodthirsty look in its eyes.

This demon was like a void of black. Its form was like a shadow, brought into a third-dimension form. Its lips were full, and large, dripping a substance that burned the grass when it touched it. 'Acid?' Vegeta thought. Its eyes were lined with a silver tint, and seemed as if they were sucked back into his head.

There was something else about him though. His energy was the same as that of the dinosaur that they turned into dust. "Just don't blame me when you're dead." It sneered, and then charged. Vegeta hauled its oncoming fist, no problem, and threw him back to his initial spot. The Demon stumbled to his feet, only to be set flying once more. This continued, as the demon drank in all of Vegeta's attacks. It weakened in no time, and Vegeta prepared a small ki blast for the kill.

"To bad, I was kind of hoping for a challenge." He smirked, but was taken aback when the demon's eyes flashed.

"And a challenge you will get." It hissed. The demon jerked his head toward the furious Chi-Chi. "You." He whispered. Chi-Chi glared at the demon without fear.

"What? You want a piece of me?" she hollered, approaching it.

"Why thank you. Your mind will do." Chi-Chi's bravery diminished. His eyes flashed again. A heavy feeling weighted her down. She fell to her knees, and held her head, screaming.

"Chi-Chi!" Goku immediately ran to her aide, and the demon backed down.

Just as Goku reached his wife, her screams stopped, and sat still, arms dragging on the ground.

"Chi-Chi?" Goku whispered, shaking her shoulders. "Chi-Chi?" he repeated. He shook her enough, until she fell forward, and flat on the ground. One arm snapped up, gripping into the ground, then the other. She lifted her upper body off the ground, then her lower until she stood, head bent to the ground.

"Fools..." she laughed lowly, and hoarsely in her throat. Goku took a step back, blinking in confusion. Suddenly she whirled around, gripping onto Goku's neck, a sneer on her face, and her eyes gone black with white lining. She laughed, softly, and maliciously.

"It's time you know the power of my magic." The demon growled. Chi-Chi's face turned still, a darkness covering over it. From her eyes, she began to cry tears in blood. Goku tugged at her arm, and yelled to his wife, but there was no response from her, or her deadly grip.

With a wave of the hand, the silver lining in Chi-Chi's eyes vanished, and the psychotic look on her face turned into a horrified one. She dropped Goku on the ground with a plop, then, began to scream. She backed away from everyone, gripping her head in pain, until she fell to her knees. It was then that a dark energy formed around her hunched frame, and, a beast formed.

It was large, with bulging muscles. It hunched over on its long, thick arms, and squatted on its hind legs. It was dripping with salvia and blood, and reeked horribly.

"This is the manifestation from her mind!" The demon hollered, "This is the ultimate god-like demon in her subconscious! Her ultimate fear!" He threw his head back with a sickening laugh.

The beast mindlessly began to hover over Goku. It brought its large paw up, and dropped it to the ground.

"Goku look out!" Serena's scream was heard in time for Goku to swerve to the side. Goku panted heavily as he watched the beast pick up its paw, and again search for Goku.

"What a pathetic creature." Vegeta spat, and prepared a ki blast at it.

"NO!" Serena gripped his wrist tightly, "Chi-Chi's in there!" Vegeta snickered in great dismay, but brought it hand back down.

"So what do you suggest we do?" He asked. Serena looked away, having no thoughts on the matter. Vegeta growled and shook his head. "Well until you figure out what to do, I'll be busy destroying the beasts' source." Serena watched uncomfortably as Vegeta's rushed into combat with the demon, its powers now fully charged.

Serena sighed, observing as Goku dodged every one of the beasts' attacks, but never returning the favor. And for some reason, deep inside, Serena felt as though she knew how to handle this situation; like she had the powers to stop it.

Erasing the thought from her mind, she ran up to Goku's aide. Not in time though. He noticed Serena coming, and failed to notice the beasts' paw. Goku was thrown against a series of tress, and knocked out cold.

Goku was down for the count, and Vegeta was absorbed with his battle with the demon. Serena was all on her own, face-to-face with the beast. She cowered as it closed in on her. It drew closer and closer, and then rose its paw for the strike. Serena closed her eyes, and shrieked with a piercing tone.

"Hear that?" The demon growled, just avoiding Vegeta's punch. "That was your little sweetheart, dying at my creature's hands!" he yelled loudly.

"Shut up!" Vegeta growled. That influence was just enough to really tick Vegeta off. He charged forward, and beat the demon to the ground. Also missing the flash of light behind him, that only reflected in the demon's eyes.

The dead leaves and twigs crackled under him as Goku attempted to stand,

"Aw, Man." He mumbled, "That's going to leave a mark." He brushed off his hind end, and wiped his mouth of any blood, then headed back to the battlegrounds. As he looked up at the scene, a flash of light blinded his eyes. He quickly closed them, then, once the light was gone, rubbed them until he could see. What was strange was that he was sure he heard a spell being called. Something like: Crescent Moon Healing Power.

But, alas, it was simply Serena who cradled Chi-Chi in her arms as she began to awake. He must have been imagining things.

"Serena!" Goku called out, running over, and carefully helping up his wife. "How'd you do it?" Goku asked. Serena looked up at him, confused.

"I thought you or Vegeta did something. All I saw was a light." She said. Goku accepted it willingly, no questions asked.

From not afar, they heard the demon plummet to the ground. Vegeta soon followed, but settled with ease.

"I take it went well?" Goku said cheerily. Vegeta was about to respond but didn't have the change.

"Vegeta look out!" Serena was the first to have spotted the demon's eyes flash.

Vegeta didn't even sense what happened much less see it. He certainly didn't expect a distant attack. The demon had been working it up through the whole battle. It was a small dark crystal, with a corner sharper than glass. It wouldn't have killed him though, being Saiyan and all. The Demon's efforts would have been for nothing.

Yet, they did leave an impact. The tiny sharp-pointed crystal never had the chance to touch Vegeta, for Serena had taken its blow. Serena collapsed, squinting in pain, though Vegeta caught her before she even neared the ground. Chi-Chi ran over, having awakened, examining the wound.

"Hold still Serena." She commanded. She carefully unbuttoned the now bloodstained shirt. Vegeta felt his cheeks warm with blush. Lucky, Chi-Chi didn't notice, and focused on bringing out the crystal embedded in Serena's breast. Chi-Chi succeeded, "Well, I don't think it's infected, now-Oh no!" she gasped.

"What?" Vegeta asked, trying to seem hardly concerned due to his discomfort.

"The bleeding, it won't stop!" she panicked.

"Well do something!" Vegeta screamed at the human woman. Chi-Chi glared up at him, eyes glazed over. He stared at her puzzled.

"Well maybe if you'd just..." Chi-Chi quickly trailed off, eyes drifting shut as she swayed, and collapsed.

"She's overheated." Goku said, hand on her forehead, "Probably from being possessed." Vegeta growled at this, even as Goku continued, "I'm going to have to take her home. I think we have some senzu's. I'll bring them back for Serena." He said. Vegeta was about to object, but then realized they wouldn't be able to move Serena in her condition, so all he could do was wait. Vegeta nodded in agreement as Goku flew out without a response.

Hearing movement behind him, Vegeta sent a ki blast at the remains of the demon, diminishing him completely. Vegeta bit down on his lip as he stared at Serena, not sure of what to do. Slowly, he bent down, afraid to touch her in anyway.

"Serena?" He asked, checking to see if she was still awake. Her mouth fell slightly ajar as she looked up at him, a weak smile on her face.

"You said my name." she pointed out. Vegeta huffed, ignoring the statement as if he hadn't really said her name.

"Stay awake." He ordered. She nodded. That was the good thing about her. When it came down to it, she followed his every order. Serena inhaled sharply as her breathing became short.

"Stupid girl." Vegeta blurted, removing her shirt. Serena didn't notice, being to distracted by the pain. Vegeta removed his own shirt-though it was slightly dirty, it would do. He tore it up a bit, wrapping the wound, hopefully to slow the bleeding. 'Kakarot.' His mind cursed, 'Where are you?' Blood pooled over her stomach, and she coughed. She had a hand to her mouth. He frowned deeper, and snatched her hand. Blood had come up to her mouth now. She tried to smile.

"I've already lost too much blood silly." She informed.

"You need blood?" he asked firmly. She didn't respond, but looked worried. "Then you shall have mine." He snapped. Picking up what was left of the crystal, he embedded it into his chest.

"No don't!" Serena pleaded, but it had already penetrated deep into the skin. "Are you stupid?" she spat, tears forming in her eyes. "If I wanted you to do that I wouldn't have gotten in the crystal's way!" she yelled as his Saiyan blood dripped into her body. "Besides, dropping...dropping, blood on the wound, isn't going to help!" she panted.

Yet he still allowed his blood to join hers. He leaned down, his arm providing a pillow for her as his body loomed over hers. His face was hard and emotionless, and she had to wonder what in god's name he was thinking. For some reason though, the pain began to ease, and she regained virtually normal breathing.

"You're so stupid," he spat as he winced from the pain in his chest. "I would have been fine. You shouldn't have done that." He said. She didn't respond; she was unconscious. "Serena? Serena!" he shook her violently, shaking himself. "Come on, you cannot do this!" he yelled, as if ordering her would wake her up. Yet, to his surprise, he got somewhat of a response.

A light radiated around Serena, and him as well. He closed his eyes as he felt a strange power wash over him. Though, he didn't move away, or prepare a stance. The power was a comfort, and he allowed it to absorb around him. Within seconds, it had dimmed.

He felt tired, he reached up, checking to see if Serena was okay, but then fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter Four: Infidelities

He knew she was coming. He could here her footsteps nearing his bedroom door. She would burst through the door, and jump on his bed, pleading him to wake up and being their training. It was funny, with her around; he didn't have to worry about an alarm clock. 'Here she comes,' he thought, '3...2...1...'

"Rise and Shine Saiyan-jinn no Ouji!" she yelped as the door smashed against the wall. She bounced on the bed, and climbed over her teacher. "Prince Vegeta?" she asked, poking his form. It was funny, for the past two days, she had treated him with more respect than any of his own people had given him; usually. "Up! Up! Up!" she chanted, shaking his body.

Well-besides stuff like that.

He squinted one eye open, just to take a peek at her. She had her hair up in a ponytail, and was adorned in a blue training gi. Chi-Chi had gotten her one of her own. He shut his eye again, and turned around. Serena blinked, and then shook her head, "No! UP!" She whined, shaking him. He mumbled a few colorful words, and then sat up. Serena smiled brightly as she waited for him to pull on a training outfit.

"Come on." He snarled. She nodded, following him in silence. She followed his every order, and was dedicated to her training. He had to wonder, why were these monsters after her? Why was she so appealing to them? Where was she from? And most important, what had happened to her to receive those scars?

"Um...Vegeta-sama?" She whispered, tapping his shoulder lightly.


"Um, if you recall, Chi-Chi invited us to a picnic, and um..." she trailed, her eyes darting around the room to avoid his. He smirked,

"If you want to go then go. I have training to do." He said coolly, and then began to walk outside.

"Vegeta! I'm not finished!" she announced. He stopped. "Aren't you coming too?" she asked meekly. He didn't reply. "Please?"

"Why do you want me to go?" he asked. When she didn't respond, he turned around, only to meet her fist. Shocked, he barely moved in time to avoid it. He stared at Serena, wide-eyed.

"W-What..." he didn't finish. Serena had a strange look in her eyes. She smirked suddenly, one that was disturbingly similar to Vegeta's.

"If I can pin you, you have to go to the picnic with me." She proclaimed.

He didn't answer. Actually, he didn't have time. She wasn't taking no for an answer. He was shocked. She was never so determined. "Come on, fight back!" She yelled, throwing a good punch to the gut. Vegeta was sent flying. The wall crumbled on impact, which left him being fumbled over the ground outside. Serena was on him in a second. He had no choice but to defend himself. 'This isn't right.' He thought.

Sure, Serena was a very good fighter, but something was different. In a way, he seemed to be able to relate to it. It was like they shared a new passion of fighting. Sort of the way Goku did to. Hell, the whole Saiyan race. But that wasn't possible. Or was it? 'What triggered this?' he wondered.

"This nonsense is getting tiresome." He informed, and hit her with an uppercut. Yet surprisingly, she was back on her feet.

She paused, glaring at him. 'She's preparing for the knock-out.' He realized. Her ki began to rise. Yet, he was surprised as it skyrocketed. 'I knew it.' He declared to himself. 'There's no way she's human. It hasn't even reached a peek yet.' He wasn't surprised when she charged, but was taken aback when she disappeared. "What?" he searched around, finding her nowhere, but her ki was an easy give away. Unfortunately, he didn't realize it soon enough. Serena smashed into him from the air, pinning him to the ground.

"I win..." she grinned, sitting up. Vegeta lied there, motionless. "Hey, you okay?" Serena asked, poking his stomach, but she gasped when he gripped her wrist, and forced her to look at him.

"You do realize I will do anything but behave." He said. She grinned, nodding. He nodded as well, and released her wrist. Serena stood, heading into the house,

"We don't have to leave for about an hour." She informed. "But..." she began. Vegeta raised a brow, and stood.

"But what?" She turned around. He nearly groaned. He knew that look. She had on an angelic smile, with big puppy dog eyes. She wanted something. "What do you want?" he asked, shaking his head. She sighed.

"I need your help." She informed. He raised a brow,

"With what?"

"Well...IkindalikethisguybutIdon'tknowhowtogethisattenchionsoIneedyoutoteachmetobseductive." He frowned, as he reached into the fridge for a drink.

"Speak slower!" he snapped. She gulped, and then nodded.

"Okay...I kind like this guy, but don't know how to get his attention so I want you to teach me to be seductive!" He blinked, many times. It was strange. For some reason, it was as if something inside of him had been hurt. Shot at. Destroyed. He had to wonder, who was this guy? Was she serious? 'I won't allow it!' he declared to himself. 'What am I talking about? Why do I care? I'm the Prince of all Saiyans damn it!' So he began to laugh.

In fact, he was roaring with laughter. Serena didn't like this, "WHAT IS SO FUNNY?" She demanded.

"You? You, the little native brat, wants to be seductive?" he repeated. She nodded. Again, he resumed laughing. "Serena, you're not the seducing type." He declared after he had calmed. Serena opened her mouth to yell, but then closed it again, and idea striking her.

"I just wanted to get him to notice me. But now...you've dashed all my dreams!" And with that, she fell to her knees, wailing obnoxiously. He couldn't believe it. He actually made her cry?

"Alright, let's talk about this!" he announced, covering his ears, which were now ringing with pain. The wails immediately stopped, and Serena grinned. "You little cad, you were faking it!" He shouted, realizing he had been tricked.

"You're so observant Prince." She mocked. "Now, come on!" she chimed, "teach!" He grumbled some unheard things.

"I never said I would." He snapped, obviously frustrated. What right did she think he had to ask this of him? Hanging it over his head like that? Vegeta's thoughts betrayed him. "You could never get anyone's attention," he snapped, "Hell, I bet you're still a virgin." She blushed.

"So what if I am? And I could seduce someone! How hard can it be?" she said.

"For you? God, you'll need a miracle." He sneered, bringing his drink to his lips. Something clicked in her mind at that moment. She bit her bottom lip, mustering up her courage,

"Are you a virgin Vegeta?" she asked. Vegeta abruptly choked on his drink, sticking out his tongue in pain, for he had bitten it. He stared at Serena, a little surprised. How could he answer that? He couldn't; not now, not straight forward. There was only one way he could avoid this.

"Come on, I'll show you what to do." He winked at her, "You'll get his attention in no time." Vegeta was obviously putting a cover up. One, he hadn't answered and two, he winked at her. Serena almost laughed at this. 'What a poser.' She thought to herself.

"Okay, how about touches?" Serena smiled, and nodded. "Okay, well," Vegeta had to admit, he wasn't exactly sure about this. He supposed it just came naturally to him. How could he explain it? "It's like, you lightly brush, acting as if you didn't do it, you know?" Serena nodded, and then shook her head.

Vegeta sighed, and began to walk around. Serena followed, her steps large as she stared at him. "Sit." He ordered, pointing to a chair at the table. She did as told.

Vegeta sat across from her, just staring for a minute. "Hey, hand me that center piece there." He ordered, signaling to the tiny vase in the middle of the table. She furrowed her brow, wondering why he'd ask her to do that when it was fully in his reach.

And why he had a funny look on his face. A sort of smirk, but then again, with a fondness. But Serena complied; none-the-less.

Grasping it with both hands, she picked it up, and handed it to him. He took from her hands, though, she couldn't help but notice his hands gently brush hers, and then pull away. The touch somehow seemed affectionate, and sent a worried chill down her spine. She pulled her hands away quickly, staring at him meekly. Still, she remained confused.

He could tell too. He sighed, seemingly annoyed. "Stupid." He muttered, then got up and walked into the kitchen. "Come on!" he called. She snapped up, and hurried along.

She sighed, resting her hands on the counter, and propping her head in her hands. Yet, surprisingly, he reached past her to grasp a plate of cookies, both arms brushing her form. She stiffed. He was so close. His chest nearly lay on her back, reaching for the plate. Maybe he was TO close.

"Want one?" He asked, his breath tickling the back of her neck. 'Brink Point!' Serena didn't like this at all. 'What the hell is he doing?' It then clicked. 'Touches.' She thought.

"This is what you mean by touches right?" she asked. He nodded, setting down the plate, and she moved away. It was funny though. He knew Serena would react like that, but in a way, the way she tensed satisfied him. What was also strange was the moment she moved away from him, a cold breeze flew past him. He shivered, though it went unnoticed.

"Took you long enough." He snorted. Serena rolled her eyes, but didn't speak.

"Now, what else?" she asked. He shrugged.

"Umm, the way you speak...your to childish." He said. Serena sneered a bit, displeased by that. She sighed for a moment before a smile curved over her lips. He was utterly surprised, for it seemed nearly, evil?

"Prince Vegeta." She cooed, allowing his name to roll off her tongue. "How come you're not married?" She asked innocently in that light little tone of hers, moving closer to him. He blinked.

"What?" he asked, dumbfounded. Serena smiled, again with that evil glint. She shrugged, and reached over the counter for a cookie. He nearly lost himself as her skin brushed his, and their bodies pressed together. She had made no move to find another way to get the cookie, and he didn't move either. He gulped, not exactly liking her THAT close. He bit down on his tongue, staring between her and the cookies.

Cookies. Cookies. Cookies.

It hit him then.

"Okay, you're doing fine." He admitted. Serena grinned pulling away, once again reclaiming that innocent look over her delicate face. He should have guessed it wouldn't take her long to pick up on this, for she was adjusted to her training quiet well. She was a pretty fast learner, 'Maybe to fast.' His mind warned.

"Hey! Vegeta-sei no Ouji?" He was snapped out of his thoughts. He blinked, then frowned deeper.

"What?" he snapped. Serena rolled her eyes.

"It's already time to go, and you've hardly taught me anything...maybe I'll ask Kakarot-err-Goku to help me," She decided. Vegeta's eyes widened.

"Kakarot? That idiot! What would he know about any of this! That low-life nothing! I can't believe you'd consider him! What a stupid-"

"Am I the only one who smells a bit of jealously?" Serena's voice was but a whisper compared to Vegeta's, but it easily cut his off. He blinked, comprehending what she had said, then glared at her, as if eyes could kill, then smirked,

"Don't flatter yourself girl." He sneered coldly. She said nothing, but he knew he had hurt her. The look in her eyes revealed it, though she did try to push it away. A funny feeling suddenly struck him once again. But this one was different. Yet, it still hurt. He hit himself. 'I will not allow myself to do this!' he ordered himself. "You ready to go?" he asked harshly.

Serena signaled for a moment, and disappeared upstairs. When she came down, her hair was in a neater ponytail, and she was adorned in a short orange jumper over a white turtleneck and white leggings, plus a pair of sliding socks, and sneakers. All with the Capsule Corp. brand name.

Vegeta raised a brow. Sure, she looked cute, but she was obviously hiding all her scars. He had to wonder why. He thought they were intriguing. 'No you don't, you don't give a shit about this brat. She can do what she wants, you don't care.' With a satisfied nod, he wrapped an arm hurriedly around her waist, and took off. "Where are we going again?" he asked.

"The desert." She responded.

"What?" Serena rolled her eyes.

"Well duh, that's always where picnic's' are genius!" she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "It's at the citizen park." She concluded. He nodded, and sped to their destination. The attention of their picnic party was immediately drawn to them upon landing.

"SERENA!" Gohan screamed at the top of his little lungs. He bounded happily over to Serena, tackling her with a hug. She giggled, pulling herself to her feet, Gohan in her arms,

"Hey Gohan." She smiled, as the boy crawled on her back for a piggyback. She complied his silent demand, yet still walked over to greet Chi-Chi, even with the added child. Vegeta grunted in disgust, and walked away from the area. He sat down in the shade, and simply watched the Z-fighters, plus Chi-Chi and Serena.

"I can't believe you got him to come!" Chi-Chi exclaimed. Vegeta grunted. "Girl, you do have that boy whipped!" She yelped, making a whip-lash sound, and twirling her finger. Serena blinked at her in confusion, though Vegeta turned bright red. He didn't hide it well.

"Sere-chan! Play tag with us!" Gohan pleaded, tugging at her jumper. Serena smile and nodded,

"But you're it!" and with that, she scurried away from the boy. Gohan grinned, randomly chasing after Goku, Serena, and Krillin. Chi-Chi soon gave up setting the table they continued to knock it over and joined the game as well. Somewhere in the game, Serena had been tagged it. She turned around to Vegeta, a mile wide grin on her face. She ran up to him, and tapping him on the head, and then turned around to run. Yet, she stopped, noting he hadn't moved. "Hey! I tagged you, you're it!" she informed. Vegeta shook his head, and then grumbled,

"I'm not playing." Serena rolled her eyes, and tugged at his shoulders,

"Prince Vegeta! Please!" she begged.

"Come on Vegeta! Have some spirit!" Goku said, walking over to help Serena.

"Yeah! You can play to!" Gohan urged, appearing behind his fathers leg.

"I'm not wasting my time on some childish game!" he spat.

"Fine..." Serena began, crossing her arms, "But I bet Piccolo will play!" she yelled out, hinting to the Namek.

"Actually no I-" but he stopped. Serena wasn't kidding around! She glared at him, her angered eyes leaving no room for reasoning. To be honest, he didn't feel like dying today, so he complied, nodding. Serena smiled with satisfaction, and Piccolo was at ease once she turned away.

"Okay then!" Chi-Chi yelled, clapping her hands together. "Who's it?"

"You are!" Serena called as she ran past Chi-Chi, slapping her shoulder.

"Why you little brat!" she yelled, though a smile adorned her face. Vegeta grumbled in disgust, watching even the Namek play, though only when Serena was paying attention, until he was tagged.

"I can't believe these humans. Wasting their time playing mindless games."

"You're right." He hadn't known Serena had approached him yet again.


"It's a stupid game and it wastes time." She concluded. "But you know you play!" Needless to say, Vegeta was confused. "I mean, so what if it wastes time, you have time to spare." Vegeta frowned.

"We should be training, not playing this childish game!"

"Why do you need to train?" This took him aback, "I mean, yeah, I sure need to get a lot of training in, but you're the strongest man alive, aren't you?" Vegeta blinked. 'She believes that?' Sure, it had been him that told her that, but it was Goku that defeated Freeza where he could not.

Serena knew that whole story. To be honest, he hadn't a clue as to what to say. Serena simply smiled, "Okay, I'll train, and you can play!" She said, and pulled at his hands, and for some odd reason, he allowed her to pull him to his feet, and out into the game. He felt as if he were a small child being introduced to a new group of kids. He wasn't sure what to do when Serena left him there. He'd never played a game before.

"Gotchya Vegeta!" Goku yelled, slapping him on the back, "you're it!" he cried, and then ran off, hiding playfully behind his wife, just in case. Vegeta blinked, not exactly sure as to what to do. 'Why are they all staring?' he wondered.

"Vegeta that means you have to tag someone else...you're 'it'!" Gohan informed. Vegeta nodded, simply nodded. No emotion, no real reaction. He felt humiliated. Standing there, not play a game that he'd stupidly agreed to play when he shouldn't be playing at all! 'Does that even make sense?' he screamed at himself.

"Hey Vegetable!" Chi-Chi snapped him out of his thoughts, "What, to slow to catch me?" she mocked, stickling her tongue out at him. He frowned, glaring at her.

"You'll regret that woman!" he snapped, and took after her, though Goku moved her aside before Vegeta turned her into chopped-liver. It was then the game progresses once more. He realized Chi-Chi's actions had just been to begin the game again.

"Goku!" Krillin whined, "Why is God's name did you tag HIM?" he asked, hiding behind a tree.


"Ah!" Krillin stumbled back, running form the Saiyan Prince, but to no avail. He was tagged, and kind of hard to. Vegeta smirked when he toppled over a few times.

"Krillin's it!" Gohan announced, jumping over the bald man and gaining his attention.

"See Vegeta! It's fun to just play every once and awhile!" Goku said smiling cheerily. Vegeta sneered.

"You're a weakling Kakarot. And this game is still stupid." And with that, he exited the game. Goku was still smiling though. Yet, what surprised Vegeta was a funny look in Goku's eyes. As if he knew something Vegeta didn't. Brushing it off, he looked around for a certain blonde, only to find her training her heart out. He smirked.

"Hey!" he yelled, gaining her attention. "What are you doing?" he asked. Serena rolled her eyes, knowing it was obvious.

"Training." She responded.

"By kicking the air?" Now she knew what he was getting at. That was the same thing she asked him.

"It strengthens my legs." She said. His smirk grew.

"Why do you need to train? I mean, come on, you'll never be as strong as me." He mocked, crossing his arms, and shifting into a position to make himself look 'cooler'.

"No." she said calmly, "But I can still try!" she smiled sweetly, and headed over to the picnic tables. He followed, sitting backwards to watch everyone else. He ignored Serena sitting as his feet, his attention mostly on the volleyball game.

Well, it wasn't' really volleyball, more like, 'let's bonk each other in the head with this until we all have concussions-ball'. He watched, somewhat bored. Yet, a soft humming didn't fail to invade his ears. He stared down at Serena, listening to her quiet singing.

Where do I start?

Lying on a blanket underneath the stars

With your head on my chest

I always liked that best

I hate how times flies

I still think back sometimes

'Bout your lips on my neck

I always liked that best

That time we took a ride

Ended up down by the riverside

Soft touch wet kiss

I always liked that best

I like the way you used to hold me

I like the way you came to know me

You came to know me well, well, well

Falling to sleep

Wearing your shirt 'cause it smelled so sweet

Who could forget

I always liked that best

Or losing my heart every time you sang to me on your guitar

"Lady in Red"

I always liked that best

I like the way you used to hold me

I like the way you came to know me

You came to know me well, well, well

I could go on

So many things I miss now that you're gone

Your love oh yes

I always liked that best

Vegeta blinked, sighing unsteadily to himself as the song ended.

"What was that?" he asked. Serena gasped, for she hadn't known he'd been listening. Yet, she smiled, never the less.

"It's called, 'I always liked that best'. I wrote it." She informed. He nodded, simply staring at her. Serena raised a brow, wondering what that far off look meant, but kept silent. It was best not to question it.

"Your evil ways will not prevail! I will be sure of that!" The little Gohan yelped, playfully charging at Serena. She moved aside, allowing the boy to pass her,

"Ha! Little boy, you will never defeat me!" She dodged the next 'attack' with ease. This game had gone on for many hours after they finished eating. Serena and Piccolo volunteered to be the villains, and Krillin, Goku, and Gohan were the good guys. So far, Krillin, Goku, and Piccolo were 'dead'. Chi-Chi had declined playing, and was packing up to leave, while Vegeta was finishing off whatever there was left to eat.

"You may have killed my partner," Serena began, though couldn't refrain a giggle as the supposedly dead Piccolo waved to make himself known, "but you will never defeat me!" Gohan grinned, dropping into a stance.

"My name is Son Gohan, you killed my father, prepare to die." Gohan held out his hands, preparing a small ki blast, which was meant to be deadly according to the game. Serena knew this was the part where she died.

Allowing the 'attack' to hit her, she pushed off her feet, and forced herself to fly backward, and 'died'. Unfortunately, her giggles didn't help for the effect. Gohan jumped up and down, yelling out in triumph. "Oh yeah! I won!" He hollered, and then ran over to Serena, "I beat you! I beat you! Ha, ha, ha!"

Serena's eyes snapped open, and she smirked.

"Oh really? Well, I'm back! Grr!" she yelled, pouncing at Gohan and pinning him, "Tickle Attack!" she cried. Gohan soon found himself at her mercy. "Give up?" she asked. He nodded vigorously. She eased away from him, allowing him to get free.

She sighed, wiping the sweat from her brow. The sun had once again set, but tonight, clouds hid the stars in view. Serena got up; following everyone to complete Chi-Chi's orders to pack up.

As she was stuffing away a cooler though, she gasped. A strange feeling began to well in her stomach. 'W-what is this?' she asked herself, though it did no good. For some strange reason, she felt tense, and angry. She wanted to fight, kill, something, anything to ease this urge.

Her hands shook, 'no Serena, contain it.' She told herself, but to no avail. The want for battle only increased, and that feeling in her stomach was stronger. She gripped her forehead, breathing heavily. She could feel her muscles tighten, and flex, as if preparing to fight. Why though? 'Why do I want to...to fight? Destroy? Kill?' The words scared her.

She bit down on her lip, making it bleed. Then, licked it away, savoring to taste. Disgusted with the thought, she pinched herself, as if it were a punishment for doing something wrong. She shook her head, but then, it hit her. Something was coming her way...to, fight! This feeling in her gut, for some reason, she knew it had to be the sense that an opponent was on its way! She smirked, her eyes glistening, and the want for battle increasing.

She could feel the want in her blood, surging through her, and begging her to power up. Yet, all of a sudden, it left. The feeling was gone. And the fact that someone was coming horrified her. Gasping at the change in her body, she fell to her knees, panting as if she'd been training for days on end.

"Hey, Serena, you okay?" Krillin asked, approaching her. A shock ran through Serena's body. And the feeling in her stomach exploded. It was here. It was after her. It wanted her blood. She stiffened, yet was shaking uncontrollably. "Serena?" Krillin continued, but yelled out in fear when a demon, much like the one they had battled before, pinned Serena to the ground, beating the life out of her, and paying no heed to the people approaching for the kill.

"Hey buddy!" Chi-Chi screamed, "Get the hell away from her!" she said, sending a good blow to his head. He stumbled to the side, lifelessly, and then rose to his feet, unaffected. Chi-Chi lifted Serena to her feet. "You okay?" She whispered. Serena shook her head no. 'No! NO! I'm not okay...why, why do I want to kill? Why is this feeling here? Why can't I decide what to do?' she asked herself. Yet, it did no good.

"Nice to see you Hime." The demon sneered. Serena looked up to him. Yes, he was horrid. Obviously strong, and radiating with negative energy. He was simple ragged burned flesh, and raw bone, though with a torn cloak over his shoulders. She gulped, as tears began to form. "Now milady, come with me peacefully, so I may execute you. Or must we do this the hard way?" he asked, holding out a hand. A few flakes of flesh fell, causing her stomach to crawl.

"No way in hell. Come on buddy, let's see you take me on." Vegeta interrupted. Serena couldn't help but be thankful for that arrogant attitude for once.

"Aw yes, the Emperor warned me about you." The demon mused, sizing up Vegeta, then onto Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin. He nodded, grinning wildly, This should prove interesting." He said, and then cleared his throat, only to make it raspier. "Now, who shall face me first?" Vegeta willingly volunteered.

"I will-"

"No! They're after me, so I shall be the one to battle." Serena interrupted. No one objected, but no one agreed. True, Serena was strong, but was she strong enough? Nodding to herself, she fell into a battle stance, as did her opponent. This would be her first real battle. She charged at the demon; swinging swung at him, but when the impact was predicted, it didn't make contact. Serena blinked. "Wha?" he wasn't there!

"Not very good are you?" She gasped, whirling around, only to meet a fist in the face. Then the gut, then any other vulnerable part of her body.

"Sere-Chan!" Gohan began to run out to her aid, but his father held him back.

"No Gohan, I think she can handle it." Goku assured. Gohan reluctantly stood back, watching as Serena was being pulverized. Then when Chi-Chi was ready to blow, it took Goku, Gohan, and Krillin to hold the rampaging woman back.

"You Son of a Bitch! What do you think your doing beating up young girls! Damnit Goku, let me go!" She hollered, struggling in their clutches. With Chi-Chi going crazy, no one really noticed Vegeta's ki rising, though it was seemingly unwilling. It wasn't a while until the only one not refraining Chi-Chi noticed.

"Vegeta, calm yourself. I'm sure she will be fine." Piccolo said, in his usual flat tone. Vegeta grumbled something like 'Stupid Namek', and lowered his ki a bit. Though Piccolo wasn't sure if he was really calm, or just suppressing it.

"Ready to give up?" the demon asked, never easing his attacks. Serena didn't answer. 'I have to take the advantage.' She told herself, 'but how?' It must have been Serena's lucky day, for she spotted a fault in his movements, and his stomach was left unguarded. With every bit on strength she had, she punched him. He was sent soaring backward. Realizing this was the time to take action, she immediately began a series of punches and kicks, each hitting their target dead on.

After a good beating, the demon seemed to be fading off. "Little brat." He spat. To Serena's utter shock, he prepared a ki blast, and shot it at her. That was it. She hit a series of trees, her body breaking through many of them.

She hadn't known he'd be that strong, for else she would have allowed Vegeta to fight him. "Dark Poison Sting!" he growled, rising out his arms, and firing 4 or 5 dark ki blasts.

The impact was nearly fatal. Each of the z-warriors froze when her body was repeatedly hit, and beaten in the air. She was sprawled on the ground, her body lifeless, and her breathing heavy. "Now Miss. Moon, say farewell."

"You heartless baka." The demon turned, facing many angry men, and one enraged woman.

"This child did nothing to harm you," Piccolo said, teeth gritting to prevent himself from killing the demon there and then, though it was surprising one could hear what he said over Chi-Chi's cursing.

"You low-life scum's, you want to die too? Fine! Take this!" He didn't give anytime for an answer as he shot wildly at the Z-warriors, "You dare try to halt my mission? YOU WILL DIE!" Yes, he was purely enraged.

They soon found this demon was tougher than they thought. Piccolo's attack was easily blocked, and the demon returned Piccolo's attack back at them, in double, taking Krillin, Piccolo, and Chi-Chi out of the game.

"Take this!" Vegeta hollered, preparing his attack, "BIG BANG BLAST!" It was dodged. One of Vegeta's strongest attacks was dodged! His swift moves weren't the only surprise, for he released a golden discus, which wrapped Gohan and Goku together.

"That's the 'Moon Tierra Wrap'." The demon informed. "Complements of your little friend there." He said, signaling to the blonde child lying, nearly dead, on the ground. The Tierra tightened around them, piercing the skin. "Your turn." The demon snarled, grinning insanely and Vegeta.

'He's gone mad.' Vegeta realized. Frowning deeper, he dropped into a stance. For some reason, the challenge didn't seem as offering. More so the opportunity to avenge Serena. He had to wonder though, why was she here? Who was she really? Human? Doubtful. Why were these creatures after her? What was she doing to him? How could-wait...doing to him? 'She is doing nothing to me!' he decided.

With an angered growl, he charged at the demon, beginning the head to head on competition. It didn't look good. The demon suddenly backed away, and grinned, a bloodthirsty look it its eyes. "Did you know I could return your attacks back against you?" he informed, then his grin grew, "Or on someone else." Vegeta raised a brow, though squinted when the cut over his eye opened wider. The demon smirked, pointing his hand out in Serena's direction. Vegeta's eyes widened, realizing what he meant.

"No, stop it-"

"BIG BANG BLAST!" It was too late. The attack was severe. Serena screamed out in agony when the energy hit her. Her face twisted in anguish, and a pathetic wail touched her lips.

"No..." Vegeta trailed, watching in horror. Something strange dug at his chest. Not on the outside, but on the inside. A rage built once more, and he let out an agonizing yell. "Damn you!" he hollered, "DAMN YOU!"

His muscles tightened, along with the pain inside. 'I can feel it.' It was strange. When Goku jumped to Super-Saiyan, he was angry, and it seemed to have taken a lot out of him as well.

Yet, for Vegeta, while his energy was increasing and decreasing, what stared out as pain, was now comfort. His dark eyes began to transform to blue, and then back to their original color. Serena. Just the name was beautiful, comforting, warming. He wouldn't admit it, but it scared him.

His hair flashed from ebony, to golden, then back again. The strange feeling made him want to run and hide. And now, when he thought about her near death, he was furious. The jump to Super-Saiyan-Jin was complete. Then, it began again. The blood. The Anger. The Hate. Though now, it seemed the battle could go any way.

Serena lifted herself weakly off the ground, pushing her body up, and lifting her head. She gasped at the scene. Vegeta was the only one mobile to fight, and that wasn't going to last for long. Tears pricked Serena's eyes. 'Is he crazy? He could be killed!' She pushed herself up to her knees, then too her feet as Vegeta took another fatal hit, and survived to fight some more. The urge to fight invaded her body, but this time out of rage.

"Stop it..." she whispered. He took yet another attack, "...STOP IT!" The attention was turned to her. Vegeta couldn't believe what he was seeing, neither anyone else. Yet the demon didn't stop, and went in for the kill.

She was filled with rage, anger, and hate. How could this be? Look at what was happening on a count of her. Vegeta could be killed. She could sense her power rising, and though she didn't know why, she felt as if she had tapped into this energy before.

As Vegeta once again took another blow, she couldn't contain her rage. What was usually a quite gentle girl was now ready to kill. The feeling surged through her blood, and she stood, fully. Energy surged around her, along with pain, hate, confusion, and, something else, something warm, and unexplainable

"STOP THIS NOW!" She screamed out. The battle abruptly ended at her bidding. The demon went wide-eyed, as well as Vegeta, but not for long. Loosing the heat of the battle and the rage of knowing Serena was hurt left at the site of her standing form.

He dropped out of Super-Saiyan, and back to normal, the golden hair and blue eyes returning to ebony. He slipped in the air, his energy somewhat depleted, and fell to he ground. He peeked up at her, and was utterly shocked.

"S...Serena?" He couldn't believe it. She was radiating pure power! Tears were running down her face. She wasn't happy. Her peacefully look had vanished. She stood straight; tears flowing freely down her face.

"So your ready to fight?" the demon sneered. Serena didn't move, as if she was saying 'no'. She was obviously scared.

"We don't have to do this." She said. The demon snarled.

"I know how to make you fight." He said, and held up a hand, shooting a dark ki blast at Vegeta. Vegeta howled in pain, trying to fight it.

"No! Leave him be!"

"Fight me!"

"No!" Once again, he shot at Vegeta. "Stop it please!" But he ignored her. Vegeta couldn't help but yell, as if protesting the attack himself. Yet, the demon shot again and again, "Leave him alone! DAMNIT LET HIM BE!" the demon was taken aback, but not because of her protest, but because of the purely white aura surrounding her. She screamed out. Darkness warped over Serena and the Z-fighters, sending them into a world of darkness.

"Hey, Vegeta! Up and at 'em!" Vegeta growled, swinging his fist at whoever dared wake him. Then all of a sudden, memories came flooding back, and he sprung up, searching around for a certain blonde. Instead, he came face to face with Goku.

"Kakarot!" he bellowed, grabbing the taller man by the collar, "What happened? Where's Serena?" he demanded.

"Chill Vegetable!" Chi-Chi bellowed, "She's right there!" she said, pointing to the small blonde. Vegeta immediately stood, and was about to go get her attention, but stopped. She wasn't moving at all. And she was simply, floating there!

"W-what..." he couldn't complete it.

"She's been like that for awhile now." Chi-Chi informed. "We don't know what to do. She just stares at nothing, and she acts like she can't hear us." Vegeta didn't like the sound of that.

"Hey! You guys! She's saying something!" Krillin yelled, moving closer to Serena to hear. They all ran over, trying to find out what she was saying. Out of nowhere, a bright light appeared many feet before Serena. It blinded the Z-warriors, forcing them to step back, behind Serena.

The light dimmed somewhat, and a form shaped. The Z-warriors couldn't help but gape as the form of a woman appeared. She looked like Serena! She was maybe a little older, in a flowing white dress, and velvet wings attached to the dress. The elder one smiled sadly.

"Serena, it's time to wake up." She said, and, almost as if on command, Serena snapped into reality. She blinked for a while, then, suddenly gasped. She shook in fear. "Serena, do u know who I am?" She asked. Serena shook her head. The woman nodded. "I didn't think you would." Sighing she looked up with a smile. "Serena, I have a favor too ask of you." She said. Serena looked at her curiously. "Serena, you may not remember, or want to remember your past, and I'm not going to force you too, but I would like you to sit and listen to me." Serena nodded, and then sat cross-legged in mid-air.

The woman sat as well, though more properly. "Serena, thousands of years ago, you lived on the Moon as the Princess of the Moon Kingdom. Those were peaceful times, until your kingdom was attacked, and you and your people were all killed. Your mother used her powers to have you all reborn on Earth, At 14, the warrior within your soul was reawakened, and you fought as Sailor Moon, the Champion of Justice and defender of Love along with your Senshi to help you along the way.

You were also awoken as the Princess of the moon. For 3 years, you fought to protect people, and grew strong along the way. Then, at 17, you were captured and tortured for 5 years.

They are now after you Serena. They want you dead, for you are the only remaining Lunarian alive, and the Princess of the Moon Kingdom.

They aren't from this world, or your own. The first demon they sent to kill you was one of their weaker ones, but the one they sent this time was one of their top 3. He was the youngest brother to the throne. The eldest of the 3 is in charge. They want you dead. You are the only one that can defeat them Serena."

The woman laughed to herself as she watched Serena blink in confusion. "Don't worry about remembering Serena, you'll forget all this later!" she said. Serena nodded again. The woman stood up, a stern look on her face. "Serena, your enemies are after you, and are planning on killing innocent people to get to you. If you do not fight them, then you and many others will perish. Please, I'm begging you to accept this responsibility." Serena looked down. "You don't have to if you don't want to-"

"Somehow I knew I'd end up having to fight." She interrupted, surprising the woman. "That's why I wanted Vegeta to train me. I knew I could get stronger if he taught me." She looked up, and smiled. "I don't care what the cost. I'm not going to let anyone hurt my friends, or innocent people." She said. The woman was almost in tears. Yet, she nodded.

"There will be a change in you though Serena." She added. Serena blinked, sitting normally.

"How so?"

"You remember the incident you have a few days ago with the demon right?" Serena nodded, "And the Saiyans no Ouji gave you his blood, right?" She nodded again. "...Serena, did you wonder why you had the urge too fight...too kill?"

The Z-fighters stood in shock. They couldn't believe what they were hearing; Vegeta the most. The girl he trained everyday wasn't just a simple angel. She was a Princess, and the daughter of the well-known Queen Serenity. The Lunarian heritage was well known on Vegeta-sei. Vegeta had often heard of the heroic Queen and her daughter. Queen Beryl, who was actually Queen Serenity's sister, had killed them.

Rumor was that the Queen's female advisor, a talking cat, had awakened the warrior of the Moon, along with the other Warriors, and the Princess. Vegeta had often wanted to meet this Princess Serenity. He wondered if maybe, the stories were true, that the gentle and kind heroine was truly that powerful. And that maybe she could save him from the torment he went through.

And here she was. The Princess, the Warrior, the Angel. Yet now, he didn't need to be saved, or did he? What shocked him more was that she had actually felt them need to fight, or kill, like he did. Yet, why?

Serena looked down, ashamed, then nodded. "His Saiyan blood, though very small, coursing through you has changed you Serena." Serena's eyes went wide. The woman smiled. "Serena, I'm sorry to tell you this, but you'll have changes in you body now. It'll be like going through puberty all over again." Serena frowned, and fell backward.

"NO! No! no..." she moaned. The woman laughed.

"I'm sorry, but that's the way it is! Serena, you've been through worse than this! Don't worry!!" she exclaimed. Serena sat up, and nodded, sighing to herself. "Now Serena," she began, her face once again turning stern, "It's time for you to activate you warrior inside. Don't worry, you won't remember a thing about it, only what you want to." Serena nodded again. Anyone could tell she was hiding something by the look in her eyes, but she remained silent. "Now Serena. I bid you farewell." Tears pricked the woman's eyes as she waved her hand, and Serena fell asleep.

The Queen looked up at the Z-warriors, then straight at Vegeta. She approached him, and he almost fell into a stance. "Here." She held out her hand. He looked at her curiously, then to her hand. He gulped, and then accepted whatever it was she had.

He examined what she had given him. It was a white locket, with a crescent moon on the front, and a silver star in the center. It was simple, but beautiful. She smiled, and waved her hand again. A light appeared from Serena's body, and scurried over the woman.

She smiled, and opened the locket, placing the white light into the chest of the locket. It was a crystal. A beautiful crystal. "Saiyans no Ouji, I'm leaving the life of the Lunarian no Hime, Earth's Senshi, in your hands. She trusts you Vegeta. It's up to you to activate the warrior within her when the time comes."

"And how am I to do that?" he asked.

"You will know how." She assured. Turning around slightly, she waved her hand, and transported Serena before her and Vegeta. Serena fell into his arms, sleeping peacefully. He struggled with her. He was still weak from the battle. The woman smiled, and then faded away.

"That was strange." Gohan said, breaking a long silence. It was then that wave of darkness washed over them again, and once again, they plummeted into a dark mist.

This time, they returned to their own world, all awake, even Serena.

"Um, what happened?" Serena asked. Everyone stared at her. But Vegeta shook his head,

"You fell asleep." He informed. Serena raised a brow,

"I fell, asleep?"

"You question me girl?" he challenged. Serena shook her head, accepting his answer.

"You guys, look out!" Lucky for Vegeta and Serena, Goku made it in time to block the demon's attack. "I can't believe your still here!" he cried. Vegeta narrowed his eyes, and then gripped the locket in his hand. Sighing, she set Serena down, and concentrated.

He could sense the power from the locket. It was in tune with Serena as well. The locket began to radiate, and he looked at it, wondering what to do. He noticed Serena was quite sturdy in place. Her pupils had faded, and her face was blank. His face twisted in thought, wondering what to do.

Sighing, he placed the locket before Serena. She raised her hands to take it. Still, he wasn't sure what to do. He stared at the power from the crystal. It was truly hypnotizing. He nearly jumped when he felt a soft hand gently brush his cheek.

Serena smiled, and stepped closer to him. That was it. Serena needed his energy to activate her powers. He could feel the energy draining from him, but willingly allowed it; like he had a choice anyways. Soon, she had gained enough. Raising the locket, light enveloped her.

Vegeta couldn't prevent a blush when he noticed that during first part of her transformation, she was nude, but that soon changed. White ribbons created a white Chinese shirt, attached to the traditional sailor skirt. The ribbon thinned, and wrapped around her legs, creating brown flat shoes, laced up to her mid-thighs.

She was also adorned in gloves, which reached her biceps, but only wrapped around her middle finger and thumb. Her hair was pulled up into two twin ondagos, with pigtails, barely toughing mid-back. A crescent moon adorned her forehead, and her pupils returned. Serena stood, now her ki radiating power, and a wild grin on her face

"Buddy, your times up!" She yelled out, and then smiled, raising a hand, and beginning everyone's favorite speech (AN: ) "I am Sailor Moon! The Champion of Love and Justice! On Behalf of the Moon, I will right wrongs, and triumph over all evil! And that, means you!" She declared.

Smiling, she put out a hand, preparing a ki blast. Gripping her wrist with the other hand to support it, she called "STAR SILVER ILLUSION!" A silver and gold light flew at the demon, enveloping him. He let out a shier cry of pain, before he was cut off, and turned to dust.

Everyone stared in astonishment. Sailor Moon turned around, holding out a hand, and shooting a light at everyone. The second the lights hit them, their wounds were healed, and powers regenerated. Sailor Moon sighed then spoke,

"I must say, I am disappointed Serena's choice to block out the warrior and princess sides of herself, but I do believe it's the best thing that could happen. She hasn't been so happy in such a long time." She said, and then turned to Vegeta, "Thank you so much for whatever you're doing to make her happy. She loves being here with you Saiyan no Ouji. I never get the chance to get to know you, but I can tell you've done a lot for her." She smiled one last time, before the ribbon once again appeared, and she was once again Serena. Serena blinked, staring at each of the Z-warriors, then at Vegeta.

"You killed the demon!" she squealed, and then ran up to hug him. He was shocked to say the least, and then looked to Goku for an answer.

"'You won't remember a thing about it, only what you want to.'" Goku repeated the woman's words. "She must have wanted to believe you defeated it." Serena didn't hear what was said. She was to busy praising Vegeta for her victory that she knew nothing of.

They were heading home in silence. Serena had found Vegeta wasn't in a talking mood when he snapped at her to be quite so he could think. But as they flew over that field of wild flowers, she had to wonder, why he was stopping.

"Vegeta-sama?" she began, "What are you doing?" she asked. He didn't respond, just landed, and allowed her to go run into the field. She didn't argue, but was simply pleased he would allow her too.

It was quite beautiful.

Vegeta sat down by one of the many trees surrounding the field. It was hard; nearly impossible to believe Serena had actually been a heroine, a fighter. His angel...a warrior. 'Wait...MY angel?' For some reason, the words seemed to fit just right. He couldn't help but smile as he watched her.

Yes, it was a true, genuine smile; though no one would ever know about it. She was adorable, so innocent, 'so beautiful...and she trusts me. She relies on me.' He liked that. Yes, he admitted it. He wanted to keep this girl to himself. He wanted to be the only one to have her as his. To protect her. To be they're for her. ...But, would she let him?

The thoughts were impossible to evade. He watched her, parading around the field. The silver moon shinning off her golden hair. Though the glint in her eyes was purely innocent and angelic. He unconsciously began to hum to himself, and soon found himself singing the words in his head, he just simply made up on the spot

There's moonlight on the tress,

Painting silver on the leaves

It's so beautiful out here

I just had to stop and stare

That's unusual for me

I had a happy heart on stone

No voice to answer but my own

Now I want more from the night

Since you waltzed into my life

You couldn't leave well enough alone

Why out of all the people in this world

Why, did you set your sites and single out this girl

Oh, why'd you have to go and make me love you?

Why'd you have to go and make me?

Why'd you have to go and make me?

Love you

In an instant sweet and strange

Everything about me changed

Weather I want to or not

I come to you with all I've got

And I'll never be the same

Why out of all the people in this world

Why, did you set your sites and single out this girl

Oh, why'd you have to go and make me love you?

Why'd you have to go and make me?

Why'd you have to go and make me?

Love you

Tell me why

Why'd you have to go and make me?

Why'd you have to go and make me?

Love you

Yes...he would be there for her; to protect her for all time. He would make her love him, like he loved her....

Vegeta gasped....

"I...I actually...love, her."

Chapter Five: In the Dark of the Night

This was insane! He didn't love her! He just loved her...

"Wait, that doesn't make sense." Vegeta shook his head, pacing through the kitchen. How did he feel about her? "Umm...a sister! Yes! ...No." It was impossible. What in god's name was going on with him? He ran his fingers through his spiky hair, as if scrambling his brain into place. Unfortunately, it didn't help.

"I'm ready Vegeta-sama!" Serena called, appearing from the stairs. He snapped out his thoughts, and nodded. Without hesitation, he wrapped an arm around her waist, and flew off. They were having dinner with Chi-Chi. One reason, because Chi-Chi wanted Serena to take a look at some new learning material. And two...they were running out of capsule TV dinners, for neither could cook. They flew in silence.

Vegeta's mind was still plagued with his earlier presumption. Did he love her? Could he? Why would he want to? He was a Saiyan-jin! The Prince in fact! He didn't turn to putty in the hands of a simple woman...who just happened to be the most beautiful woman he ever met.

It wasn't only the outside beauty that attracted someone to her though. It was her gentle personality, and kind voice, her determination, and her exuberant energy. She may be childish, but that innocence about her just couldn't be ignored. She was strong too, and a real tough girl. Her scars proved that.

That was another thing. Those scars. Some found it repulsive. Even she did, but the sight of them to a warrior was arousing. Of course, the sight of HER was arousing too. 'Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!' He yelled to himself.

And he came up with all of this just believing she was an ordinary girl. Add the fact that she's one of the universe's strongest warriors, the princess of the moon kingdom, daughter of Serenity and granddaughter of Selene, and you'd see why someone would love her. The scars that adorned her skin might have been repulsive to others, but not only were they attracting to him, she also was living proof that true beauty was on the inside.

The Son house came into view, and Vegeta landed at the door. Serena ran in excitedly, and was greeted by Chi-Chi.

Dinner went well, but afterward, things went a bit wayward. Leaving the boys in the kitchen, Serena and Chi-Chi disappeared into the living room to chat around 20 minutes ago. The men were still in silence, each, but one, with the same thing on their minds. Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, and Goku each exchanged glances. This didn't go unnoticed by Vegeta. They nodded as well.

"What's going on?" Vegeta asked, eyeing them wearily. The were silent for a moment, then,

"What's going on with you and Serena?" Vegeta blinked. It was as if they had practiced, for they were in perfect unison. Vegeta's eyes widened. 'Do they know? Can they tell?' many questions ran through his mind, 'Tell what! There's nothing to tell of!' he decided.

"What the hell are you talking about?" he scowled. They rolled their eyes, sitting back, mumbling things like 'sure', or 'yea right'.

"Are you and Sere-Chan an item?" Gohan asked, leaning forward in his chair for an answer.


"So, your just sort of together here and there?" some one else continued


"Come on, do you have a thing for her?" 'Was that Piccolo?'


"So you're trying to say you don't like her at all?"

"No, I mean yes! I...ah, what the hell is wrong with you people?" They all smiled to each other knowingly. Vegeta rolled his eyes. He didn't have to talk about his love life if he didn't want to! 'Love life? I DON'T HAVE ONE DAMNIT! NOTHING is going on!' He hit himself mentally.

"I can't believe you'd say that! My Goku is SO much better!" Chi-Chi yelled as she followed the fuming Serena into the kitchen.

"He's much stronger! And just as heroic, no, MORE heroic than your husband!" Serena yelled back. Goku blinked.


"Damn it Serena! I though maybe leaving you with that Vegetable breath was a good idea, but now I see all it did was brainwash you!" Vegeta didn't know what they were fighting about, but that was an insult to him! He was about to yell, but didn't get the chance.

"Brainwash? Oh my god! Are you kidding me! Vegeta is SO much stronger than Goku it's pathetic!" The men blinked.

"Hey, shouldn't it be us that's fighting over who's stronger?" Goku whispered to Vegeta. Vegeta nodded, blinking in shock as he watched the girls argue.

"Just because he's the stupid Prince of the Saiyan race doesn't make him stronger than my Goku!"

"Who said anything about their places in the Saiyan history?" Serena demanded. They could literally see the steam rising off of Chi-Chi.

"Damn it Serena! You know how many people that man killed! You know, I know you do! He's a cold-hearted bastard Serena! His past proves it!"

"You claim to be a sensitive, understanding and intelligent person, yet you judge a person by their past and what they use to be instead of trying to see what they are in the present! Even if it doesn't show, it's still there!" Chi-Chi didn't respond. She was losing. She frowned deeper and glared at the girl before her.

"Why do you try so hard to defend him? He does nothing to try to prove himself to be a person worth respect. WHY BOTHER?"

"Did you ever consider what could have happened to a person to make them that way?" Chi-Chi blinked. She didn't. She had no clue WHY Vegeta had ever been on Freeza's side.

Still infuriated, Serena pulled up her sleeve, to reveal a series of scars. "See these Chi-Chi? For 5 years I was tortured without mercy!" She rolled up a pant leg, "Engraving, much like these are all over me Chi-Chi. Death threats, battle scenes, and many more." She continued, "I was beaten with whips, electrifiers, was cut with deep wounds; the man created toys to put me through pain.

Tell me Chi-Chi, what right do you have now to tell me that I can't be a little slow. That I can't be a little angry, or mean, or just flat out intolerable!" Guilt covered Chi-Chi's features,

"You do have the right," she said,

"Yes I do, and so does he!" she said, pointing out Vegeta. Chi-Chi searched for a way out of this, but only found one.

"Then tell me this. Why is it you are one of the kindest people on this planet, and he is the coldest, even though you've been through the same things. Yours probably worse."

"People are different Chi-Chi; their behavior and personalities. It depends on who they are, how they're raised, and what influence they grew up around. Hell, he's an entirely different race at that. Goku might be the same race as he, but I know for a fact the same rage has ran threw his blood before.

The reason he is different is because he was raised unaware of the hate Vegeta grew up with. Goku has had been brought up knowing love and kindness since he can remember. And that is a quote from his very mouth. There's your answer Chi-Chi, I hope you're happy. I'll be returning your books another time." That was the end of it. Serena walked away, leaving Chi-Chi in a puddle of guilt. Gohan ran up to Serena as she headed from the door.

"Serena! Wait!" he called, tugging at her shirt. "I'm on your side! Serena, promise you'll come back! Serena-sissy?" Serena stared down at Gohan with a kind smile

"Okay, Gohan, I'll be back, promise." She said. "Come on Vegeta, let's go." She ordered. Vegeta raised a brow,

"She's ordering me?" he asked himself, though out-loud.


"Okay." He got up immediately. 'This is embarrassing.' He told himself as he hurried after Serena. He'd NEVER been one to follow anyone's orders at will, especially orders from a girl. Yet, he followed her.

She didn't stop to wait for him. In fact, she began to run. He noted her ki was rising, and her speed had greatly picked up since she had tapped into her Senshi powers. Who knows how long they ran. He stayed right behind her, never speaking, or being spoken too.

Finally, she stopped, as did he. An uncertain silence fell between them. Serena was the one to break it,

"I think I got us lost." Serena mumbled. She tried laughing at what she had done, but it came out in tears.

"Don't worry. I know where we are." He assured. She nodded, and the silence commenced. Vegeta knew what he wanted to ask. Sighing, he came up behind her. So close, that she could feel his heavy breathing on her neck. She couldn't help but shiver at the touch. "Serena, why'd you defend me?" he asked. "Why'd you say all of that?" Serena knew it was coming.

Sighing, she rolled her eyes, and then fell to the side, and rolled on her back on the ground. Vegeta raised a brow, but sat down next to her, waiting for an answer. She truly was a sight. The Stars glittered in her eyes, trying to match her natural twinkle, but failing. She sighed,

"Vegeta, when you first told me you were the strongest man alive, I thought you were a conceded jerk." She admitted with a slight smile, "but, after awhile, I changed my mind." She said. Vegeta furrowed his brow,

"Why?" Serena shrugged,

"I don't know." He nodded. Yet, his mind drifted back to a certain part of the argument. He couldn't help but wonder.

"Serena?" he asked sternly, "Where is the battle indentations you spoke of?" he demanded. Serena blinked, but then pointed to her chest, "From here." She began, and then drew a line down to her navel, "To here." He nodded, as did she, but still, his curiosity remained. Without asking, he reached to the buttons on her shirt, and began un-buttoning them.

He was surprised when she didn't stiffen, or object. So, he continued. Of course, blush did run to her cheeks, severely. He opened her shirt, and examined the markings. He furrowed his brow, following the design on her stomach. When he didn't recognize it, he turned to the legend, beginning on her chest.

"Um, ah, what does it say?" Serena asked. Vegeta smirked, and laughed to himself noting how red her face actually was. "What?" she asked, glaring at the man hovering over her. He shook his head. "Well, I have the right to blush; considering my shirt is wide open and my breasts are in view all because you want to see the legend written on me! And very painfully written on me, may I add." She stated.

"Then why do you not slap me now?" he asked, "What? Don't have any fight in you?" he grinned when she turned red with anger.

"That's not it!" she began.

"What then?" Serena shrugged,

"I trust you." She informed. Vegeta didn't know why, but those words; he'd never heard them before. She trusted him. She depended on him. Snapping out of his thoughts, he continued the read the legend. His eyes went wide when he realized what he was reading. "What is it?" Serena asked.

"This legend, it's the Himeko/Saiyan-jin war." He informed, "My father fought them many years ago. They were tough to beat. The Saiyans won though. These people that wrote this must be what's left of them and their decedents." He squinted to read to inscriptions on a curve. He blushed when he realized what that curve was from.

"You're blushing!" Serena squealed, sitting up. She re-buttoned her shirt as well. Vegeta snickered,

"I didn't blush!" he insisted. Yet, for some reason, he couldn't help but smile at her.

"Oh! I knew you could smile too!" She squealed. He blushed again. 'What is she doing to me?' he asked himself. But, he couldn't bring himself to frown again. Smiling wasn't part of his normal nature. Of course, around Serena, that seemed to change. Serena lay down again. Vegeta followed in suit. They just stayed like that for a while, in silence, staring at the stars. Serena broke these tranquil moments.

"Vegeta-sama?" she began. He turned to look at her, "What did Freeza do to you?" she asked. Vegeta stiffened. He considered weather to tell her or not before. So many times nightmares of those times plagued him. Taking a breath, he nodded to himself in reassurance. If she trusted him, why couldn't he risk trusting her? He didn't act the same around her. He didn't think around her. It was all on the moment.

"He, um." Vegeta gulped, then took another breath, "For many years, he tortured me. The alien would wrap his tail around me, and smash me into walls, beat me to a pulp. Back then I was just a child. I wasn't strong enough to fight him, and whenever I tried, the punishment would be more severe.

Everyday I would receive these beatings. And everyday I seemed to do something wrong. But-" He paused, "It wasn't the beating that got to me." He confirmed. Serena pushed herself up to prop on an elbow. She stared at him with interested, yet worried eyes. Shaking his head, he sat up fully, and draped his arms over his knees. He again shook his head. His muscles tightening at the thought.

He didn't notice Serena getting up as well. "The man was horrid." He began again, yet gasped when he felt her hands gingerly touch his shoulders. He stiffened. 'W-what is she doing?' he panicked, but soon found, that the rhythm of her hands was quite soothing. Her hands roamed over his shoulders, his back, across his arms, then, straddled at his waist, over his chest.

He stared at her chest as her hands roamed over his shoulders. He felt as if her skin was calling to him. His lips began to itch; to ache. He leaned his head against her shoulder as her hands went down his back, thighs, and even inner thighs. He rested his hands carefully on her hips, and gently around her thighs.

His fingertips brushed lightly through the material on her hips and over her bottom end. He buried his face in her chest, his lips giving into their desire. They brushed slightly against her skin. His breath was heavy, and warm. It moistened her cool flesh. And he gently kissed her collar bone. She stiffened. It went unnoticed to him.

He felt his body calming and relaxed for the first time, in a very long time. "Serena, have you been so hurt, felt so dirty, or, been violated to an extent that you've wanted to kill yourself?" Serena thought about it, for a long time. Then nodded. He was surprised, but continued. "I never expected Freeza to be, a," he nearly laughed, "I never expected that he would get if pleasure from children." Serena gasped, halting her hands abruptly. "Everyday he would," A tear formed at the base of his eye. "He would come to my dorm at uncanny hours, always when I was expecting it the least.

He'd through me around. Telling me that what I did that day was bad, but that since he was so generous, he'd do me a favor. That instead, he'd teach me lessons in life." Vegeta could feel himself shaking. And, amazingly, when Serena laid his head on her chest, and rubbed his back, he didn't pull away. "I didn't understand what was happening, what I had done, then, he, well...he," Vegeta couldn't bring himself to say it. It was too difficult. "It hurt, so much. I just wasn't ready for that.

And what hurt even more was that people claimed that I begged him for it. That I liked it." He wouldn't let himself cry. He wouldn't. But her being there was so comforting. That's why he couldn't answer her about being a virgin. He'd never been with a woman. He'd never been with anyone besides-you couldn't call it being with someone though. Sex, or what was only known to only Vegeta up until this point as rape, is much different than making love.

"And that's why you did this?" Serena asked, holding up his wrist, and pointing to the cut. Vegeta nodded unconsciously. "Vegeta..." he nearly gasped. She kissed his forehead gently, and ran her hands over his shoulders, and whispered, "I can't empathize to the pain you went through, but I want you to know this," she paused to move closer, "I've never in my life meet anyone quite like you. You are the most amazing person I've come across. And even though Goku managed to kill Freeza where you could not, you'll always be the strongest man in my eyes.

No matter what anyone says. I can see you. I know your strength, and I don't mean physical." She held his head in her hands, gently brushing his cheeks with her thumbs. She pressed her forehead to his, and he could see the glittering tears streaming down her face. "You may not know it, but I can see it. You have a strong heart. And now that you've finally told me your past, I know it now more than ever." Was she really says this? Were they really this close?

Vegeta couldn't help it. He wrapped his arms around Serena, holding her against him. He hugged her tightly, savoring her warmth, and drinking in every word she whispered. "And here's a promise to you," she began again. "I will always be here when you need me Vegeta.

No matter what, I'll stay with you forever. And I'll never ever let anyone like Freeza hurt you in such a way. I'll help you become stronger, even if it means my life." Vegeta breathed in a shattering breath. He would NOT cry. Yet, he could not help but praise the heavens for this angel.

He would become stronger, but this time, it wasn't to show-off, or to defeat Goku. He wanted Serena to stay with him, forever. And he'd do anything to keep that.

Out of nowhere, a feeling of evil approached them. Vegeta stiffened, and his eyes darted around.

"Vegeta, are you okay?" Serena asked. His eyes widened,

"Serena, move." He ordered. To her complete shock, he flipped her around, and dropped her on the ground. Serena gasped, staring up at Vegeta as he took 3 ki blasts. They were meant for her. They continued to attack repeatedly. Vegeta took them all, each and everyone threatening to break through his back. A demon appeared, its ki similar to the demon they fought last time.

Enraged, Vegeta whirled around, attempting to hold the previous blast in place. With much struggling, he stood, and destroyed the blast. Breathing heavily, Vegeta pulled the locket out of his pocket. Concentrating, he gave his energy to Serena, connecting with her warrior side. In a matter of seconds, Sailor Moon stood, ready for a fight, though unaware of what happened to Vegeta.

The demon smirked, and shot one last blast at Vegeta, sending him backward. Serena frowned, and raised a hand.

"Listen up jerkaziod, I'm sick of you people coming to kill me! For god sakes, WHEN are you going to give up! I'm not going to let an evildoer like you hurt anyone. In the name of the moon, I will punish you! I, Am, Sailor, Moon!" the demon raised a brow, and then shook his head with a grin.

"Goodbye Sailor Moon." It called, and in the blink of an eye, shot a ki blast at Sailor Moon. Unaware of the attack on its way, she didn't have time to dodge. The attack hit, sending her flying backward. A furry of dust enveloped her. The demon grinned, "Too bad for you." he mumbled, yet, was totally surprised when Sailor Moon came flying out of the dust, charging at him. Her fist radiating with energy, she punched him, causing him to come out of shock. And it began. The mortal combat. Punch after punch, kick after kick.

This demon was much stronger than the one before. Sailor Moon found herself losing. Landing hard, she was pinned to the ground by millions of tiny needles, a few penetrating the skin. "This time, you will be killed." It growled. Creating a ki blade, he aimed straight for her heart, and released.

Serena felt the blood splatter on her uniform, but it wasn't her own. Vegeta fell to his knees, gripping the blade through his stomach. It soon disincarnated, but he was left with a fatal wound in his abdomen. And with the extra wounds from the earlier attacks, his survival didn't look good. Blood spilled over his stomach and legs. NO, it wasn't good.

"Vegeta!" Sailor Moon screeched, coming to his side. At the site of the wound, her blood boiled. The demon grinned.

"Oh well, I'll kill you both."

"You bastard." She whispered, taking him aback. "You horrible creature! Die!" She yelped. With a furry of attacks, she shot at the demon. This was the warrior side of her. She screamed out her attack spell, "SILVER COSMIC POWER!" That was all it took. The right boost of anger, and her attack. The demon was gone, yet the damage was done, but it was on Vegeta. Serena shook uncontrollable. She needed to get help. But, Chi-Chi was mad at her. 'Think Moon, think.' She commanded herself. "Sailor Teleport!" she said allowed. Gripping Vegeta's wounded shoulders, Sailor Moon concentrated.

Teleporting two people, all on her own, when they were both weak, was not a smart idea. But it had to be done. A familiar pink energy absorbed her and Vegeta, and in a matter of seconds, they disappeared, and reappeared at in Vegeta's room in Capsule Corps. "I'm going to have to tap into the princess. I know nothing about medics." She told him. He nodded, trying to contain the urge to yell.

Yet, even though it was painful, he wanted to see this Moon Princess. Sailor Moon, nodded to herself, and focused on the princess inside her. In a flash of blinding light, a woman, with the same Ondago hairstyle as Sailor Moon, appeared in a flowing white dress. Vegeta stared in awe. He now knew why she was considered the beauty of the universe. She was Drop Dead Gorgeous. The princess smiled, and leaned down next to Vegeta with a sad sense.

"My other haves will kill me if I allow you to die," she informed, while forcing him on his bed. Tearing her dress, she wet the material, and cleaned the wound quickly before too much blood drained again. She ripped some more off, wrapping the major wounds. She frowned. "Saiyan no Ouji, you'll need much rest." She informed. "Just relax. Serena will clean the wound for you. She'll tend to you." The princess assured. A glowing light was the last thing he saw before blacking out.

"Damn it Serena, let's not get into another fight!"

"NO! Chi-Chi, stop it! Please! It's my fault he's hurt...it's my fault." Chi-Chi backed away. After finding out what happened after Serena left, she apologized, and came to help Serena tend to Vegeta. Though she found something quite disturbing.

For the past 3 days, she had only left Vegeta's side to dampen a cloth, or get some water for him. She was truly determined to safe his life. Chi-Chi was worried though. Serena wouldn't eat, or sleep. Not until she knew Vegeta was okay. And if he died...Chi-Chi didn't want to think of what Serena would do to herself. Sighing, she nodded.

"Alright then Serena, have it your way. Just please, do something, anything to help yourself as well." Chi-Chi left her with those words. Serena hadn't heard. She was tending to his wound, which was thankfully beginning to close. So, why hadn't he woken? His heartbeat was slow, but it hadn't gone down at all thank god.

Chi-Chi returned the Capsule Corps a few days later, only to be disappointed once again. Serena was in the same spot as before, right next to Vegeta. Chi-Chi almost smiled. Serena was telling him about a promise she had made, and was begging him to wake up. Chi-Chi's heart broke at the sight of Serena. It was uncanny to see such a kind girl going through something like this. She began to wonder what was worse. Being tortured, or seeing the only one in this world she trusted and depended on, hanging on by the simple will to live. Sighing, Chi-Chi left. There was nothing she could do.

"Serena-sissy, please, come and play!" Gohan begged, tugging at Serena's arm. Serena didn't smile. She hadn't for the past two weeks. She was wasting away. She shook her head weakly. Gohan frowned, and then stared Vegeta. "You really must love him if you're going to stay here for the rest of eternity." He said. Serena sat up, blinking in shock as the boy left.

"L-love him?" Her lips curved upward slightly, but only for a second. She sighed defeated. Tears fell from her eyes. The wounds were healed. He was in pretty good shape. "Why Vegeta? Why won't you wake up?" she gripped his hand, lying her head on the bed. "Wake up...Veggie-chan, please."

He could hear her, asking him to wake up. He smiled, wondering how long he'd been asleep. He squinted, opening his eyes, and looking around his room as a hand gripped his. "Wake up...Veggie-chan, please?" 'W-what did she call me?' yes, it sounded kind of silly, but...it was, affectionate. She didn't address him formally, insultingly, or normally. It was affectionately. He smiled. He only smiled around her. Turning to face her, the smile faded. She looked horrible.

"S-Serena?" he stuttered. Serena's head snapped up, and even though she looked dead tired, her eyes began to twinkle.

"Y-you're awake!" She exclaimed. "You're awake!" She jumped on the bed, wrapping her arms around his neck, and hugging the life out of him.

"Serena...what, happened?" Serena looked up at him joyfully.

"You," she began fixing his hair a bit, "You saved me from that demon. You took the blow for me. Vegeta, you saved my...my...life," Vegeta went wide-eyed as Serena passed out there and then, and fell asleep in his arms. He shook his head.

"She hasn't slept, eaten, or even left your side for two weeks Vegeta." Chi-Chi stepped in, a stern look on her face. "She has simply over exerted herself. Give her a little rest and get to her eat. She'll be fine." Vegeta looked up at Chi-Chi puzzled. The woman had a funny look on her face as she stared at Serena. Something running through the back of her mind-a question perhaps? Or maybe she just knew something Vegeta didn't. It was itching at Vegeta to ask her. But she departed a moment later.

Vegeta watched as Serena slept, not-so-sounded. "So stupid..."

Chapter Six: In Dreams

Vegeta groaned, hitting the bed, causing Serena's body to jerk,

"Damn it Serena. Please, eat." He yelled, putting the spoon to her mouth. It did no good. Serena would reject whatever he tried. Chi-Chi was right. Serena was horribly sick. Of coarse, Vegeta wasn't fully healed either. God only knows how he made it threw that. The blade had gone straight through his abdomen, creating a whole about half the size of his stomach. He wasn't quite sure if it was his Saiyan-Jin strength that saved him, or if Serena had done something. Actually, he was leaning toward the Serena theory. What she did he had no clue.

Sighing to himself, he shook his head, and headed for the bathroom to re-bandage the wound on is arm. He splashed his face with water, and rubbed his eyes. Unlike Serena, he did eat, and slept if he really needed it. Of course, she'd only been out for about four days. Still, as he watched her tossing and turning in his bed, he felt pity for her. She could be dying, and his effort did nothing. He shook his head, 'Please Serena, eat something; wake up! You can't leave, you promised, remember?' Yelling at her in his head wasn't going to help, but there wasn't much more he could do but try to get food in her system.


She was shaking. What was going on? Serena found herself once again in Vegeta's room, the day before he had woken up. Vegeta lay unconscious on his bed, with herself at his side. Serena gasped. She didn't know how bad she had looked. It had been antagonizing. She could do nothing for him, nothing at all. Serena cried laying her head on Vegeta's bed.

Things were getting so complicated. She had no past, her present was messed up, and her future wasn't looking so bright. She couldn't focus, at all. When she tried, her mind trailed back to Vegeta. What if he died? What would she do? She had nothing to look forward to each day besides the fact that he was there. She had given up entirely, and concentrated completely on helping him. Yet, the fatal wound refused to close. His Saiyan strength did keep him going though. His will to live was a great help too. Yet, she wondered why. She knew he was determined to defeat Goku.

Was that his reason? He didn't seem to want to help people, make a difference, and he had no ambitions to complete something. Besides defeating Goku. That had to be the reason. She knew he wanted to be strong, but how could he if he continued to avoid the fact that Goku had something he didn't. Goku had love and kindness. He had ambition, people to live for and with. Vegeta lost all that. Freeza had taken it all away. She wondered, maybe she could give him something too live for other than the will to be stronger.

The thought made her blush, and then laughed bitterly to herself. It was crazy. She was crazy. He didn't want that! Did he? The thought made her tremble. Did SHE want that? Her other self gasped when she heard Vegeta groan behind her. Spinning around, she leaned over him, placing her hand on his face to gain his attention if he would awake. He didn't. Her other self sighed, but Serena new what came next.

Vegeta jerked again, causing her other self to shriek. He shook wildly, and she tried to calm him, but when he did, she noticed he was perfectly still. He didn't move an inch. She gasped. He wasn't breathing! She laid her hand over his heart. The beat was faint, and slowing even more at that. She shook her head, shouting at him.

"Damn it, I'll never forgive you if you die! You understand that? Don't die! Vegeta, wake up!" she pleaded. It was to no avail. She couldn't help it. She began to cry; like in the old days. Not obnoxiously, they just wouldn't stop. "Please, don't die!" she whined. As her tears continued, his life was slipping away, and she knew it. She couldn't decide where she was sad, or angry. Out of nowhere, her face became stern, and she whispered, "No...no I won't let you die. I didn't say you could!" she said. She could feel energy around her, though she couldn't explain it.

Serena watched as her other self gave Vegeta her life energy. He regained his heartbeat, and his breathing returned to normal. Serena shook her head. She now knew a little bit about herself: she had some special power.

This scene Serena didn't recognize. Of course, she did recognize another form of herself. Her hair was up in buns and pigtails though, and she was in some uniform, very similar to 6 girls around her. She also recognized the Z-fighters as well. Serena watched in horror as the Z-warriors and the 6 girls fell one by one at the hands of creature-like-demons; one demon leading them all.

"Princess! Give yourself up!" it called. "Or you can say goodbye to your little prince here." Serena gasped, as did her other self, at the site of the Vegeta. Was it possible? Who could be strong enough do get him in chains? Why didn't he go super? What? He's awake, he didn't look externally hurt so, what was wrong? Tears streamed down Serena's face as a whip went across Vegeta's back, and he howled in pain. A whip? What was going on? He could stand a thousand whips! This wasn't right. Something was wrong here. What did this mean? Shaking her head, Serena closed her eyes. It wasn't right.

'Serena? Serena? Please, you've must eat something?' What was wrong now? This time, Serena couldn't see a thing. But that voice. It was Vegeta's! 'Serena, I'm not loosing you now, I refuse.' Serena felt tears well in her eyes. This was confusing. She was right here! 'Damn you girl, you HAVE to eat something.' But what about you? You woke up, so what happened to me? Is he mad now? What am I suppose to do? 'I can't believe you Serena. After all of this, you're trying to just leave? To just die? Why?'


"Stupid little prick." Vegeta groaned, falling backward onto the floor, spoon in hand, though the food had slipped off. This was seemingly hopeless. She wouldn't eat, no matter how much he yelled.

"I-I'm sorry." Vegeta's eyes snapped open, and he sprung up. He couldn't help it. He grinned ear to ear. Shaking his head, and scooped up some more food on the spoon, and brought it to her lips.

"Come on you have to eat." She did as told. She could hear him! He felt as if the world had just been lifted off his shoulders. The weight forcing down on his chest was gone. "Good. Perfect." He smiled, running his fingers through her golden hair. He sighed relieved, and continued to bring food to her lips. "Yea, you're going to be okay..."

Chapter Seven: Nirvana

Vegeta ran through Capsule Corps, searching around for the phone. He ran down the stairs, tripping over his own feet, and tumbling the rest of the way down. Serena was finally eating, though still had yet to wake. He had forgotten to call Chi-Chi like promised. Finding the small instrument, he quickly dialed in the needed number. He was so energetic it wasn't funny. He snapped his fingers, counting down the rings.

"Hello?" Gohan said innocently.

"Hey kid, is your mom home?" Vegeta asked.

"No, she went into town to buy my some more books." He answered, nearly groaning in annoyance at the word 'books'.

"What about Kakarot?"


"Goku, your father! Is he there?" Vegeta snapped.

"Yup hold on." Gohan put his hand over the phone, but Vegeta could still hear Gohan yelling for his father, "DAD!!! PHONE!!!" he yelled out.

"Who is it?" he heard him respond. Gohan brought the phone to his ear again,

"May I ask who's calling?"


"It's Vegeta!"

"Oh! Hold on!" Goku climbed over the couch, and took the phone, "Hey Vegeta!" He said cheerfully.

"Cut the pleasantries Kakarot, get your ass down here now." He ordered.

"I don't know Vegeta, Chi-Chi might get mad."

"Serena is getting better. She's going to wake up any time now."

"Really! That's awesome...but still...Chi-Chi..."

"Put Gohan on,"



"Come here Gohan."


"Kid, do you want to see Serena?"


"Then get you stupid father to bring you down here, got it?"

"You bet! Yippee! I get to see Sere-chan again!" Vegeta hung up. God knows Gohan could get Goku to take him down to see Serena.

Chi-Chi looked around at the people as she entered the living room of Capsule Corps.

"I can't believe you Goku. Serena's going to wake up and you don't even have the generosity to tell me!" She screeched.

"I'm sorry Chi-Chi, but Gohan really wanted to come down right away." Goku excused. It was around noon, and Chi-Chi had finally made it to Capsule Corps. Gohan was asleep, and the only thing keeping Vegeta and Goku from exploding out of boredom was training.

"Is Serena eating anything?" Chi-Chi asked, noting the many dishes sitting in the sink. Vegeta nodded.

"Yea," he mumbled. Chi-Chi raised a brow.

"How'd you get her to eat anyways?" she asked. Vegeta stiffened, and grumbled something. "Hmm? What was that?"

"I fed her myself okay?" He snapped. Goku snapped up from his training with interest. He eyed Vegeta, and then grinned ear to ear. "What?" Vegeta hollered. Goku shook his head, then began to chuckle to himself. "Damn you! What are you laughing at?" he demanded, raising a fist to the taller Saiyan. Goku's face was red with laughter, and soon Chi-Chi could be heard giggling to herself. Vegeta was furious. "To Hell with you, I'll kill you both here and now."

"Well, it seems you haven't changed." A gentle voice interrupted. They all immediately stopped, and looked to Serena, leaning against the door.

"Sere-chan!" Chi-Chi exclaimed, running up and hugging Serena. "Damn you girl, the next time you dare starve yourself, I'm not going to let you get off so easy!" she declared. Serena giggled, nodding.

"How you feeling?" Goku asked.

"Great. I'm still kind of weak though." She said with a smile. Goku nodded, but was totally taken aback when Serena pinned him down. Of course, he didn't fight back. "Hey, guess I'm not that out of shape, I pinned you, and you're Saiyan-Jin for heaven sakes!" she said with a grin. Goku nodded, smiling back. He figured it best not to tell her, that unlike most Saiyans, he didn't fight back right away if he was attacked. True his Saiyan instinct was still there, but it was Serena for heaven sakes! She wouldn't just attack someone without reason! He thought it best not to tell her that though.

Serena rolled over, and stood up. She smiled upon laying eyes on Vegeta. No, he hadn't approached her, but she could see he was struggling to prevent that smile. She wondered if he smiled around anyone else besides her. With a shrug, she ran up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck in a hug. He responded, wrapping his arms around her as well, and smiling down at her. "Veggie-chan!" she squealed happily. Chi-Chi and Goku exchanged knowing looks.

"How long do you think it'll be before they confess they're head over heals for each other?" Chi-Chi whispered.

"One week, two at the most."

"Really? I figured three weeks." Goku shrugged.

"Curse you Serena. Why is God's name did you do that to yourself?" Vegeta asked. Though his voice was firm, it was quiet, and somewhat gentle.

"Why'd you take that attack?" she countered,

"Well, I wasn't about to let you die. I'd be hunted down and killed." She blinked,

"Why's that?" He laughed, though it was somewhat bitterly,

"Well, people don't like guys who just let Angels die Serena." Serena could feel the blush creep to her cheeks.

"W-what did you call me?" Vegeta smirked.

"What? You can give me a nickname but I can't give you one?" Serena blinked for a moment, registering his words, and then gasped. Vegeta's smirk grew. "When did you come up with Veggie-chan?" he asked. Serena was silent, "Kind of affectionate isn't it?" he teased. Serena's face was beat red.

"Shut up." Serena spat, though her smile ruined the affect.

"We'll leave you guys alone now!" Chi-Chi called, dragging Goku out of the room, though he didn't seem to know why. Vegeta glared as Chi-Chi winked at him, though, it was hard for him not to smirk. 'God, I really am getting weak.' The thought disgusted at himself, but the moment Serena spoke, that feeling washed away.

"Why did they leave?" she was as equally confused as Goku was. Vegeta smirked down at her as she watched in confusion as they left. She blinked, blue eyes wide. He couldn't believe it. He had almost lost this innocent angel, TWICE! She could have died fighting that demon. Of course, Goku and himself would have had a better chance to protect her if Chi-Chi and her hadn't gotten in that fight. They wouldn't have even left. And the fight was over Goku and Vegeta too. He had to admit though, the blasts he took hurt like a bitch. Then that ki dagger! He had to wonder WHAT he had been high on. 'A certain blonde-haired, blue-eyed angel'.

Vegeta blinked, and then growled to himself. 'God, what is wrong with me?' He felt like pouting. Like sitting down and whining for hours, but he wouldn't. He'd kill himself first. Serena was still staring at the door, awaiting their return. He chuckled lowly; un-hearable. She was so naïve. He wasn't though. No, far from it. A familiar feeling overcame him.

Since he had been freed from Freeza's bondage, he hadn't dared become close to anyone. He didn't want to, he saw no need. Humans weren't much to speak of. They were weak. His only opponent on this planet was Goku. That wouldn't be though if Frezia hadn't killed all of his people. It had nearly killed him. They respected him, admired him. He was their prince, and he ruled them all.

Only one man didn't treat him with respect, and that man was the man whom had taken away his life. At a young age, Vegeta had power and strength given to him on a platter. Being Saiyan-Jin, this was an important thing. But when his father had given him to Frezia, he had been confused. He wondered why he had been treated such. The beatings did strengthen him, he was thankful for that, but the touching? What he did to him. He couldn't find a reason for it. It wasn't until he met Goku did he finally learn it wasn't right. He had always been intelligent, but that one thing he just couldn't place.

He supposed it was that, that was what had isolated him. Yes, that more so than the anything. He knew it had been wrong deep in his heart, but he played dumb so he wouldn't seem unworthy. Freeza told people he had begged for it, that he had wanted it. At 11, he really began to hate what was happening to him, and began to Use his powers. Yes, he had fought, a lot. And he had killed, but only at Freeza's command. He began to fight more fiercely, no longer ending brawls with a draw.

He killed them instead. When he felt dirty, he made people suffer. Before, he had scrubbed himself until he bleed, trying to get the dirty feeling to go away, but it didn't work. After awhile, he found people thought he was like Freeza-homosexual. It took a few hours for Vegeta to comprehend the word in their terms.

So, he tried to prove them wrong, but in his first experience with a woman, he got scared. He didn't know what to do, and from the vague idea he had, he really didn't want to. So he killed her. He felt even dirtier afterward. Around 17, he didn't worry about that anymore, and focused on his training, and becoming more powerful. He figured he'd become stronger, overcome every world and all their people, and then, when Frezia didn't expect it, turn on him.

When Goku came by, that had changed. Not only did he prove that Vegeta was only as strong as his talk; he succeeded in doing what he couldn't. He couldn't have beaten Freeza. Goku could though. Goku knew more about him than anyone. He had actually seen him crying. It made him sick. He had felt weak, and to this day, regretted it. Goku probably thought he was a weakling. He probably mocked him.

Everyone probably knew about his break down. It made him want to kill. That had been how he'd lived since he made Earth his home. He'd wanted to become stronger than Goku, and punish him for the humiliation. Loosing his planet didn't really bug him as much after that. His destiny was to be stronger than Goku.

Though, there was another situation that got to him. It was a little more personal, and or, embarrassing. Frezia had ruined his life in everyway possible, and though he was now free from him today, what happened still affected him. Some were obvious: His coldness, blocking himself away, Craving for blood. Not all of his rage was natural Saiyan-Jin behavior. In fact, it was common that Saiyans would associate much like humans.

At least, that's how it used to be. Sure, there was the everyday, 'I'd rather rip your guts out', but still. Battling and killing was normal, but Freeza made it uncanny, by far. The effect Freeza left on the planet Vegeta was first simply hatred, then destruction. Frezia had done worse to him though. There was but one thing that had really tortured his soul. He never really had wanted a relationship, but not only did what Frezia did to him make sexual intercourse a rough area, but Frezia had made it known that because he was the last Saiyan left, their would be no female with the right passion to complete him.

Vegeta had no idea how Chi-Chi managed to keep Goku. Maybe it was because of his different background. Goku was not only brought up an idiot, but with kindness-in a sense anyways. Goku has brought up as a human, was the gentle type, plus, Chi-Chi was quite, um, feisty. Vegeta, though, needed that satisfaction. He had thought simply giving sex a try again was hard enough, but finding that no one couldn't fulfill him. He desperately didn't want Freeza to be correct, but he was.

Serena knew about his passion to defeat Goku, but nothing about the pain that had been inflicted on him to interrupt his sex life. The importance of this was something called Bonding. All Saiyans were familiar with it, even Goku. It entwined the souls for eternity. That was completion. In a sorts, like Nirvana.

Frankly, he could take any woman he wanted. Serena would be one of the few he would choose, but he didn't want that. He didn't want that for three reasons. One: It would never give him completion. Two: He was afraid of knowing Serena's only imperfection. And Three: He would never want to do that to her. She was innocent; An Angel, His Angel. He didn't want to lose that.

Out of nowhere, he spun her around, and held her against him, wrapping his arms around her. She gasped, stiffening as he buried his face in her neck, indulging in her warmth. 'I almost lost her.' Those words, and the scene with the demon, and her lying in his bed, replayed over and over in his mind. The thought sent a chill running down his spine, and his knees gave in. Serena felt it, and as he sank to his knees, it forced her too as well. This scared her. He'd never done this before.

"What's wrong? Veggie-chan, are you alright?" Alight? No, he was far from it. He was shaking. 'She could have died. I wouldn't be holding her now. I never would have again. There's still a chance I could loose her too. There's one more demon left, and an entire race. Will she leave me? I'll never let her. If it means my life, I will never let her.' The thought of her leaving him was putting him through shock. He was shaking uncontrollably, and he wouldn't let her go. "Vegeta? Please? Ouji? Prince?" he heard her beg. "I won't call you Veggie-chan anymore if it upsets you. I'm sorry. Vegeta-sama?" Vegeta laughed lowly.

"I could have lost you..." he trailed. Serena gasped when Vegeta lifted his head up, roughly grabbing her shoulders, and pulling her face to nearly touch his. "Are you stupid?" He demanded, enraged, "Damn it, why did you do that to yourself? Did those books Chi-Chi gave you teach you nothing? A human needs sleep and food if you really need to be told!" He yelled. "You little... bitch, you could have died!" He didn't know what he was saying, but he could feel his rage building toward her, though, it was different.

He brought a hand to the small in her back to hold her close to him, and then place the other on her face, brushing her cheek. Yet, he continued to yell. He looked ready to kill, "Wasting away just so you can cry and try to get me to wake up! You're an idiot! A God damned idiot!!!!" He pulled her close to him again, so she lay against his chest, her face peeking over his shoulder. He didn't mean to, but he was straddling her, causing her legs to fall asleep, but she said nothing. She didn't respond to him either. His arms were fully wrapped around her back and waist. He didn't seem like he was going to let go either.

"I-I'm...sorry." Serena choked. She was trying her hardest not to cry. But gasped when she felt a tear on her shoulder. She abruptly forced herself away, and low and behold, a tears streak adorned his cheek. 'Wonderful, now she knows that I'm weak.' He thought regretfully. After all of these years, it was now he chose to cry again.

Though it was but one tear, to him, it was sickening. So, he was abruptly taken aback when she smiled. "I'm sorry," she said, tears forming in her eyes. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." She whispered, and then adjusted herself in a bowing position, though tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She kept repeating it over and over. Vegeta felt guilty. She was crying because he had yelled. He gulped, knowing he had to do something. He did the only thing he could think of. Lifting her off the ground, he pulled her onto his lap, this time, her straddling him.

"Stop it." He ordered, once again sharing warmth with her. She obliged. He had to say it. Though this time, he couldn't yell. It wouldn't be an easy task. "I...ah...just...well...I don't." It was impossible. Saying these kinds of things wasn't his style. Serena knew what he wanted to say, and knew it was hard for him, but he could do it, and maybe it would help him a little. Vegeta took in a big breath, and then spoke...very quickly, "I just would never want to see you hurt." He said. Serena smiled, nodding. She then responded to his embrace. He had to admit, whatever had just happened was strange, but he wasn't about to protest. They sat there for a long time. No, he would never let anything happen to her ever again.

Chapter Eight: A Heated Little Friend


Darkness. He held out a hand, but only stale air slipped through his fingers. He shivered. The air was stale; it almost tasted stale. He didn't like it.

"You can't keep her you know." Vegeta whirled around, nearly knocking into a face-less woman, with long black-green hair, and a strange black fuku, similar to Serena's, but not quite.

"She belongs with us." He once again nearly ran into someone as he spun again on his heal, though this time, it was a face-less man, dressed in black armor.

"Who are you?" Vegeta demanded, gritting his teeth at the man. He only smirked.

"Serena doesn't belong to you. She is mine." He snapped, and then faded away.

"She belongs with her people. You are ruining her life." The woman sneered, and then faded as well. Vegeta was taken aback. Him? He was ruining her life? How? What is this suppose to mean? Who were those people?

Vegeta snapped up in bed, panting, sweat dripping down his face. His eyes searched the room, trying to understand where he was. He sighed, realizing it was just a dream. He raised a brow at himself. 'What was that?' he asked. He shook his head. Since Serena had awoken, he had been paranoid. Rolling his eyes at himself, he took a glace at the clock. 3:30. He might as well get up.

Sighing, he pushed away the sheets, and stood, heading for the bathroom for a glass of water. As he was walking though, he noticed and strange added weight to his behind. He tilted his head, peeking behind him. He was surprised to find something he hadn't seen in a long time. A brown, furry tail! His eyes went wide; as he waved the object about, and curled it around his waist, then back off again, just to make sure it was real. He had his tail back! He blinked, and poked it. Yes, it was real all right!

He grinned to himself, almost proudly. When a Saiyan lost his tail, half of his or her power was cut. He had been quite depressed when he had lost it the first time, but now, it was back! He smirked. 'Ha! Wait 'til Serena finds out I've become stronger! She'll be quivering in fear!' It was funny. For once, Goku didn't enter his mind. Normally, he'd be psyched, because now, he should be strong enough to defeat him! But the thought never entered. He just wanted to show off for Serena. Vegeta again poked at the furry little thing. He had his tail back! He smirked to himself, and took his water back into his room, sitting down.

"VEGETA!" His smirk immediately faded. He dropped the cup, leaving it to soak the carpet, as he ran out of his room, and through the halls of Capsule Corps. He didn't bother knocking on her door. Hell, he didn't even open it. The door was mere dust as he ran through it, and it fell into a million pieces. Yet, he didn't consider it. His eyed widened in horror. Serena shrieked, hopping back at forth, and swatting at the millions, hell, billions of spiders coming at her. Vegeta couldn't believe it. They were everywhere. On the floor, the walls, the ceiling; EVERYWHERE. He snapped out of his shock, and floated into the room, immediately picking her up, and speed out of the room, yet, as he carried her passed the door, all the spiders stopped moving, froze, then, simply faded away. He set her down,

"What was that?" Serena didn't answer, she was still shaking.

"I...hate...spiders..." she whispered. Vegeta nodded, and then stared down at her, crying into his t-shirt. He sighed, and lifted her up, taking her back inside her room. He set her down, and then looked around.

"Strange..." he murmured. He shrugged, and then turned back to Serena, only to find her asleep. He raised a brow, and then shook his head. "You are a strange one." He mumbled as he pulled the covers up over her. He patted her head, then exited the room, yawning. As he returned to his room, he glanced at the clock. "...It was a dream." His logic was stupid, and didn't make sense, but it would do. He was much too tired for this.

Vegeta yawned, springing up, and stretching. He looked around the room, rubbing his eyes. The sun shone brightly through the windows, and the room was radiant. He squinted, his eyes adjusting to the light. He sighed, but then laughed to himself, remembering his dream. Rolling his eyes, he pushed himself off the bed, and dressed. He had to wonder, why Serena wasn't up yet. He shrugged, and made his way to her room, totally missing the fact that the door wasn't there. He peeked in, still sleepy. She was awake, dressed, but seemed depressed, and scared. He raised a brow,

"You okay?" he asked, leaning against the doorframe. Serena's head snapped up, and she nodded. He noted though, that unlike his room, her room was dark, and dreary. It wasn't right. Serena's surroundings were always cheerful. He narrowed his eyes in thought, 'I don't like it.' He thought to himself. Serena got up, and exited the room, but the second she was fully out; she stopped, blinking in confusion.

Vegeta also noticed the difference. Her aura changed somehow. They stared at each other, blinking. Then, she smiled, and bounded off happily. Vegeta shrugged. Hell, she was happy, so whatever it was couldn't have been a big deal. He followed after her, jogging to keep up. She headed outside, waving to the robots as she exited. They loved her, everyone did. Vegeta sighed, following still.

He didn't know what she was doing. They hadn't trained in a long time. She was still kind of weak. Her muscles ached, and though Vegeta wouldn't normally suggest rest, he was this time. He was being easy on her. At least, now-a-days he was.

Vegeta was truly surprised. The moment he had eased up on her, she went spastic. She flipped out, attacking him savagely; basically trying to beat the life out of him. He noted that she hadn't seemed to be acting normal, and in the middle of the intense spar, she had all of a sudden stopped, and apologize, claiming she didn't know what had come over her. It was truly confusing. In Vegeta's subconscious, he figured it was that 'puberty' thing that woman had said Serena would go through.

It was nearing midnight, and she seemed to be tiring. He watched as she ran across the meadow, and skipping up to a tree. She hopped into it, perching herself on a branch. He followed, though sitting down at the trunk. He uncurled his tail for the first time that day. It was then she took notice to it.

"What's that?" Serena asked, hopping down, and staring at it. She was on her knees, watching it move. He raised a brow, waving it around. She continued to follow it, and smirked when she fell on her back, batting at his tail like a cat. He brought it down to tickle her neck, and she giggled.

"All Saiyans have tails. Mine happened to have been cut off a while back." Serena considered what he said for a minute, and then nodded.

"Yes, I remember Goku telling me about it." He nodded, wrapping it around his waist again. Serena sat on her knees, still staring at it. "Can I see it?" she asked innocently. Vegeta raised a brow. He knew as well as anyone that handling it to roughly was EXTREMELY painful. He sighed, wearily uncurling it, and placing it in her open hand. She fell on her butt, crossing her legs, Indian-style.

She smiled to herself, running her fingers over the silky fur. Vegeta shivered. 'She doesn't know.' He told himself. He then wished he didn't either. Yes, handled roughly was quite painful, but handled gently was a different story. In fact, to a Saiyan, it was an, erotic spot of the body. Touching it with care was a sexual act.

Yes, he really wished she hadn't asked to see it. She petted the furry tail, her gentle fingers running through the fur. Vegeta tensed, shifting uncomfortably. Was this wrong? She didn't know, so it couldn't be. But HE knew. Did he want her to be doing this? The question replayed in his mind, but wasn't really considered. He was too lost in the feeling. She was fondling with him, and didn't even know it. He laid his head against the tree, groaning low, and closing his eyes. To surprise, he felt a weight on his legs, and opened his eyes, staring down at the back of a blonde head. She sat on his lap, still unknowingly pleasuring him. And now, with her rear end in a now very arroused spot of his body, it only made matters worse.

Yet, he was surprised at what she said next.

"Isn't a Saiyan tail a sensitive spot?" she asked. Vegeta blinked, then nodded,


"Battering it, beating it, etc, would cause extreme pain?" she continued her petting, following a specific rhythm, and hitting a tender spot. He pushed his back against the tree, fighting a groan.

"Y-Yes." He was in shock as she lifted his tail near her lips, her breath flowing over it and her hands moved lover down the tail. He gulped, his breathing becoming harder.

"But if it is handled the way I am handling it now." He sure didn't expect this, "It is a sexual action?" His eyes widened, and he stared down at her in shock.

"Y-yea..." She nodded. He had to wonder, how did she know? Kakarot? Gohan? Her hands came back up to the tip of his tail, and then went back down, her fingers ruffling through the fur. She knew what she was doing.

Serena leaned back against Vegeta, pressing down roughly as she sat between his legs, slightly rubbing against him. Her fingers ran through the fur of his tail teasingly, and then ruffled through it, and she gripped it slightly. Vegeta bit his lip, groaning. He reached up, gripping the base of her thighs tightly.

With one hand, he pushed her tightly against him. With the other, he traced over her leg, on the inside of her thigh, then over her womanhood. He reached under her training skirt, petting her panties slightly, then, carefully lifting the rim of them.

He couldn't take this. Vegeta groaned, shifting under her, and his hands sliding up to take her hands. They were silent, and motion less. He could fell blush trying to creep to his cheeks. That all had gone by so quickly.

Serena dropped his tail, and it fell to the ground. They still remained in that position, her hands in his, with her on his lap. Finally, he lifted her up, and wrapped his tail around his waist. They didn't say a word to each other as he carried her inside, and neared her room. What could they say? Something had happened in those few seconds-Something strange.

As they entered, he still had yet to notice the door. Yet, the moment he was fully in the room, he froze.

Something wasn't right; he could sense it. He shook his head, ready to leave, then turned around, and hurried to his room. Yes, something was wrong. There was no door. Instead, darkness had formed, and was beginning to surround them fully. Vegeta sighed, "Here we go again." This had to be the last demon.

He rolled his eyes as the darkness completely covered them. "Time for you to transform Serena." He mumbled, and then stared down at her confused face. From his pocket he pulled a locket and focused his life energy on it.

Serena's pupils faded, and her transformation began. She became Sailor Moon. They took stances, but were taken aback. Instead of a demon, it was spiders. Millions, like before, intent on the kill. Both prepared attacks, but they were taken by surprise again, when the spiders released a fume. Vegeta and Sailor Moon were knocked unconscious.

Chapter Nine: Serena's New Friend!

Vegeta groaned, his eyes fluttering open. Boy did he have one hell of a headache. His eyes snapped open though, as he heard the sounds of battle. He went wide-eyed.

"This ends here!" Sailor Moon yelled, charging at some creature. Vegeta forced himself the strength to look. Engaged in hand-to-hand combat, Serena, or rather, Sailor Moon, smirked.

"S-Serena?" Vegeta whispered. That was all he managed to say.

"Oh!" The monster scowled. Sailor Moon grinned, wholeheartedly.

"All right, your times up!" she called, "I've put up with you weirdoes for too long! You, my freaky enemy, are going down." She pointed for emphasis. "I'm the protector of the innocent. I stand for love and I stand for peace. As warrior of the moon and protector of Earth." She added a weak laugh, "Your dust babe."

"You bitch, you-"

"Shut up and fight." She said, and fired ki blasts at the man. He dodged most, but some singed his skin.

"Take this!" He shouted, throwing a ball of energy at Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon leaped into the air, dodging it easily.

"SILVER MOON POWER!" A White ball of light formed around Sailor Moon's fingertips, and heralded at the demon. He screamed bloody murder as the attack burned his body. Serena ran up to him, gripping his throat. She grinned down at the demon as her nails dug into his neck, and energy surrounded them. The energy sliced through his skin. The last of the brothers was in her clutch. Sailor Moon didn't care. She dropped the demon, and turned to leave.

"Look out!" Serena's head snapped to Vegeta, who was currently fighting his bondage, then she looked to the demon, but it was too late. Sailor Moon noted the shine of the blade at the last second, and tried to avoid it, but to no avail. While missing her heart, the thin, but sword-long blade went straight threw her gut. Serena froze, the evil task had done its damage. The bloody blade went in her stomach, and out her back. It hurt...Boy did it hurt!

Sailor Moon gripped the handle, falling to her knees. "NO Serena!" Vegeta couldn't believe it. He'd let it happen again. Again. He began to shake, and glared at the demon as he made his move for the kill. Vegeta couldn't contain it. His guilt, his pain, his love. It was too messed up.

He hollered out in anger, jumping easily to Super Saiyan. Without a second thought, he charged at the demon, gathering up all his energy, and blasting an attack at it.

The demon snapped to attention just in time to catch Vegeta's fist.

"So, you escaped." He sneered. Vegeta growled, pushing his weight against the demon, and forcing him onto the ground, punching the life out of him. The last brother didn't let down though. He kicked Vegeta off of him, and got up. He fired a ki blast, one Vegeta barely blocked. He held out his hand in a 'stop' motion. The fire collided with his hand, and then disappeared. Vegeta growled, and then leaped in the air, his boot swiftly hitting the beast's forehead. It fell to the ground, yelping in pain and brushing the blood away from its head.

"Now, die." He growled, lifting the demon from the ground and smashing him into the wall. It attempted standing, but Vegeta gripped its neck, snarling at it. It smirked at Vegeta, and waved a hand slightly.

Vegeta hadn't notice the rather large audience. The hundreds of demons attacked him, attempting to end his life right there. The final brother stepped back, and watched as Vegeta engaged. It grinned, and headed over to Sailor Moon.

"Would you like to know what happened while you were sleeping princeling?" he cooed, kicking her body, making it harder for her to stand. "You pathetic little Princess. I really can't believe you destroyed my entire system, overcame all off my traps, and tried to kill ME." He said, and then lifted her by the back of her head. He laughed bitterly then directed the weak princess to watch as Vegeta gave it his all. Vegeta smirked, then laughed bitterly. He raised his arms, blowing many of the weak demons away, and prepared an energy attack.

He yelled out as it began to disintegrate most of the demons, and toppled over Sailor Moon and the final brother.

Vegeta radiated a golden light, and screamed out it rage. The demon shrieked as his power tore through one of his minions after another. Vegeta stared down at Sailor Moon, inching away from the demon. Vegeta snarled at the demon,

"You're a fool to try and fight me." He said. It was true too. He was much stronger than anyone else there. He prepared a simple blast, and released it.

Yes, it killed it. The world began to disintegrate back into Serena's normal room, and Sailor Moon dropped out of her transformation, back into Serena. Vegeta panted, staring down at Serena, his tail waving as he dropped out of Super Saiyan. Serena sprung from her feet, wrapping her arms around him.

"Vegeta! You beat him!" she yelped, "You defeated all of them! You saved me." Vegeta didn't respond. He tossed her over his shoulder, and headed for his room. Once there, he panted,

"Y-Your, staying...here so...I can keep.... An, eye, on...you..." he said. Serena blinked as he crawled into his bed. She shrugged, and did the same.

"G'night Veggie-chan." He heard her whisper. He sighed, and grumbled something or other in his sleep.

"VEGETA!" Vegeta groaned, stumbling out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist. He truly loved having his normal Serena around, problem was: she wasn't herself. He had to admit, there sparring sessions were a lot more fun now that they had equal, unimaginable power, but he began to wonder if there would be any senzu beans left in this world after she got off this whole changing thing. One minute, she wanted to train, the next, to pout, then she wanted to play a game, then out of nowhere, she wanted to kill him! It was confusing.

It had been four weeks since the final demon incident, but she still slept with him. Not for protection anymore. Of course, that WAS his excuse. Vegeta stumbled into his room, staring at Serena, curled up on the bed. He raised a brow at what he saw, and then began to laugh uncontrollably. Serena frowned, hitting him over the head, but it did no good. She pouted.

"Veggie-chan!" she screeched. He laughed a little longer, but did eventually calm down.

"Chill, it's just a tail, now you have one too." He said, waving his slightly. Serena blinked for a moment, then turned around too look at it. She smiled, ear to ear.

"I have a tail!" she squealed. Vegeta nodded,

"No kidding." He sighed, and headed back for the bathroom. He was afraid of what would happen next.

Chapter Ten: Crimson Eyes

As the Moon kindles the night

As the wind kindles the heart

As the rain fills every ocean

On the sun, the Earth

Your heart will kindle my heart

Take my heart, Take my heart

Kindle it with your heart

And my heart cannot be

Kindled without you

With your heart, kindle my heart

Yes, she would occasionally hit a bad note, but her sweet voice paid up for that. Serena continued to hum her song to herself; unbeknownst to her Vegeta was listening. They hadn't done any serious training for at least a month. Vegeta hadn't entered the gravity room in so long either. His main focus was Serena, though he was the only one that didn't notice that.

Gohan and Serena were getting nearly straight one hundreds in Chi-Chi's classes lately, and Goku thought that they should celebrate it. Everyone agreed, though they knew he really just wanted the food. They were going to the beach. Serena didn't know yet, and Chi-Chi was coming over to take her shopping for a bathing suit.

Vegeta smirked, sneaking up behind her as she arranged some of the wildflowers she'd picked from the meadow that morning. He nearly laughed, avoiding the tail she waved so proudly. He remembered how she had told him how much she loved having Saiyan blood coursing through her. And she had shown her tail off so proudly. He was amazed at her interest in his heritage, his government, and his very self.

At her persistent request, he told her about Vegeta-sei, the royal family, his government's system, and any other details there were. He was even teaching her Saiyan-Jin language. She swore to him that if he left one thing out, she'd kick his ass to Jupiter. He had risen to her challenge, and by the end of the day, they were in desperate need of medical care.

His smirk grew, and, in a quick motion, created a ki blade, and put it to her throat. She gasped, as he whispered,

"So what are you going to do now?" She blinked, and then grinned, dropping to the floor, right out of his grip. He raised a brow, but then stared down at her, depleting the blade of its existence. She fell back, resting against his legs. He crossed his arms over his chest, frowning at her. She frowned as well, but then stuck her tongue out at him. He tried preventing the tug at his lips, wanting him to smile, but found it near impossible. Instead, he bent down, lifting her up from the waist. He held her so she straddled him.

Though it seemed sort of funny, it was more so affectionate. She didn't ask questions, just allowed it. He entered the living room, and sat down, placing her on his lap. She blinked. A bit confused, but shrugged.

"We're going to the beach tomorrow you know." He informed, shifting her slightly so he could lie down. She raised a brow, straddling him at the waist. She shook her head,

"I don't want to go." She said, and then leaned down to lie atop him, arms folding on his chest, pillowing her head, so she could stare directly at him. He frowned, arms behind his head. To be honest, he wouldn't mind seeing her in one of those bathing suits. He didn't have time to respond though, as Chi-Chi and Gohan entered the room,

"Hey you guys! I knocked, but no one answered, so I let myself in.," Chi-Chi explained, smiling. Her brow rose upon seeing their position, and she grinned. "Sere! Shopping time!" she squealed. Serena frowned, shaking her head,

"I don't want to go to the be-" She was cut short though. Vegeta pressed her head down, bringing her ear to his lips, as he whispered,

"We're going, so you're going shopping for a beach-suit-thing." He said, then, he faintly, just barely, kissed her neck. A blush crept to both their cheeks. He had done that a lot lately, but this time, forgot someone was there. Serena got up, sighing. Chi-Chi grinned, not wasting anytime, dragging her off into town to shop.

Vegeta frowned, as a cold breeze swept over him, reminding him of the loss of her warmth.

"Come on." Vegeta narrowed his eyes, his tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth in concentration. A very cute expression. Serena and Chi-Chi had left at 10 this morning, and promised to be back in an hour or two. It was 5 o clock PM. He thought 2 hours would be hard.

Needless to say, he was, quite bored. So bored, that he pulled out 4 sets of the adult dominoes, and began a pattern. There were ramps, spirals, diamonds, and mazes. Everything. Dominoes covered the entire 3rd floor. He stood, staring at his work so far, grinning proudly. He still had room, and dominoes, for more though. He snapped up when the doorbell rang, and flew over the dominoes, careful to not blow any wind on them. The doorbell rang again,

"I'm coming!" he cursed, then opened the door. Goku stood waiting. He furrowed his brow, "what?"

"Well," Goku began, "Since Chi-Chi and Gohan left, I got bored, sooooo, I came over here!" he said with a grin. Vegeta stared at him. Just stared. Then, walked away. Goku blinked, staring at him through the door.

"Well, are you coming in or not?" Vegeta bellowed to him. Goku nodded, though Vegeta couldn't see it, and hurried in after him. Then after he'd already gone into another room, he turned around back to the door to close it, and then once again went after Vegeta.

"So, what were you doing?" Goku asked, following him up the stairs to the third floor. He didn't speak until they reached their destination, and Vegeta pointed. Goku's eyes went wide. "Wow! That's awesome!" He grinned, that childish glint in his eyes brightening even more. Vegeta rolled his eyes, and then began to fly to where he left off, grabbing Goku by the collar on the way. Unfortunately, Goku accidentally knocked down one of the dominoes. They watched as all the little black rectangles fell in a pattern, all the way to the first one put up. Goku went white, "Uh," He grin sheepishly, somewhat worried about Vegeta's reaction, "Sorry 'bout that!" he exclaimed, then looked to the Saiyan Prince. Vegeta just stared for a minute, and then shrugged.

"So what do you want to do?" he asked, crossing his arms. Goku blinked,

"You're not going to yell at me?" he asked. Vegeta smirked,

"What? You want me to Kakarot?" he mocked. Goku shook his head,

"Nah, it's just...ah...never mind." Vegeta rolled his eyes, and then headed back downstairs. Goku followed, wondering if he should ask what was plaguing his mind. He drummed his fingers together, until he was ready to crack. He did.

"What's going on between you and Sere?" he demanded. Vegeta's eyes went wide, and he shook his head. Goku crosses his arms over his chest, "Yeah right," he mused. Vegeta once again shook his head. He was worried that if he spoke, something he didn't want to come out might. Goku frowned, deeply. "Come on! You like her!" he stated.

Once again, he shook his head. Goku growled angrily, and, much to Vegeta's surprise slammed his head into the wall. Whipping blood from his mouth, Vegeta got up, glaring at Goku, before returning the favor in double. Goku didn't respond to it though. Instead, he went into a hand to hand strength match, "You, like her, right?" he said as the battle commenced, and they struggled with each other down the hall,

"No, she's...my student and I her sensei, end of story." He lied. Well, to her, maybe that was it, but not to him.

"R-right..." Goku glared at him, using all his strength to pin him to a wall, "You love her don't you?" Vegeta's breath stopped, and Goku nodded, "Don't you?" Vegeta didn't answer, he couldn't. He never would. Goku might know, the world might know, but Serena didn't and she wouldn't. Vegeta didn't want her to know. He didn't want to know. He didn't want anyone to know of this weakness. The thought was pathetic.

"Veggie-chan!" Serena's voice rang, along with the slamming of the door, and the pounding of her running feet on the floor. Goku pulled away, with one last statement,

"She deserves to know." He said, and then walked away, bidding a farewell to Serena as they passed each other, and leaving.

"Damn it girl, hurry it up!" Vegeta yelled up to the blonde. They were late now.

"I'm not coming down!" Serena hollered, the disappointment obvious in her voice. Vegeta sighed, and began to walk upstairs,

"I'm coming in!" he threatened, pounding on her door.

"Vegeta, please, I don't want to go!" she begged. Vegeta did as promised; he blasted through the door, and swept Serena in his arms. She was ready, all with bag in hand, but she was wearing a robe, to cover her scars.

She objected the whole way, pounding on his chest, and kicking and screaming. He ignored her. Finally, they reached the designated spot, were the other Z-Senshi were. He was left with a few red marks and scratches, but besides that, her protests had done nothing for her.

He landed, and then took a seat in the sand, away from everyone. Serena fell to the ground, pouting. Vegeta stared at her for a minute. Normally, he would be the one whining about having to go somewhere with the Z-Senshi. But, this time, he couldn't. She was ashamed about her scars; that's why she didn't want to go on this one. He really didn't know why she felt the way she did about her scars. His eyes skimmed over her form. She was beautiful. Everything about her was. Everything.

He sighed, then got up, and ripped her crossed arms away from her chest, untying her robe, and pulling it off of her, himself. "What are you doing?" she demanded, trying her push his hands away. Instead, he took her wrists firmly in his, and looked straight at her. She was shocked. It was rare he'd use force against her unless in was in sparring. He was sick of this. He looked over her, and she blushed, but then frowned in disappointment. "Vegeta...please don't. I don't like the way I look, and I'm sure no one else does...please?"

She knew better than to object to his wishes, but she couldn't help it. Tears were forming in her eyes. At this point, Vegeta was glad no one had taken notice of them yet. He studied her, up and down. Long slender legs, perfect size waist, and hourglass figure. Her breasts were perfectly formed. She had creamy soft skin, and crystal blue eyes, and a sparkle that any star would envy. And the scars, they were a symbol of strength. She was a warrior, and a survivor. She was strong.

"Please Vegeta," she was looking at him now, though with tears streaming down her face. "I don't want them to know how ugly I am," he frowned, deeply, and then, to her surprise, growled at her. He released her wrists, and pulled her against him, so she sat in between his crossed legs, her own lying lazily at his hips. She gulped, feeling his breath against her neck. It set a chill down her spine.

"You're not ugly," he whispered. He took another breath. He'd never done this before.

He suddenly realized that since that day Serena had fallen from the sky, a total wreck, his life had taken so many new turns, he'd experienced so many new things. He was doing things he wouldn't normally do, and now, it didn't disgust him. He always believed Goku was weak because he was carefree, because he was happy, because he loved. Yet, Goku was stronger than him. Goku had done things he couldn't.

Why bother now? He asked himself. Yes, he wanted to beat the shit out of Goku. Yes, he wanted to be the strongest man alive, but now, he wanted this for one reason. Serena.

He had swallowed his pride many times when it was just he and she. Why not again? The thought of that weakness did terrify him, but it was Serena. His angel. "Serena...You are beautiful," he said. Serena looked up at him, shocked as her eyes met his, "You're the most beautiful woman, I've ever met. I don't know why you feel ashamed about the scars." The summer heat beat down on them, and Vegeta pressed his forehead to hers, eyes still locked, "To me, they add to your beauty."

Serena licked her lips, a small smile forming. Vegeta gulped, his tails reaching out to entwine with Serena's as she wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug. She nuzzled softly into his neck. Vegeta sighed to himself. Now this he liked. The cool feel of her skin in this heat against his, it was priceless. Her hands fumbled with his hair as Vegeta leaned his cheek softly into hers. Their breathing was steady as her chest rose and fell with his.

There it was again. Vegeta's lips itched. He closed his eyes briefly, lips brushing over Serena's skin. Her lips were so close.

Vegeta's eyes snapped open, and he blushed bright red, 'I'm crazy! I'm fucking crazy!' he cursed at himself, drawing back. She tumbled a little, and into the sand-just as everyone took notice to them. As they approached, Serena asked softly,

"You mean that? You promise I'm not ugly?" she needed the reassurance one more time. Vegeta nodded just as Goku bounced happily over. Everyone followed, but their eyes immediately landed on Piccolo, who had no-doubted been the victim of Goku and Gohan, for there he was in a pink swimming suit, trying to pry Gohan away as he looked for his real clothes.

"Now that's ugly." Vegeta said, and Serena nodded dumbly.

The moment was disrupted though, as a dark portal formed in the sky above them. Vegeta abruptly pulled Serena away from the site.

The Z-Senshi noted it was well, and joined in a stance, ready to take on whatever it was. From its dark depths, appeared the form of a green-black haired woman, in the black Senshi fuku. Vegeta immediately remembered her from his dream, and pulled Serena closer to him. Serena barely noticed, because for some reason, those eyes, those crimson eyes, seemed chillingly familiar.

Chapter Eleven: Farewell Girl From Another World

Vegeta glared up at the black portal, unconsciously pulling the terrified blonde closer. He wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back, and laced his tail around her waist, holding her against him. No one would touch her if he had anything to do with it.

A pain crept up in her stomach at the simple shadow of the woman. She didn't know why, but it was simply heartbreaking looking up to her. The portal lowered, and she hopped out. She was a dark beauty. Any man would be insane not to get a good look at her. Master Roshi whistled to himself, Krillin nodded in agreement. Piccolo quickly looked her over.

Chi-Chi only glared, as did her son. And though the other men in the group did, though some momentarily, indulge in her beauty, those thoughts never once entered Goku's or Vegeta's minds. Goku was totally loyal to Chi-Chi, and though Vegeta wouldn't admit it, he knew that he only had eyes for the blonde trembling in fear in his arms, looking to him for comfort. The woman smiled kindly, putting their fears at ease. All except for Vegeta's.

"Please excuse my intrusion." The woman said, "I'm Sailor Pluto, Guardian of time and Space." She informed, "I'm here to collect the Princess of the Moon, Serena." She said. Serena looked her over, but then hid her face deeper in Vegeta's chest.

"What are you talking about?" Gohan snapped angrily, "Where are you taking Sere-sissy?" he asked.

"She isn't taking her anywhere!" Vegeta snarled, though his anger was not directed toward Gohan, but to Sailor Pluto. Anger flashed in her crimson eyes, and then disappeared.

"Serena?" Sailor Pluto held out her hand, and smiled, "Serena, I won't hurt you. All I want to do is give you your memories back." She said. Serena blinked at the woman, though noticed something. A tear had trickled down her tanned cheek. Serena felt sympathy well in her for the woman,

"What's wrong Miss Pluto?" she asked, stepping out of Vegeta's grasp.

"Serena!" he snapped, holding her wrist, with a near panicked look on his face. Serena smiled,

"Don't worry." She whispered, taking his hand in hers gently, and then dropping it, "I'll be fine." She headed up to the woman, "I'm Serena." She said, bowling respectfully. The woman smiled, as more tears fell down her cheeks. She bit down on her lip, looking away for a moment, before looking back with eyes streaming of tears.

"Can I hug you?" she asked out of the blue. Serena blinked, but then nodded, smiling. The woman, dropping her staff, wrapped her arms around the smaller Serena, tears flowing freely down her cheeks. "Oh Serena, you've gotten so big! You're a grown woman now!" she choked through tears. Serena giggled.

"Funny, you seem to know a lot about me. Did you know me before I was captured?" she asked. Sailor Pluto nodded,

"Yes, and see this?" she asked, holding out a glowing light. "These hear are the memories you lost Serena." She said. "I searched for so long, and I found them!" she said. Serena stared at the glowing light in awe, and then lifted her hands to grasp it.

"No! Serena! It could be a trap!" Piccolo interrupted, pulling Serena away, standing in front of her, glaring at Sailor Pluto. Pluto's eyes flashed for a moment, before regaining their natural cool.

"Piccolo! It's alright!" Serena snapped. Piccolo looked down at her, surprised by her sternness, "I have a feeling about it. We can trust her." Serena said. Piccolo, still unsure, mumbled a few choice words, and then stepped aside. Pluto smiled, holding the ball toward her. Serena smiled, though none of the Z-Senshi seemed to be quite sure about this. Serena grasped the energy, and was bathed in a white light, as was the Z-Senshi, and Sailor Pluto.

The air became hot, and the space had no real matter. They simply floated. Serena's eyes were closed, as voices erupted from the glowing ball in her hands. She gasped, her eyes snapping open, and she smiled at Sailor Pluto. Pluto returned the smile, and waved her staff.

Scenes played around her, for the Z-Senshi to see. They were of a beautiful Queen, and her daughter, known as Princess Serenity. She grew up knowing love and kindness, and fell in love with the prince of the Earth. But great destruction fell upon them, and their world was destroyed, and they were killed, but thanks to the Queen of their world, they were all reincarnated on Earth.

There, a girl named Serena was given the weight of being the Defender of Justice and Princess of the Moon. She was cursed with this for life. Since 14, she fought to protect people, weather she wanted to or not. Though the years, she'd made friends, lost many people, and found love. She found Darien, the reincarnation of the Prince of Earth. An image played of their first kiss as Serena and Darien.

Vegeta could feel his blood boil, but what was worse, his heart was shattered. She had a love. She was in love with another. It was right there. Tears wanted so badly to spill over, but he refused them. No, maybe it changed, maybe.

Though Serena had discovered he was dishonest with another one of her Senshi, Sailor Pluto. She had dealt with it for Renie's sake; for the sake of Neo Crystal Tokyo. But, at 17, she'd given that up, and fell to the ground crying. That was when it began.

A youma attacked, and she had used the silver crystal, and made a wish. It had sent her to another world, where she was beaten and tortured; the grueling scene of Serena worst experiences.

After 5 years, she killed the man whom had tortured her. That's when she made another wish, to die in a peaceful place. Unfortunately, the crystal didn't have enough power to complete that wish, and many of her memories were lost in time and space, for Sailor Pluto to find. Serena had blocked out all her warrior and princess sides until that point, though who had beaten the demons in her mind was still Vegeta.

Serena looked to Sailor Pluto in confusion.

"Why are you here now Setsuna?" she asked. The woman seemed shocked,

"Serena, we miss you! The Senshi, they're nothing without their leader. They constantly bicker! Neo Crystal Tokyo is fading Serena, Renie's nearly disappeared! Darien and the others have been searching for you for so long!" she exclaimed. Serena looked away, "Serena, come home. Your family is heartbroken, even Sammy!" she exclaimed. Serena giggled,

"Sammy, my annoying, bratty, lovable little brother." Serena couldn't prevent the tear the slid down her cheek.

"Sailor Pluto! Did you find her?" A voice called from inside the portal. Serena's eyes went wide.

"H-Hotaru?!?!" she exclaimed. The girl, seemingly around 19 or 20, with hair flowing down by her hips, and bright violet eyes, gasped. They stared at each other for a moment,

"S-Serena?" the girl murmured, and then shouted, lunging at her, "SERENA!" Serena advanced as well, at the girls embraced, both bawling their eyes out. Serena couldn't hold it back; she twirled Hotaru around, causing both of them to giggle insanely.

"You've gotten so big!" Serena yelped,

"You cut your hair!" Hotaru responded,

"I missed you so much!" they yelled in unison, and then embraced again. It then hit Serena. She could see all her friends again. Her family, everyone. It also hit her that Setsuna was there. Serena released her hold on Hotaru, and flung into Sailor Pluto's arms.

"SETSUNA!" The older woman immediately responded to the hug, wrapping her arms around her again.

"Serena," the woman began, "Come home. We need you, we need our leader. We can't survive without you." She confessed, "Please?"

"Please Serena! Come home!" Hotaru begged with pleading eyes. "We need you!" she exclaimed. Serena sighed, then nodded lightly,

"Alright." She murmured. Hotaru beamed, bouncing around in joy.

"What? You're leaving?" Gohan yelled, stiffening. He ran up to Serena, tears falling from his eyes. "You can't Serena! Please don't leave!" he begged, gripping her bathing suit. Serena felt the tears falling down her cheeks again.

"Gohan, I'm sorry." She said, "I'm so sorry, but I want so much to see me family and friends again."

"Because you have a boyfriend there?" he demanded. "We are your family Serena! We're your friends to! And you don't need that boyfriend! Vegeta loves you! I know he does!" the boy screamed, pointing out Vegeta, then fell to his knees, crying his eyes out. Pluto cast her eyes to Vegeta, a bit of regret playing in the crimson pools.

Serena leaned down, picking up the little boy, cradling him in her arms. She looked around at the Z-Senshi. They seemed baffled, hurt, and shaken. Serena carried Gohan to Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi sighed, and then flung her arms around Serena, crying.

"You're always welcome to come back Serena!" She exclaimed. Serena smiled, and returned the hug.

"Thank you." Piccolo obviously wasn't the type for a hug. He acknowledged her with a small smile.

"Good Luck princess." He mused, "I hope you return one day." She smiled up and him, and nodded, her ocean eyes swimming with tears.

"Sere?" Serena smiled down at Krillin, a bent down to his level. He wrapped his arms around her neck. He wasn't afraid to cry.

"I'm going to miss you!" he admitted, squeezing a little tighter. She giggled,

"Don't forget me!" she said, and released him. Gohan had wiped away his tears, and flung at Serena again, hugging her,

"Sere-sis, you got to come back one day!" he ordered. She smiled, and nodded. She pulled away, and kissed his forehead, he returned it, kissing her nose. She smiled,

"See you later sweetie." She whispered. She straightened, and looked at Vegeta.

He was staring at her, eyes wide. He didn't care that the savvier pain in his eyes was showing. Serena nearly broke into tears at the site. She walked up to him, looking at the ground; afraid he'd be mad.

Before she even got the chance to say anything, he was hugging the life out of her. She laced her arms around his neck, and their tails entwined. She was bawling her eyes out, but his face was emotionless.

After what seemed to be hours, they pulled away, and he handed her, her locket. She gripped it, tears falling. She didn't miss the fact that he was trembling. She looked back up at him, but was surprised when he kissed her forehead.

"I-um...Serena...I..." what was he trying to say? Not even he knew exactly.

"Serena! It's time! The portal in our world is going to close!" Hotaru called. Serena sighed, and then pulled away, but Vegeta snatched her wrist quickly as the winds of the portal lifted, spinning her around. Serena took a good look at him. He was so handsome. She'd known that since the day she'd laid eyes on him. He was kind, he was sweet, and he'd only show it for Serena.

"You've meant everything to me." He whispered, despite the winds of the portal blowing in their ears. "Never forget me. I'll never forget you." He said. Serena's eyes widened.

"Goodbye." She whispered, and then ran away, with fresh tears following behind her. The Z-Senshi watched in horror as Serena ran through the portal, Hotaru in tow, and they disappeared. Chi-Chi fell to her knees, and though Goku tried to comfort her, he to begun to cry. Gohan was already bawling, as was Krillin. Piccolo turned away, hiding his face. Vegeta didn't have a response. He just glared at Sailor Pluto, still standing there. Pluto sighed,

"Would you all like to see if she gets there alright?" she asked, feeling pity for them. They didn't seem to understand. She rolled her eyes, and then waved her staff, the portal become like a deformed TV. Inside, Serena and Hotaru were near the entrance toward their world. They watched as the two girls jumped in, and safely on their planet. Out of nowhere, Hotaru screeched.

"Serena! You have a tail! And, oh my god! Those scars! What happened to you?" she demanded, studying them worriedly. Serena giggled,

"Another time Hotaru." She said, "Let's go meet up with everyone!" she exclaimed. Hotaru nodded, and began to drag Serena along. They ran up to the temple, running into Chad and Rei immediately. Chad wasted no time in hugging the life out of her. Rei, however, was poking Serena before hand.

"Is it really you?" she asked. Serena nodded, grinning widely. Rei wrapped her arms around her, tears falling, "My god! Where have you been?" she asked. Serena smiled, and pulled away from her friend, studying her. Her hair was shorter, pulling into a ponytail too. Serena smiled, sighing. "Come on! We got to find everyone else!" she exclaimed. Rei quickly ran in to change from her robes and into a comfortable summer outfit. She also brought out a tee and shorts for Serena.

The three girls, plus Chad began to run to the arcade. Serena, noting Hotaru was straggling, lifted her onto her back, and carried her. Along the way, Chad took notice of her scars, and tail,

"What the hell happened to you?" he asked. Rei gave the same response.

"Another time." Hotaru and Serena said in unison as they reached the arcade. They ran inside, facing many shocked faces.

"Andrew! Mina! Lita! Ken!" Serena shouted, causing the four to whirl around in shock. Their eyes went wide, and they embraced their princess, flipping out. Serena found out in no time that Rei and Chad had wedded, as did Lita and Ken.

"Oh My god! Sere! A tail? And those scars!" Mina yelped, pointing them out.

"Another time!" Hotaru, Rei, Chad, and Serena said in unison.

"Haruka." Lita spat, "We have to see her NOW. She's been worried sick Serena." Lita said, hands gripping Serena's shoulder. So the team set off. They hurried down the streets, eventually coming by a school. Serena followed them in, and inside, Haruka was jumping hurdles, and Michiru was swimming.

"You guys!" Ken yelled waving his hand for they're attention. They perked up, and took notice of Serena. They stared for a moment, before soft smiles formed over their faces. Michiru immediately hugged her princess.

"It has been so dull without you." She said in that soft tone. Serena smiles thankfully.

"Oh! Haruka! Michiru! I've missed you ALL so much!" Serena yelled, calling a group hug. They obliged happily.

"Keneko-chan! What are theses from?" Haruka asked, signaling her tail and scars.

"Another Time!" Everyone said, save Michiru and Haruka.

"Where's Ami?" Serena asked. Rei sighed.

"Should we risk interrupting her?" She asked. Mina shot her a 'well duh' look.

"I really think this is more important than some silly brain surgery or whatever!" the blonde said. A series of sweat drops fell among the group as they debated over it. While Michiru and Haruka said there goodbyes for now, the inner Senshi headed down town to the Juuban hospital.

"She's working! Come on, let's go!" Rei yelled, pulling Serena by the wrist, all the Senshi and Senshi knights in tow. They came upon the hospital, and hurried in. On the way, they ran into Greg, whom faked their admission onto Ami's floor. Serena immediately caught site on the wedding ring.

"Ami!" Serena called out. Ami stiffened, and then turned, facing her old friend. Blue and blue clashing; they stared at each other. Ami was frozen in place, so Serena made the first move for the hug, and wrapped her arms around the now Doctor Ami Anderson. "You even have a PHD now huh Ames?" Serena whispered, "I guess I've missed a lot." Ami nodded dumbly, before wrapping her arms around her, and crying her eyes out.

"Your back!" she spit out, "I don't believe it!" she choked. Serena giggled through tears. Ami smiled, before pulling away abruptly. "Me and Greg got married!" she exclaimed, then touched her stomach, "And I'm pregnant!" Serena's eyes went wide, and then, she hugged the life out of Ami, hopping around happily.

"Oh my god I missed you all!" she exclaimed.

"Serena!" Greg yelped. Serena whirled around, but not in time to stop him for tugging on her tail. Serena yelled out in pain, punching Greg out of instinct. He was sent flying into the wall. The Senshi blinked, as Serena growled, griping her hind end in pain. Greg gasped, stumbling to his feet with spirals in his eyes. "That's a good Hit you got there Sere." He blabbed out, before falling onto the floor, out cold. The Senshi all turned to Serena, shocked. She blushed, drumming her fingers together,

"Well, it hurt!" she excused. Ami furrowed her brow, then pulled out a familiar Mini Mercury Data Computer, and pointed it at the tail. She gasped,

"This little tail contains so much power?" she gasped. Serena nodded, grinning widely. Ami frowned. "There's something different about you Serena. Your blood changed, your powers increased immensely, your strength multiplied! Even your very skin had new markings-wait! Those are scars!" she gasped, and then pulled out her glasses, studying them. "What the hell happened to you?" she demanded,

"Did those people in that other world do that to you?" Hotaru asked. Serena shook her head fiercely.

"No! No...well, you see." Serena continued on to tell he story, leaving out the part of her breakdown before the youma. They were in shock, and guilt washed over them.

"We should have been there to protect you." Lita quoted sternly. "But, Oh my god! You probably want to see Darien huh?" she gasped. Serena felt the fear well in her, but she smiled and nodded, for their sakes.

They had no clue how she felt as they walked down the street, Serena hiding her emotions as well as she could. They had to leave Ami and Greg behind, for their work WAS very important. Ami had tried to get away, but Serena insisted they'd have time for catching up another time. They walked down the street, reminiscing about old times, and Serena found out so much that had happened here at home. They turned another corner, heading toward the same school that they had found Haruka and Michiru.

"Yes, he usually gets out of the work around this time." Mina said, glancing at her watch. As if on cue, a familiar ebony haired man turned the corner, but was surprised to find the Senshi Sailors and Knights. He didn't notice Serena hiding in the back.

The girls giggled wildly, while the boys grinned. They stepped aside, and revealed their princess. She looked up at him, trying to smile, ocean eyes swimming with tears. He just stared at her, and she saw the disappointment in his eyes, and a sudden realization.

He grinned, ear to ear, though Serena saw it was phony. He embraced her, squeezing the life out of her. She realized something. She wanted to punch him, beat him, turn him into a boldly pulp. Then, leave, and go back to the other world, to live with the Z-Senshi. But she couldn't. They needed her here. So, she would play along, like she did 5 years ago. Darien leaned down, and kissed her. It was cold, and emotions less.

Vegeta stared into the portal, watching as Serena rejoiced after seeing her friends. She was happy, smiling and living her 'meant to be' life. He wanted her to be happy, he did. But, yet, he wanted her with him. He smirked wildly when she'd punched that guy for pulling her tail. But when that man, Darien, that nimrod that betrayed her, kissed her! Vegeta felt anger well inside of him. He gritted his teeth, clenching his fists.

"Vegeta? You okay?" Goku asked, placing a hand on the prince's shoulder. He responded with a good punch to the jaw, and flew off. Goku sighed, watching him leave. "Chi-Chi, should I go after him?" Goku asked his wife. She shook her head.

"No, he's vulnerable right now, and he knows it too. Don't push him, it will heal with time."


Well, THAT, was Saga One: Girl From Another World