A/N: Warning...not really...but there is some major fluff in this chapter. I've been uber depressed since the finale and I've been going on a fluff splurge. If I can't have them together on the actual show, then this is where I'm going to get it! So, some super fluffy stuff is ahead. But, this is the last chapter for this story. As always, let me know what you think! Enjoy!


6 months later

"Can I help you find anything, sir?"

Booth let out a big sigh and looked up at the saleswoman.

"Can I take a look at that one?" Booth asked, pointing to an object in the display case.

"Wonderful choice, sir. That's a platinum band with an emerald-cut diamond," the saleswoman told him.

"Dad, Dr. Bones'll love it!" Parker shouted.

Booth looked down at his son. "You're sure, Park? You really think she'll like it?"

Parker nodded vigorously. "She'd love whatever you give her. I just like that one the best. It's pretty but simple. You know Bones likes simple."

Booth smiled at his son and nodded. "You're right, Parker." He nodded to the saleswoman and she boxed up the ring for Booth to pocket.

The Booth boys exited the store and discussed ways on how Booth was going to propose.

"Should I just flat out ask her? She likes being direct you know," Booth told Parker.

"I know! But maybe you should do my idea. All girls, even Bones, like that romantic stuff," Parker informed him.

Booth laughed at his son's insights. He may only be eight years old but he sure knew what he was talking about when it came to women. He was definitely a Booth.


Brennan woke up the next Saturday morning alone. It was strange now. Booth had moved in almost two months ago and she always woke up next to him. Rolling over, she found a note on his pillow.


Parker and I went for a jog. We'll meet you at the Jeffersonian for lunch. Parker wants to go to Sid's.

See you soon.

Love you,

Booth (and Parker)

She grinned. It was fantastic having Parker here on Booth's weekends with him. They had converted the guest bedroom into Parker's room and it was wonderful knowing the boy was right down the hall. Brennan loved him like he was her own and Booth loved that.

Brennan took her time and made it to the Jeffersonian just before ten that morning. She knew she could get some paperwork done while she waited for Booth and Parker to pick her up.

She entered the lab and marveled at the silence in the normally noisy lab. She was oddly unobservant that morning, however, not spotting her partner and boyfriend and his son watching her from Angela's office.

Brennan saw something was different in her office when she was approaching. The door was already propped open. She made a habit of locking it when she left for the night. Brennan looked around her again, looking for any signs of life in the empty lab. She walked slowly to the door and peeked into her office. There vases of daisies and daffodils covering every tabletop surface in her office.

Brennan grinned widely and upon seeing it, Parker gave Booth a quiet high-five.

She entered her office and it smelled of the fresh flowers.

But something else was out of place. The fully articulated skeleton she normally had on its stand in the corner of her office was sitting in her chair, facing the computer, hands on the keyboard.

She chuckled at this, knowing this had to have been one, or both, of the Booth boys she was now living with.

Brennan set her bag down and went to move the skeleton to the couch, planning to move it back to the stand later. But she noticed there was something different about the skeleton Parker had so humorously named Gretzky.

There was the ring, perched on the left proximal phalanx of the fourth finger, the ring finger. Brennan slipped the ring off the model skeleton and stared at it intensely. The more time she spent with Booth, the more she realized how serious he was about never leaving her and how marriage could be a good thing, despite the anthropological reasons why humans weren't meant to be with just one person for the rest of their lives.

She spun around, on a mission to find where Booth was hiding in the lab, but stopped short when she saw someone in the doorway.

Brennan was a bit surprised to see Parker standing there instead of Booth.

"So now do you believe him?" Parker asked. "I mean, he told me about the first time he asked you to marry him and you said no. And I get it. But now…I mean, come on, Bones!" Parker ran to her and wrapped his arms around her legs and asked, "Please?"

"Yeah, please?"

She looked up and saw Booth where Parker had been standing before. He looked calm, but quietly his heart had been racing.

Brennan looked up at him, then back down to Parker.

"Is it okay with you if I marry your dad?" Brennan asked the boy. Parker hugged her tighter. "Duh, Bones, I was the one who picked out the ring, so, yeah!" he said, like it should've been obvious to her.

Brennan looked back up to Booth. He nodded, indicating his son's truth. Brennan smiled at him and he returned it with a grin of his own.

"Dad, I think you're supposed to actually ask now," Parker prompted.

"Marry me," Booth blurted out, hardly acknowledging what his son had told him.

Parker and Booth smiled as she nodded and hugged him, Parker still clinging to her legs.

Booth kissed her, causing a loud 'EWWW' from Parker. Booth barely moved from her, resting his forehead on hers as he helped her slide the ring on her finger.

"You are awfully clever, Parker. I bet this was your idea, not your dad's," Brennan said, still looking at Booth but speaking to her future stepson.

He nodded happily. "Except the flower thing. That was his idea," he told Brennan. "Can you guys, you know, let go now? I'm hungry. Can I have a milkshake?"

Booth laughed. "I don't know, what do you think, Bones?"

She laughed too.

"Please, Mom?"

Brennan and Booth stopped laughing when they heard Parker address her like that. Booth nervously looked to her for a response.

But she just smiled. "Only if you share with me."