(A/N: A couple of quick things I need to make clear before you start this story. First, this is taking place after the neutral ending. Since Delta harvested a couple of the Little Sisters and killed most of the NPCs, Eleanor eats the remaining Little Sisters you find in the Little Sister Orphanage in order to boil the water of the ship. I'm assuming she harvest the Little Sisters not because she thinks that's what Delta is teaching her, but because there wasn't enough Little Sisters left since Delta harvested some of them.

Second, this is the first fanfiction I've written in awhile. The motivation for writing this really comes more from wanting to add another story to the Bioshock section and an urge to find out what happens next after the ending. My past track record with writing fanfiction is pretty bad, so most likely I won't be able to finish this. You have been warned.

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Eleanor looked at her hand. The long needle of her Adam Extractor glistened with the blood of Delta...her father. She could feel Father's memories shifting through her blood, flowing up where it settled into her mind. It was nothing more than a jumble of thoughts and ideas though. Eleanor had never taken more than a few memories from someone before, but with Father, she drained him completely of everything – even his suppressed memories from before he became her father, when he was still known as Johnny Topside.

It was no surprise that it would take a while to completely integrate with consciousness. Perhaps Father would form together as a separate entity, a voice in her mind. Perhaps she would only feel his instincts. Or perhaps- her heart tightened in pain at this thought-…perhaps this was all in vain and Eleanor would merely be stuck with a bunch of memories that belonged to someone else. Then she would be alone.


Eleanor collapsed to her knees, staring lifelessly at the dimly-lit sea. She was completely and utterly alone again. She had harvested the remaining Little Sisters- there simply weren't enough of them to boil all the water without using her body as a single focal point. Mother- No, Doctor Lamb was dead. She had let that stupid witch drown, damned be to her and her foolish ideals. And Father...

What was the point? Eleanor had more Adam in her body than any man could ever dream of- and stay sane. But what good was all this power when the wielder had no purpose...no motivation...no GOAL? Eleanor had dreamed for her years of escaping Rapture and now that she was here…

She just wanted to lay on top of this ballast next to Father's corpse and sleep forever and ever.


Eleanor let out a gasp as her a flash of pain radiated from her stomach. Something deep within her core seemed rumble angrily at the thought. It was like something had wrapped around her insides and was trying to squeeze all her blood out. She could feel her Adam rumbling under her skin, yelling one word.


Yes, yes, thought Eleanor. Father had given his life to save her. He had dedicated his entire body to giving her the freedom that she wished for. She couldn't let his sacrifice go to waste. She would survive like Father had. She would head to coast. She didn't know what she would do- but she would do what she needed to survive.

With one final longing glance at Delta's body, Eleanor leapt into the ocean and began her long swim towards the shore.

She didn't look back again.

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