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The next chapter would have been split up by a couple of fight scenes. There are now a large variety of new and even more mutated and grotesque splicers Both Eleanor and Delta are taken back by how much the splicers have changed such a short time. Most of the fighting is handled by The Man using very outdated plasmids to non-lethally take them down. His skill impresses the entire group. His sanity, on the other hand, does not. To the trio's horror, the Man often puts on different mask when he enters a fight. When he puts on the mask, his voice changes and he acts completely different. He even occasionally acts like a housewife!

As the group presses onward, Eleanor's condition continues to deteriorate, receiving more and more painful flashbacks. To Eleanor's glee, Marie wakes up absolutely depressed at how useless she is in each fight. To add insult to injury, the Hispanic girl doesn't have the strength to stand on her own legs so Eleanor needs to keep carrying her. Jack tries his best to keep her spirits up but every time his back is turn, Eleanor whispers insults to the girl. In Eleanor's eyes, Marie is the only barrier in her quest to for Jack's love, so the worse his daughter feels, the better her chances. Ironically, it has an opposite affect and motivates Marie to become stronger. Under Delta's advice, Eleanor lies and pretends that her vicious bards were really intended to get Marie out of her pity party. Marie seems to believe her and thanks her.

Eventually, they reach the Man's apartment. At this time, it would have been revealed to the reader that the Man is actually the playable character from multiplayer. This explains why all of his plasmids are out of date and his skin and body are in such bad condition. Jack comments on how he has so many audio diaries and masks collected in his room. The Multiplayer Man explains to the trio that he was a Diamond Club member of Sinclair's but now he's the only one left since he killed everyone else. His insanity has reached the point that he no longer remembers his own name. If he puts on the one of the mask of the deceased members, he becomes like them, mimicking their voice and their favorite phrases.

Multiplayer's apartment, of course, has many weapons. He allows the trio to stock up and even gives Marie his mechanized Big Daddy suit, the same suit that appears in Multiplayer Levels. Eleanor feels intimidated, as there are now two girls in metal suits. She hopes Jack recognizes her as the superior one.

Most importantly, Multiplayer has a special bathosphere, one that can evade the torpedos and survive multiple hits. When Eleanor enters it, she has another flashback. It turns out to be Naledi Atkins' souped-up bathosphere, the one that hit Eleanor in one of her flashbacks. It is then she and Delta realize that some of the flashback Eleanor is getting are actually Delta's old memories when he was Johnny Topside. Both Johnny and Naledi were divers and huge thrill seekers, and as such, grew very close before everything in Rapture went to hell. Delta quietly mourns his lost past but reassures Eleanor that he does not wish to change anything in past; being with her is worth it.

At last, they bid adieu to Multiplayer and head to the main city of Rapture. Left alone Mulitplayer reflects how he finally feels he did some good. With that feeling, he commits suicide.

To the trio's surprise, the radio inside the bathysphere turns on. Jack, feeling major deja vu from when he first came to Rapture so many years ago, picks up the radio. But, instead of Atlas on the line, it's Tenebaum!

The trio rejoice as the mother of the Little Sisters is still alive. Tenebaum too is grateful to hear Jack's voice again, and relays instructions on how to reach her hideout. She has about six rescued Little Sisters with her, but they can't leave since the torpedo system is online. Now that they have Atkin's super bathysphere, they can all escape Rapture. However, when Jack reveals that Marie and Eleanor are with him, there's a slight pause. Tenebaum replies that she doesn't know who Eleanor is and would like her to go through decontamination before getting close to her little girls. Eleanor is surprised at the request, but feels relieved Tenebaum doesn't know she was the daughter of Lamb...and the one who harvested her Little Sisters to leave Rapture in the first place.

They disembark and Eleanor enters the quarantine room. Immediately Delta realizes its a trap but it's too late. It turns out Tenebaum knows exactly who Eleanor is. The whole room is wrapped in electrical wire and Eleanor is fried to death.

Luckily her regeneration kicks in and she wakes up chained to a chair, her Big Sister suit stripped from her. Tenebaum and Jack are arguing about what to do with Eleanor. Tenebaum reveals how Eleanor harvested half a dozen Little Sisters to give her the power to leave Rapture. Jack is shocked, but to Eleanor's eternal happiness, he defends her vigorously, declaring that she has turned a new leaf. Jack's calm voice manages to convince Tenebaum to help Eleanor out.

When presented with Eleanor's condition, Tenebaum says the only solution is to extract the excess ADAM. Jack explains they already tried to do that but the poor girl had a serious adverse reaction to it. Tenebaum correctly guesses that Eleanor extracted Delta's essence and doesn't want to lose his memories. The German scientist reveals Delta's decisions in the game; he had killed Grace Holloway and Stanley Poole but left Alexander the Great alive and half harvested some of his Little Sisters. Delta, with Eleanor as his mouthpiece, fires back that Grace and Stanley were sane and knew what they were doing. Alexander, on the other hand, was anything but, so he spared his life in a similar way that criminals are spared if they please insanity. As for the Little Sisters, he only harvested what he needed. As he grew powerful enough to fight off the Splicers and save Eleanor, he rescued the rest of them. Of course, Tenebaum retorts that if Delta had rescued all of the Little Sisters, then Eleanor would have had enough Little Sisters to escape without giving herself all these crippling flashbacks and headaches.

Jack at that point intervenes, defending them again. Jack reminds Tenebaum that they both had to do some bad things to keep the ones they love safe. He references how he had to work with the government in the past to keep them from taking their girls. Marie, Eleanor, and Delta are all curious as to what he did but Jack does not elaborate. Tenebaum knows, of course. She tries to say it's different but Jack does not budge.

It's a moot point though. Tenebaum makes a deal with Eleanor and Delta; if the two of them kill Alexander the Great, then Tenebaum will use her equipment to extract the excess ADAM without removing Delta's essence. It turns out that the reason why the splicers have mutated so rapidly is they have actually been extracting ADAM from Alexander. Normally, this would be impossible. But Alexander's body has mutated so much that he has become like a giant human ADAM slug, purifying and generating fresh ADAM. If Delta cleans up the mess he leaves behind, Tenebaum will help them. Both Jack and Marie agree to help as well, since the last thing anyone wants is souped up splicers running around.

As the trio prepares to leave, Eleanor approaches Jack. She thanks him for his defense. Jack humbly waves it off, saying that he cares for her. Unfortunately, Eleanor interprets this as Jack returning her feelings and kisses him. Jack quickly breaks the kiss and explains he cares for her as a daughter, not as a companion. Eleanor, horribly embarrassed and heartbroken, runs off. Jack moves to follow, but Marie stops him and tells him she'll handle it.

To Eleanor's surprise, Marie approaches her and comforts her, saying she wants to return the favor since Eleanor helped her when she was depressed. Eleanor, feeling very guilty, admits that she really meant the insults she said before. Marie then admits that she knew Eleanor was trying to hurt her before, but it was only fair since Marie had been such a bitch previously. Marie then explains that as the youngest and least accomplished of all Jack's daughters, she had felt intimidated by how strong Eleanor was. She was, quite frankly, jealous. She was scared Jack was no longer going to love her as his daughter. Eleanor sympathizes, saying she too felt she was competing with Marie for Jack's attention. Together, they get over their differences and return to Jack. With all the tension and drama out in the open, the trio becomes even stronger and set out to kill Alexander.

It's not an easy fight. If they were to attack Alexander head-on, they would have to fight an enormous amount of souped-up splicers. So instead, the trio uses the bathysphere to land directly at Alexander's base. Even attacking from behind though is tough. Eventually, they succeed in killing Alexander and escape, using the bathysphere to return to Tenebaum's lab.

Tenebaum congratulates them and tells them she has prepared a new extraction process. They need to hurry though since the rest of the splicers are on their way to take revenge for the loss of their sole remaining source of ADAM. She tells Marie and Jack to get the little girls to the bathysphere while she helps Eleanor. She injects into Eleanor a minor sedative since the process will be quite painful.

Jack and Marie escort the six little girls out and Tenebaum begins extracting the ADAM. It is only then that Tenebaum reveals her deception. There is no method of extracting the ADAM without removing Delta's essense. Even if there was, Tenebaum does not care to search for it; Eleanor and Delta are two dangerous monsters that need to be killed. While they may pretend to do the right thing, the moment either encounters any resistance, they selfishly sacrifice everything around to keep themselves alive. Eleanor tries to stop her but realizes that the sedative is in fact a powerful paralysis. She can do nothing to stop Tenebaum from extracting all of her ADAM and Delta as well, leaving her weak and empty. Tenebaum walks away, leaving her at the mercy of the incoming angry splicers.

But when Tenebaum arrives at the bathysphere alone, Jack and Marie are furious at the deception. They are not leaving without Eleanor. After a brief fight, it's decided that Jack and Tenebaum will go and rescue Eleanor. Tenebaum will take the Big Daddy suit while Marie is to stay in the bathysphere and protect the girls. If Jack and Tenebaum fall, Marie is to leave without them. Tenebaum also hands off the tube of excess ADAM and tells Marie to destroy it. Marie is not happy but understands someone needs to be alive to bring the little sisters back to the surface.

Jack and Tenebaum reach Eleanor as the splicers are beating down the lab doors. Between the paralysis and the loss of her ADAM, Eleanor is too weak to be moved; they'll need to hold off the splicers until her condition stabilizes. So the two grizzled veterans of Andrew Ryan era of Rapture layer the rooms with traps and defenses, as they prepare for the fight of their life.

As the two veterans begin fighting off hordes of super splicers, Marie stews inside the bathysphere. She knows there are far too many splicers and that it's only a matter of time before Jack and Tenebaum are overwhelmed. She holds the vial in her hand, pondering how it's possible to have what makes up an entire man sitting in the palm of her hand. Suddenly she has an idea. She turns on the bathysphere and drives to another part of Ratpure, one she only barely remembers from many years ago.

Back to Jack and Tenebaum. Just as Marie predicted, they are slowly being overwhelmed despite their best efforts. The bodies are piling up at a chokepoint, but the splicers merely push them out of the way and attack without regardless to their own life; they have nothing left to lose at this point. It seems inevitable they will all die.

Suddenly a figure burst through from behind the horde of splicers. To Jack and Tenebaum's horror and surprise, it's the last person they wanted to see; Atlas. Marie had gone to where the massive body of Atlas lied and inject the excess ADAM and Delta's essence into it. Since it's essentially an empty shell, Delta is able to animate it and use its enormous power to exterminate every remaining splicers with extreme prejudice. With one last blast, Delta eliminates the last splicer in the entire city of Rapture.

Delta, of course, is furious at the Tenebaum's betrayal. He is about to kill her when Eleanor stop him. She pleads him to spare her, saying that the scientist was right about how selfish they have acted. The two of them been given a new chance, with Delta having his own body and Eleanor cured of her pain. Its time for them to start doing what is right, not just what's easy.

Delta agrees and allows Tenebaum to live. Together, they all return to the bathysphere. Before they leave, Delta goes to the enormous stockhold of torpedos and uses them to destroy Rapture. As they return to the surface, explosions rip through the underwater city and it finally crumbles to useless rubble. The dream and nightmare of Andrew Ryan is officially over. No splicers or technology remains; Delta makes sure of it.

When they return to the surface, each family decides to part ways. Tenebaum, Jack, and Marie will raise the six little girls they've rescued. Eleanor and Delta, on the other hand, will travel the world. They don't know what they're looking for, but they hope to eventually find their place in it. With heartfelt goodbyes, the group parts ways.

The epilogue shows Agent Sapper entering Agent Burningham's office. Sapper, hoping to impressive the legendary Burningham, has gone through the archives and old files and pieced together what he thinks Jack did for their agency. We still aren't told what it is, but it's hinted that there were some assassinations of key figures involved. Sapper ask if this is the reason why Burningham ordered him to not pursue Jack on the fishing boat.

Burningham is extremely impressed. It's not the reason why he ordered him off, but Sapper did a great job piecing together classified information. He admits that he didn't think Sapper had half the brains he just displayed. He's so impressed, that he'll show Sapper why they didn't pursue.

Together they travel to a secret underground lab. In there lies a body in a giant metal suit. It is Delta's old Alpha body. The ballast Eleanor had abandoned had washed up on to the shore and now the government is studying the Big Daddy. Sapper is very surprised and ask how soon they can expect results from the research. Burningham explains that the body is a complete mystery to them and it may be decades before they yield any results.

However, they found a very interesting piece of technology that could produce instant progress. He turns on a projector. Its shows footage of a dining room counter (where Delta picked up the camera and the game) and Sinclair's voice plays. "That thing is a miracle in techno-color kid. Works like a movie camera. Start the film rolling before you open fire on a splicer and then anything you hit him with tells you more about his DNA. Let's give it a dry run shall we?"

Sapper is skeptical. "It seems like movie magic." Burningham shrugs. He admits that he doesn't understand it himself, but the scientist assure him that it truly changes the genetics of the body. All they need...is test subjects.

Before Sapper can react, Burningham knocks him out from behind. He turns to a nearby scientist and tells him to use Sapper as the first one. The scientist reminds Burningham that there is very a low chance Sapper will survive. "Make sure he doesn't." Is all Burningham says, as he turns and walks away.

As Burningham returns to his office, he thinks about how unfortunate that Sapper needed to die. He wasn't lying when he was impressed with Sapper. It's just a shame that the young man wasn't smart enough to know when to keep his mouth shut. Still, if this camera could produce an army of the men that could do half of what Jack demonstrated in his brief contract work…

A vicious smile crossed Burningham's face. Things were about to get very interesting.

(A/N: Well, that's that. Sorry it took so long to post this, but every time I tried converting my outline to a readable format, I kept saying "Well, I've got everything planned out already, all I need to do is fill in the details." Then I would start writing the next chapter and give a couple days later. After 3 years of this, I understand now it's time to throw in the towel. I have officially abandoned this story. I always planned to end it on a semi-cliff hanger, but I never seriously entertained making a sequel. If I were, it would have centered around the government creating super soldiers using the gene camera. Perhaps they would have tried to capture Delta so they could study the ADAM in his body. It doesn't matter though since I will not be writing it.

I hope you guys enjoy what I had planned. If I could change anything, I probably would take out the whole Multiplayer Man thing. I added it because I liked the idea and I wanted to give Marie the Big Daddy suit from multiplayer. In hindsight, it destroyed the pacing of the story and added an unnecessary arc; if I wanted the suit, the trio could have just randomly ran across it. Oh well.)