Dear Otou-Sama:

Why must I suffer from the act of others?

Why is it that my best will never accomplish great things?

Are you listening, Are you even bothered?

I'm sorry I can't be what you've wanted in a child

I'm sorry I am not as strong or as capable as imouto-san

I wish I never had to call my family with such familiarities

I want your love

I need your love father

I'm too weak in the eyes of this prosperous clan

Whereas I am strong in the eyes of my fellow comrades

But father

Answer me, truly and honestly

Am I weak?

Am I a burden?

Do you love me?

Do I deserve to live?

I wish mother were still alive

At least she would have supplied me continuous love

Helped me to grow stronger

And helped me to become more confident

But why is it that you do the exact opposite?

If a person was to die for the person they loved

Would they be judged as weak?

Because, father, I'd die for you any day

With All My Love


A lone tear made its way down Hyuuga Hiashi's.

You see he had a daughter named Hinata and she died.

She died to protect him from harm and the void of death.

From the shinobi of kumogakure no Sato.

She died because she loved her father, even though he never showed his love to her.