She awoke to a pain in her left arm. She shot up in bed grasping for an arm that was no longer there. She scratched helplessly at the bandaged stump for a few moments before the nightmare washed away, leaving only the bitter realization, it was gone.

She was incomplete, in-whole, and utterly useless to her young master. Pathetic. She scrubbed away angry tears that had already sprung to her eyes. She is a warrior, had been a warrior. What good did she serve now? He should have left her to die.

She'd been so full of optimistic hope at the beginning of their journey. Hope that they would bring pride to their clan. Hope for moreā€¦ She would have followed Ling to the ends of the earth. She would have laid her life down for him.

She still would.

As useless as she was, as flawed, and ugly, she couldn't stop hide her devotion, even from herself. Let them take all her limbs and she would still follow him. Maybe she was a fool, maybe she was crazy. But no one said love had any logic to it.

A/N: Originally written for the secret ingredient 'Willful' at the monthly contest community Fanfic_bakeoff