I do not own Ben 10. The therapist said that I'm making progress! So again, I do NOT own Ben 10. Whew, I made it through the first step! Only 11 more to go… Lol! This is a request from Sky. Hope you enjoy it!


This takes place just before Kevin came in and smashed up Ben's computer in "Fanfiction." Second part:Is when Kevin had left Ben's(quite quickly I might add, lol) to go and see Gwen.

(The beginning)

Ring, Ring, Ring….


"Hey Gwen, it's Ben. Whatcha doin?"

Gwen sighs. "Doing homework on my computer, why?"

"Oh, whattya know, me too!"

"Ben, I highly doubt your doing homework. I've seen your last report card. Your probably looking up something pointless and stupid….. So get to the point as to why you called me in the first place."

"Fine…. Ok, so I was on the computer-"

"Yeah, we've established that! Get to the point Ben!"

"Right. Go to the Fanfiction website."


"Just do it!"

"OK, OK! Relax!"


Gwen was staring into space and mumbling something to herself over and over again. Apparently, she too found some disturbing stories on the trio.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god….."

Kevin who was already heated from his "visit" at Ben's house, figured he'd be away from this fan fiction business by the time he reached his girlfriends place. When he opened the door to her room, he was hoping to be greeted with at least a hello, or maybe even a hug. But judging from Gwen's current 'state', yeah, no such luck for the boy.

"Gwen? You ok?"

Gwen who was still mumbling to herself, finally realized that Kevin was next to her. His face full of worry. But she gathered her courage up and turned to the boy.

"U-um, yeees?"

The raven haired boy wasn't buying it.

"No, somethins up. What is it?"

All Gwen could do was move her monitor, so Kevin could view it. But the boy already knew from 'past experience' on where this was going.

"OH NO!…. I am NOT reading that crap again!"

Gwen finally spoke.

"What do you mean again? Did something happen over at Ben's that I should know about?"

Kevin got on the defensive.

"NO! Nothing!"

Gwen wasn't buying Kevin's argument either. She raised a brow in disbelief.

"Yeah, uh-huh."

Kevin decided that the only way to turn this conversation else where, and not to mention the awkwardness of the situation, was to cave in, and read yet another stupid story.

Kevin sighs. "Fine, just let me read it."

The teen swallows hard before setting his eyes to the computer screen. Gwen watches her boyfriend nervously, as she knows from experience on what the possibilities of his reaction could be. But the girl was still a little unsure. At this point, his reaction could go in either direction. She looks on, a bit on her guard.

Kevin's eyes move side to side as he was reading. He finally finishes and turns to Gwen, who seems to be chewing her nails as if it were bubblegum. The boy says nothing at first. Just stares at her, with no expression on his face. Gwen was starting to worry that maybe this was a bad idea.


Kevin still staring at her, says nothing. Then a huge grin slaps across his face. She new it, this was a very bad idea.

He clears his throat. "U-um, so…. I didn't realize you felt this way about Ben." He starts to chuckle. Sh-should I be worried or something? He chuckles a bit more under his breath. "I mean, I always knew that you and Ben were close, but-"

Gwen this time was on the defensive, she wasn't going to let Kevin get to her. She figured she would at least give her boyfriend a chance to defend her on this, but again, she knew better.

"Kevin -Ethan- Levin! How can you say that? You know that this is wrong, yet you sit there and laugh at it! I expected better from you!"

The boy couldn't help himself.

"What are you going to do? Leave me for Ben?"

Kevin continues to laugh, but he then notices that Gwen was starting to cry. He felt awful. She meant the world to him, and here he was making fun of her and the whole situation. The stories were hurtful. The boy knew first hand. Kevin was now trying to be sympathetic.

"Look, Gwen, I'm sorry. These stories…. are just that. 'Stories'. I never meant to hurt you, I- I really am sorry."

Just as the girl was about to give Kevin a piece of her mind, her phone begins to ring. She walks over to her night stand and picks it up to answer it. It was Ben.

"Hello…….. He did WHAT!…… Why?……."

Kevin watched her with curiosity at first, but then realized that he was in for it. He figured that the only person who usually calls Gwen, is well, Ben. He braced himself for what was coming next.

Gwen finally got off the phone with her cousin. She turned to Kevin. But her attitude had changed. No longer crying, she too had the same grin Kevin displayed minutes earlier.

"So……. I'm wondering…… If maybe I should be worried."

Kevin had already came to the conclusion of what she was talking about, but decided it was best to play dumb. It may get him out of this little problem of his yet.

"U-um. What do you mean?"

The red head wasn't going to back down on this. Here Kevin was giving her a hard time about her and Ben in the Bwen stories, so, she figured her revenge on the boy would serve him right.

"You know exactly what I mean, Kevin. You saw me just get off the phone with Ben. Don't play dumb with me. It won't work. After all, you just said that they were, 'just stories', right?"

Kevin didn't want this to go any further. It already went to far in his eyes.

"Look, I said I was sorry, Gwen! Please, can we just forget all this fan fiction stuff and move on? This whole thing is really stupid!"

Gwen still smiling, loved making Kevin squirm. It was pure entertainment for her. Making him nervous and scared always made her feel better when he would make her unbelievably mad. It -was- glorious.


Kevin wasn't sure he heard her correctly. He thought maybe he went deaf for a moment. She never backs down this easily.

"That's it?"

The girl smiles.


Kevin couldn't believe it, he was in shock. Never had she backed down this fast before. But he knew her all to well.

"This isn't the end of this is it?"

The girl grins even wider.


Kevin already knew she had a plan in her mind for his punishment. Turning his focus back to the girl he just had to ask.

The boy sighs. "What do I gotta do?"

Gwen smiles at her boyfriend. She was going to enjoy this. Every minute of it. Right down to the seconds.

"You have to give Ben a hug for a full 60 seconds. I don't mean a quick arm around him, and pull away. I mean a hard squeeze, a full blown hug. That's your punishment."

Kevin's eyes widen. "Oh come on Gwen! Why?"

She looks back at Kevin.

"You know why Kevin. And don't even think about getting out of this one."

Kevin lowers his head in defeat. He wasn't getting out of it, not this time. He wasn't even going to try. Never again will he make fun of his girlfriend. From now on, he vows to do nothing but support her…… and ……..smash every computer he comes in contact with.

There you go! I found it to be cute! I thought this is how Kevin and Gwen would react to all of this Bwen biz. I am not of fan of the cousin couple either. But again, its my opinion. And it wasn't written to offend the Bwen shippers. If you like Bwen, Awesome! You like what you like, and its fine with me!

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