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Kevin and Gwen were hanging out in Ben's living room. Sandra said that the boy was taking a shower, and he'd be out in just a few minutes. Kevin complained of course, because they were going on an actual mission this time. It was obvious, that the older boy felt the need to go and hit something.

But Gwen just rolled her eyes at Kevin, and told him to quit being such a baby, and to sit, and wait on the couch.

Well, that was about 25 minutes ago, and Kevin- was still waiting…

"What's takin him so long? I've got more important things to do than wait for Ben to beautify himself, or whatever the heck he does!"

Gwen let's out an aggravated huff.

"Relax Kevin. I'm sure he'll be out any min-"


The couple nearly fell of the edge of the couch on hearing such a girlish scream. They looked to one another, then down the hall to where Ben's room was located.

Jumping up into action, the two made their way to the hero's room. Kevin busted down the door. Again. But was nice enough to leave the doorknob intact this time.

What they saw…

Made Kevin almost fall to his knees.

In laughter…

There was Ben, all huddled into one of the farthest corners of his bedroom. Rocking back in forth as he was gripping his head, mumbling something neither of the two could understand.

Kevin approaches the young boy.


The hero continues to rock.


The hero then continues to mumble.

Kevin turns his attention back to Gwen, and chuckles.

"What's wrong with him? Did he finally look in the mirror or somethin'?"

Gwen quickly enters her cousin's room.

"Now is not the time for joking, Kevin!"

The girl kneels down onto the floor so she was at Ben's level. She puts both hands on the boy's face. Making the hero bring his full attention onto her.

"Ben! What is the problem!"

Ben finally brings his eyes onto his cousin's face, and eventually speaks.

"New-computer- found- horrible-just- it's evil!"

The girl sighs. Unsure of what was going on with the hero.

"Seriously, Ben. What has you so upset, that you can't even tell me."


Gwen looks up and sees Kevin towering over her. She complies with her boyfriend's simple demand, and moves out of the way.

Kevin lifts the boy up by his green jacket, and smacks him across the face. Gwen's jaw just drops. She was just about to give Kevin a piece of her mind, until Ben vigorously shakes his head, and finally snaps out of it.

"Thanks, Kevin. I really needed that."

Kevin grins, and sets Ben back on his own two feet.

"Hey, no problem. Anytime you need a good smack to the head, I'm here for ya buddy."

The red head finally brings the boy's out of their little 'friendship circle'.

"Will somebody please send me a clue as to what's going on here?"

All eyes were now on Ben. Kevin chuckles at the boy.

"Yeah, Tennyson! What made you scream like a girl this time?"

"Ha-ha. Your so hilarious there Kevin. But you won't be laughing so much when I show you what I've found."

Ben walks over to his new computer. Punches in the latest website. The trio hovers around the monitor. The website pops up onto the screen.

"Deviant Art? What the heck is Deviant Art?"

Kevin was the most apprehensive. He wasn't exactly sure what Ben had found. From previous experience, it never ended well.

Ben starts to pull up stories, pictures, and drawings. Some were pretty adult oriented. All of them were of the trio. All under the same categories as fan fiction.

Kevin's eyes widen.

"You have got to be joking!"

"Wait… There's more."

Ben pulls up some photo's of the 'Bevin'…

Gwen gasps in shock. But that quickly passes. The girl couldn't help herself, and she begins to laugh…


Kevin's face turned red. Not from embarrassment. But with anger. Ben takes notice of this, and remembers what happened the last time.

"Now Kevin? Don't even think about breaking my-"


Ben fell onto the floor with a thud. Kevin didn't break the boy's computer this time.

Nope. Kevin graced the boy with yet- another black eye.

Serves the hero right for finding more crap the team didn't need to deal with.

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