A/N: I am playing a little fast and loose with the time line of the episode, but I really wanted to imagine a conversation between Sophie and Eliot. What would make Eliot want to pull that trigger that badly, and what would make Eliot have that talk with Nate afterwards?

The Last Dam Job

Sophie: I don't associate with killers.

Nate: Eliot has killed.

Sophie: You're too smart for me to justify that with an answer.


"Eliot, I think you should try talking to him."

Eliot changed lanes and passed a semi on the highway. "What do you think I can say different?"

"He wants to kill Dubenich."

"The guy just murdered Nate's father. Of course Nate wants to kill him."

"You say that like it's a good thing." Sophie complained.

"It's a normal thing." Eliot bit back the isn't it he felt like tagging onto the end of that statement and glanced at her briefly, kind of glad he was driving and didn't actually have to look her in the eye. Anyway, who was Sophie to know what was normal or not, she was just as messed up as the rest of them.

"What Nate is planning is murder. He's got his father's gun. You have to talk to him."

"And what? Talk him out of something I'd do if I were in his shoes?"

"He looks up to you, Eliot."

And Eliot laughed. Because that was just ridiculous.

"Yes. It's true. When I tried to talk about it with him, all he came back with was that you've done things similar in the past. Like that makes it okay for him to do it now."

"He said what?" Eliot very deliberately kept his eyes on the road.

There was a tense pause. He knew this kind of pause. It meant; how can I say something that's going to sound horrible in as nice a way as possible.

"I was talking to him. About killing. He's not a murderer, Eliot."

Eliot sighed. He bit back another retort, and I am? Because, yeah. He was. In the not so distant past. "Dubenich can't walk away from this." He said instead.

"I know. But there are other ways and Nate won't even consider it if all he is thinking about is pulling that trigger."

Eliot pulled into the parking lot and found a space near the back.

Quinn was already waiting.