A/N Set early season three.


They've come too far to throw it all away now; the business, their friendship, everything. They've come too far to wash their hands of each other, to kiss goodbye to the unspoken promise that has hung between them for years; that, someday, they'll have more than this.

But far is also the word that springs to mind when she pictures him now. Even sitting in his office, when she's in hers, he could be a thousand miles away. And the distance that he's put between them – she's not going to take the blame for that, the cracks that are beginning to show are all down to him – is growing more every day.

She can see how far apart they've drifted, she can see how far away he wants to put himself these days, she can see how far they still have to go before they reach that day she's been imagining for so long. That day when they can throw the past away, forget all their mistakes, admit the barest truth that exists between them and just let themselves be happy, for once – has never looked so far away.

But they've come too far to throw it all away now. She just hopes he realises this as well as she does.