Lover's Heat

Frau x Teito Klein

A/N: Not sure how well the book is known, but I'm pretty sure most teens've heard of it: CRANK. Just sitting at home one lovely Sunday afternoon, reading CRANK – when I actually needed to do my homework - and I just thought how this book could actually fit in with Teito's predicaments if he was a teen during the 21st century. The second pairing could have really been anyone (Mikage, Hakuren, Frau, Miroku [ewww], Ayanami, hell, even Father Kruez) but I thought that after losing Mikage, it would make more sense that that was the reason Teito fell into a crazed depressed state and that Frau was the pair bond. Just my gibberish, avoiding updating stories that are long past due or my article for journalism or doing my Trig homework, eh. But either way, hope you enjoy.

On another note: the italic/bold paragraphs are like speech and thought. The bold is Teito's thoughts, not necessarily said out-loud. The italic is the speech of others to Teito. The bold tends to answer to the italics. Hope it doesn't get too confusing…

The last note: I really don't know anything about the other districts, so just for the sake of this Fic I get full control how the other Districts run, yeah?

The really last note: cause of the whole 'drug usage' some of the characters will be a bit ooc. I'm hoping not to much, or in an ooc that you guys can enjoy, but I think in correspondence with everything, it should make some sense.

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Chapter One

The Encounter

It started with the death of his friend. His friend's sacrifice for a life that was unworthy of it. Teito Klein was a slave, and though he was necessarily not one now, the mark branded on his back would forever remind him he was one at some point in time.

How do you give up your life to save a slave? Give up your life to someone as abandoned as the Fallen Prince of Raggs?

Recession, depression. It all went down hill.

That empty void he filled with the making of a friend was stripped away all in one fell swoop; the void grew bigger, threatening to swallow him whole. It was raw and bleeding for the whole world to see.

He's in a better place, Teito-kun.

His place is beside me, not somewhere I can't see him.

His last wish was to save you.

My last wish was to die with him.

You'll see him someday.

I want to see him now.

He only wanted what's best for you.

Well he sucks at figuring out what's best for me.

Just remember him always, keep him in your heart.

I want him in my arms.

Remember that he loved you.

If he loved me…he would've stayed with me.

Anger, wrath. It spiraled out of control.

His friend smiled in his final moment. Mikage smiled as his life was stripped away in the most unholy of ways. How could he smile when he was abandoning Teito to the world?

It made no sense; nothing was making sense, not even the anger that was welling up inside the teen.

It was easier to be angry, though. The teen allowed it, allowed his anger to replace the loneliness. Misery was his new company, Misery was his friend. His tears were of anger, he didn't care about Mikage. How can you care about someone so damn selfish?

He left me.

He died for you.

Didn't care what would happen to me afterwards.

He wanted you to live for him.

I'm not finishing what he couldn't.

He wanted to protect you.

Bastard couldn't even protect himself.


Make it all go away.


The destruction began.

All he wanted was to see his friend again. Everyone told him to live for his friend, to not throw away the life Mikage died for. But what did they know? What did anyone know? How could they possibly understand the turmoil building inside him?

His friend died to save him. As if Teito's life was more important than Mikage's. The boy had a family. A mother. A father. Siblings. Friends. Teito, on the other hand, had snippets of memories, a past he could not live up to, and a single friend. If Teito disappeared, no one would search. If he died, no one would know, better yet, no one would care.

So on one night, under the cover of a dark sky, Teito raced to the Sixth District. The corral of illegal substances and prostitution. Satan's playground.

At first it was a need for danger, a need to test this so called life his friend pushed down on him. Then it turned into something else.

He was allowed into a bar without needing to show I.D.

Drinks were being ushered around. Half of them weren't even paid for. In a far corner, a man indulged without shame with two women. In another, three women indulged in each other, men watched. Smoke hung above, a thick layer of smoky ceiling. Shouts and cheers layered below the smoke, gambling of all kinds took place in tables of all sizes.

Teito found an empty seat, eyes darting to every little thing that partook. In a moment's notice, a fight broke out. The men were huge; their fists giant hammers as they pounded each other. Teito stood, ready to flee, thinking that this was all just one giant mistake, as they drew closer to him unknowingly but a shot ran loud and clear in their ears.

Heads turned to the bartender, a gruffly man with more scars than skin. He held a shotgun, the end sawed off to make it shorter, in his thick, hairy hands. He puffed a cloud of smoke as he shifted the cigarette on his lips.

"Get the fuck out."

It wasn't a request, it was a demand. The men obliged and settled their fight outside. The crowd slipped back to their sin-infested ways. Everyone oblivious to the fifteen year old child in their midst. That is, but one.

The woman was tall, blond, beautiful. Her blue bobcat eyes sparkled as they caught sight of tender prey. She left the disgusting company of rough, old men to stalk new, lean meat. She stole a seat beside the innocent teen. He was young, but no fool. He new a beautiful woman when they sat next to him.

She extended a long, red fingernail and hooked it under his chin, bringing his soft face up to see it better. A seductive smile broke out on her features.

"You seem too young to be in a place like this."

A person Teito didn't know took over his motor functions, they answered for him.

"So do you."

This seemed to please her; she placed her hand back on her lap.

"Can I get a name to go with that adorable face?"

"Mikage." After all, this was Mikage's life he was living, as everyone so kindly reminded him.

"How old are you, Mikage?"

"Sixteen." One year older, not that anyone here would know, not that they would care.

"And they let you in here?"

"They let you in too."

She giggled, it actually sounded pretty.

"My name is Scarlett, with two T's."

The Scarlet Letter, he thought. A book he stumbled upon in the church library. It was old and he was bored. If he was not mistaken, it was about a woman who slept with a man before she got married and had a child, the very essence of prostitution back in the days.

"Nice to meet you, Scarlett."

"Let's get out of here, Mikage."

Teito frowned, but 'Mikage' followed.


"Ever smoked before?"

Teito and Scarlett were sitting beside each other on an abandoned park bench, the wail of sirens drifted in the frosty air.

Teito shook his head, might as well be honest than look like a complete moron who supposedly 'knew-what-they-were-doing'.

She smiled, Teito cringed but 'Mikage' smirked.

The woman lit up a cigarette, took a deep breath and passed the lipstick stained stick towards him. The teen took it hesitantly and after a moment of contemplation, a nagging thought began to scratch the inside of his skull.

Teito, is this the way you're going to throw away the life I gave you?

Fuck you, Mikage. You're not here anymore to tell me what to do.

At that moment, the persona Teito created seemed more real to him than anything. Teito the innocent boy of fifteen shrunk deeper inside him, Mikage the carefree rebel took the spot light.

Teito took a long drag, coughing violently as the smoke burned his lungs. Scarlett gave a small laugh; she took the death stick back.

"You'll get used to it, Mikage, I'll teach you everything you ever need to know."


Thoughts of last night were hazy. Even the room he was in was unfamiliar.

Perhaps it's because it was unfamiliar.

Teito sat up, eyes scanning the vicinity. The room was pretty, painted a light pink and soft red. A large oak wardrobe, a soft violet sofa, two doors, a nightstand, bed, a woman, another nightstand and a picture on the wall. Teito's attention instantly flew to the woman beside him.

She was hardly dressed in anything and what she was dressed in covered hardly anything at all. The sheets were tangled along her ankles while his only covered below the abdomen. He was in nothing more than his pants.

The woman gave a small grunt, slowly settling into sleep once more. Teito slipped from the bed as carefully as he could, stole his clothing back, rushed to put it back on and ran out the house as if it was lit on fire.


As he traveled the streets, nothing seemed familiar. The brunet could recall everything that took place before the park incident. After that, things went hazy. She took out a bottle, he remembered that much. He drank from it, it tasted disgusting but he drunk more and more. After that, nothing.

He finally found the park after a ten minute wandering. He found the bar. He couldn't find the hawkzile he stole to get there. Looked like stealing karma had worked its magic. Teito walked back to the Seventh District.


He arrived tired and practically dead. A vein on the side of his head insisted on showing up as he walked the long stretch of road. A terrible, dry taste laced the inside of his mouth and he began to wonder if it was because of the cigarettes or that strong drink he had the night before.

As easily as he had slipped out, Teito slipped back into the church grounds undetected. The sun was a little low to be noon, so the teen guessed it was around ten o'clock. He slipped into his room through the high rise window, stumbled inside, thanked someone that he remembered to lock his door, took a quick shower and brushed his teeth, drank straight from the faucet, changed into something crisp and clean and headed out to meet the day.

Odd glances were sent his way, but he returned them all with a smile. The people beamed at him in return.

"Well someone looks chipper," sarcasm dripped from the statement.

Teito turned to meet with clear ice lakes, skepticism clearly etched in their dark depths.

"What? Do you prefer me when I'm depressing and hating life?" Teito's mood took a plunge.

"No, but then at least I know you're not lying about how you're really feeling."

"What do you want, Frau?" Teito growled; the sudden urge to smoke tickled the back of his throat. When did he learn to like cigarettes?

The blond squared his shoulders, fisted hands hidden beneath priest robes. His azure eyes narrowed, obscured slightly by the bishop veil he was required to wear. With a step forward, the boy was obligated to look up at him. Teito was reminded who he was speaking to, and it wasn't a Church Bishop he was speaking with at the moment.

"Where were you this morning?"

"I took a walk." Which was true, if only partially.

"And you locked your door upon returning?"

"I got back tired, alright? God forbid I miss one morning of chores if I wanna sleep in. I'll make it up in the evening."

"Where exactly…did you walk from and to?" the question was worded carefully. Frau made sure that it could only give one answer: the truth.

"I swear! You're acting like I did something illegal!" Teito retaliated and stormed off, leaving the bishop standing there.

Teito defiantly answered Frau's question in just the way the blond expected.

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