Chapter 10: Peter Versus Ben

It seemed like it was going to be the final showdown between Peter Griffin and Ben Tennyson. Peter had found Frieza in his own Omnitrix which he had managed to change into earlier. He already had the strength to go and fight poor Ben who didn't see the first strike by Peter coming.

"Alright pal, you better get yourself ready, because I'm going to give you a good whooping" said Ben still in his tiger alien form.

Ben charged toward Peter and slashed his tiger claws against him. This made Stewie quite happy to see Peter be in pain.

"Go Ben, take down that fat man for good!" laughed Stewie who was cheering on Ben.

"Enough of this!" cried Azmuth, "This nonsense should end now!"

"But I'm having so much fun watching the fat man get the tar beaten out of him" laughed Stewie.

"You have to stop it, or your father might change into an alien that would hurt someone whom is innocent" continued Azmuth.

"You know, you really ruin the atmosphere around here" sighed Stewie who he along with Brian were going to get ready to retrieve Peter.

But before they could, Peter got up after being slashed by Ben's claws, and fired some sort of a red laser out of his finger zapping right at poor Ben. It sent poor Ben flying into the air and crashing right on the throne where King Patrick once sat.

"Ha, this bald alien guy beats the last one by a long shot!" laughed Peter, "Now to give Mr. Celebrity over here a taste of his own medicine."

"That was pretty good for someone like a pathetic imbecile like yourself" said Ben.

"Me, skinny?" laughed Peter, "Eh, maybe in this alien form I guess."

"I'm going to enjoy ripping you apart" said Ben as he got up.

"Not if I could help it" said Peter.

Peter then grabbed Ben, picking him right up.

"Wow, this alien has quite amount of strength, I'm even stronger than he is!" laughed Peter who then began to spin poor Ben around.

"Don't worry, I'll come and help you Ben" said Kevin as he was running toward him.

"Then let me help you!" laughed Peter as he threw Ben right at Kevin.

"That's it pal, you're going down!" cried Ben as he roared at Peter.

"Easy there tiger, first we need to come up with a diversion, I'll create one while you go around and grab his tail" said Kevin.

"I like where this is going" laughed Ben.

"Oh, so once again we have you doing your friend's dirty work" said Peter as he was getting ready, "well that doesn't matter anyway, because I'm going to make you sorry."

"Oh you'll be the one who is sorry" said Kevin.

Suddenly Peter could feel something from his behind, as he turned his head he noticed Ben had grabbed his tail.

"Ha, didn't see this coming, did ya?" laughed Ben, "Now I'm going to give you a taste of my own medicine, and then sum!"

Ben then began to swing poor Peter, around, and around while holding his tail. It was just then that King Patrick on the other side of the Forever Knight hideout was about to escape with his other Forever Knights.

"Finally, we'll be able to flee from this crazy fight" said King Patrick.

But the Forever Knight king spoke too soon. It was then just at that moment, that Peter was released by Ben. It sent Peter flying crashing into a number of walls, and landing right on the escape vehicles that were parked completely destroying each one of them.

"Hi there fellas, were you going to leave?" asked Peter.

"You!" cried King Patrick who was quite angry, "I recognize that voice anywhere!"

"So do I, but nobody ever bothers to listen to me" sighed the Forever Knight who really knew it was Peter as the alien.

"Ha, ha, you're just like Meg!" added Peter who pointed his finger at that particular Forever Knight.

"That's enough!" roared that particular Forever Knight, "I know the man behind these mysterious aliens isn't Ben Tennyson, but a bumbling local moron!"

"Yeah, that might make sense" said another Forever Knight.

"Yeah, if this were Ben Tennyson or at least someone else more competent, they weren't make these kind of remarks" added another Forever Knight.

"Who cares who's behind the alien, I just want that Omnitrix he's carrying" added King Patrick who then took out his sword.

"Wow, I guess you guys must be on some sort of a King Arthur union strike if you were this angry" said Peter who was really trying to find a way out.

"Oh boy, more fun!" laughed Ben as he hopped right in, while still as the alien tiger he was.

"Er, can we just make that hasty, strategic retreat on foot instead?" asked another Forever Knight to King Patrick.

"I suppose that's a wiser decision" said King Patrick.

All the Forever Knights and their King Patrick began to run away from the scene quite literally on foot.

"Now where were we?" asked Ben as he turned around to Peter.

"Oh yeah, you want something" said Peter as he then began to lift up a beaten up armored car, "I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine, by smashing you tiger boy!"

Peter then manages to gather the amount of strength and throws the smashed up armored car right at Ben. The armored car lands right on poor Ben, where Peter quickly began to pile up the other beaten up cars around him on Ben.

"Ha, let's see if you can get yourself out of this one" laughed Peter.

"Oh, I'm going to get myself out of here alright, all I just need to say is timber!" laughed Ben as he managed to use his strength to topple the pile of armored cars that were on him which then fell right on poor Peter.

"Hey, this isn't what I expected?" cried Peter.

"Ha, you're trapped!" laughed Ben who then changed back into his normal human self.

"Looks like we came here just in the nick of time" said Brian as he along with Kevin, Stewie, Gwen, Azmuth and Myrax came into the scene.

"Oh great, Stewie and Brian are here to see me in my moment of shame" sighed Peter.

"More than that, you're going to lose that Omnitrix of yours" added Azmuth, "as soon as Myrax, Kevin and Gwen get you out, we're going to operate in removing that Omnitrix."

"Aw crude!" cried Peter who really couldn't do anything about it.

About several hours later after Peter had the operation to remove the Omnitrix, everything returned to normal for Peter. He didn't have his Omnitrix, and Stewie was kept under probation where Ben, Kevin and Gwen were often hired as babysitters by Lois for punishment.

"Oh, I'm so glad to have celebrities babysit my baby boy" said Lois as she was going out with Peter.

"It's the least we could do" added Kevin.

As both Lois and Peter got into the car, Peter began to have bad thoughts about who else might retrieve his Omnitrix.

"Bah, you know what sucks Lois, that device Stewie made for me might fall into the wrong hands" said Peter.

"Well, I just hope it won't ever happen again" said Lois.

As the two drove off into the night, everything was back to the way things were for the time being.