Entry : Despair.
Competition on WTRP: Emotions are Easy.
I thought about using DMC as my base, but Dante's gotten fed up with my constant depressing and serious drabbles because I can't seem to find him. Figures!
So...I went for the next best thing – Bayonetta. My first time writing it.
Flames will be countered with buckets of arctic water. ^^,


"Wake up! You must wake up!" She reached through the red diluted substance and took her sister by the shoulders, shaking her feverishly even as the threads of hope came undone.

The fluid around the black clad female became thick with resistance, and Jeanne felt her own helplessness become a solid anchor weighing her down. Her grip tightened, and she tugged, and fought against the powerful magic with the strength only desperation could bring, until finally something caved and she hauled her unconscious sister from the crimson pool.

"Cereza! I was wrong. Cereza, you must wake up! You are our last hope!" Jeanne cried in anguish.

It was too late. She'd underestimated how fast Balder would work, and now... now the only hope for her convent and humanity was spread across her lap. Literally in her hands - and there was nothing left that she could do to help, and there was so much she wanted to say...

The statue trembled beneath her, and she leaned over her sister protectively.
"Cereza, you are not the person I sealed away. You have changed. The future of the world now lies in your hands. You must wake up and act, because I can't do this."

The trembling increased, and an explosion of blazing golden light erupted. The universe came to a hushed stop, and the light raced up the statue, up toward them. She could see it coming from the corner of her eye, but her gaze was fixed on the face before her. Eyes closed; she looked at peace, even in this chaos, Jeanne mused despondently. For a moment, she could see the little girl she had once known and loved.

The light engulfed her. The tremors became violent and flung her off her feet the same instant the steely blue eyes behind the glass opened and focused on her dazedly.

"Jeanne?" Bayonetta whispered.

They reached for one another in unison. Their hands missed by a fraction, and Jeanne fell into an endless pit of bright, beautiful, golden despair.