Hidden Letters

Summary: There's a rumor going around about a locker in the entire school that didn't belong to anyone. The only problem was, no one knew where it was. It is said that if you find this locker, you will be granted your most desperate desire. eventual Seto/Jou; Rated T; eventual shonen-ai/yaoi; Don't like, don't read!

Disclaimer: Only in my most desperate dreams do I own Yu-Gi-Oh; in reality, however, I do not own the greatest card game anime ever created. Sigh.

Warning: Polite Anzu-bashing. You have been warned.

Hi! Yes, you are in the right place. I'm so happy you're interested in my fic. I have been considering the idea for this fic for a while now, but never really put it down into writing... or typing. Of course the eventual pairing is Seto/Jou. They are my favorite couple. They are just so cute! And they were literally made for each other... in my opinion, anyway. How that pairing will happen in this fic, however, you'll have to read to find out. I hope you enjoy this story and I promise I'll try to update as soon as I can! I don't think the chapters will be very long, but I promise I will have enough to satisfy you! :3 Now, on with the first chapter!

Chapter One: The Unexpected Surprise

Jounouchi entered the classroom full of students who were gossiping. Just when he sat in his seat, the bell rang, indicating the beginning of the school day. He turned to his friends.

"Hey, have y'all heard of that rumor that's going around?" He asked them. They stared back at him with a raised brow.

"What rumor?" Anzu asked. "I would know if there was a rumor going around, Jounouchi. I am the gossip queen of the school."

Jounouchi smirked. "It's something about an old locker no one's used in ages. Rumor is when you find it and open it, you get what you desire- or something like that."

"Pfft." Honda spat. "That's sounds like a bunch of bologna."

"I don't know, Honda-kun," Yugi began, "I wouldn't be surprised if this locker really existed. There are things in this world we can't explain. Take my Puzzle, for instance."

"Oh come on, Yugi, you can't really believe that there's some magic locker in the school that has whatever you want." Honda complained.

"Actually," Jounouchi cut in, "it's supposed to have your innermost desire in there. Not just something you want."

"Whatever. It's still a load of crap."

"Alright class, time to get started!" The teacher walked in and the students turned to face her. Their class began as any other day.

By lunchtime, the rumor of the mysterious locker had spread so far that students from other the high school knew about it already. How that happened, nobody knows.

The chit-chatting in the cafeteria seemed even louder than normal with this new rumor that had surfaced. Everyone was determined to find this locker, and was even asking the teachers if they knew where it might be, which is how the teachers found out about it and were also in desperate pursuit of the locker.

The only person that seemed uninterested in the rumor was a certain brunet sitting in the corner table, nibbling on a piece of celery and staring down into his laptop's luminescent screen. He was already annoyed by the noise that surrounded him daily in the cafeteria; now that this rumor had spread, it was even more noisy and annoying.

He chowed down on the rest of the vegetable, closed his laptop, and rose from his seat furiously. He headed to his own locker and placed his laptop inside, when suddenly, his eye had caught hold something he never really noticed before in his four years of having the locker.

There seemed to be a kind of latch at the very back of it. He never really paid attention to the contents of his locker. The only thing that interested him was the very thing he had just now placed inside. Had he cared more about what was already in there, he would have noticed it sooner.

He decided to investigate, and soon found that if he pulled on the small latch, it opened toward him to reveal another compartment. He was amazed at this and decided to reach further inside to make out anything in there.

His eyes widened a bit when he felt something hard against his fingers. He grabbed the object and brought into the light. He saw it was a blue notebook. He scanned over the cover of it, finding it in perfect condition. He reached back inside his locker and closed the small latch, soon after, his locker door followed.

He thought about opening the mysterious notebook right there, but thought twice as he heard Jounouchi's loud laugh coming this way, and quickly stowed it in bag to bring home.

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