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Chapter Eleven: The Assignment, Part 2: Reactions

"Wow, Jounouchi-kun, you're poems were awesome! I liked the one about your sister." Yugi said as they walked together in the hallways. "And you seemed really passionate when you were reading it."

"I dunno, I was just readin' it." Jou said rubbing the back of his head as he walked. "I mean that was a poem I wrote a long time ago."

"Yeah? And what was with the way you were talkin'? You sounded all professional and stuff." Honda asked.

"Gah... can we not talk 'bout this? I just wanna forget about that presentation stuff. I hate doin' things like that." He reached his next class. He bid everyone good luck as they went off to their own classes. Jou didn't have the same second period as they. In fact, they weren't even aware he took this class. It was AP Calculus. He was actually glad he didn't have any of his friends in this class because then his cover would be blown. But there was one person with whom he had this class with, much to his dismay: Kaiba.

Of course, Kaiba hadn't even realized the blond was in his class. He never paid the class any mind, so why would he see who his classmates were?

He looked at his watch. There was still some time before the start of the class.

"Jounouchi." The blond nearly jumped out of his skin at the soft whisper in his ear.

"Aaahh! Don't fuckin scare me like that, baka!" Kaiba smirked at the other's reaction. "I coulda hadda heart attack!"

"Whatever. I wanted to talk to you."

"Talk to me?" Jou echoed, calming down. "What did ya wanna talk about?" They walked over to the wall across the hall and leaned against it.

"I wanted to ask you where you got that poem you said you wrote about your sister."

"Huh? I wrote that. I didn't find it anywhere. Why?" He asked as he saw Kaiba rummage through this backpack. He then pulled out a familiar notebook. His eyes widened. "Wh-Where did ya get that? Have ya been goin' through my stuff?" He asked, slightly pissed.

"No." Kaiba paused before he asked his next question. He wanted to ask him but he didn't want to sound weird if he was mistaken. "Tell me..." he began, "...Fushigi na nōto...have you ever heard of it?"

Jou's eyed widened more, if possible, as he heard the words. Realization hit him hard as he mumbled softly, "...Shingaisha..."

"What was that?" Kaiba asked.

Jou gaped at Kaiba for what seemed like forever. "...but how?"

It seemed the brunet understood what he was asking as he said, "So it is you." He randomly flipped through the pages, glancing at them as he said, "I have no idea how. All I do is put the notebook back in the little compartment of my locker where I found it."

An idea struck the blond as he said, "Go to your locker and open the compartment. I'll be right back." And he took off. Not liking being ordered, Kaiba scowled but still did as he was told. He went over to his locker that wasn't too far away and easily opened it. He opened the latch, only to cry out in surprise.

Jounouchi's face peeked through the other side. "Thought so." He said.

"What the hell? Where are you?"

"I'm in the boy's gym locker room. This is where I kept my notebook. There's a hole in the back of our lockers. It seems that the mysterious intruder who responded to my letters is no one but Seto I'm-A-God Kaiba." Kaiba narrowed his eyes and slammed his locker shut.

He closed his eyes and tried to calm down. He thought back to all the times he had seen Jounouchi writing in a notebook. He felt sickened when he realized how stupid he had been not to have grasped it. Jou was the one who came to his friends talking about that rumor no one had heard of before he mentioned it.

He's most likely the one who started it. He thought about the little girl that was mentioned on the first page and the poem. His little sister. He remembered Jounouchi's complaints about his fellow classmates' eagerness to find that "magical locker". He remembered Jounouchi putting his things away at the library and taking out a book instead. He hated his thoughts right now.

"I can't believe..." Jou is the one who was writing back to me. I was convinced my locker was this 'locker that grants your heart's innermost desire'. It turns out that it's just a locker that happened to have Katsuya's notebook. We talked about some private things too. The stranger had become a kind of friend. We talked about so much it's hard to just end it and move on. He knows about everything I went through up until now! He knows about my past...and that I'm in love! Oh no!

"Hey Kaiba," Jou began as he waltzed back over to the brunet, "just outta curiosity, who's it ya're in love with?" He asked abruptly. Kaiba had an inner panic attack.

To distract himself, he pulled out Jou's notebook from his bag and flipped through the pages. He found what he had been looking for. He read his letter again.


You are not unlike me. I busy myself all the time, not allowing myself to be distracted from other things and other people. I don't know what love is, to be perfectly honest. What is love? Is love something you can see? I truly believe I'm not worthy of such a thing, such a distraction, such a...There's this weird feeling that I don't recognize, each time I see him. It's like swirls in the pit of my stomach. When I so much as hear his name, I get all jittery and don't know why. And to add to that, he is my rival, my opposite.

Then he read the letter Jou had written as a response.


I wouldn't know of any other way of telling you this because, well, I don't think there is any other way. Using my experience and studies of human behavior, I would say that judging by your descriptions of your feelings and of how your body reacts, I will tell you you are in love.

He closed his eyes, aware that the blond was watching him. This could be his chance. He could tell him that he had been talking about him in his letters. Now that he thought about it...

He looked Jounouchi straight in the eyes. "That's why you were smirking all day a few weeks ago. You drove me crazy with that smirk."

Slowly realizing what Kaiba was talking about, Jou said, "Huh? Oh, yeah! I couldn't help it. Ya're in love but ya needed help realizing it! I found that amusing. Of course, I didn't know it was you." He pointed at him.

"Hn." Was Kaiba's retort. Just shut your trap and don't say anything, Kaiba. Maybe he wont ask me again.

"Are ya gonna answer me or just avoid the question, baka na ryū?" Jou asked him. Kaiba simply stared at him, his mind blank for once. Desperately trying to change the subject, he remembered the note he left under Jounouchi's desk.

"Say, Mutt, I saw earlier you had a note. What was it?"

"Huh? Like I'd ever tell you!" The blond said and then scurried into the classroom. The brunet smirked in triumph.

It was close to night time and Jou sat on a bench near the pond at the park. He had been anticipating this confrontation all day long and was barely able to contain his nervousness as the time slowly approached.


He opened up the note he had found under his desk and read the scribbled words:

Meet me at the park at 9 o'clock.


He checked his watch. There were still 15 minutes until 9.

"What the hell am I doing here? I don't even know who gave me that note. For all I know it's a damn serial killer." He looked out to the water sparkling beautifully in the moonlight and sighed. "I guess I'm just curious."

"Do you always talk to yourself like that?" The voice came from behind him. He turned to come face to face with, "Seto Kaiba..."

"The one and only."

"What're ya doin 'ere?"

"Same thing you are, I guess."

Jounouchi raised his eyebrow. "You're here to meet with someone?"

Kaiba smirked unnoticeably and said, "Only if he wants to meet the real me."

Jou jumped up and pointed an accusing finger at Kaiba.

"You gave me that note?" Kaiba nodded.

"Listen, Joey, I—"

"Hold on right there!" Jou interrupted. "Did you just call me Joey? That's not my name."

Kaiba, realizing his mistake, said "S-Sorry, I call you Joey in my mind sometimes." He paused. "Listen, Jounouchi, I—"

"You just called me Jounouchi! You've been calling me 'mutt' ever since we stopped pretending being friends. Why the sudden change?"

"I-I don't want to keep insulting you. Honestly, I never liked it. I hated being an asshole to you, but I wasn't sure what else to resort to." Kaiba told him.

"And...the person I mentioned in the notebook that I was in love with, well, I came here to tell you that since I didn't tell you before."

Jou smiled. He's smiling! At me! He's smiling at me! Oh gods I forgot what I was going to say! Kaiba mentally panicked.

"Kaiba, before you tell me, I wanted to tell you something." Jou said, bringing the brunet out of his inner tantrum. "I remember you asking in one of your letters a question that I had no idea how to answer so I avoided it completely. But I think I know now. You asked me what love is. And I finally have an answer."


"I looked it up in the dictionary, but it wasn't a satisfying answer. So I found my own definition for it. Love is the heart's desire to serve someone precious to you, to watch over them, to care for them."

Kaiba's eyes widened at the words, but even more so at 'heart's desire'. "Why does that term keep coming up?"

"What term?" Jou wondered.

"The rumor about that locker that you spread... your poem... your definition. That term only surfaces around you." It was Jou's turn to receive an accusing finger. "Why is that?"

Jounouchi stood there a bit confused. But he finally seemed to put everything together. "Kaiba, I made up that rumor. None of it was ever true. I only wanted to see the school become frantic."

Kaiba awed at Jou's use of 'frantic' but didn't say anything.

"I wrote that poem right after my sister and I were separated. And, well, the definition must've been coincidence."

"No." Kaiba said, simply.


"No. I don't think so and have come to a conclusion that I'm sure you'll want to hear." Now Jou was curious. This is very unlike me to talk about my emotions like this but here it goes. Jounouchi nodded that he could continue.

"The whole thing about the rumor made me wonder what my innermost desire is. I pondered over it, yet I couldn't figure it out. I have everything I could possibly want, yet, I still felt empty. That's how I knew there had to be something I wanted so desperately, I couldn't figure it out on my own. That's when I stumbled across that notebook that just so happened to link us together.

"I had finally found a kind of friend to pour myself out to. I soon thought I had found this idiotic 'magical' locker. I believed for the longest time that my innermost desire was a friend. But then I was told I was in love. I wouldn't believe it for the longest time—and believe me when I say, I went through the motions on that one—but sooner or later, I believed you.

"And I realized every day a little more that I felt very strongly for that person. It wasn't a high school crush. It was the real thing. That's when I realized my most desperate desire wasn't a friend to converse and share everything with, but a special someone to spend the rest of my life with—and to spoil. I felt empty because I didn't have anyone to allot my luxury with. Having everything you ever wanted isn't the same unless you're sharing it with the person that makes you happy everyday." Kaiba strolled over and sat next to Jounouchi. He looked him in the eye.

"Katsuya..." He whispered. "...I know who that person is now. You yourself helped me realize it."

Jou was glad that Kaiba had finally found someone to love, but saddened at the prospect of it not being himself.

"Good for you, Seto, I'm glad I was a big help. So...who is it?"

Kaiba moved forward and Jou knew he was going to whisper the name in his ear so he moved his head accordingly. He was surprised when Kaiba turned his face back toward him and the gap between their faces became a sliver.

"I love you Katsuya Jounouchi. I don't care if you don't feel the same, I don't care if you want to just throw up right now, I don't care what others may think. It's only you and me. Fuck everyone else." Kaiba said. Jounouchi was stunned into silence. He stunned himself even more when he was the one to push the necessary millimeter and kiss the brunet.

There seemed to be fireworks going off as they kissed. It was as if they were already a couple but had been separated for a far too long period of time and were just reuniting.

They parted but kept each other close, Kaiba still holding onto Jou's face as if it were to disappear. They were gasping for air and speechless. The moment seemed too perfect.

Jou then looked up at Kaiba's pensive expression and asked, "What's wrong?"

Kaiba then whispered, "I was trying to think of something cute, elaborate, or romantic to say, but I found out what works most is the simple things that can be said, like 'I'm forever yours'."

Jounouchi then gave a confused look, blinking away from the beautiful scenery, and said, "Hmm? Did you say something?"

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