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Artie leaned back against the shelf and sighed. He pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his forehead. He had been doing inventory with Claudia and he thought that he was going to kill her…if she didn't do something stupid and get herself killed first. Artie put his handkerchief back in his pocket and was about to get back to work when he heard his two agents coming, Pete and Myka.

"Claudia!" Artie yelled.

After a moment a young redhead popped around the corner of the shelf.

"Yes, Professor?" She asked, wiping her hands on a rag.

Artie's mouth opened to let her know he would be right back, but stopped before he uttered a word. After a moment, he spoke.

"What were you doing? He asked carefully.

Claudia looked down slightly. "Nothing, Obi Wan. Why do you ask?" Claudia seemed annoyed.

Artie wasn't always sure if she was really annoyed or if she was faking it to not end up in trouble. Claudia didn't want to be in trouble and would do almost anything to stay on Artie's good side. He looked at her and she looked away. Whenever he looked at her, she looked away. He took a moment to glance at her over his glasses. She still wasn't looking at him. Ah ha! She was up to something that she knew she wasn't supposed to do. He glared at her over the top of his glasses. Claudia began to study the floor.

"Claudia!" Artie began impatiently. "What did you do this time?"

Claudia squirmed under his gaze. She didn't want to be there, that much Artie could tell. He repeated her name and the telltale red blush moved up her face. Artie sighed, crossed his arms and waited for her to speak. After a few minutes, Claudia pointed down the aisle. Artie sighed and headed in the direction that Claudia was pointing in.

When Artie arrived, an artifact was laying on the floor, broken. Pieces were scattered over most of the aisle, pieces big and small were everywhere. Artie stood over it for a moment before heading to a nearby garbage bin and retrieving a small broom and a dustpan. He handed them to Claudia.

"Have fun!" Artie chirped. He was happy for the first time today. He knew the mess would take Claudia several minutes to clean up and looked forward to the silence. Artie had just made it back to where Pete and Myka were waiting for him.

"Hey Artie! How ya doin' man?" Pete asked jovially.

"What did you break this time?" Artie asked. The younger agent liked to play with the artifacts in the Warehouse and didn't seem to remember that they were all dangerous.

Pete looked offended. "Moi, break something. I never break anything." But before his partner, Myka could begin to list all of the things that he had either broken or damaged since coming to the Warehouse, he went on.

"Actually, we were wondering if you needed us for something agenty?"

Pete had his hands in his pockets and Myka was trying not to look like she was with Pete, but the way Artie looked at them both made even her take a step back.

"Everything we do here is "agenty"! You would do well to remember that!"

With that, Artie turned back to his work. He stood and waited until either they left or spoke. He quickly made a bet with himself as to which on it would be and who would start it. Fortunately, Artie didn't have to wait long. And he won the bet with himself.

"Artie, I'm sorry. Pete didn't mean it that way." It was Myka Bering. She was the detail oriented member of the team, more so than Artie was. Sometimes he found it annoying, but her obsession with details had saved them on several occasions. She elbowed Pete in the stomach who repeated her words. Artie smiled. The two of them often argued like an old married couple. He turned and looked at them.

"Go you two. Go, and do something fun!"

Artie heard something drop on the floor. He then realized that must be Claudia, and without turning around, spoke.

That didn't include you! You, young lady, have a lot of work to do!"

Claudia groaned loudly, picked up her gloves that she had thrown on the floor in anticipation of an early day, and stomped off to work. Pete grinned and turned to leave, Myka was right behind him. They both wanted to get out of there before Artie found something for them to do.

As Pete and Myka were leaving, Claudia found something on the shelf that she had never seen before, and she thought she had seen everything in the Warehouse. She picked up the item and tried to blow off the dust, but it clung stubbornly to the artifact. So Claudia pulled off her gloves and wiped the dust off with a finger. As she did so, a purple mist came out of the artifact and zoomed to where the three agents were standing. Claudia screamed as the mist enveloped them.

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