The One Night Stand (Na'vi Style)

Rating - M (Yeah, I know… you so hate that part)

Pairing - Jake/Tsu'tey

AVATARP.O.V. - Jake's

Genre - Romance

Summary- Jake and Tsu'tey… go to party…play truth or dare…get really drunk…end up having sex… which means. O_O uh-oh.

Disclaimer : I do not own AVATAR. I do own this story!

Okay, well Jake is already part of the Omaticaya & he did NOT mate with Neytiri that night under the tree of voices. Another thing is they fought off the jar-head clan, all that happy-ness chose the people to stay blah blah blah…. KEEP READING…. And the Na'vi have found a new home tree. Tsu'tey is still alive.(The reason I wrote this as part of the story line is because people never read author's note's or that's at least my conclusion. -_- no one's reading this….)

Inspired by:

~The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.~

~By- Ellen Parr


I'm lying on the ground, plucking one blade of grass, looking really bored which in fact I am. Since things had calmed down over the last few what might have been months the tribe had gotten in order, the Omaticaya had found a new home tree & the wives had caught up with their work since they had to make new hammocks for the tribe and still do their daily tasks. Which means only one… thing I'm bored!

Neytiri resumed her learning as Tsahik which leaves me with nothing to do while she's with Mo'at learning, like right now.

Surprisingly she complains a lot about it… though she might have gotten that from me during the Na'vi training.

For example when I couldn't ride Pa'li, and kept falling off, well she tried to make a healing medley and ended up making poison, though she eventually got it right… after the moon rose into the sky.

Lying back on the ground I thought about how old Neytiri might be, since the Na'vi don't really keep track of that stuff; Grace said she'd taught at the school about six-seven years ago so that would mean that Neytiri, Tsu'tey, & the students that attended the school were 9-10 years old so now they're around 16-17 years old.

I snorted no wonder they're all teens, with all the mature acting they don't get the freedom as much as teens do on Earth, though I'll think of something for them to let them be the teens they should be or something close to it.

Wait! My eyes widen at the realization, 'I'm a teen! Oh god… as if once wasn't bad enough! AHHH! Come on! Going once threw all the love goo-y feeling in Jr. High then all the hormonal changes, no to mention the physical ones, and…' I stopped and waited a minute and remembered all the high school… after school…. Late at night…. activities. 'Great the one place in the universe that forces you to keep your virginity because the person you fuck is your mate, and I'm stuck there! PERFECT!'I groaned.

I continue plucking the piece of grass.


Neytiri walked over, with a questioning and an exhausted voice "What in the world are you doing?" I look up at her and chuckle " Plucking grass, lying on the ground, doing nothing, thinking, breathing, living. You?" Neytiri giggled at my comment. "Well I'm tired. Though Mother told me I'm finally able to read signs of Eywa and all that. So tonight my friends and I are having a small celebration."

I stood up and gave Neytiri a hug.

"Congrats. You worked so hard, I can't believe it. Well of course I knew you were going to do it, but …" I shut my mouth. Neytiri laughed

"Thank you. See you after dinner. I'll come get you."

she walked off. Leaving me alone. Again.

Pff… What a life…

Inspired by:

~The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. ~By- Ellen Parr