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Chapter 3

The next morning I was discharged from the hospital at 10:00, wearing the clothes I had on five days ago (which had been cleaned). I had been given my iPod, cell phone, and wallet back (which I had on my person before being kidnapped), along with my passport. Following Integra and Walter out of the hospital, we exited through the doors to see a black limousine parked and waiting for us, along with Alucard leaning against the side of it. I knew he saw us when he pushed off the side to stand up straight. Walter went over and opened the back door so that we could enter the vehicle. Integra got in first, sitting down in a seat before staring back at me as if waiting. I realized that she was waiting for me to come in and I quickly got myself inside the limo.

"Sit beside to me, Helena." Integra told me. It was a request, but an order. But she said it so calmly and softly that it could've been mistaken as a request if one didn't know better.

I sat down in the seat to Integra's right and I couldn't help but feel somewhat inferior compared to her. What had she been thinking when she chose me?

I felt a slight breeze to my right and it took all my will power not to jump when I saw Alucard sitting next to me on my right (I knew he didn't come through the door since it was already close). Not only did I feel inferior in Integra's presence, but I felt scared, wary, insecure, even intimidated in the vampire's presence. I didn't like this combination of emotions that it gave me every right to feel uncomfortable.

I noticed that the limo had been moving for some time already as we made our way to the airport. I didn't look out the tinted windows to watch the world pass us, settling with staring at my lap where the notebook sat since I didn't want to look at the people that I sat between. More than anything I didn't want to be here.

I wasn't sure how much time passed but when I heard the door open I knew we were at the airport. Integra was the first to exit the limo and I was about to follow her, but I noticed that Alucard was nowhere to be seen inside so I assumed he already got out without me noticing. Dismissing this thought I got out and saw that we were indeed at the airport, but I noticed something else.

"Where is the luggage?" I asked, my voice was somewhat quiet but officially usable now. If one didn't know better, they would've thought I was soft-spoken or shy.

"It's already been loaded on our jet, so we don't have to worry about it." Integra said.

"This way, Lady Hellsing." Walter called, and I realized he was referring to me. 'Lady Hellsing'? It had a nice ring to it, but it felt weird. The title itself felt more pseudo to me having it compared to actually being called by it. I knew it was my title, but it didn't feel right. Like I didn't deserve to have such a regal title.

I followed after Integra and Walter as we walked through the building filled with people, but then I realized something.

'Where's Alucard?' I thought.

"Right here, Little Helena."

I jumped and turned to find Alucard walking beside me as if he had been there the whole time.

'Not funny.'

As we passed the little shops that the airport had I noticed one that caught my eye and turned to my new 'Mother'.

"Sir Integra?"

Integra stopped and turned to face me.

"You don't need to call me that. But what is it?" She inquired.

"I was wondering if I could make a stop in the store to our right?" I asked. "I promise I'll be quick."

I watched as Integra seemed to consider my request.

"You can, but make it quick."

"Thank you."

I went into the little store, grabbing the medium sized packet of colorful strings and scissors before going up to the counter to pay for the items. Soon afterwards I came out of the store with my purchases in a plastic bag and rejoined the group I was in before we continued. After some time we went outside and over to a jet that I knew didn't belong to the airport and seeing Integra boarding first confirmed that it was her private jet. Upon boarding, I was amazed at how nice the inside looked and it must've cost a lot of money to make it the way it was. I took one of the seats beside a window and was surprised at how soft and comfortable it was.

I got my seatbelt on before opening the plastic bag and pulling out the sting and scissors. Using the scissors I cut off 17 pieces of different colored string so they were the same length (the colors being red, red-orange, orange, light yellow, yellow, dark yellow, light green, green, dark green, light blue, blue, dark blue, light purple, purple, dark purple, white and black). I placed the scissors away and grouped all the colors together I a knot. I know I didn't have any tape with me to tape down the knotted end of the strings, but I improvised by using the fingers of my left hand to hold the knotted end while I used the fingers of my right hand to make knots in the string and do a pattern of light to dark colors as I made the first bracelet, starting with the group of reds (knotting them in the order of orange, red-orange, and red). I wasn't going to make them separate bracelets, but one big colorful bracelet.

I felt the jet take off from the ground and felt my ears pop because of the air pressure so it caused me to yawn. I spent my time quietly working on the red strings group, unaware of the watching eyes and the talking the others were doing. I felt somewhat out of place in our little group and I wasn't sure how to fix that. Knotting the strings in my hands helped to distract me from those thoughts so I could focus on the color pattern.

By the time I finished the red strings group I was working on I tied the end in a knot before putting it away with all the other string. I glanced out the window to my left to see that it was the afternoon (from what I could tell). I could see the clouds passing us as we flew and knew despite the fact they weren't living people they were still free in the sky. It was just like the time I was still in the hospital when I had looked out the window and saw the people going about their lives.

So what did that make me? A free person or a prisoner?

I couldn't really tell, myself. It was so vague that I couldn't really say for certain which one I was. It's strange how life was like that sometimes. You don't know which direction your going it, but then you unexpectedly end up at your destination and wonder if that was really the path you chose. Maybe I was like that and wasn't aware of where I was going. What would my destination be?

I decided to take a nap since I didn't feel like listening to my iPod or start knotting another group of string. After all, I was limited on what I could do during our flight to Great Britain. Sleep sounded nice right now…

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