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Chapter 1: Emergency


We hurried onto the waiting subway car just before the automatic doors slid shut. I breathed a sigh of relief as my mother and I took our seats beside the doors. We both made sure that our load of shopping bags wasn't in the way of anyone who would get off before us. I was still excited about all of my new clothes. We couldn't go on a real shopping spree today, but I would take what I could get. Hopefully I could convince my mom that we have to go early next weekend for a major shopping trip. She enjoys shopping as much as I do, so there's a good chance that she'll say yes.

We both sat in a comfortable silence apart from the soft groan of the subway train chugging along the underground track. I looked around the car at the many different people surrounding me. There was a worn-out looking mother shushing the squirming and crying child in her arms, a couple about my age holding hands and whispering to each other across from me, quite a few people in suits and with briefcases getting home from work littered throughout the car, and a man with a blonde boy in the far corner to my right.

I played with my fingers and thought about what I would wear to school tomorrow to keep me busy when my vision got slightly blurry around the edges. I blinked, thinking that I having my eyes open for too long caused the blur, but they didn't sting, and the haze crept inward to cloud the rest of my sight. I didn't have much time to panic before I could slightly focus on something that came up.

I was looking at the exact same scene; the mother and child, the couple, the business people, the blonde boy, the man with him, and me and my mother. I checked my watch to read 5:12 when the subway violently jerked. At the blink of an eye, the front half of the car crumpled, crushing everything on that end. The rest of the car swiftly crashed together. The train had hit another one. That was the only explanation. Everything went black.

I snapped upright and drew in a fast, shaky breath. My mother turned her bored gaze to me and the tedium turned into worry. "Something wrong?" she asked.

"The train is going to crash," I blurted in a whisper before I could stop myself. For some reason, I had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that what I just saw would actually happen if nobody prevented it. Her expression became confused as she took in my shocked face.

"That's nonsense," she chuckled incredulously, "the train is fine."

"No it's not," I tried to reason in a frantic hiss. "It's going to crash, Mom! At 5:12. That's in…" I quickly checked my watch, "two minutes! We have to do something!"

"Honey, there's nothing to worry about!" She glanced around, probably seeing if anyone overheard our conversation. She was all about keeping up a good appearance and hiding our family's dirty little secrets, which she tried to avoid getting in the first place. When you lived in a town as small as Forks, Washington, secrets spread as fast as wildfire. My mother and father would be furious if I was the cause of ridiculous gossip.

"There is too something to worry about! The train is going to crash! It has to stop, I have to stop it!" My voice was rising, and the people sitting around us looked up at us, annoyed, confused, and worried. They should be worried; I was running out of time, and arguing wouldn't save anyone right now. I would have to take action.

"Stop it, Alice. The train will be fine. We'll be fine. Calm down."

"No!" I whipped my head around frantically, trying to find something that could help. I found it quickly; at the end of the car nearest the man and the blonde boy was a silver box. Emergency brake. I leaped up and ran to it, ignoring my mother's calls for me to come back. I threw the door of the box open and yanked the lever down.

The train shuddered to a halt. The people in the car complained about the unexpected stop, and my mother was at my side instantly. Of course, she was fuming at my scene.

"What are you doing?"

"I had to stop the train!"

A short, fat man in a blue uniform burst through the door at the other end of the car. His plump face was getting red as he took in the scene. I guess I'm not everyone's favorite person today…

"Who stopped the train?" he growled gruffly. He spotted me near the emergency brake and came stomping over. "Did you do it?" I could only nod in response to his angry question. His face darkened into another shade of red.

"You're in big trouble young lady!" He grabbed my wrist and dragged me along with him back to the other end of the car. My mother scooped up our bags and followed through the door that the man came in. When the doors shut and the staring passengers couldn't hear us, he turned around and let go of me.

"What do you think you were doing? Why did you stop the train? We run on a tight schedule! You can't just go pulling emergency brakes whenever you feel like it!"

"It was going to crash, sir," I whimpered. He was starting to scare me a little.

"And how would you know that?" he asked in a sarcastic and disbelieving tone. Nobody would believe me…

"I… I-"

"You what?" Okay, now he was just annoying me.

"I saw it," I explained in a hard and confident tone. I would make him believe me. "I saw the train crashing at 5:12. We all would have died."

He laughed at my statement. "The train was going to crash? At 5:12? Hah! Well, it's…" he checked his watch, "5:12 now. Did the train crash?"

"Uh, no, because I stopped it in time. You're welcome."

"Don't get smart with me! You're in enough trouble as it is! And how did you "see" this happening, anyway?"

"I don't know… I just saw it… like a vision or-"

"A vision of the future! Oh please! Ridiculous! What kids these days come up with to get out of trouble gets more absurd by the day!"

"It's true-"

"Not another word from you!"

"I'm so sorry, sir," my mother chimed in, putting a hand on my shoulder behind me. "She must have fallen asleep and dreamt the whole thing. I apologize for the whole incon-"

I pulled away from her hand. "I didn't fall asleep! It's the truth!" I wailed. "Someone has to believe me! Please!" I glanced back and forth at them both, desperate for them to listen to me.

"Just hope the police believe you," he said as he pulled out a cell phone from his pocket. "Let's see what they have to say about your so-called "visions of the future.""

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