The workers of the William Parker Bead Factory were working diligently. They were only making beads, but they worked extremely to make their way. Many of them were the children of muggles or muggle-borns who had been killed by Inspectors. Those who were hid their identity from the owner and the foreman, a vengeful man who had showed an interest in the young girls of the factory, especially Andromeda.

Andromeda was, admittedly, very pretty. Brown-blond hair and brown eyes were attractive at that time as much as they are now. The other girls, although definitely not envious of the type of attention Andromeda was getting, were envious that she got attention in the first place.

Although he did not yet know it, Samuel had more in common with Andromeda than most people could have claimed. For she was harboring a secret parentage as well. She knew that her parents had been an Origin-pair, though all that she knew of what that meant was that the people involved loved each other very much (the public did not know very much about Philotic Physics), and that they had both been killed by Death Eaters. She also knew their names: Cody and Bailey Martin. She knew all this from her foster parents and from a letter from them that she always carried around with her. The letter contained no more than a simple farewell. Although she knew she was a muggle-born witch (for she and all the other factory workers were witches), she pretended she was half-blood.

Now Samuel reached the factory and looked in through the window. He could see Andromeda and he got there just in time to see a factory girl provoke a fight with her. Andromeda was reading the letter from her parents, because she missed them today, it having been her sixteenth birthday today.

"What's this?" asked the factory girl, "a letter from your muggle parents?" And she grabbed the letter.

"Oh, what do we have here?" said the girl excitedly, 'Dear Andromeda, we are writing to tell you that we will not see you again. We are sorry you never got to know us, being only two months, but we know you will emulate us in every way. Signed, your loving parents…' Oh, and what's this? Looks like 'R&R'. Like as in Robert and Rachel? Foreman! Come look at this!"

The sour-faced foreman came over and grabbed the letter. He scanned it quickly, and then his eyes grew wide. "Could that be 'R&R'?" he said looking at the terrified girl. "You are Andromeda Schaffer! Inspector!"

One of the two guards came over. "I have found the daughter of Robert Schaffer!" said the foreman, "this letter she carries with her is signed 'R&R'! She is hiding her identity!"

The Inspector grabbed her roughly. "You're coming to the courts!" he said, and dragged her off.

Samuel watched from the window, dumbfounded. As soon as the Inspector had dragged Andromeda towards the courthouse, he ran after them.

The question of the court system, I think, requires a short explanation. There was but one court left in the United States, located in New York City, called the High Court. The High Judge headed this court, and no one else had any say in the matter. Also, the High Judge was Brujon Bliese. That pretty much sums up the whole damn affair in one go.

"Andromeda Schaffer," said Brujon evilly, "you have been found to be the daughter of Robert Schaffer. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"I'm not Schaffer's daughter! I don't have any idea how you've come to that conclusion!"

"This letter, signed 'your loving parents, R&R', proves your guilt," responded Brujon, "you yourself have said that you are half-blood, which Robert's child would have to be, and you are of the right age, sixteen, and therefore fit the description perfectly. As another detail, it says 'being only 2 months' and we know for a fact that Robert's child was 2 months old when he died."

"I'm telling you, that doesn't say 'R&R', it says 'C&B'! Those are my parents, and I am no child of Robert's!"

Watching from the courthouse window, Samuel was having an internal struggle. The way he felt about Andromeda, he had never felt about anyone else. But at the same time, he knew if he revealed his true identity, he would have the death penalty, and right now at least he had only attacked an Inspector, which was a ten year's prison sentence. But no, he could not let this girl die for him!

"Andromeda Schaffer, I sentence you to execution by knife," said Brujon, "Inspector, you may do the honors."

"STOP!" yelled Samuel, pushing open the door, "I will tell the truth! I am Samuel Schaffer!"

"WHAT?" exclaimed Brujon, "GRAB HIM!"

But Samuel was too quick. He pointed his wand at Andromeda's handcuffs and yelled "RELASHIO!" and they fell off. He ran across the room grabbed Andromeda's arm, and turned on the spot, disappearing.