Title: Legacy

Author: Kadysn


Disclaimer: The brothers aren't mine, much as I wish they were, nor do any of the other canon characters belong to me. They're Kripke's, and I promise I will return them unharmed, and hopefully happier, than they were left with us after the season five finale, "Swan Song."

Summary: Dean kept his promise to his brother. It hadn't been what he'd wanted, but he did as asked, and now, years later, his past comes back to face him. This is a series of drabbles, in chapter format. I realize this will be completely "Gamble'd" when season six begins, but so be it.

Betas: Suz Mc and PlatinumRoseLady

Words: A mixed bag. None less than 100, or more than 150 each. Total number: ?




Dean was bent under the hood of the Impala, making a few minor repairs, when Ben's voice startled him. Dean jerked upwards, rapping his head smartly on the underside of the hood. He backed up and rubbed at the sore spot.

"Sorry, dad."

"That's ok. What's up, buddy?"

Ben leaned towards Dean and whispered, his voice having almost completely changed from that of boyhood to young adult, "There's someone who wants to see you. Mom sent me out here to get you."

Dean nodded and backed up, then reached for the oil rag hanging from his back pocket and wiped his hands. He turned and put a hand on the youth's shoulder and together they walked from the garage and through the back door of the house....