Sam stopped in the hospital room doorway, Sami in his arms and Ben at his side. His gaze fell upon Dean, sitting next to Lisa on her bed, baby RJ in his arms.

Dean's face was split into a huge grin when he looked up at their approach. "Hey! Look what I got here!" He held the newborn up, showing him off to his family.

Sam crossed the room and stopped beside the bed, and reaching out, ran fingers over his new nephew's baby-fine blond hair. He grinned and commented, "I don't know, Dean. Poor kid looks like you."

Dean chuckled. "He'll thank me later. The girls will swarm him when he's Ben's age, just like they do his brother, right son?"

"Dad!" Ben blushed.

Sam pressed a hand to Ben's shoulder. "Get used to it, kid. You're Dean Winchester's son. It comes with the territory." He handed his niece off to Ben, then reached out for the baby, and asked, "May I?"

Dean nodded, and proudly handed off his new son to his brother.

Sam tucked the infant into his right arm, holding him close, and thumbed the baby's cheeks. He looked over at Lisa and, his smoky eyes glistening with tears, whispered, "Lise, he's beautiful."

Her eyes bruised with weariness, Lisa smiled tiredly at her brother-in-law. "Thanks, Sam. Did you call Bobby?"

"Yeah, I did," Sam nodded. "He's absolutely beside himself. He can't get over the fact you named this little guy after him."

Dean took his wife's hand in his and held it. "Robert John. What do you think Dad would say about it?"

Sam smiled. "He'd be proud, Dean; proud of you and your family. You know that."

"Yeah, he would," Dean agreed. He looked over at his brother and said, "He'd be proud of you too, Sam."


"Yeah, dude. Really. We've both come a long way since we lost Dad. We've done good. The old man would be thrilled."

Sam had to agree. As he held his nephew in his arms, and looked around the room at the rest of his family, he knew Dean was right. They had a good life, and for once, it was treating the Winchesters right. He couldn't ask for anything more.


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