Like Father, like Son

By: Hobblefoot11

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Authors Note: Forgive me if anything is misspelled, I don't have the books to check in. Also, this chapter will be really short. It's more of a Prologue. Bear with me, cause I will try to make this story really good.

This is the revised version, June 4th, 2010

Chapter One

Lord Voldemort raised his wand and gave it a flick. The front door of the Potter's house flew off. There was a scream from inside.

He met James Potter just inside the living rom. The man should have taken his family and appartated. He sent a few well aimed Stunners towards the Dark Lord, but he easily deflected them.

He pointed his wand at Potter and calmly spoke the killing curse.

"Such a shame," Voldemort said, stepping over the corpse and heading towards the stairs.

In three minutes he had killed the woman too.

He stepped around her and advanced towards to crib were one Harry James Potter was. But instead of finding the infant crying for his dead parents, the small child was laughing and gurgling, pointed at his mother on the floor.

Lord Voldemort paused for a minute. A thought came to him. An insane, ludicrous, foolish, unrealistic thought.

He was sterile. So why not take this child, and it raise it as his own. He could feel the power signatures radiating off the child.

With that, he reached out and grabbed the boy and, after setting fire to the house, disappeared.

Lucius Malfoy was one of the lucky few who had even seen the Dark Lord's son. There were rumours throughout the Death Eaters that he did have one, but only himself, Bellatrix and Severus even knew of the boys' existence.

He had thought Voldemort was crazy at first, but now he loved Xander as much as his own son. Xander was smart and cunning and extremely powerful, even though he was the Potter's child.

He had changed the Dark Lord in unimaginable ways. Yes he was still hard and cold, but he adored Xander.

Lucius wasn't sure if it went as far as love, but Voldemort was proud of his son. And because Xander had taken such a liking to himself, Severus and Bellatrix, Voldemort was much more lenient of them.

It was ironic, because the boy was just as ruthless, if not more so then his father. He loved to torture and kill prisoners.

Bellatrix taught him all the torture and pain curses she knew, and always found more for him.

Severus taught him potions, Occlumency and Legimency and Lucius (at the Dark Lord's request) taught Xander Muggle fighting.

Voldemort had taken to teaching his son wandless magic.

He looked exactly like his deceased father, but it was obvious he had Lily Potter's eyes.

As of right now, Lucius was teaching the fifteen year old sword fighting. At the rate Xander was going, he would best Lucius within a month.

"Keep your feet firm on the ground." Lucius reminded him. "Thrust! Okay, block! Remember, you see an opening and you take it!"

"Right. Okay." Xander muttered, thrusting forward again and knocking Lucius' sword out of his hand. In one quick movement he hand Lucius on his knees, and both swords at his throat.

Both looked amazing.

"Congratulations, Xander." Lucius grinned.

He dropped one sword and reached out a hand to help his instruction to his feet, grinning.

"Your father will be proud." Lucius told him, clapping him on the shoulder.

Bellatrix Lestrange was smiling, something she was prone to doing now more than ever. It was because of Xander. Her master had chosen his heir well.

The boy was a natural at everything, and never shied away from a challenge.

However, he wasn't always obedient.

He was frequently sneaking out of the castle and would disappear for a few hours at a time. No one knew where he went, not even Voldemort himself.

Xander was always putting untraceable charms on himself (ones that Bellatrix had taught him) that made him impossible to find.

However, one night Bellatrix saw him moments before he left the castle, and he was wearing Muggle clothes.

She was afraid to tell Voldemort her suspicions, but she knew he was sneaking out to do something there.

She and Severus Snape were in Xander's bedroom, hoping to talk to him when he returned.

"You know, if you hadn't taught him Occlumency, we would know where he was going!" Bellatrix said shrilly. It was an argument they had had many times before.

"It was the Dark Lord's wishes for him to learn!" Severus retorted. Then, in a quieter voice, he said "But I truly am interested to know where he goes. You said he where's Muggle clothes when he leaves?"

"Yes." She replied.

Suddenly his bedroom window on the fifth floor slid open and Xander was standing before us, his black hair wet from the light rain and wearing pants and a T-shirt.

"Bella, Sev." He greeted them with a nod of his head, and Bellatrix suspected he had known they were waiting for him.

He pulled off the T-shirt and they watched silently as he pulled on robes.

Bellatrix looked at the young boy. "Xander-" She started, but he interrupted her.

"I'm not telling you Bella," He said firmly.

He had the appearance of a grown man, and the attitude of it too. She shared a look with Severus and she knew he was thinking the same thing.

"Excuse me, but I think I need to speak to my dad." Xander grinned at them, and it was a grin that said he knew more than they did.

He quickly left.

"What is it Severus?" Bellatrix asked.

"The Dark Lord has finely allowed his son to go on a mission." He replied, smiling.