Like Father, like Son

By: Hobblefoot11

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Chapter Sixteen:

Xander transfigured his black robes for a pair of black slacks that hugged his hips a plain dark green T-shirt and his tie for a masculine necklace made of leather with a round stone hanging on the end. He pulled the elastic out of his hair and gathered up the few pieces that had come loose before pulling it all back into the elastic again at the nape of his neck.

Feeling satisfied that his outfit wasn't to Muggle, casual or sophisticated, but a even measure of each, the green-eyed teen made his way through the near-deserted halls of the dungeons. The Slytherin common rooms weren't far from Severus' rooms, so Xander made it there within five minutes.

He was unsurprised to see two large and apparently brainless idiots guarding the door on the outside, who, upon seeing who he was, immediately let him inside.

Inside the common room, Xander was greeted with loud music, dim lights, and a sea of bodies who he guessed were all fourth years and above. He could instantly sense the expansion charm that had been used on the room to enlarge it.

He stood in the door awkwardly, unsure of what to do. He couldn't see Draco anywhere, but he did notice several students whose parents were Death Eaters.

This environment was new to him, having never been to any sort of dance or gathering (besides Death Eater meetings) in his life. About five minutes since his arrival, he spotted a familiar blonde in amongst the bodies.

"Malfoy!" He called quietly, but his voice carried over to the blonde who looked around for whoever called him. Seeing Xander leaning against the stone wall by the door, he grinned lazily and sauntered over.

He was wearing low cut jeans and a black button up shirt with the top three and bottom two left undone. "Welcome to the Snake Pit!" Draco greeted him, raising his voice over the blaring music.

Xander returned the grin. "Not what I expected." He answered honestly.

"It never is," Draco replied with a wink, than he got down to business. "That was a very risky move with the headmaster at dinner."

The dark-haired boy just shook his head. "Dumbledore needs to know that he has no control over me - that I am not one of his pathetic pawns in his failing attempt for power."

"Well," Draco replied, "In that case, I believe we share something in common. My father had been saying for years that one day Dumbledore will fall, and the rest of the Wizarding and Muggle worlds will crumble with him. We – you and me, and any others willing to join our side – will be there to fix it, remould it; shape it into the perfect world."

Xander was impressed with the way the blonde boy spoke. He was too young to take the Mark, but he had a feeling that he might be able to convince his father to be a bit lenient this time. Draco Malfoy would truly be a great asset to their side.

"Do you want a drink?" Draco asked, playing the part of a perfect host.

Xander declined politely.

"I haven't poisoned it, you know." He told the green-eyed boy, who just smiled at him.

"If you wish to ask questions, I would prefer to answer them in my own mind, that way I have at least some control over which questions I do or do not answer."

"Of course," Draco replied, the smirk no longer lingered on his pointed face. "You work for the Dark Lord?"

"Your research has been sadly lacking, Draco." Xander purred. "I would have thought someone of your... status would have had more access to information. Any idiot in a library could have figured it out by now. I don't work for the Dark Lord. I am—" But he was cut off from his confession by Blaise Zabini, stumbling over, already drunk, a bottle of firewhiskey in his hand.

"Drake, you won't believe it, but some little shit bag called Thomas... or Bradley... or both is telling some fourth years 'bout you mother fu..." He trailed off, swaying on the spot.

"He never has been able to hold his liquor." Draco told Xander by way of apology.

The dark haired boy looked at Blaise in disgust. "Obviously." He sneered, angry at the teen for interrupting. He would probably never get such a perfect opportunity to tell Malfoy junior about his status as the one that just passed.

"Who you?" Blaise asked loudly, his beady eyes sizing Xander up. "You Drake's fuck-body or somefink?"

Not even if Blaise was sober and on full alert would he have seen the swift fist that swung up only to collide painfully with his jaw. In his drunken state, he hardly even noticed the pain at first, until he loudly exclaimed. "OUCH!"

His delayed reaction caused many people to look over in wonder, and laugh at the poor boy who dropped his bottle, with shattered on the floor at Xander's feet, and was clutching his jaw with both hands.

"Always so violent?" Draco asked, somewhat amused but also seemingly just as insulted by Blaise's comment as Xander was. He seemed to realise that their conversation about Voldemort was now over, and settled for dejectedly putting his arm around his drunken friend, shooting one last smile at Xander, and steering him away.

Xander sighed and waved his hand to clean up the broken mess, then left the room, many people calling out congratulations for his dinner performance, having finely realised he had been in the room.

He walked through the empty corridors, moonlight shining through the high windows. He made his way down to the main level and made his way out onto the grounds, once again thanking the oaf Hagrid for supplying him with the password.



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