And here it is, the epilogue. Song is Release by Helen Jane Long. This was written before I had actually finished chapter three of the story and I wasn't planning on posting it, but here it is:)

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"Excuse me, Captain?" Kate asked, knocking on the open door of his office.

Montgomery looked up from his computer and smiled. "Kate, you came in today."

"Why wouldn't I be here?" She asked, frowning slightly.

The Captain stumbled with his words. "Well I, um. We figured after last night that you'd be taking the, um. The day off." He dropped his head. What was he thinking? Kate would never just take the day off.

"Well, actually, sir. I didn't come here today for work."

He looked back up. "What is it then?"

"Well. Uh, since there are no current open cases, and what not. I just wanted to ask for some time off."

Oh, no. Lanie was right; Castle leaving really was going to affect his best detective.

"How much time?" He asked.


"Kate, listen to me." Montgomery interrupted. "I know you're upset. And you can take as much time as you want. I don't want you coming back until you have all of your thoughts figured out."

"Um-"she paused. "Okay?"

Montgomery simply nodded.

"Right, so I'm going to go straighten up my desk." She stood up and excused herself quickly. Sure, she was upset about leaving the precinct, but she hadn't had a vacation in years. She needed it.

Both Ryan and Esposito were waiting by her desk.

"Hey, boss." They both said.

"Ryan." She nodded. "Esposito." She pointed to her desk and flicked her hand to the side, letting him know to move. She went into her drawer and grabbed some paperwork, handing it to Ryan. Then she took one of her pens and gave it to Esposito.

"Don't lose that pen, Esposito. And if you use it, I swear to god I will know."

Ryan's face dropped. "Beckett?" he asked. "What's going on?"

"I'm taking two weeks off." She replied, looking through a stack of papers.

"Whoa, boss. Your-"Esposito was interrupted when he heard whistling coming from the hallway by the elevator.

"Excuse me a second, boss. Ryan?" he nudged him in the arm and they both turned in time to see Castle come in the room.

"Kate, you talk to Montgomery?" Rick asked.

"Ri-Castle-"she paused. "Yeah." She held up her finger, letting him know she'd be ready in a minute.

Both Ryan and Esposito started heading towards Castle, their eyes narrowed.

"Guys?" Rick asked, confused.

"You got some damn nerve comin' in here, man." Esposito practically growled when he was out of Beckett's ear shot.

"Yeah, I mean what's your problem, bringing your ex wife into the precinct last night?"

Rick took a step back. "She's my publisher?" he said, throwing his hands up.

"I don't care who the hell she is." Ryan scoffed and jabbed a finger in Rick's chest, causing him to hit the wall.

Esposito joined next to Ryan, so Rick was blocked between the two angry detectives. "You got Beckett all upset. She's takin' time off now, man." Ryan turned his head to see Beckett grabbing her coat off of her chair. "So for whatever reason you're here, we don't care. But you're not welcome. So go."

"Castle." Kate called behind her as she walked passed the scene as if it wasn't happening.

Rick chuckled and got off the wall. "Okay, okay. I'm leaving." He told the detectives.

Glaring, they both backed away.

"Don't bother comin' back." Esposito spat as Rick broke into a light jog to catch up to Kate.

"I don't think your detectives like me very much." He whispered when he was close.

Kate stopped walking and turned towards him. "Yeah?" She straightened his collar out. "They'll get over it."

A few feet away, the two detectives watched as their boss straightened Castle's collar.

"You watchin' this, man?" Esposito asked, nudging Ryan.

Ryan simply nodded and continued to look on as Beckett accepted Castles outstretched hand while they waited for the elevator.

"No, seriously. Kate, you are going to love it. The beach there is unbelievable-"

"Rick." They heard Beckett interrupt his explaining. "I'm sure I will." She pulled him into the elevator and saw Castle leaning in for a kiss just as the doors closed.

"Oh. My. God." Lanie walked up to the detectives. "Did I just see Castle and Kate go into that elevator holding hands?"

Both of the detectives nodded, their mouths hanging slightly open.

"And did he lean in for a-"Lanie paused. "Finally." She held out her hand. "Pay up, boys."

Okay, it's totally the end now. :)