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Summary- What if Draco and Hermione read fanfiction one day for a class assignment? And just what might happen if they read a Dramione fic?

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"So, for today I have a new assignment for you all. As you can see, Professor McGonagall has provided us with these new computers, but, we only have enough for half the class. So I am going to place you all in pairs," Professor Cindy Merridew (A/N- For all of you Prisoner Unleashed readers, you'll get the Cindy thing :) ) said. She gestured at the row of shiny new Mac laptops that were lined up on the desks in her Muggle Studies classroom. Muggle Studies was now a mandatory subject to prevent anything like the War from happening again.

"First- Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter. Blaise Zabini and Parvati Patil. Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown. Pansy Parkinson and Padma Patil. Gregory Goyle and Seamus Finnigan. Dean Thomas and Millicent Bulstrode. Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott. Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy." Hermione groaned. Really?

"Good luck mate." Blaise patted his best friend on the back. Draco just gave a muffled groan.

"Alright, let's divide up and work. I want you guys to surf the web for awhile, find some neat websites. Have some fun!" Professor Merridew smiled and sat down in her chair as the class shuffled to their computers.

"Great. I'm stuck with you, ferret." Hermione greeted her partner as she sat down in the empty chair next to him.

"Don't think I'm happy about this Mudblood." Draco snarled.

"Whatever." Hermione pressed the on button and opened up Safari. The home page was iGoogle.

"What's that?" Draco asked, unable to hide his curiosity.

"It's sort of like a search engine. You type something in here. And then you click here. And it brings up every website with the key words in it."

Draco just looked at her blankly.

"You know what? I'll choose the website," Hermione thought for a moment. "Hey! I know one! As a kid, I used to love this website called FanFiction. It's where people take books and make stories about them."

"Okay. Whatever gets me an A."

Hermione logged on to the website. "Oh! Look! They've got a Harry Potter page!"

Draco groaned. "Even the Muggles have websites dedicated to Potty."

"Well, ever since he published his books…" Harry, after the war and with the help of Hermione, wrote 7 books about his life at Hogwarts. They really hit it off in the Muggle world. "This is so cool!" Hermione squealed. "I'm in, like, a ton of them!"

"Really? Am I?" Draco asked.

Hermione rolled her eyes. Typical arrogant Malfoy. "Well, you're in this one…" she scrolled down. "And this one, and this one, and… ooo! Romance stories!"

"Typical girl," Draco mumbled.

"Look at these! Aww… Harry and Ginny, Blaise and Pansy, Ron and Lavender, Draco and Hermione, Parvati and- wait- DRACO AND HERMIONE?"

"Did you just say what I think you did?" Draco leaned over and frantically searched the screen.

"That one." Hermione pointed a shaking finger.

Draco looked at it. "We Learned the Sea. By luckei1. Characters: Draco M. and Hermione G. Genre: Ro-ROMANCE?"

"I know." Hermione's face was contorted in disgust.

"Where the hell do they get romance? Where in Potter's books did he hint ROMANCE between the two of us?"

"I don't know! Maybe the… the punch I gave you in third year?"

"You broke my nose. Yeah, I really feel the love." Draco said sarcastically.

Hermione ignored him and turned to face the screen. Draco followed suit.

"So…" she whispered after a minute. "D'you… d'you think we should read it?"

Draco didn't answer until a moment later. "Um… well, it is the assignment."

"I must admit, I'm rather curious about how they could create romance between the two of us."

"As unrealistic as it is, I am too."

Hermione nodded. Slowly, as if she was afraid of it, she scrolled over the link and clicked it. The story opened up, and they began to read.

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