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An Epilogue of Sorts, Part 2

Hermione: *Snaps laptop shut and sighs* I've always wanted to write my own fanfiction.

Draco: Lucky you, because you just did. Now let's press that pretty 'complete' button and be done with it!

Hermione: But we can't.

Draco: Why not?

Hermione: We're not done!

Draco: What? We gave it a happy ending and everything! What else could they want?

Hermione: Well, see up there? Those blue numbers that currently say 326?

Draco: What about it?

Hermione: That's how many reviews we got. Which means that 326 times, someone went out of their way to tell us what they thought about our story.

Draco: So?

Hermione: So we're going to go through and thank them all!

Ginny: *Walks in* Hey guys, whatcha doing?

Hermione: Thanking 326 people.

Ginny: And I'm leaving!

Draco: Noo! Take me with yoooou!

Hermione: Uh-uh! Neither of you are leaving. Draco, you're obligated to stay. Ginny, some of those people wanted to talk to you.

Ginny: Now I'm interested.

Draco: I'm not!

Hermione: Fine, we won't thank them all. I suppose that would take hours of copying and pasting. We'll just… thank the reviewers who stuck with us for most of the ride!

Ginny: Can we get back to me?

Hermione: Oh yeah. Well, remember when you suggested that we write a fanfiction about our lives, and at the end we would include that conversation we had?

Ginny: Yeah.

Hermione: Well, I put in the part when you said 'hi' to our readers.

Ginny: Awesome!

Hermione: And these were the reactions you got:

dreadfuldelights- HELLO GINNY! *waves and shouts at sky*

GinnyMastraniCullen- LOL! That is so typically Ginny!

edwardsoneandonlylove- lol HI GINNY!

youreconfusingme- and please say hi to Ginny from me: "Hey Ginny!" *grins*

dramione-fan2015- Ginny is so hilarious

Ginny: Cool! I have fans! Thanks you guys! Now I'm leaving.

Draco: Wait! No! Please take me with you! I can fold laundry… sort of…

Hermione: Draco, you are staying here. The people wanted to talk to you too.

Draco: Do I have screaming fan girls?

Hermione: No. But you have a typically loving, and now rather angry, girlfriend.

Draco: Fine. What do the reviewers want to say?

Hermione: Promise you won't go gloating in Ron and Harry's faces tomorrow?

Draco: No- now what is it? It sounds good!

Hermione: Okay, here:

Silverforest11- I laughed at what Draco said about the boy who just wouldn't die already

Erica- Draco and Hermione's kid(s) will be best looking!

Forrest- I think Dramione's kids will look the best.

Dreadfuldelights- *ahem* Of course, Draco and Hermione's kids will look the best. ;)

JusticesCall- I have to say, Draco's kids would look the best if he married Hermione.

OhhhSkyler- I have to admit: I think Draco & Hermione's kids would look the best too.

Youreconfusingme- and to the boys: "Neville's child will look best if you don't stop bickering about your future children!"

Draco: No way that Longbutt's kids will look better than mine! Not even if he marries the hottest girl in the school who happens to be-

Hermione: *Gives him look*

Draco: …you of course, dear.

Hermione- Anyway, I will now proceed to thank the reviewers who stayed with us and reviewed often. Thank you! (Special thanks will follow the name that they are intended for.)

IheartDracoandRon; Starlight SunSoar; xxfallblossomxx; OhhhSkyler; KarateChic; youreconfusingme; Rags2Riches; dramione-fan2015; GinnyMastraniCullen; stephhe; mspolapotter; Love-Padfoot-and-Moony (Thank you for your support on all of my stories- I think…) Ms. Louis Cordice Zabini; reader2015; SimonandJeanetteAreBest (Thank you so much! I loved your reviews, you reviewed often, and thank you for letting me use your fic.) edwardsoneandonlylove; XxBlack-Bird-SwiftxX; knowitall; megan; readme2023; XXXreallyNOTokXXX; renesmeecullenisme; citrusme16; ; Blondefish; PurpleMonkeyDishwashers

I want to apologize if I missed your name, these are just the ones that I could find and remember at the top of my head.

Draco: Are we done yet?

Hermione: No! Now read this- *shoves notecard into Draco's hand*

Draco: Um… We would also like to thank the 88 people who favorited us, and we would love to name you all, but that would also take a ridiculous amount of time to copy and paste…

Hermione: Look on the back.

Draco: Oh! And the 132 alerts we got. We are very flattered. *cough* not…

Hermione: What was that?

Draco: Nothing! Nothing…

Hermione: Anyway, on a closing note, I want to respond to a couple reviews:

To JusticesCall- OMG! I have a number one fan… I am so flattered, seriously.

To stephhe- Yay! My goal has been reached! I have converted someone to Dramione!

To mysteriouslife- Well, you certainly did beg for a sequel now didn't you-

Draco: WAIT- WHAT?

Hermione: A sequel.

Draco: There is no way in hell I am doing a sequel, no I am-

Hermione: You do know that this is all being documented and will be later posted online? As a chapter?

Draco: What? Why don't you people bloody tell me these things?

Hermione: Because I wanted to make this conversation realistic!

Draco: Now they're all going to think I'm a lazy, unenthusiastic git.

Hermione: You are.

Draco: I am not!

Hermione: Whatever.

Draco: I am a lazy, unenthusiastic, wealthy, handsome git.

Hermione: Either way, there is still going to be a sequel.

Draco: Noo! What are we going to write a sequel about?

Hermione: I don't know yet! We'll have to wait and see what happens.

Draco: So you say that all of this is being documented?

Hermione: Yeah.

Draco: Even this? *Leans over and kisses Hermione*

Hermione: *Pushes him off, face red* Yes! Now stop, we were talking about the sequel.

Draco: You mean the one we're not doing?

Hermione: Please?

Draco: No.

Hermione: Please?

Draco: No! This is how you got me roped into doing this one in the first place!

Hermione: *Gives puppy dog eyes* Please?

Draco: *Glares* Fine… I'll think about it.

Hermione: Yay! Thank you!

Draco: *Mumbles* And we all know that means we're doing a sequel…

Hermione: Well, one last time, we want to thank everyone who READ, REVIEWED, ALERTED, and FAVORITED. You all rock, and we really enjoyed writing this.


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