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This was inspired by a few things. 1- a quote I heard on TV; 2- Tiffany; 3- the lack of smacked love coming this week.

SUPER SHORT ONE SHOT.... but dedicated to my smackies on twitter and FB. 3

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Unicorns; 3 of them; one in a brilliant pink, one in blue, and one in a color that could only be classified as neon yellow, stared back from their positions on the fridge. Long delicate fingers traced the named that was barely legible. Lucy.

"She's in a unicorn phase."

Stella's head turned in a fan of curls and she smiled at the man standing a few feet away from her.


Her musical laughter floated through his kitchen and she smiled warmly, "Never pictured you as the unicorn type though Mac."

He shrugged and offered a small grin, "I just have to tell myself that they're only horses that can stab people."

He watched mezmerised as her head fell back, exposing her long bronze neck as she laughed happily at his remark. She followed him out of the kitchen and grinned at the bottle of wine and two glasses he'd arranged in his living room.

He sat down on the sofa and poured them each a glass, before gesturing for her to join him, "You know, if everyone knew you were this relaxed away from the office, you'd get a lot less..."

"If everyone knew I was this relaxed, I'd never be able to reign them in." He grinned as he interrupted her and pulled her onto his lap. His eyes met hers and he smiled softly, "I'm glad you came tonight."

The smike returned was warm and inviting, "I had fun... Wasn't that big of a fan of the movie but I've never really been into that kind of thing."

"I heard it was good. Came highly recommended."

"By who?" Her brow furrowed as she looked at him in confusion.

"Reed." She nodded and let her mouth form a perfect 'O'.

"Well that explains it. It's aimed at his demographic Mac. Hormonal, dramatic young adults."

He grinned and tugged gently on a curl before letting it wrap itself around his finger, "So you're not Team Jacob or Edward?"

Her thumb on his lips silenced him, "I'm Team Mac."

She replaced her thumb with her lips and tenderly pressed a kiss to his mouth before pulling back. She opened her mouth to ask him whose 'team' he was on, but her question was muffled by his fingertips against her plush lips.

"Team Stella."