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~ Chad Dylan Cooper fears nothing... except spiders ~

"Tawn, I'm heading out for the night," Sonny told her roommate as she finished packing up her stuff. "If you need me, let me know now."

"Ooh, I need you!" the tween queen cried as she looked up from filing her nails.

"Really?" Sonny perked up. Tawni rarely ever needed her.

"Yes," Tawni replied. "To get me some yogurt!" Sonny rolled her eyes as she experienced a strange wave of déja vu.

"Tawni, I'm not going to get your yogurt for you," Sonny sighed. "Go get it yourself." Tawni pouted and went back to filing her nails. "Goodnight." Sonny sighed again as she walked out the door, closing it gently behind her.

As she walked down the halls of Condor Studios, Sonny sighed yet again in exhaustion. It had been a rather long day. First, they had script writing first thing in the morning, and then she had a fine-good fight with Chad, then rehearsal, then ick stew for lunch, another fine-good fight, and then yet another rehearsal.

All in all, Sonny was looking forward to getting home and taking a nice, long bath.

Sonny smiled to herself as she envisioned the warm water and soft bubbles, and then slipping in to her comfy cotton pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Hopefully, there would be time for some hot chocolate and a movie tonight.

Sonny's fantasies were interrupted by a loud, high shriek.

Sonny jumped, startled. She looked around for the source of the noise, but she could not find anything. Where the heck had that come from?"


There it was again! Sonny took off running towards the source of the scream, her thoughts of warm bubble baths and hot chocolate gone. What if someone was in danger? What if a robber broke into the studio?


Sonny tore through the halls and found herself in the MacKenzie Falls studio. Rolling her eyes slightly, she stopped running. It was probably Portlyn or Chloe finding an ant in their dressing room or something. Still, Sonny thought, she ought to be nice and help them out.


The comedienne turned a few corners and arrived at Chad's dressing room. What the heck would Portlyn or Chloe be doing in Chad's dressing room? Feeling slightly jealous for no particular reason, Sonny pushed open the door.

What she did not expect to see was Chad Dylan Cooper standing on a chair, screaming his head off.

Chad's face was bone-white, and his usually perfect blonde hair was completely messed up, sticking in a thousand different directions. He was crouched on the chair in a defensive position, and he was holding up what looked like a Tween Weekly magazine. He was looking at the floor with an expression of pure terror.

"Chad?" Sonny asked, throughly confused. Chad's eyes flashed up to meet hers, and his face changed quickly.

"Sonny!" he said hurriedly, straightening up quickly and attempting to flatten his hair. "What... what are you doing here?"

"I heard a girl screaming and I came over to see what was wrong," Sonny looked around for the source of the screaming. Suddenly, her eyes widened. "Wait... was that you scre-"

"No!" Chad answered quickly, his cheeks a little pink. "No, that was most definitely not me- EEEEEEK!" Chad jumped up quickly and held his magazine up, looking terrified.

"Chad, what's wrong?" Sonny asked, a little worried, before glancing down and catching sight of something.

A small, black spider was crawling innocently across the floor towards the chair.

"Get that thing away from me!" Chad cried, his voice coming out in a high squeak. Sonny stared at the tiny bug, then glanced back up at Chad's petrified face.

And then promptly busted up laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" Chad screeched indignantly. "This is no laughing matter!"

"You're scared of spiders?" Sonny gasped, holding her aching sides. "I don't believe this! Chad Dylan Cooper is scared of spiders!"

"I am not scared of- AAH" Chad shrieked once more as the spider crawled even closer.

"Oh my god!" Sonny snickered, choking on her giggles. "This is priceless!"

"Sonnnyyyy!" Chad whined, crossing his arms. "This is not funny!"

"Oh, this is so funny," Sonny disagreed, giggling. "Why are you scared of spiders? They're totally harmless."

"Harmless?" Chad asked incredulously. "Are you kidding me? That gigantic-"

"Gigantic?" Sonny interrupted him. "That spider is no bigger than a pea!"

"A very large pea!" Chad countered, his face growing pinker. "Spiders can bite you and then you'll turn in to a vampire!"

"Vampire?" Sonny asked again. "I thought that was bats."

"No, it can happen with spiders too," Chad replied matter-of-factly. "Oh my god, that thing is getting closer! AAAAAAAIEEE!"He screeched in terror.

As hilarious as watching Chad Dylan Cooper squeal over a spider was, Sonny decided to put the poor boy out of his misery. Rolling her eyes, she walked over to the table, grabbed a tissue and gently picked up the spider.

"Get that away from me!" Chad squealed, his voice extra high as Sonny walked towards him with the spider.

"Relax, wimp," she rolled her eyes again. "I'm just letting it go."

"Letting it go!" Chad cried again. "What are you doing that for? Kill it!" Ignoring the heartthrob, Sonny walked outside and placed the spider gently on the crowd. The tiny arachnid scuttled away quickly.

"All gone," Sonny announced as she walked back in the room. "I still can't believe your scared of spiders."

"Not little ones!" Chad protested.

"That one was little," Sonny insisted.

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"





"So we're good?"

"Not until you admit you're scared of spiders," Sonny grinned. Chad groaned.

"Don't tell anyone okay?" he asked suddenly, his blue eyes turning pleading. Sonny cursed mentally as she found herself getting lost in those blue orbs.

"Fine," she muttered. "But you owe me, Cooper."

"As you wish, Munroe." Chad winked at her, his cocky composure back. The two stood there awkwardly for a second.

"Well... I should probably be going now," Sonny said finally.

"Okay..." The two walked over to the door, and Chad opened it. "Oh, and uh... thanks."

"No problem," Sonny smiled. She raised her hand in a salute. "Sonny Munroe, exterminator, at your service! We specialize is ridding wimpy heartthrobs of teeny spiders!"

"Ha ha ha," Chad replied sarcastically. "Very funny. Later, Random."

"Bye Drama Snob," Sonny grinned back. She walked out the door, and turned to face Chad again. Her eyes grew wide with fear. "Chad... there's a huge spider right behind you..."

"WHERE?" Chad screeched, jumped five feet in the air, and whirled around madly, nearly tripping over his own feet and falling flat on his own face. Sonny cracked up, holding the door for support as she was overcome with giggles.

"Not. Funny. Munroe." Chad gritted his teeth, glaring at the brunette, who was too busy laughing to listen. "You're in for it now."

"Uh oh, better run," she teased mockingly, starting to run away. As she rounded the corner, she turned back to look at him and pointed at the ground. "Watch out for that spider, Chad." Startled, Chad glanced down at his feet as Sonny ran away giggling.


Well? Did you like it? I know there are a few stories like this, but I'm not only doing spiders and heights. I was inspired by that part in Sonny with a Song:

"Chad Dylan Cooper fears nothing."
"Not little ones."
"Not low ones."

It got me thinking... how does Sonny know Chad's afraid of those things? But I have other things in mind too, all based off of SWAC episodes. :) You'll just have to read to see!

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