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Naomi's POV

The sun of this gorgeous August afternoon is warm against my skin as Emily and I are walking, well mostly wandering really, through London's streets. It's amazing that after all this years, there are still so many shops and restaurants and cute little boutiques that I haven't discovered yet.

Today though, the discoveries I'm making are special.

They are special because of the petite red-haired girl currently walking next to me, eyes as wide as a kid on Christmas night. When I suggested that we'd go take a walk, those kind of walks with no real goals that always result in great memories afterwards, Emily accepted rather reluctantly, arguing she'd already seen London a, and I'm quoting here, bloody gazillion times. But threatening her with no sex for a week did the job and in no time, we were ready to head towards the unknown. No need to tell her there's no way I would have lasted a week without touching her though. I'm evil like that.

We're holding hands; fingers intertwined, arms lightly dangling between us. Of course, we get the usual disapproving glances but why should I care? I've got Emily and if this isn't enough, then fuck me I have no idea what will be.

I must admit that for the two hours we've been carelessly walking, I haven't really noticed anything apart from Emily. She's looking everywhere, throwing comments here and there or pointing at restaurants she'd like us to try eventually. You would think this girl didn't even set foot in London until today.

A light tug on my arm breaks my train of thoughts and when I turn around, I see that Emily stopped to look at a girl, some kind of street artist I guess, juggling in front of a far too impressed crowd in my opinion. She's not even that good, I think, rolling my eyes.

"Why are you rolling you eyes?" Busted. "She's pretty good!"

Emily's eyeing me with a knowing look, a smile playing on her lips.

"Plus, she's kinda cute." She adds, winking before bringing back her gaze to the girl who's now about to put some kind of sword in her mouth.

"Show off." I mumble grumpily, earning me a nudge in the ribs from Emily.

After a few minutes, I grab Emily's hand again, giving her no choice to follow me.

"Christ, someone's bossy today!" She laughs, walking a bit faster to catch up with me.

"I'm not bossy babe," I reply, "but it seriously looked like you'd never seen a bloody street artist in your whole life. Or the streets of London for that matter."

Emily looks somehow sheepish for a moment, bringing her gaze to the ground. I slow down my pace, trying to catch her eyes; I was only joking around.

"Ems, what's wrong?"

"Nothing it's just...Well, it's going to sound weird but you're kinda right. I've only really seen London at night you know? I'm a barmaid and when I wasn't working, I used to go out practically every night and get pissed or high until..." She stops, seemingly unsure of what she'll say next. "Well, until I met you."

She looks so cute and tiny at the moment that I can't help to stop, engulfing her in a protective hug right in the middle of the sidewalk.

"I just love that I get to discover so many things I was unaware of and all of that through your eyes, with you holding my hand. It feels nice." I hear her mumble in my neck.

I sigh happily, dropping a kiss on the top of her head. Emily's hair smells good; a mix of oranges and warm sun.

"Je t'aime honey." I whisper, lowering my head so it's resting on her shoulder.

"I love you too chérie." Emily whispers back, standing on her tip toes to give me a quick peck on the lips. I managed to teach her some words in French and even though her accent isn't that good, anything she says with that husky voice of hers sounds unbelievably sexy in my ears. But particularly French. Because French is sexy.

As we emerge from our little bubble, I realize we're still in the middle of the sidewalk, surrounded by a sea of people, some of them mumbling to themselves when they have to manoeuvre around us.

Grabbing Emily's hand once more, I quickly kiss her cheek.

"Let's go mademoiselle Fitch, it's time for dinner and I know the perfect place for a lady like you." I add the last words with a pathetic imitation of a cockney accent, don't ask me why, but it makes Emily giggle so I guess no other reasons are needed.

After a short walk, we arrive to a small yet incredibly welcoming Indian restaurant near Oxford Street, one I've discovered with Cook a few months ago and that became one of our favourites since then.

"Naoms, I love Indian!" Emily claps her hands enthusiastically, looking at me with those big brown eyes.

"Come on Ems. You and I both know you only love Indian stuff because you thought that girl in Slumdog Millionaire was hot."

She goes to answer, pulling a half-indignant, half-amused face but I stop her before she even has time to talk, placing a finger on her lips.

"Can't blame you though."

"Shut up you cheeky cow and let's go eat. I'm fucking starving here."

Laughing, we make our way inside the restaurant where a waiter directs us to a table at the back; the place is as crowded as always but the minute I take my seat in front of Emily, the usual happens.

Everything else disappears, the colors fade out, the sounds are muffled. Only Emily's left, shining brightly as if she was the only thing catching all light available in the room. Cheesy, I know.

A hand waved in front of my face startles me and when I look, I'm met with two pairs of brown eyes, Emily and the waiter both looking at me with expectant faces. Woah, totally spaced out here.

"Are you ok with that choice of wine Naoms?"

I nod as if I had been following the whole conversation all this time. "It's perfect babe. You're nothing less than a wine master." I add, for good measure you know.

Emily gives me a suspicious look before thanking the waiter.

"So, what do you want to eat Ems?" I ask, distractedly flicking through the menu even though I order the same thing every time.

"Apart from you that is?" She answers, looking at me through her eyelashes and I nearly choke on the water I was drinking.

She laughs, lightly patting my hand. "Gee Naoms don't be so prude. I'll just have the fish then."

I stick out my tongue at her playful smile and we both giggle.

After that, the dinner goes by rapidly.

Emily and I always seem to have something to say. We've been practically glued to one another for the past two weeks, ever since our "Big Reunion" as Emily insisted on calling it, and yet, the various conversations we have flow between us as if we hadn't seen each other in six months.

We discuss about books, movies, things we like, things we dislike, people we met, people we lost, places we'd like to see. The best is that we don't agree on everything and I like to discover new points of view through Emily; discussing with her is unbelievably stimulating and I love the fact she can be truly passionate when she really believes in something. To me, it makes her even more beautiful. We're at a point where we already know each other well and still some mysteries are left that I'm always eager to find out about.

"What are you thinking about?" Emily asks, her mouth full of chocolate cake.

"How easy it is just being with you."

Emily blushes a bit, something that I think I've never seen before.

"Are you blushing?" I ask, smiling.

"Err, no I'm not..."

"Yes you are."

"I'm so not."

"Liar." I reply, masking the word with a fake cough.

Emily arches an eyebrow, her eyes twinkling.

"You're unbelievably subtle Naoms."

"I know." I reply cheekily, trying to get a piece of her chocolate cake with my fork before she slaps my hand away.

"Oi, that's mine! You just had to order one too instead of your boring lemon cookies."

"Come on Emzy, it looks delicious." I pout, batting my eyelashes.

"Ok then, six years-old Naomi." Emily grabs a full-fork of cake before bringing it towards me. Smiling, I go to take it but Emily shakes her head, smirking. It's my turn to arch my eyebrow before leaning in slowly, never breaking eye contact. I lick the fork clean, taking my time when I see Emily's tongue quickly darting out to lick at her bottom lip. I finally lean back slightly on my seat.

"Fuck Ems, this was good." I say with a rather suggestive tone.

I can see Emily swallowing, her eyes a shade darker.

"But you know it can get so much better." She replies, and I know she made her voice sound huskier on purpose because she knows how badly I like it.

There's a throbbing between my legs, an all too familiar one whenever I'm around Emily. Fuck's sake get a grip Campbell. You're in a bloody restaurant.

"I have to go to the bathroom." Emily states, getting up. Confused, I watch her walk towards to the bathroom, swaying her hips in a way that drives me insane.

After a few minutes, I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket, indicating a new text message.

R U coming u twat?

The throbbing comes back on full force when I realize that Emily has been waiting for me to join her in the bathroom all this time. Shit, I can be so bloody oblivious sometimes, I think, getting up from my seat.

In my hurry, I nearly topple two tables after bumping into an innocent waiter.

When I arrive in the bathroom, I don't see her at first but a second later, I'm forcefully pushed against the closed door, Emily's lips on mine. I immediately reciprocate, putting my hands behind her neck as she pushes on my hips. The kiss is passionate, urgent; Emily's tongue slips in my mouth and I suck on it, eliciting a loud moan deep from her throat.

"You shouldn't tease me like that." Emily whispers huskily in my ear, her warm hand slipping under my skirt.

"Fuck Ems." She's slowly kissing her way down my neck but before she can go further, a knock on the door stops us both.

"Is there anyone in here?" Asks an annoyed woman's voice.

Emily clears her throat, smoothing her hair as I hurriedly re-arrange my skirt.

"Uh yeah, sorry..."

When Emily opens the door, the woman eyes us, a suspicious and slightly disapproving look on her face. Emily's lipstick is a bit smudged and she looks flustered; I probably look as guilty as her.

We hurriedly slip past the uptight lady to get back to our table and when I finally meet Emily's eyes, we both start to laugh hysterically.

"Christ, the look on her face was priceless." I manage to say, wiping some tears from my eyes.

"I thought she was going to faint!"

After our laughter finally subsides, I go to grab my purse to pay my share but Emily stops me, grabbing my wrist.

"I'm inviting you tonight."

"Emily, you don't-"

"It's my pleasure." She replies, smiling. "Anything for my amazing girlfriend."

I smile back, trying to convey how much I think she's sweet in this very moment.

"Wait for me outside, it won't be long."

Outside of the restaurant, the night is warm and the streets are still as crowded as we left them two hours ago. I'm looking distractedly at the people passing by when I feel two hands sneaking around my waist before a kiss is placed on my shoulder. I look down at Emily's tiny hands over my stomach before spinning around in her arms in order to face her.

"Thanks for dinner babe. You're a pretty amazing girlfriend yourself, you know that?"

"Well, I try." Emily replies, placing a soft kiss on my lips.

When I pull back, I let my eyes linger on her delicate features; Emily's breathtakingly beautiful, so much it strikes me every time as much as it did at Freddie's party two months ago. She put her hair in a high ponytail tonight, knowing how much I love when the white skin of her neck is on display.

Just because I can, I kiss her lightly on her pulse point, making her shiver slightly.

"I love you so much." I whisper against her neck, bringing her closer to me.

"I love you too Naomi." Emily puts a finger under my chin to bring my face up before she kisses me again, this time more forcefully. "You have no idea how fucking much."

After a few minutes, we finally pull apart and Emily instantly intertwines our fingers together as we start to make our way down the busy street.

"So, what do want to do next Naoms?"

"Well, I was thinking we could go see a-"

"Oh my God! Emily?" A loud voice coming from behind us interrupts me. Emily and I turn around to see a tall girl with a tan skin and dark hair walking towards us.

"Shit, Emily?"

"Brittany?" Emily replies with a more than surprised tone.

With a loud squeal, the girl who's apparently named Brittany runs to Emily, hugging her before kissing her on both cheeks. Emily looks as excited as the girl.

"What the fuck are you doing here? I thought you went back to New York ages ago!"

"Well, I missed my European friends what can I say?" She replies with a flirtatious tone, blatantly perving on Emily. Fucking singer of the Pussycat Dolls look-a-like.

When I clear my throat, Emily seems to suddenly remember my presence.

"Oh shit. Brittany, this is Naomi." I give her a small wave, a bit hurt Emily didn't mention I was her girlfriend.

"Naomi, this is Brittany, a girl I've... travelled with a year ago."

Brittany smiles at me before she brings back her attention to Emily.

"Look babe, I gotta run now, I'm meeting Peneloppe and some friends in five minutes but we have to do something together while I'm in London."

"You still talk to Peneloppe?"

"Yeah, and to all of the other girls! You have to come out with us this week."

"I sure will babe." Emily replies, beaming.

They both exchange phone numbers and in a matter of seconds, Brittany's gone, leaving us alone again.

"I can't believe it Naoms! We spent six months together travelling through Europe and it was fucking insane! And now she's here, in London!"

With a tight smile, I grab her hand as we resume our walk down the street.

"She seems, er, nice I guess."

I must sound a bit stiff because Emily gives me a concerned look. "Are you okay babe?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm perfectly fine!"

Emily scowls a bit but soon returns to her enthusiastic babbling about her trip with Brittany.

It's not long before I space out, distracted by a weird feeling low in my stomach.

Why do I feel like something's about to go wrong?

It's not much but it'll have to do for now. We already hate Brittany, don't we?

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