This is my first try at a Dragon Age fanfiction. Please be nice! I also haven't beaten the game yet. Uh. Just read the story, k?


Growing up, I never saw things in black or white. Nothing was definite or wholly decided. There was ambiguity in everything.

There are always shades of grey.


He is not what I expected. No, that's not quite right. As a Grey Warden, he's what anyone would expect: kind, loyal, and brave. As a man though, as someone I would consider marrying, he's nothing like the other nobles Mother considered worthy of me.

Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm not what he expected either. I am a high-born lady, one whose thoughts should have been centered around children and managing servants rather than sparring or playing with my Mabari warhound. And yet, I am a prime example of a Warden; I am a natural leader. I inspire. I win.

Somehow, we love each other. Somehow, we make it work, despite threats of darkspawn, werewolves, witches of the wild, archdemons and Maker only knows what else.

I would like to think that Alistair is pure silver, bright and unmarked. Much of the time, it is difficult to see any part of him that is tarnished.

But silver is still a shade of gray; it darkens inevitably with time and hardship. Alistair has his faults, his own tints of black within his light. Despite his jokes and smiles, he is afraid. Afraid of ruling, of the Blight, of failing. Afraid of losing me.

This is not a criticism or a complaint; it is simply fact. And I know that Alistair's light is far brighter than my own.

But my darkness, my weaknesses and pain, they fall in different areas than his.

Together, I think, maybe our colors balance.

Together we are shades of grey.


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