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"You can't stop me," Dan Phantom chuckled, "I am what you will become!"

"Mom, dad, Jazz, Sam, Tucker…Mr. Lancer," Danny whispered, looking at the proud, but submitted, faces of his friends, family, and teacher, the glow from the boiler glowing brighter as it went critical. With an explosion, all that was wiped from his already grieving mind; all that remained was a thirst for vengeance. "NOOOO!" Danny turned to his future self, eyes glowing with rage.

"The little halfa about to cry," Dan mocked, "Heh, don't make me laugh. You can't beat me." Danny's only answer was to blast him with emerald ectoplasm. Dan blocked it with a grey ghost shield that looked like a pane of glass, chuckling until he saw a crack in it. "Impossible," Dan thought, small amounts of worry tainting his thought, "How was he able to crack my ghost shield? He shouldn't be that powerful!"

In a low voice, cracked with the raw emotion he was feeling, Danny stated, "My name is Danny Phantom. You killed everyone that mattered to me, prepare to die."

"Quoting semi-obscure movies now? What's next, overused clichés," Dan scoffed. Danny's eyes glowed brighter as he unleashed another ghost ray at his evil future self. Dan sidestepped the emerald beam only to be hit in the chest by a second one.

"You want overused clichés, well here's one: two heads are better than one," Danny snarled as a copy split off to flank his evil counterpart.

"Your lack of wit and tact wound me," Dan sighed as he fired a beam behind him without looking. Danny smirked as he drew a deep breath. "There's no need to bluff; you and I both know you won't gain that ability for another ten years," Dan declared as he charged a ghost ray. His face immediately turned to shock as he unleashed an otherworldly howl laced with ectoplasm from both sides. The ghostly wail in stereo took its toll on all three combatants; the clone faded out of existence when it ran out of energy, the original Danny gradually transformed into his normal self as he kept his howl going, and Dan, having been caught in between the two, was horribly battered, bruised, and completely drained.

Danny, panting for breath, reached behind his back and pulled out the Fenton Thermos, pointing it at his downed foe. "Oh no, he's going to catch me," Dan gasped, fake worry dripping from his words like venom, "I already did what I wanted; my future is secure."

"You have no future," Danny croaked out as the blue beam sucked his future self into the thermos, a dead look in his eyes. "I will never become you, and soon you won't even exist." Danny slowly limped his way to his home to dispose of his opponent.

"That won't be necessary," a voice called out to him. Danny wearily turned around to see a blue ghost wearing a purple cloak and wielding a scepter with a clock perched atop it, Clockwork.

"I think I deserve a little closure about all of this," Danny tried to growl out.

"Time out," Clockwork called out as time froze. He floated up to Danny and took the thermos from him before floating back. "Time in." Time sped back up.

"You could have just asked," Danny sighed, realizing that he wouldn't stand a chance against the ghost, especially in his current state.

"And would you have given it to me," Clockwork countered.

"If my friends and family could be returned to me," Danny replied, glaring as best as he could in his battered state.

"And therein lies the problem," Clockwork frowned, "The time that the sauce boiler exploded was the least likely out of all possible times; it should have exploded two minutes later….exactly five seconds after I arrived."

"So, you're a master of time! You could go back and pull them out," Danny shouted.

"And have them wearing medallions for the rest of their lives," Clockwork sighed, "If they took it off they would go back to where I pulled them from, getting you to try and have me retrieve them again. I have interfered with the timestream enough for your sake."

"After all the shit I go through, I don't get any way to be happy," Danny growled out, his shoulders slumping in defeat, "I'm through doing everything for everybody without so much as a thank you! I'm through being a hero; I quit!" Danny stormed off, resisting the urge to turn into a ghost and fly off.

When Danny disappeared, Vlad stepped out of the shadows, a forlorn look in his eyes. "That could have gone better."

"It went exactly as it needed to," Clockwork replied, turning towards the white-haired billionaire. "I have already told you exactly how all of this happened. Right now, you are the only one that can steer him back along the right path."

"Yes, but I don't think that he will go along with it easily," Vlad responded.

"That is between you two; as I've said, I have interfered with the timestream enough for his sake," Clockwork declared as he vanished into a portal shaped faintly like a clock.

"So it is up to me, his nemesis, to guide him back to being a hero…how ironic," Vlad thought out loud as he walked to where Danny was most likely to be.

Amity Park, Fenton Works

Danny sat on his bed, tears streaming from his eyes, holding a picture of his friends and family from a few weeks before. He heard a few soft knocks on his becdroom door. "Come in," he rasped automatically. He didn't look up even as he felt his bed shift as someone sat on it.

"Daniel, are you feeling okay," Vlad inquired softly, only to get a glare. "Sorry, standard question."

"What are you doing here? Come to dance on my father's grave already," Danny growled out. Vlad's shoulders sagged almost imperceptibly as he thought that if it hadn't been for Clockwork, the halfa before him would be right in his assumptions.

"No Daniel-sorry, Danny; I've come to talk about some things with you…about your current situation," Vlad replied, almost with a somber tone of voice.

"I'm not going to live with you and forsake my family, so forget it," Danny barked out.

"And I don't expect you to; after all, that is how all of this started, isn't it," Vlad replied, already knowing what the teen was going to say next.

Danny's eyes widened in shock, surprise etched upon his features at his nemesis's statement. "But how did you know about that?"

"Clockwork showed me my future self whom explained everything to me," the billionaire responded, "He was using the time he thought he had to block any chance that Dan would ever exist. A good, although poorly executed, plan; nobody foresaw what would happen."

"So why are you here then," Danny asked the senior halfa, curiosity throwing enmity out the window.

"Because I would like to give you the chance to start a new life," Vlad explained, "I would like to give you a new place to live, away from the bad memories of the past few days, with a fund for you to draw from until you're eighteen and a legal adult. There are only three things I would ask of you in return."

Danny's eyes narrowed in suspicion, "I'm listening, but no guarantees."

"Granted," Vlad responded, "I would like to be your legal guardian, not your father in and sense of the term, but a pillar for support."

"Okay, that doesn't sound too bad. I know my parents wouldn't object, even though they never knew that you wanted my dad dead," Danny hesitantly agreed.

"I'm sure they wouldn't agree if they knew that particular fact," Vlad admitted, a grimace on his face at Danny's words, "Although my future self did help me come to better terms about that particular accident. It was an easy enough, albeit life destroying, mistake, so I don't hold a grudge against Jack for that anymore."

"You were in school and that accident has made you who you are today Vlad," Danny chuckled weakly, "If it hadn't been for that accident you might not be as well off as you are now."

"Yes, that may be true," Vlad sighed, giving the distraught teen that much, "Which brings me to the next condition, I would like you to finish going to school."

"That…I will agree to easily enough," Danny offered, his view on Vlad having shifted slightly from just being a crazed-up fruit loop to being a tortured soul. Not much better, but a start.

"The last condition is optional, really just me tying up a loose end in the past," Vlad explained, knowing Danny probably wasn't going to like this one.

"Before I agree to this one, let's hear it," Danny sighed, know he probably wasn't going to like this one.

"I was working on cloning you since I had realized recently that you weren't going to turn against your father," Vlad sighed while Danny frowned, "Only one so far shows any signs of stability, but she's missing something….I would like a sample of your mid-morph DNA to complete her."

"Wait, she," Danny cried out in surprise. Cue view being shifted right back to crazed-up fruit loop.

"The Y-chromosome didn't copy properly," Vlad offered.

"Okay.....but that doesn't really explain why my clone is a girl."

"And two years younger than you are," Vlad sighed.


"There was a computer glitch in the cloning process....it may be why she is even semi-stable as she is right now," Vlad responded, wincing at Danny's shout.

"And why would I agree?"

"I'll admit that the original intention was selfish," Vlad freely admitted, "But now, I think that you could use some company in the void I won't completely fill." Vlad left the comment about Dan phantom unsaid; it wasn't wanted or needed.

"And why should I help you on this one," Danny stated skeptically.

"Above everything else, I'm a businessman; I always hold my end of a bargain," Vlad replied, straightening out his suit subconsciously.

"If I agree to all of this, where would I be going," Danny inquired, feeling that what Vlad was offering might very well be his best option.

Vlad gave a genuine smile, the plan that he had formed on his way to talk to Danny just starting to come together for him. Step one of his plan to get Danny to return from being the fallen hero he now is completed. He declared with a gentle rub of Danny's hair, "Jump City."