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"Hey guys, mail just came in," Beast Boy called out as he entered the living room of the tower. He was carrying a large box along with a courier bag full of mail. He looked around and saw Robin walking towards him. He also saw Cyborg and Dani on the couch playing a game, but there just seemed to be something missing…


Cyborg threw his controller onto the floor and stomped his feet childishly. "I don't care what you say; there is NO WAY that somebody can be that good at a fighting game!"

Dani just leveled a flat look at the cybernetic teen. "Do you realize how hard I had to practice to be able to do this?"

"I don't care," Cyborg shouted, "Nobody plays games with their feet unless it's DDR or something like that!"

"Ooooh," the emerald changeling thought aloud as he watched the back and forth between the two and walked over to a table, "So they finally decided to settle that bet from last week." It wasn't a question.

"Looks like it," Robin stated. "I still can't believe that she actually decided to learn how to play fighting games with her feet just to challenge herself."

"Looks like she chose Hayabusa too," Beast Boy commented as he set the box and courier bag down before pulling a piece of dark blue fabric out from between his teeth.

"Yeah, she beat him using only the Izuna moves," the masked teen smirked, "Not sure I could pull those off every time."

"Dude! Those are, like, the hardest moves in the entire game, especially the counter throws," Beast Boy gushed, "And she did them with her feet!"

Robin chuckled, "I know, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it happen twenty times in a row." He looked at who the box was for and quickly the sender address with the courier bag. No need for the rest of the team to find out she was in contact with Vlad Masters yet. But he did have to wonder what the man could have sent her.

The two teens continued to watch in amusement as Cyborg and Dani continued to argue about just how possible it was to pull off difficult moves in fighting games using just your feet. The mood was toned down when Beast Boy asked the question Robin knew was going to come up eventually. "So, how well do you think she's handling what happened a few days ago?"

"Better than I hoped," the Boy Wonder sighed, rubbing his chin in thought. The shape-shifter fired a confused look in his direction, wordlessly asking for a better explanation. "At least she's not tearing apart the city to try and find Danny. Sure, it's not healthy to keep yourself distracted all the time just to avoid thinking about something but, it's not like I have a lot of room to talk on that one."

"Man, I still can't believe that the HIVE actually did that," the green teen whined, "I so call second dibs on beating the stuffing out of them for that."

Robin chuckled at that comment. "Yeah, you'd have a hard time trying to beat Specter to that one."

Their conversation was cut short as said halfa walked up to the two teens. "So Robin," Dani asked, "Is there any chance I could set up a ghost lab somewhere in the tower? I've had a few ideas bouncing around my head that I want to try out." Everybody blinked at the ghost teen's question.

"Wait, you mean that you actually know how to build stuff like the Fenton tech," Cyborg questioned.

"Well," Dani hemmed, "I definitely wouldn't call myself an expert, I just don't know enough to actually build some of the more theoretical stuff, but when it comes to blasters I definitely know what I'm doing."

"If you don't mind Robin, I think I might have a place in mind," Cyborg declared, a gleam in his still human eye.

Robin chuckled at that, it wasn't often that Cyborg really got the chance to talk shop with somebody. Besides, this seemed like a more positive way to keep Dani from brooding too much than just being distracted all the time. "Sure, I don't mind," Robin replied before motioning to the box on the table, "But before you go, something came for you in the mail Specter."

Dani took one look at the table before seeming to slump at the sight of the box. "And I'm pretty sure I know exactly what it is," the halfa sighed. Beast Boy's ears drooped at her statement while the other two teens present looked at her inquisitively.

"Dude, why are you so bummed out about getting something in the mail," the changeling inquired, "It could be some really cool gift from a fan like, like…a moped!"

"I'm pretty sure it's not a moped, BB," Dani sighed, "If it's what I think it is, then it's just a reminder that I'm not normal, even by meta-human standards." Robin fired a quick look at Cyborg, who nodded in response. This sounded like something she resented about herself.

"What do you mean by that," Beast Boy asked while tilting his head to the side, completely oblivious to the byplay between his two teammates, "What do you think it is?"

Dani sighed as she picked up the box. "Just a natural part of being unnatural," the halfa replied, a note of resentment much more obvious in her voice.

Cyborg winced. Hard. "Doesn't that sound familiar," the cybernetic teen thought to himself sympathetically. Robin decided that now would be a good time to change the topic.

"Cyborg, why don't you take her to the room you were thinking of," Robin implored before turning to Dani. "And Specter, don't forget that we've got combat practice later. We still need to get a handle on the limits of your powers and work you into team practice so that we can all work together easier." The ghost girl just nodded silently as she followed the titanium titan to the elevator.

With both of them in the elevator, Cyborg pressed the button to go to one of the sublevels of the tower. The first couple of floors passed in silence before the cybernetic hero decided to break it. "Sooo, what was it that you got in the mail? Must be something pretty big to bum you out like that."

Dani sighed as she made her arm go intangible and retrieved an object from the box. When she pulled her hand out she revealed a device that looked like a small air horn with a green tube and a needle right in the middle of the bell. "Dad sent me a new shipment of my booster shots," the halfa explained dejectedly, "Since I'm going to be using my powers more often, I'm probably gonna need to use these more than once every ten days like I have been."

"Booster shots," Cyborg inquired, his eyebrow rising in curiosity, "What does that have to do with you using your powers more often?"

The ghost girl let her shoulders slump before turning to face the larger teen. "What do you about of Askov's Postulate of Cloning?"

The metal teen scratched his head briefly, causing a high-pitched screeching noise in the process, as he thought about the girl's question. "Well, if memory serves, Askov's Postulate states that all clones are inherently instable and those that manage to survive the incubation process to become fully grown individuals will degrade at a rate directly proportionate to the complexity of the individual being cloned." Cyborg narrowed his human eye appraisingly while looking at Dani before continuing his explanation, the wheels in his head turning almost audibly. "That's the reason why cloned human organs don't last very long and are seen as a means to make somebody last for just a little while longer so that a proper organ donor can be found in the case of organ transplants, regardless if the organ cloned is from the person it is going into. But that's some pretty advanced science there…"

Dani sighed as she could see the connection being made in the older teen's mind. "And with me being a clone of a ghost-human hybrid…"

"You'd definitely have every reason to know that postulate by heart," Cyborg finished as his palm met his forehead with a loud clang. "Man, I can't believe I forgot that you were a clone for a bit there!" Then, another connection was made in his head. "And using your powers more than likely doesn't help your stability much either!"

"Which is the reason I need these boosters," the halfa finished as she set down the box full of more of the object. She rolled up her sleeve and pressed the device to her bicep, wincing slightly as she pressed the button on top, emptying the contents into her bloodstream. "I'm the only clone out of the entire batch that could even leave the incubation tubes without instantly melting into puddles of ectoplasm, and I really don't want that to happen to me."

"Wait, wait, wait, hold up," the cybernetic teen interjected hastily as the halfa's half-hearted explanation left some pretty big gaps that needed to be filled. "Why would all the Danny clones melt into ectoplasm as soon as the stepped out of the tubes? With Askov's Postulate shouldn't they have lasted at least a few days before degrading?"

"You'd think," the ghost girl replied, looking between the row of buttons and the floor indicator to see that they still had a few floors left to go until they reached their destination. "But that's the inherent problem of using both liquid state ectoplasm and stem cells as the raw basis for your cloning attempt. We believe that part of the reason why I was even stable enough to leave the tubes was because the genetic material used to make me into a Danny clone mutated to make me have a full set of X-chromosomes rather than having a paired set and appearing female while still being genetically male."

"So, how are you able to use your powers at all without degenerating into a puddle of goo," Cyborg questioned, honestly intrigued at what he was hearing so far.

"At first, I was barely able to, and even then with only the most basic of ghost powers," Dani answered before sighing again, "Of course, I had to concentrate to undo what little degeneration was happening at the time, but that is beside the point. After the incident happened with Danny, he offered a sample of his mid-morph DNA in order to help stabilize me by acting as a bridge between the ectoplasm and material components that make me, well…me."

"I'm guessing that it didn't work out as well as you hoped," Cyborg stated almost rhetorically.

The halfa sighed at that. "It helped, at least," she answered, "It probably would have helped more if dad had had it while he was making me, but there's still no guarantee that I would have been completely stable even with that because of Askov."

"And because of that you need to regularly take stabilizer shots, disregarding the fact that it shouldn't be possible to postpone the degeneration of a clone without some serious tech involved, just to stay alive, for lack of a better term," Cyborg stated, finally appreciating a side of the girl that he highly doubted anyone else had ever seen.

"Pretty much. It's like I told BB, it's a natural part of being unnatural," the halfa spat resentfully, as if the words themselves were a curse of the highest order. "Don't worry; I'll make sure that Robin knows about the specifics of my condition. It might take me a little while to get used to having to actively look for the signs of instability setting in, but he needs to know." Cyborg looked sidelong at her before responding.

"Trust me, if there's anyone on the team that knows how ya feel, it'd be me." It was about that time that the elevator dinged, signaling that their descent was over and opening with a nearly silent whoosh.

Dani picked her box back up absent-mindedly and followed the titanium teen out of the elevator and down the hall. "Um…I guess I hadn't thought about that before," the halfa offered apologetically, "I always kinda figured that you chose to be like that since you seem to be a serious tech-head."

Cyborg looked over his broad shoulder to the slight girl following him. "Naw, dawg, you couldn't be further from the mark on that one."

"…so, what happened to you," the ghost girl inquired hesitantly.

The larger teen shrugged. "Well, she's already told me her story, might as well tell as much as I can of mine," Cyborg mused before declaring, "Not much to tell that isn't classified. An experiment went way south and destroyed most of my body. My dad had to work furiously just to make the chassis you see just to keep me alive."

Even the heavily edited and short version was enough to make the girl wince in sympathy. "At least I don't have to worry about pity comin' from her. Same the other way too," Cyborg thought to himself after seeing her reaction. "Now I need to change my power cell every couple years to keep on goin' strong," the cybernetic titan finished keeping most of the resentment out of his own voice.

Dani looked at him for a long moment before firing a sheepish grin his way. "Just a natural part of being unnatural," she offered hesitantly. The titanium teen chuckled softly at her comment.

"Ya got that right, ghost girl," Cyborg agreed ruefully, "But enough of that depressing crap, we're here."

The halfa blinked, only just noticing that they'd stopped in front of a door. She looked behind her and noticed that there was another lab set up across the hall. "I'm guessin' I'm gonna be right across the hall from your lab?"

Cyborg laughed gently at the comment. "Yeah, figured that if one of us needs help on a project the other should be nearby to cut down the commute," he agreed amiably.

Dani blinked at him owlishly for a moment before gathering her wits enough to respond. "Um, I don't know how much of a help I'll be to your projects though," she declared nervously, "I'm not that much of a tech junkie. I mean, yeah, I might have gotten some tech savvy imprinted on me while I was incubating, but you probably know a lot more than I do about just about any subject other than spectrology."

The cybernetic teen smirked at that, always welcoming it when somebody was willing to stroke his ego like that. He put a massive hand on her shoulder before replying, "True, but another point of view never hurts." Dani giggled at that, the solemn mood from earlier almost forgotten as the teen showed her to her new lab.

The titanium teen chuckled, wondering just what kind of marvels the ghost girl planned to unleash upon the tower. Unseen by Cyborg, she grinned beatifically as a single thought ran through her head.

"Just THINK of the crimes against the laws of physics I can commit here!"

Titan's Tower, Living Room, Evening

"Man, that was pretty intense," Specter stated, letting the white rings form around her body and spread, turning her back into her human form as she stepped out of the elevator, "I probably wouldn't of thought of half of that stuff on my own!"

"That's what a team's for," Robin responded with a small smile on his face, "And it's a good thing that we found out that you can't use your shield and go intangible at the same time in a controlled environment instead of the field."

"Yeah, it would be nice to be able to overcome the weakness of my shield like that thought," Dani sighed wistfully.

"True, but that's the good part about working as part of a team," the masked teen agreed, "Thanks for telling me about your condition, by the way. I'll try to keep you on light duty for a bit while you're getting used to using your powers more often."

"Thanks," Dani sighed, somewhat ruefully, "I'll try to get a small scale ghost portal up and running here in the next few days so that we can send any ghosts we come across back into the Ghost Zone."

"Are there any police in the Ghost Zone that we could turn the ones we capture over to," the masked teen inquired, honest curiosity apparent in his voice.

"Well…there's Walker, but he's about the only one that I can think of, and the Ghost Zone is pretty large," Dani hemmed, "Unfortunately, he has a law in place against bringing any real world items into the Ghost Zone with a sentence of a few hundred years, so I really wouldn't want to go to him in person with the Fenton Thermos to turn in the ghost."

Robin blinked at that. "A few hundred years?"

"Well, consider that ghosts don't really age…" The masked teen cocked his head for a moment before nodding his assent of the point.

"How soon do you think that you could have that up and running," the Boy Wonder inquired.

"I could probably have a small scale one up and running by the end of the week," Dani responded, her tone all business, "As much as two weeks depending on how much trouble we need to stop. I'll also be building a few more thermoses so that we can all be equipped with proper ghost capturing equipment." Robin nodded at that.

That's when the alarms started blaring, bathing the room in pulsing red light.

Robin set his face into a determined scowl as he went to the main computer and started typing, bringing a map of the city onto the screen along with details on the police report.

"What's the sitch Robin," Dani inquired, making the white rings float back over her to herald her switch to Specter.

"Cinderblock and an unknown individual wearing a powersuit with a green mohawk and goatee that look like they're made of flames are attacking the prison," Robin scowled, unhappy about the lack of information on the second individual.

"Aren't jailbreaks supposed to be breaking out of prison, not into it," Specter joked before frowning, "Wait…think you could bring up an image of the second attacker, he sounds familiar." Robin shot a look over his shoulder before bringing an image from the prison on the screen, causing the halfa's eyes to shoot wide open before her face settled into a particularly dark look. "Skulker."

The Boy Wonder's brows furrowed together further for a moment before his eyes widened slightly in recognition. "Isn't that the ghost that helped the HIVE capture…" the masked teen started to ask before trailing off, seeing the white glow coming from the ghost teen's hands. He'd seen just how destructive those blasts could be not a half hour earlier, and he definitely did not want to have them unleashed on him because girl before him lashed out in anger.

"Yes," Specter hissed tersely before turning to one of the side doors. "I'm going to go get the Fenton Thermos. I'll be back in a minute while the rest are getting here. Skulker's going to wish that he had never heard of Danny Phantom by the time I'm through with him." She left the room before he had the chance to try and talk her down from her, admittedly, righteous anger.

"Great, she might just become a liability in this fight if she can't keep a cool head," Robin mused while waiting for the other Titan's to get to the living room, "And I just know that Starfire's going to agree with her sentiment."

He didn't have long to wait for the entire team, including Specter, to rush into the living room.

"Dude, what's going on," Beast Boy inquired.

"Cinderblock and Skulker are attacking the prison complex," Robin replied, keeping an eye on the halfa that may have stopped glowing ominously, but still looked like she could throw those blasts around at a moment's notice.

"Which one Robin," the Tamaranean asked, curiosity evident in her voice, "Are there not four criminal detainment facilities located within a five mile radius of the geographic median of Jump City?" Robin blinked, having not had the forethought to look into which criminals were located in which facility.

Good thing Cyborg had already checked the alarm location and ran it through a database on his way to the main room.

"There's only one criminal that's a high profile target within the prison being attacked," the cybernetic teen declared seriously, "Plasmus." A round of gasps went around at that from all present except the halfa.

"The way I see it you guys should be able to handle Cinderblock just fine," Specter scowled, "I'll take on Skulker."

"Not alone, you're not," Raven interjected, preempting Robin in the process, "This isn't a mission about revenge Specter. We're a team, and we're not going to let you go after Skulker alone."

"But-" the ghost teen started to object before getting cut off once more by Raven.

"Skulker was one of Danny greatest enemies, and he has more experience than most, if not all, of us combined," Raven declared matter-of-factly. "Going in without back-up against somebody like that is dangerous at best and suicidal at worst. Since you and I are the two best equipped to handle ghosts, I'll be going with you."

Robin nodded at that. "Sounds like a plan," he declared, studiously ignoring the glare fired his way by the currently white haired girl. "We'll talk about this more when we get back Specter. Titans, GO!"

With that the teens made their way to the prison complex to stop the attempted break-out.

Ciro Maximum Security Detention Center, Jump City

"C'mon," Specter hissed indignantly, "Where is he?" The two girls were both flying over the detention center, trying to locate the Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter. The lights of the city were distant from the complex, but still close enough to avoid being on the horizon, leaving the taller buildings to still stand out in the backdrop. They had been searching for the better part of five minutes and had yet to see a hint of him actually being there. Needless to say, the halfa was getting irritated by the inability to find him.

"We have no idea where he is, Specter," Raven gritted out in irritation, "Could you please be quiet while I try to locate him since you don't seem to have a sensory ability." It wasn't a request, regardless of how it was worded.

"It's not my fault that hasn't manifested yet," Specter huffed indignantly, "It's not like there are a lot of ghosts or even an excess of ectoplasmic energy around to even set it off even if it had manifested!" The dark titan turned a look over her shoulder at that comment, four glowing red slits appearing where her eyes usually were under her hood and a growl escaping her lips at the halfa's incessant complaining. She blinked, her eyes returning to normal when she saw something that left her at a momentary loss.

Her brow furrowed within the shadows of her hood as she posed her question. "I know that it's not cold out tonight, so why can I see your breath? …And why is your breath blue?"

The ghost girl stopped in her tracks at those questions, looking down to see that, yes, her breath was in fact clearly visible and blue. "I don't know," she replied, her confusion readily apparent in her voice, "This is like what happens when Phantom's ghost sense goes off, but from what he said his body also goes tense just before it happens."

The hooded teen leveled a flat look her way. "What if you're already tense from an overwhelming need to get revenge on the one you're looking for?"

Specter blinked at that. "Yeah…I can see how that would stop a ghost sense from being entirely accurate." She tried to make the tension leave her body, but found that she couldn't. "Um…I can't seem to relax right now."

"Probably because you instinctively know when you're being hunted, even if you're not really aware of it yourself," a deep, resonating voice said from behind the two girls. The two quickly turned around and with a gasp saw exactly who they were looking for, arms crossed over his chest menacingly. "Don't let me stop you," Skulker jeered, plainly amused, "It's been entertaining watching you search for me since I spotted you three minutes ago."

Raven gasped at that, fully realizing the implications of that statement. "Skulker…" the halfa growled, her rage obvious, even if you weren't an empath. "What did you do to Phantom?!"

"It seems her anger is keeping her from realizing just what Skulker meant," the dark titan mused with a grimace. "Specter, you need to calm d-"

"And just why should I tell you," the ghost of the hunt sneered condescendingly, "After all, you're just a pale copy of the whelp; you're not even worth hunting."

Raven's eyes glowed white faintly as she wordlessly encased the halfa in her ebon aura, immobilizing the ghost teen even as she howled with inarticulate fury. "Calm down Specter," the hooded teen commanded sharply, "He's just trying to enrage you to ensure you make mistakes. The girl apparently didn't hear her, as she opened her mouth and yelled her anger to the world, unleashing a white blast of ectoplasm and causing Raven to gasp in surprise in the process.

The Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter smirked at the girls attack and activated a function on his suit, causing his left hand to be encased in brilliant green ectoplasm. He then contemptuously swatted the attack down towards the prison complex below while making sure that her attack never truly touched his hand, causing the attack to explode violently and open up another path for the inmates to escape.

The sight of having her attack deflected so easily seemed to shock the girl out of her rage. Specter stopped struggling against her teammate's binds and let her mouth hang open in shock. "Glad to see that you're finally calming down," Raven spat caustically, causing the girl to flinch as she was released from her inky prison.

"H-how," Specter shakily inquired, her voice trembling, "How is that possible?!"

"We'll figure that out later," Raven declared hotly, "Right now, we need to work together and stop him."

"R-right," the halfa replied, visibly collecting herself as Skulker watched the two, clearly amused. Specter set her face into a mask of determination and started strafing the ghost master of the hunt while firing at him with a barrage of normal ectoplasmic blasts. The hooded titan shook her head in exasperation and circled the ghost in the other direction, snaking tendrils of her ebony-hued telekinesis in an attempt to ensnare him.

Skulker laughed as blasters unfolded themselves from his wrists and a rocket launcher popped out of a compartment on his back, almost insulted by the tactics the girls were using. He would have been more offended if the tried and true tactic weren't so effective against most targets. Unfortunately for them, he wasn't most targets.

He made this obvious when he forced both teens to go on the defensive from his counterattack.

From the files he had already received concerning these 'Teen Titans' he already knew that the cloaked girl would be occupied by the rockets and be unable to launch an attack at him for at least another few seconds. "But that's not what I'm trying to find out," Skulker mused idly as he watched his blaster fire be reflected off of the ghost shield that the halfa had erected. "Maybe if I…yes, that should work." With a simple program execution, the ghost made the blaster on the left arm of his power suit cycle around, switching to another, larger, blaster. With a smirk, a continuous beam of scarlet energy as thick as a melon erupted from the new blaster and impacted with the girl's shield. His smirk grew into a malevolent grin as the beam wasn't reflected and instead pushed the ghost girl back through the air.

Raven's eyes went wide at the sight of the halfa being pushed back by the solid beam of energy. Deciding that she had had enough being pushed around she yelled out her incantation. "Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" Her telekinetic shield burst from around her in a wave, capturing everything all the rockets within twenty feet of her and with a small grunt of effort, spun around and launched them all back at the ghost master of the hunt.

Skulker's eyes widened briefly as his proximity alert went off, alerting him to his redirected rockets, before a devious smirk flashed across his face. "Time to test one more theory about the whelp's clone before I leave," the ghost mused with a dark chuckle as he activated the targeting systems within the rockets. "Raven appears to be just as accomplished a warrior as her file indicates, unlike the fake." Raven gasped as the rockets veered around Skulker, and went straight at her teammate!

"I'd love to stay, whelps, but I have bigger prey to hunt," Skulker shot at the teens cockily before fading from sight entirely. Raven had larger concerns, however as she tried to stop the rockets from hitting Specter.

The ghost girl was disoriented after having been rocketed back by the ghost hunter's attack. "Now I understand why Danny refused to make Skulker out to be a minor threat. How the hell did Danny ever manage to beat him," she thought to herself as she tried to get a hold on her surroundings. She gasped when she finally managed to see the rockets coming her way. A sigh of relief escaped her lips when she saw the goth capture the explosives with her powers, only to suck it back in when she noticed that one had escaped. Thinking quickly, and remembering her training session just that afternoon, she let her shield drop and turned intangible letting the missile pass right through her. She turned around with her hand glowing green with ectoplasm as she let herself fade back into tangibility, only to stop when she saw that it was angled into a hole in the prison's walls. What made her stop was the fact that she could see a monster made of stone through the hole in the wall and a very familiar looking green dinosaur…

Titan's Tower, Thirty Minutes Later

"Dudes! That was so awesome," Beast Boy gasped out between fits of laughter, "You should have seen the looks on your faces when that rocket came out of nowhere and hit Cinderblock in the head, totally dropping him in one hit!"

"I don't see what's so funny Beast Boy," Robin scowled back, grinding his teeth in frustration, "While we were taking on Cinderblock, somehow Plasmus was taken out of the prison, complete with his tube!"

"Yeah, dawg, the cameras never even saw the tube come out of the ground," Cyborg cried out in aggravation before turning to the two darker clothed girls, "What the hell happened up there anyway! I thought you two were gonna capture Skulker while we were dealing with Cinderblock!"

"Yes, please tell us," Starfire insisted earnestly, "While the timely assistance from the rocket was most appreciated, why is it that the fiendish spectral anomaly was not imprisoned within the liquid temperature regulating transport device with the name Fenton on it?"

Specter sighed as she let the rings wash over her. "I blew it," the halfa declared as soon as she had reverted to her human form, "I totally lost my cool and got in over my head because of it!" She let her shoulders slump and hung her head in defeat after admitting her shortcoming.

"As comforting as it is to see you admit it," Raven commented with a raised brow, "We both underestimated him. It took us several minutes of looking for him before we found out that he had been following us for a fair amount of that time. What worries me is how he handled the both of us."

"What do you mean Raven," the Boy Wonder inquired of the dark titan, his eyebrow raised in curiosity while he kept his voice level. Depending on what the goth girl said next would decide on how he would handle Dani's lack of judgment on the field.

"He intentionally riled up Specter and then casually deflected her white energy attack," Raven stated, getting looks of wide-eyed surprise all around, "He then only fired enough attacks to keep me occupied while focusing on her. It was almost like he was probing her to see what she could do. When I launched his missiles back at him, they instead targeted Specter while he made his escape. I managed to stop most of them, but one got through."

"So wait," Beast Boy said, holding his hand up and pointing lightly at Raven, "You mean to tell me that the bad guy took out Cinderblock as his escape plan?"

"It appears that way," the cloaked teen grimaced at the changeling's accurate assessment.

"So maybe those two weren't working together all along," the emerald shapeshifter thought aloud, putting his head on his chin.

"Regardless, we need to find out why they decided to bust out Plasmus," Robin declared authoritatively as he turned and walked to the door to leave the room, "And we also have to keep an eye out for Plasmus. Whatever reason someone had for busting him out, it can't be good." He turned over his shoulder to look at his teammates, seeing them about to leave the room. "Oh, and Specter," the masked teen called out stopping the ghost girl as she started to slump out of the main room, "Meet me in the gym in the morning. We need to get you used to keeping a cool head under pressure." The ghost girl just nodded as she continued to trudge out of the room, happy that she at least had managed to not get lambasted for being the cause of Skulker getting away.

Undisclosed Location, Presumably Jump City

A muscled figure was standing in the shadows, watching as a red-headed girl was doing slow and awkward katas, when Skulker entered through a wall in the poorly-lit room. The ghost set down the tube with a human figure floating inside it, briefly looking at the girl and the large cogs and other assorted machinery that acted as a backdrop for the room that they were in.

"I see that you were successful in retrieving Plasmus," the figure declared in a cool baritone, "What happened to Cinderblock?"

"He got taken out after I accomplished my primary objective," the ghost master of the hunt replied easily as a data chip popped out of a compartment in his wrist and into his hand. "Since it looked like he might not be able to perform his task, I decided to take care of it myself." He stepped forward and placed the chip on a table placed in between the two.

"I see," the shadowed figure commented as he picked up the chip and held it in put it into a compartment on his belt. "What were your observations?"

"Shouldn't the data on that chip tell you what you're wanting to know," the armored ghost shot back easily as he crossed his arms and looked at the girl. He chuckled as the girl seemed to get frustrated about the katas she was performing and wreathed her arms in flame. She fired a blast of fire at a robot on the other side of the room and reduced it to molten slag in seconds.

"It should," the man replied, pressing a button on his wrist negligently in order to make the robots spring into action and start attacking the girl in waves. "But I would prefer to hear what insights you might have first."

The ghost snorted at that, but took a moment to gather his thoughts nonetheless. "Most of my theories concerning her abilities turned out to be right. She's inexperienced at the moment and lets her anger control her actions easily," Skulker commented, "She might actually be a challenge if she could control that temper of hers."

"And the others?"

"I would have to fight them in order to give you an accurate gauge of their capabilities," the hunter replied easily.

"That's why I prefer working with professionals," the man chuckled, stepping into the light the room offered to make his black and copper mask with a single eye apparent to the Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter. "You never clutter a report with useless conjecture. I look forward to working with you more in the future, Skulker."

The ghost let a smile that promised violence to those that stood in his way slide onto his face. "As do I, Slade."